The Unit Of Man

When you look at an accomplished man, what do you see? Maybe his intellect, his strength, his appearance, his body language? Do you sense happiness in his voice as he tells you the stories of his life? Do get a feel for his pain and the struggles he went through? Maybe you see all of that, but I see something different. I see one hour. I see time—the time it took for him to get to here from there. I see the accumulation of hours.

Even though there are sixteen waking hours in a day, how many of those do you put in developing yourself? How many hours do you spend lifting, creating something, learning something? Do you know how many hours per day most men put towards their development? Zero. They work to complete someone else’s project, they consume all the entertainment you can throw at them, and they browse through hipster blogs to know what they can wear with a fedora, but they don’t put time into developing themselves.

One hour. That’s one gym session. That’s two Pimsleur language lessons. That’s 1,500 written words. That’s 20 pages of hard reading. That’s the rough draft of a blog post. That’s four approaches in the mall. The hour is my god. No internet, no distractions, just a one hour prayer where I stretch myself in ways that most men refuse to do.

Men have told me I’m productive, but I only write for two hours a day at most, usually only one. Since most men spend zero hours a day on their own creations, I agree that I’m productive. With 3-5 hours of honest work a day that goes to my mind, my body, and my crotch, it’s hard for me to believe I’m lucky or even intelligent. No, I just work harder than most others, and after accumulating several thousand of these hours, my brain has become one level sharper. Yet it’s not my brain that I’m depending on when I want to succeed at a task—it’s the labor I dedicate to it, one hour at a time.

You must worship at the altar of the hour. Wake up tomorrow and dedicate one hour—not a minute less—at a task that serves you and no one else. There are no days off—there is no vacation. One hour a day you must work on your own project and your own development, and then after a few months, after looking back to see what you’ve accomplished from just one hour a day, add a second hour. This will be a tremendous struggle, I promise you, but it’s the only path to greatness. There is no other way. Great men are made from this trivial increment, that when compounded over time, results in the realization of your potential. One hour is what makes the man.

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