There Are No Rules

The biggest problem I see in men is that they needlessly limit themselves with arbitrary constraints, waiting for someone with courage to attempt what they want to see if the coast is clear or if it “works” or not. You have a lot of men who sit on their ass, waiting for proof of concept, scared to task a risk without a guarantee of a big reward.

“You can’t make money self-publishing. It’s for amateur writers only.”

While one man spends five years getting rejected by agents and publishers, wasting money attending writing conferences, another man breaks the rules by producing books on his own, getting them on top-selling lists on Amazon. One sought to be approved by the gatekeepers while the other took the plunge on his own dime.

“It’s too hard to live abroad. I will continue living in this expensive American city and hopefully travel when I retire early at 45.”

While one man wastes the prime of his life in a job he hates for a future that may never come, another man is making a fraction of his income in internet marketing or English teaching, but still able to travel modestly, have extra time for leisure, and sleep with women who weigh less than himself.

“Game doesn’t work. Only rich guys who are good looking get to experience sex with attractive women. No one is really having sex anymore.”

While one man masturbates on game denialist forums, another man who is short and average-looking with minimal means is approaching girls in the coffee shop, the mall, and the bar to get a varied sex life than men of a generation before him did not.

You can’t approach a girl in a women’s store. You can’t borrow a friend’s dog to use as a prop to approach women. You’re too young to make a lot of money or travel. You’re not experienced enough to start an authority blog. One man lets these doubts prevent him from action while another man uses them to challenge himself into being successful.

No one is giving you homework. No one is forcing you to create something, do approaches, or take risks. No one will punish you if you decide to do nothing, or simply do just enough to have an average existence where you vicariously live through men who are no more skilled or intelligent than you are.

At the same time, no one is telling you what you can’t do. There are some laws that can limit how to make money, but it can’t stop you from going to places where laws either don’t exist or can be lubricated with bribery. Even if you want to start a cocaine empire, there are places in the world where you can apply your intellect and balls to get away with it. The only limitation is what you imagine.

Man has never lived in a time where there are so many countries that give him more freedom of behavior than at any other time in the world. Right now you can start an internet business without need for a permit. You can approach 100 women and get laid, today, not tomorrow, not next year, but right now. Even in the police states of American and England, you’ve never had more mobility and more information to create your own lifestyle, as if you were at an all-you-can-eat buffet. A spoon of sex with Latinas combined with a hunk of internet money and a dash of waking up at noon. Don’t forget the dessert of having big muscles. Whatever you dream can be yours, and all it requires is for you to take the risk and work at it.

It pains me to see men apply self-imposed limits on their own behavior, limits that even their own governments haven’t placed. Instead of breaking the rules in an era where rule breaking is greatly rewarded, they’ve voluntarily walked into a jail of their own making to be shackled and constrained.

I spit on your decision to protect yourself from failure. I spit on your imaginary limitations. Let the market decide if your risk is worth value. Let a woman decide upon your approach if you’re worth having intimacy with her. All you should think about is how to get what you want and how to begin working. Take the risk and begin to work. Break the rules that your mind tries to set upon you and then reap the rewards.

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