The Wall Is Softer Than We Think

One popular maxim of the manosphere is the wall. It goes something like this:

Once a girl is done riding the cock carousel, she will find herself at an age and lower attractiveness where she can no longer get the alpha male she wants. She will then have no choice but to load up on cats or find a low-status male to marry, one who she wouldn’t have even considered in the past.

As far as objective truth, this maxim is quite accurate—a woman will not be able to get a man as hot or alpha or rich at 35 than 25, but I’m afraid to tell you that this doesn’t give us as much deliverance as you may think.

Levels of thirst in America are higher than any other country I’ve been in. Men are so desperate for women that they will date way below their value in order to achieve a basic relationship. This means that they will not only accept—but fight over—a spinster woman at 35 who finally has decided to stop getting pumped and dumped. These men, while not in the elite like she could have had in the past, is still better than most men this woman could have gotten in her prime had she been born and raised in a man-poor country outside of the West. And because a woman’s rationalization mechanism is so strong, she will have no problems finding happiness at 35 after marrying the whipped beta that she can easily control, convincing herself that it’s what she wanted all along. The wall for women is more like a speed bump that any woman with half a brain can easily pass at high speed.

There’s another way to look at it. A man’s prime in terms of value to women falls somewhere in his 30’s. Even at this stage, when he is most attractive to women, he will still find it harder to find worthy mates than a woman the same age as him. This is how one-sided the dating game—at least in the West—is skewed to the woman’s favor, and any new technology or “innovation” like texting, smartphones, Facebook, internet dating, and so on only makes it easier for women by increasing their ability to find mates while forcing the bottom 90% of men to lower themselves through clown game or copy pasta begging on OK Cupid.

We all want to believe that women will be punished for their bad decisions in life, because there’s no doubt that as men we are punished for ours. We want to think that women will be reprimanded for passing on good men in their prime to have sex with bad boys who don’t care about them. But very few will. They will have their cake and eat it too, simply because they have a vagina in a time and place where vagina has the highest value it has ever had. Women will collide with the wall, dust themselves off, and make a couple modifications to their internet dating accounts and selfie picture angles to keep the men flowing as if they never left college, while we are essentially born falling onto the wall, having to always strategize and put tremendous effort to get laid. In my recent stay in America I was shocked to see the nearly unlimited choice that women over 30 still have to at least get sex, and if you tell them about the wall they would not understand what you speak of. The wall, we must now admit to ourselves, has just as much power in our minds as in reality.

There will be no redemption. There will be no comeuppance. For most of their lives, women will have it easier than us, no matter how much we work out, how many books we read, how many languages we learn, and how decent or moral or virtuous we become. I choose not to deceive myself by finding solace in the wall. I choose not to think that in ten years her life will be worse off because of how she treated me, because I know she will still have more choice in the dating market than I will have even at my peak. The truth is that any woman who rejects me today will never regret it. Even after making every mistake in the book, she will still have a man waiting for her, and I will still have to work.

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