The Truth About Medellin

Time really flies when you stay in the same place and develop a routine. Six months in Colombia is done and gone as tomorrow I leave Medellin for Fortaleza, Brazil. From there begins a 1,700 mile journey back to Rio that I plan on tackling by bus (check the about page for map updates). I’m sure nothing bad at all will happen during that time.

Before leaving Medellin I wanted to do a sort of tribute video that shows how far the city has come from the Pablo Escobar days of the past. Using clips I’ve shot of the city over the past couple months, I’ve put together something poweful which I’m confident will increase Colombian tourism by a significant amount. In fact I’m expecting the Colombia Tourism Board to start sending me royalty checks or just hire me outright as a travel consultant.

The video has a subtle reference from A Dead Bat In Paraguay for those of you who read the book. Here it is…

Thank you Medellin, for making these past six months so wonderful.

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