The Three Best Cities In South America

I’ve been to 33 cities in every South American country except Colombia, Guyana, French Guinea, and Suriname. Even though I’m confident three of those four countries would never make the list, I may have to make an edit to this post some time in the future.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The secret has been out for over fifty years. Yes, Rio has a very serious crime problem and the police won’t go into many areas without armored vehicles and full SWAT protection, but if you’re a guy looking for a sex vacation and you don’t like Asian girls there is no other city in South America that touches your high odds of getting ass here. Pussy doesn’t fall from the sky, as you might be thinking, but the native girls actually like gringos. Even the native guys like gringos. Go out every night, don’t be a wallflower, and you will get to experience what I plan on experiencing again in the future.

juice-bar.jpgIf that hasn’t sold you, how about the a gorgeous backdrop and beach weather nearly year round? Sure the water isn’t sparkling blue, but you’ll be busy on the Ipanema sand angling to get in with the girls in ridiculous bikinis laying next to you.

Low-End Budget: $100-120/day

2. Cordoba, Argentina. The Cordoba tourism agency is going to contact me any day now to thank me for single-handedly increasing tourism to this city by 1000%. I will never get tired of saying that Cordoba has the most beautiful girls in the world. And it’s cheap. And the nightlife jumps. There are no fewer than 30 universities here so good luck meeting a girl over 22. The spinsters here don’t even go out at night because the competition is beyond intense.

A downside of this place is the girls are pretty damn difficult—especially if you don’t know Spanish—but I guarantee you will begging for them when you return home. Their beauty will spoil you until you die. I think I missed American girls for a quick minute until I snapped to my senses: I rather have difficult girls that are my type than easy girls I want to immediately dump after I have sex with them. This is the only place that I talked to 9′s every time I went out, uninterrupted. There is no cockblock brigade in Argentina (or anywhere else in South America). I’ve been back to the States for two months and talked to a 9 once, and I had to compete with only FIFTEEN other guys who felt it was their do-or-die moment.

Low-End Budget: $50/day

3. Merida, Venezuela. I traveled to Venezuela for a random 10 day vacation a couple years back, and Merida is still on my mind. This is like a Cordoba-lite with a large college population that loves to party. I still remember the bar El Hoya de Queque, perhaps the best bar in South America, where I got rejected by my first Venezuelan beauty (9+) who at the time was probably the most stunning girl I talked to. I remember how excited I was just because I had the chance to have a conversation with her.

merida.jpgThe girls are not as hot as in Cordoba and there are less of them around (in Cordoba you walk outside and in two minutes you see more beautiful girls than a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday going out in Washington DC—no exaggeration), but Merida has a fantasy setting on the doorstep of the Andes mountains. There’s a lot to do here like horseback riding, canyoning, nature tours, and riding up the tallest cable car in the world. Too bad for Merida that it’s part of a country ruled by a dictator who is doing everything he can to kill the tourism industry. “Who needs gringos when we have this black stuff that is bound to run out some day!!”

Low-End Budget: $60/day

A few people have asked me about my future travel plans. Colombia is high on my list so I can claim to be a South America girl expert, but I’ve been eyeing Eastern Europe lately, and by eyeing I mean I’m asking guys how easy the girls are in Eastern Europe. Perhaps I’ll visit Cordoba and Merida for a nostalgic return, but Rio is going to have to wait a bit until I get my money right, which is not going to happen as long as I stay addicted to Guitar Hero 3.

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  • Shannon

    I lived in Colombia (Bogota) and did a lot of traveling while I was there, so feel free to hit me up for travel tips/ stuff to see and do.

    Shannon’s last blog post: Guest Blogging for Godot, Volume 2.

  • mike says

    which begs the question, now that you’re back what’s the plan for getting your money right?

  • Beach Bum

    $100-$120 a day for Rio on a low budget???

    I can’t hardly imagine spending that much. Sure, your accommodations will not be the cheapest, but food & beer in Brazil is cheap, during the day you go to the beach and eat more great cheap food. Fruits & veggies are a steal. And at night if you go out to a bar, instead of a club, you don’t pay cover charges, and beer is 3 bucks.

