The War Against Men

Your average American woman doesn’t identify as a feminist, and may even refuse to call herself that due to embarrassment, but a host of feminist beliefs have been installed in her brain that not only determine her personality, but also how she interacts with the opposite sex. Without having to consciously accept feminism, she is more feminist than Betty Friedan, more feminist than Gloria Steinem.

What are the most common feminist beliefs in America? There are three:

1. Men and women are equal, but the patriarchy still favors men in all areas of life. If a woman fares poorly in something, it is due to structural imbalances in society or outright discrimination.

2. Any criticism of American women by a man makes him sexist, misogynistic, and a sex tourist. Any mistake or wrong by a woman can be traced to the fault of men.

3. A woman does not peak with her beauty. She peaks with her intellect and experience, which means that she must spend her youth educating herself with liberal arts degrees to eventually trade her labor to capitalists. In the meantime, she will become a mature human being by having sex with with any man who excites her.

A feminist—a true feminist—takes these three beliefs to the government and tells them to do right through legislation. She also gathers her friends and makes complaints to media companies and advertisers to mold their behavior and products through threat of boycott and bad exposure. In this regard they’ve been successful. Politicians will do anything to get their votes, and corporations (including the media), will not share views that offend them. Of course, just about everything offends them, so the range of allowable thought gets narrower with each passing year.

Your average girl on the street is not an activist. She doesn’t protest, organize, or even write emails of complaint. She’s too busy distracting herself with Instagram, her iPhone, celebrity gossip, and the latest reality TV shows, but the three beliefs are still firmly entrenched in her brain. She thinks women are being held down, she thinks women are less fallible than men, and she thinks her value is not tied to her beauty.

If she’s not protesting or complaining, where and how do these beliefs reveal themselves? Where do they leak out from her brain and transmutate into the real world? On you. You are the primary recipient of these beliefs.

Feminist thoughts ferment in her brain for many years without her realizing it to eventually rain down like napalm on your senses in the form of words, actions, and outbursts when you approach her, have sex with her, or have a relationship with her. I don’t need to tell you that this will not be positive.

She will think you are privileged. She will think that any good in your life has been achieved merely because you have a penis, not because of your hard work. She will believe that power should be taken away from you and given to women. She believes that within your being is a rapist who would not hesitate to violate and beat a woman, and the only reason you aren’t raping her is thanks to the laws of the state. She believes your only true need on earth is to be a sperm donor, and that medical technology will eventually—god willing—make you superfluous  She believes that if it wasn’t for you and your gender, the world would be at peace with no death and no suffering. She will interpret any thing you say which doesn’t portray her as perfect and moral to be sexist, chauvinistic, and in urgent need of re-education. She will attribute any behavior or quirk of yours that doesn’t turn her on to be weird and creepy. She will wonder whether you’re an anorexic apologist if you criticize the foods that she loves, such as Chipotle burritos and Starbucks frappuccinos. She will wonder if your vacation to Brazil was really a sex trip where you took advantage of poor women who live in slums. She will think you’re a slaver if you ever dare hint that you’d want the future mother of your child to stay at home.

She will dissect all your stories, analyze every word of your text messages, and prowl through the internet like a private investigator to rule out the fact that you are in all likelihood a bigot who needs to man-up from a pathological inability to handle a strong women who is experienced with sex, clerical work, and fancy restaurants. It only takes these three beliefs to lead to dozens of opinions about you that make you the enemy of womankind.

Make no mistake that this is a war against heterosexual men. This is the war of our generation. This is a war against men who are presumed guilty at birth, and whose innocence is mere purgatory until a newly devised outrage sends them to hell. You are the enemy and you will be denounced in the form of “misogynist,” “creep,” and “sexist,” and this denouncement will stay with you and affect your livelihood in ways that modern technology allow. You will be prosecuted by the fattest and ugliest cunts of the land, with no hope of appeal.

The young woman who doesn’t even think she’s a feminist is nonetheless waging war on you, her attitude and denouncements the weapon, her vagina the booty that is yours if you defeat her with your sword to choke and gag her in a way that she has been taught to like in books that have been foisted upon her as if she was a mindless automaton. Every time you thrust into a feminist who doesn’t think she’s a feminist and forgo a relationship with her, you inflict a wound. Every time you ignore her existence, you inflict a wound. Every time you make love to a foreign woman, you kill her outright.

This is a defensive war. We have been attacked, shamed, and taxed by them and now there is not much of our blood left. They demand more and more yet give us less and less, to the point where some men are deciding it’s not even worth it to have sex—not worth following their biological purpose of existence. The United States is becoming a battlefield, and it’s those who don’t pick up arms and foolishly appease the enemy and believe in its benevolence that will suffer most. All we demand is a pleasant woman who can raise our seed in a pleasant home, but that has been denied us, and we have been left floundering on a confusing search for masculinity in a society that attacks us and makes us feel ashamed for being men. We didn’t start this war, but we will finish it.

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