The Talking Ratio

The best way to tell if a girl is attracted to you or not is if she asks you personal questions. The more she wants to know about you, the more likely you will have sex with her. The problem with this method is that it’s not foolproof, especially at night, where a girl will ask you things like what you do or where you live without any intention of getting banged by your vein snake. You’ll also encounter girls who are so shy that they don’t ask you questions even though they’re interested.

There’s another indicator that is even more reliable in predicting a successful outcome, and that’s if she’s increasing her stake in the conversation. In other words, is she talking more than when you first started? If yes, then you have a solid prospect on your hands. Otherwise, the conversation will soon end. I’ve noticed this phenomenon before but only now have I realized that it does just as good of a job in determining if sex will occur than when a girl asks you personal questions. Combine the two and you might as well be able to predict the future.

Whether a girl is shy or not, you should see a relative increase of her participation in the conversation no later than the three minute mark. For example, let’s say that you approach a girl and during the first three minutes you’re doing 75% of the talking, which is about standard. If after those three minutes you’re talking even more then I guarantee the conversation will die. Here’s how a failed approach looks on a graph:

Girl is pink, guy is blue

It seems to be going well in the initial moments because of her participation, but after a mild bump that gives you false hope, she gradually goes silent. Our ego wants to think that she’s enraptured with what we’re saying, so we keep going and going, oblivious to the fact that she’s actually not at all interested and planning an exit strategy. All a sudden she hits us with a “I’m going back to my friends” and we’re left stunned. Why did she leave when she was listening to everything I said?!

What many men fail to understand is that seduction is a two-way street. The girl must be participating. The more she talks, the better it will go, even if she’s interrupting your turbo game material. There’s much truth in age-old advice to shut the fuck up and let a woman talk (once attraction is established).

Here’s how successful pickups look:

Notice how she steadily increases her share in the conversation. Often times she ends up talking more than you, sending the pink line over the blue.

When you notice she’s talking less than when you first started, understand that her attraction for you is decreasing. Continuing to talk won’t help matters, so what can we do to improve the situation?

Shut your mouth.

If you notice she’s talking less, just stop talking completely after using one of the silence lines I wrote about before. Additional lines you can try (said with a smirk):

“Can you please stop talking? I can’t get a word in with you.”

“I noticed you’re not talking much. Do you not like foreign men with beards like lush carpet?”

The best thing you can do when she’s pulling back is to push her away. If she then makes the decision to stay, she will automatically invest herself more into the conversation. The worst thing you can do is talk even more in the hopes that something will hook her, because she’s probably not even paying attention to your words anyway.

This technique is not a fix for building attraction; it merely tosses you a life vest when you’re already drowning. It gives you a chance at survival, but understand that over 80% of the time the interaction is unsalvageable if she’s withdrawing from it. Therefore it saves you time more than anything. Unfortunately, as you already know, you won’t be able to connect with every girl you approach.

The talking ratio is like a good friend telling me that I’m doing well. It reminds me to relax a bit once the conversation is established and focus more on letting her do what she wants in order to get comfortable with me. It lets me know that the hard part of the approach is done, and all I have to do is start touching and think about getting the kiss.

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