    Gosh, in Brazil I even went to great all-you-can-eat sushi places for R$30 per person (roughly 15 dollars). And that’s for eating sushi!!

    Beach Bum’s last blog post: And they keep getting younger!.

  • Brad

    Roosh – great blog, been reading awhile now. My friends and I do a lot of traveling but have never been to S. America. I’ve been sending them your stuff to make the case.

    We have been to E. Europe often over the past 4 years or so. It’s usually 4 to 5 of us, no ‘beta’s', age ranges of 26 to 34. We don’t stay in hostels and in fact I highly recommend getting apartments while there. Hotels just don’t hold a candle to them.

    The women there are simply the most beautiful I have ever seen. Just got back from Budapest about 6 months ago and it was amazing. Prague is the tops for amount of 9′s and 10′s but Hungry, Poland, and Estonia come pretty close. The girls in Prague and Poland are the most friendly. One thing we have learned, the more the country was influenced by the commies the less friendly the girls were. Also, the nicer place you go out there the better chance of hooking up. Hanging out at some normal bar makes it very hard to meet girls due to the fact that most bars like that there has a “locals” only vibe to it. Money talks and bullshit walks is 100% in play there all the time.

    You have to hit Prague and Budapest at least once in your life. The beautiful women are only matched by the incredible buildings.

    When I see it here on the blog that your going I’ll get you some good spots that are a must.

  • agnostic

    You remember during the early-mid ’90s how most Latinos in the DC area were Salvadorean? Doesn’t it seem like recently there are a lot of White middle / upper class Colombians moving to the area?

    Those girls look nice — tan White girls with big round asses. It’s because there’s a decent sized African population in Colombia, so they’ve probably picked up some big-booty genes from them.

    agnostic’s last blog post: Pretty girls in traditional areas are more humble?.

  • Arjewtino

    I think you should have expanded this list to your top 7 cities.

    I say that, however, in defense of wanting to see Buenos Aires up there.

    Arjewtino’s last blog post: Because falling into the toilet might not be your best option.

  • Roosh

    Beach Bum: Have you been to rio lately? A Real is worth a lot more than it used to

  • T.

    Really informative, thanks.

    T.’s last blog post: The Compliance Recipe, Part 3: Intermittent Rewards.

  • Sudamericana

    If you love Cordoba so much, perhaps you should learn to how to sing this (hope your Spanish is good enough to get the lyrics…). It is so sad that the the guy is dead now:

    Soy cordobés, me gusta el vino y la joda
    Y lo tomo sin soda,
    porque así pega más, pega más, pega más.
    Soy cordobés, y me gustan los bailes
    y me siento en el aire si tengo que cantar

    De la ciudad de las mujeres más lindas,
    Del fernet, de la birra, madrugada sin par.
    Soy cordobés y ando sin documentos
    Porque llevo el acento de Córdoba capital

  • Anonymous

    You cannot rank South American cities until you have been to Colombia. That’s all i’m gonna say.

  • roissy

    brad – i’m considering a trip to E europe within a few months, especially to the places you mentioned.

    how much time there is necessary to get the full experience? what about the language barriers? do any of the local girls view american guys as more than just hookups? how easy is the hookup when you don’t know the language? do you have to know someone beforehand to rent an apartment there?

    roissy’s last blog post: My Advice To Women.

  • EvilGrin

    Outside of Brazil, none of the other South American countries even compare to Colombia in wealth of hot pussy.

    Barranquilla or Cartagena.

  • Jewcano

    Having seen the girls that make it out, I’d definitely be curious about Colombia.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: Amnesty Means Amnesty….

  • Seduction Chronicles

    I really need to visit SA.

    Seduction Chronicles’s last blog post: Routines Overview and About The Routines Manual (Audio).

  • Anonymous

    I came by your blog by mere coincidence and was happily surprised that I agreed with two of your top three cities…Rio which is amazing not only for its scenery but also for the people! And MERIDA – As a Meride~na I am VERY proud to know that you TRULY got to know the real meride~no lifestyle (heck, you made it to el hoyo…can’t get more “tipico” than that! If you go again try las Ferias and La Cucharacha!)… and I’ll have to agree with all that said you’ve got to go to Colombia – Cartagena would be my third choice!

