The Unintended Consequences Of Pursuing Very Beautiful Women

Not long ago I made a shift in the type of girl I would pursue. Instead of relying on the boner test, whereby I’d approach girls who I wanted to have sex with, I started to use the beauty test, where I’d carefully evaluate a girl’s beauty, make sure it was exquisite, and then approach. While I did still approach girls who excited my boner, I began listening more to my brain’s desire for beauty instead of my crotch’s desire for sex. This led to a few unintended consequences.

What is a stronger motivator of male behavior: desire for sex or the desire for beauty?

If a man is horny, he’s ready to do untold amounts of work while suffering rejection in order to put his penis inside a vagina. The desire for beauty, while also present, motivates men to a far lesser degree. If I go without sex today, I may feel agitated, frustrated, and lacking, but if I go without beauty, I won’t even notice. The main result of moving from seeking sex to seeking beauty is that your game motivation declines. You’re chasing a goal that is less important to your immediate needs, and so it’s easier to rationalize not doing anything at all to gain it.

Are girls rated in the 6-7.9 range easier to lay than girls rated 8 and above?

Less attractive girls are simply easier to lay. For every hour of game work you do on a 6, you will receive greater sexual results than gaming on an 8. This difficulty is not linear in that you have to merely do twice as much work to get the 8, but logarithmic in that you may have to do 20 times more work for the same util of sexual pleasure received. As a result, you will expend additional labor trying to score beauty. It’s also likely that your sexual variety will drop.

Which girls are better suited for reproduction and which are better suited for sexual pleasure?

When I’m ready to reproduce, I will want to do so with the most beautiful girl possible so that I can pass on her strong genetics to my offspring. I want my son to be handsome so that he can mate with beautiful women and my daughter to be beautiful so that she can land a high-status man. As we would expect, it takes extra work to land a beautiful woman compared to her merely cute counterpart, but I’m not cashing in on my relationships with beautiful girls to have the reproductive reward. Instead, I’m putting in the extra work for sexual pleasure with an 8+ that feels almost the same as with a 6. The small difference in pleasure received is definitely not worth the increased amount of labor. In effect, I’m wasting that labor for casual sex with superior genetics when I should be reproducing with it.

Which girls are easier to maintain a mini-relationship with that does not end in reproduction?

While I haven’t banged a ton of girls in the 8+ range, my sample size is large enough to notice that differences in dating a cute girl and a “hot” girl. The cute girl requires a lower level of game, goes out of her way to please me more, and tests me less. The hot girl requires my game to be on point 24/7 and, in spite of that, she provides me with less entertainment and satisfaction, often stemming from a personality that is not as eager to please a man.

The hot girl’s beauty is nice indeed, but unfortunately men adapt to a woman’s beauty in a short period of time. Within two weeks of banging an 8+ girl, I don’t feel any additional pleasure from her, not helped by the fact that she makes me work harder to simply maintain the relationship. Only with an 8+ girl do I sometimes feel I have to run game to bang her—after I already banged her.

I want more than anything to have a beautiful girl on my arm, and am not lazy about putting in the effort required to do so, but if I look upon this pursuit logically, I find that using the beauty test does not have a net reward if I choose not to reproduce. While my ego is satisfied when other men look at me and my beautiful date, expending extra labor for a mini relationship just to have a prettier face doesn’t make much sense, and doing this over the past two years has not only reduced my sexual variety but also my overall satisfaction with the game. If my main goal of using game is sex, pursuing beauty may actually take me away from that and put me on a track meant for family formation.

As a result of this analysis, I have reverted back to mainly using the boner test. My quality has immediately dropped, but I now have to work far less for the same sexual result. At the same time, the high beauty I have experienced in the past does make it difficult to pursue less attractive girls, especially when I know for certain that I could do better. I should only use the boner test as long as I don’t want to reproduce, but beauty is prized for a reason that may not be entirely logical. I don’t think I can give it up entirely.

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