The Two Prostitutes Of Tena

Tena is the whitewater capital of Ecuador. Before I bent over some Class IV rapids on the Jondachi River with my monstrous rowing stroke, I studied the townspeople by watching them from a park bench in the central square.

Within half an hour, two random girls sat on my bench even though all the others were empty. The alpha of the pair sat next to me and kept “accidentally” touching my leg and whipping her hair back and forth in dramatic motions. The giveaway was that it was 1PM and they were dressed like they were going to the club.

A bourgeoisie Frenchman I met told me he doesn’t get involved with locals from countries that are not equal to his own (i.e. Westernized); otherwise the girls are just seeing dollar signs and there is a good chance of getting drugged and / or robbed. I do agree with him, and it’s not a big deal in Ecuador because the girls here are extremely ugly, but it would be a shame if you travel through Brazil or Argentina and resign yourself to only sleeping with other tourists.

Roosh Travel Sex Rule: Do not pursue a girl who approaches you first. It’s okay if she gives you eye contact and a small smile to encourage you, but if she walks up to you and starts flirting immediately, things are not what they seem. It’s a rule I follow at home too because if a girl is really into me from the start then chances are I can do a lot better.

Even though 98% of the girls in Ecuador are unattractive by Western standards, I am getting a kick out of the attention, mostly in the form of very extended eye contact and “Where you from?” line of questioning. I think it’s my beard and height because Ecuadorian men are unable to grow lush facial hair and I’m taller than all of them, past, present, and future.

In an unrelated request, can someone please order me 1,000 extra wide and extra long condoms and ship them to me via express airmail? I’ve been constructing my own condoms using cow intestines from the butcher shop, which is actually the living room of someone’s house.

Actually, I’m lying—my initial stock is still… uh… plentiful.


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