  • http://dejameenpas,coo! Rigoberto

    Why do imagine Sudamericana being incredibly hot?

  • Juan Valdez

    How the fuck can i take this blog serious when you haven’t even been to Sao Paulo. That city mass produces beautiful women like japanese car mfgrs….. You have beautiful asian, jewish, african, lebanese, portugese women all blended into one super bad bitches….

  • Angelo De La Vega

    I found the women on Isla Margarita to be the best looking AND the most approachable in Venezuela. Beauties come from all over the country to lay on the beach and have fun, definitely recommend it for anyone planning a trip.

    Angelo De La Vega’s last blog post: Balancing the Books.

  • DrG

    All one has to do is watch the movie “Hostel” to see how beautiful the women in Eastern Europe are (Chezch Republic, Slovakia). Sure, there are a lot of liberties taken by the director but it does feature a few local actresses.

  • Jerk me off

    I am so horny I am going to jerk off now.

  • Shaman

    DEFINITELY you are missing out and don’t know shit about hot latinas until you go to Colombia, AND they’re super warm and friendly.

    My first choice, however, would be Medellin, Colombia, HANDS DOWN–Cartagena is WAY to touristy, Bogota is too cold (the people are a bit cold and distant–the rest of the country isn’t like that), and I would say Barranquilla would be second on my list, but the weather there can get NASTY (VERY hot and humid).

    You MUST do Colombia before hitting up Europe, you’ll regret it if you don’t, believe me!


  • alex

    Hey Rooshv I just spent the last 2 hours reading your website and you are dead on with most of ur observations. My buddy & I were in Cordoba 2 years ago bc we heard it had the hottest girls. There def. was a hottie a minute there. We are always looking for what we call “The Source”. the holy grail of cities and I think we found it in Medellin, Colombia. Regular girls there will def let u know there interested with stares. Also try Mar Del Plata in Argentina. Everybody is in vacation mode there. The argentine girls seem to give you more looks there. Keep up the good work

  • Brasileira

    LOL!!! São Paulo não tem nada o que se ver…nada presta, nem te anima, gringo. Tem mais paisagem e menina bonita no sul (se é isso que tu quer..) e no Rio mesmo.
    Mas São Paulo é uma desgraça de tudo, nossa…rsrsrs

  • Brasileira

    é só trocar uma letrinha, dá um belo palíndromo: m-i-e-r-d-a rsrsr


    couldn’t help it =D

  • Brandon

    Haha, that little “restaurant” in the picture in Rio is the one we would go to all the time when we were out there. It was one street down from my friends house right next to Copacobana. The guys there were really cool. And I don’t think the manager ever went home from that place. Every time I went there he was there. He was a funny guy. He didn’t speak english, but he said to my Brazilian friends, “He doesn’t speak Portuguese?” My friend told him that I didn’t. He goes, “Man, he needs to learn Portuguese if he wants a hot gatia!” haha, little did he know.

  • Brandon

    I agree Brasiliera! Women in Sao Paulo are kunts for the most part. I think most of them are stuck up. And, it’s just a huge concrete jungle. It has a good night life, but Rio is absolutely beautiful and in my opinion it has a great night life, despite what Roosh says. I was there with a bunch of crazy Brazilians I knew from the states though, so I was kind of in well I guess. The kids knew all the good places to go and they made me feel like I was a local. Brazilians are the coolest people in the world in my opinion.

  • D

    Dude, comparing ANY chick in Washington DC is not a fair gauge. They are ALL ass, front to back, the whole lot of em. Consider New York. Texas is equally unfiar, as it is the US’s Cordoba. Smokin’.

  • Brandon

    $100-120 a day low budget? What the hell did you do down there? I had a blast and I would say on average I spent aruond $50 at the most.

  • Roosh

    28: The exchange rate was very poor when I wrote this. It has since improved

  • Brasileira

    Brandon…carnaval tá chegando…mas todo final de semana já tem festa nas ruas, sexta, sábado e domingo.

    Melhor época do ano…eu conto os dias pro Carnaval chegar…ê laiá!

  • SouthEmerica

    Dude….come to Suriname.
    We have the best mix in the world. People here are from Indonesia, Africa, India, China, Europe, Brazil, Native American….
    Very nice mixes here.

    Girls are easy over here, just tell ‘em you will be living here for the next 6 months (works for me in Brazil all the time, I can get like any girl).

    And by the way, Rio is a beautiful place…but it sounds like you have never been to Fortaleza.
    Cheap hotels and appartments, and the girls are great.

  • Brandon

    Brasileira, Meu portugese ta mau. Eu entiendo um pocinho. Entao, voce foi para carnaval? Muito bom. I want to go next year for sure.

  • Selena

    You can’t rank the best south american cities if you haven’t visited Colombia.
    I’ve been to those 3 cities and my favorite of those 3 is Rio de Janeiro and then Cartagena Colombia that is a beautiful city and the beaches are gorgeous

    Visit Colombia because Cartagena, Bogota and Medellin are better than those cities and i tell you this because i’ve been to those cities.

    Selena from New jersey.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I been there… u dont know what u r talking about dude..

    Buenos Aires is massive… the craziest city in southamerica… the best looking people I ever seen mate..

    I also stayed in Rosario, I totally disagree with u, beautiful girs everywhere, the best nightlife (even better than in BA and cheaper)

    Rio is amazing as well… but I think u or partial since u hooked up with a girl in Cordova.

    Trust me, I been there at least 10 times… its my favorite place in the world (southamerica), Iknow what Im saying mate


  • Enrique

    good choice, ive been to cordoba and really is not as good as you say so probably cause its more exotic to you ….man you have to go to belgrado – serbia is amazing every girl have a model body, and if you are latino tan or dark skin and like blonde girls go to poland specially cities like poznan or krakow..they are so in to latinos every girl was in love with enrique iglesias as child so just buy saying my name was a plus… in this countries there are practically no latinos and they are massively influenced buy latin soup oprah “telenovelas” they go crazy for telenovelas having ratings up to 40-45%… when you say that you are from latin america they dont believe you they get amazed..a lot of girls in serbia know spanish but just listening cause they memorize their novelas..

  • Anonymous

    Since when does a beautiful girl make a place the best place to visit? If you are just going to a place to “get laid” who cares where you are…go to Vegas. This post is truly offensive.

  • Javier

    Let’s see, a list about South American cities and you’ve never been to Medellin. Riiiiight.

    Next you’ll give us a list about European countries while never visiting Paris.

    This list is a load of crock.

  • a girl

    Any chance of writing a non-shallow review of these places considering that girls/women might be reading this and may want to visit these places?

  • Tiffany

    Hey, I have been to Mendoza. OMG, the landscapes are unbelievably beautiful. It is a long trip, but I can assure you that you wonâ��t regret it. I also enjoyed a few nights in BA. It is an amazing city, and “porteños” are really fun. They just donâ��t get tired. They can be all night long partying. I was staying in an apartment in buenos aires close to a night club that was open till 8 am!!!!
    That is crazy!
    Anyways, I had the best of times!

  • pedro cardoso

    depends from where you come from… for example:

    if you are a north american including the canadians, where most girls are fat and stupid, need to read a book in how to speack to a man, you go to argentina and you think you are in heaven.

    but if you come from south spain or italy, you go to argentina and you think, this guys are nothing then a fake copy of our cultures with a extra dose of ignorance and arrogance… in conclusion, argentina its pure garbage… its like a fake cd, cheap in price where you can only see how bad it is when you start to ear it.

    in my opinion, best city years light in south america is rio de janeiro, brasil…but keep in mind its only south part of rio (zona sul) which is only 15 to 20% of the city as a whole, cause the rest is like paraguay.

    rio is best because of rich culture, diversity of options to shop and party, socialize, rich nature, beach culture… its a expensive city if you look for european standarts.

    i dont know colombia, but from what ive read maybe its fine… but just fine, never great like brasil.

    im originally from Portugal, been in 75 countries arround the world including all south america execpt colombia, i think i know what im talking about.

  • Lika

    “if you are a north american including the canadians, where most girls are fat and stupid, need to read a book in how to speack to a man, you go to argentina and you think you are in heaven.

    but if you come from south spain or italy, you go to argentina and you think, this guys are nothing then a fake copy of our cultures with a extra dose of ignorance and arrogance… in conclusion, argentina its pure garbage… its like a fake cd, cheap in price where you can only see how bad it is when you start to ear it.”

    So true…

    And it’s exactly the same deal for Medellin, Colombia. These Paisas think they are superior (and more beautiful) than the rest of the country because they are whiter (with more European blood). They try to act more European, listen to electronic European music and Rock, don’t like Salsa, etc.

    Medellin Girls are flaky and arrogant but they have very little culture and education… just fake tits and asses…

  • Aleman

    Nice Post, damn good opinions fellows

    I’ve travelling for all around the globe as well, and it really depends where you come from, and which country are you visiting, besides, your mood, people you met and places you visited.

    I can tell you for sure, you’re missing the Colombia experiencia, really hot girls there, beutiful and friendly, girls from Uruguay as well they have big rounded juicy asses man!!!, So hot, so cheap, beutifuls ladies on E. Europe… no secret at all, Brasil, WOW, another great place to go and have fun.

  • Anonymous

    Do your reseach about Colombia, you sound quite intelligent, but do your research

  • Anonymous

    Columbian women are all fake! They live for plastic surgery! Venezuelan women are the BEST!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah ok, Venezuelan women are just as plastic. That’s how they ‘win’ those beauty pageants – PLASTIC SURGERY.

  • Anonymous

    and it’s *COLOMBIAN not “Columbian”

  • http://google coolkid


  • Anonymous

    Venezuelan and Colombian girls are all the same shit! Also, they’re so ignorant that all they think about is plastic surgery but getting an education. Ewww…

    Argetinians are stupid and spoiled…Ewwww. They live in South America, but they proudly claim they’re Europeans.

    I prefer Brazilian girls so far.

  • jeinner

    usted tiene que visitar estos lugares:
    (te quedaras con la boca abierta)

    1-BOGOTA DC. CITY(cundinamarca dpto)
    2-SAN ANDRES CITY(san andreas dpto)
    3-CALI CITY (valley dpto)
    4-MEDELLIN CITY(antioquia dpto)
    5-CARTAGENA CITY(bolivar dpto)
    6-BARRANQUILLA CITY(atlantic’s dpto)
    7-CUCUTA CITY(santander north dpto)
    8-BUCARAMANGA CITY(santander south dpto)
    9-ROSARIO ISLAND CITY(bolivar dpto)
    10-COFFEE-PEREIRA CITY(risaralda dpto)
    11-COFFEE-MANIZALES CITY(caldas dpto)
    12-COFFEE-ARMENIA CITY(quindio dpto)
    13-PROVIDENCE’SLAND(san andreas dpto)
    14-LETICIA CITY(amazon’s dpto)
    15-IBAGUE CITY(tolima dpto)
    16-VILLAVICENCIO CITY(meta dpto)
    17-NEIVA CITY(huila dpto)
    18-S.MARTHA CITY(magdalena dpto)
    19-S.CATALLINE CITY(san andreas dpto)
    20-VALLEDUPAR CITY(cesar dpto)

  • Southern Traveler

    Well .. here is my list of top places in South America that have the balance of beautiful women, spectacular views and culture. If you havent visited Colombia then you are missing out.

    1) Medellin, Colombia – In my opinion the best women. Good mix of culture and scenery. ( if you prefer bigger booty then go to Cali)

    2) Florianopolis, Brazil – Over 40 beaches and stunning views. Hot, hot women. Go during high season though or run the risk of being alone on the beach.

    3) Punte del Este, Uruguay – up and coming and already trendy but wow… the ladies are stunning.

    4) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – This city is a must-see. Great nightlife, stunning views etc. The women not up to par with the other cities. The size of the city and crime definitely detract. Rio edges out Sao Paolo because of the views.

    5) Cartagena, Colombia – Caribbean city with lots to do. Different breed of women here than in Medellin. Easy place to visit though. Weekend trip.

    My opinion of Argentina – beautiful country, beautiful women but the worst attitude in the entire continent. They lack the diversity of Colombia and Brazil. Its a country struggling with an identity. It wants to be European. If you want European then go to Europe… dont settle for a watered down version.

    Venezuela – hot women but unfortunately its not a good time to visit.

    Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia – Amazing countries but Women not so good.

    Chile – Similar to Argentina with less attitude but also less to do.

  • http://Brian Anonymous

    Argentina has the most beautiful girls in all the world most of them are in cordoba, rosario and bs as. And the party nigth its incredible, the best by far. the reason while the girls are so pretty its because they are a mix of thousands europeans citizens that came at the beginig of the S XX, thats the secret of this amazing women. The only problem its that most of them believe that they re best than the others and have bad attitude. Nevertheless its a beautiful place to go and it has a lot of diversities paisages and the weather changes a lot between the south and the north of the country.

  • Iny

    Lads lads lads!! Fuck south america, go to marmaris in turkey! 10 nights, 10 bangs! Easy as fuck, and im an ugly cunt

  • the surfer dude!

    hey roosh you’ve got right with the blog on argentina/ive been a aircrew guy for 26 years have visited over 80 countries and without a doubt argentina rates as number 1 for beautiful women ahead of the chek republic and brazil they are gorgeous stylish friendly and thick on the ground!which explains my 250th trip to buenos aires!
    For those who haven’t had the chance get there the girls place a much higher priority on family friends health food etc etc with money a long way down the list its a very refreshing attitude!

  • Stefanie

    Wowza. I typed in “top three cities to live in South America” and this was the top site that came up.. I am an American female. I’m also kind of disturbed to find how much emphasis so many place on the attractiveness of a city’s female inhabitants.. maybe my next click will take me to a discussion on the economy, food, natural splendors (aside from asses :P ) of SA cities.. silly boys

  • Anonymous

    This rocks.

  • John

    Guys (and gals)
    the bottom line of the story is that it don´t matter were ye go…if you are half way decent looking and under 40-45 yo and flash arround some bucks EVERYWERE there can be had nice and hot girls!!! and yes….even if ye are an old fuck like me (51) you go to Thailand/Laos…and still have a great day (and night)…hahahaha:-)

    For Europe i would say Ukraine and Romania have very nice and hot women:-)

    But overall i agree Colombia is very nice and the women are open and flirty…however I would NOT consider any colombiana as serious „marriage material“…don´t even go there. The Dom. republic is second best imho….however the place became kindda expensive over the last few years.

    Suriname sucks as the tickets are way to expensive!

    my 2 cents.


  • John

    @Southern Traveler….mostly agree…but Punta del esta sucks big time (been there last year)…imhio way to expensive and not so much hot women.
    Agree with the argie women ….they def having attitude problems hahahaha.
    Better go to Colombia,DR or even Panama! Or in my case: Thailand!!:-)


  • LatinAussie

    Dude, I just stumbled across your site and it has some cool articles. I agree with most of your recommendations. Colombian chicks are by far the hottest and nicest and most approachable in the whole of Latin America. Argentinean girls are hot too, but they know it and they’ll make you work really hard. Brazilian girls are very hot too and somewhere in between Colombians and Argentinians. I myself am originally South American and Australian and I’ve sent herds of horny aussies to SA and they have no regrets. Well, nowadays aussies are way better treated anywhere in the world than Americans. Sorry, even my NYC friend says so when we travel together. I found it quite easy in the Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia to pick up chicks than him. Anyway, Medellin is my fave place in the whole of SA for pussy hunting. Peace.

  • No

    Man I’m all with what oh say Argentinans are small cute and have great faces. I see Jessica Albas everyday win Argentinas.


    Southern Cali has some of the finest women. I really like the Asians in Pasadena and the Mexicanas in Ontario. I went to a post mma fight party at a hotel in Ontario,ca dude you wodnt believe he fine Mexican women. Like Playboy amates with brown skin. So cal has tons of tall blonde norweogian model types and fine Mediterranean brunettes too.

  • Josh

    I can’t believe I even wasted my time on this site. I’m doing a project on SEX TOURISM and this piece of trash, for good reason, popped up. I hope that you enjoy all that great sex your having, and that one day you will realize that girls are more than pieces of meat for your wild, sick fantasies.

  • alenajoy

    This person needs to realize that when you use people, you will be used and unfilfilled as well. What a perverse way to look at women. No better than an animal.

  • garima

    even, i m doing a project on SEX TOURISM
    can u suggest me some sites, u found useful??