There Are No Ugly Girls In America

I share some thoughts about an incident that went down not long ago when we called a girl blogger ugly….

Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read comments that have already been left.

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  • Brian

    “If you can’t call that bitch ugly, I mean you can’t call anyone ugly.”

    The flip side of that coin is that if the ugliest women are still called beautiful, then what words are left to describe the truly beautiful?

    “If everyone is special, then nobody is.”

  • SOBL1

    Smart presentation as well as subject matter. You did not get animated or appear excited. The commenters on Youtube are already attacking you or your looks rather than discuss the video’s subject material. I left a comment ont he 1984 reference, and how not being able to judge a woman has allowed for poor behavior.

  • SOBL1

    Just a side note: as a kid in the ’80s, I’d see a couple and I often thought “what is she doing with him”. Now I often think “why is he wasting time with her?”. 25 years.

  • AFemaleCat

    Yeah I agree. I’m not that good looking, but there’s something to be said for always trying to be your best. That’s the entire goal in life…whatever you do, whoever you are…you strive for excellence from your appearance, to your personality, to your chosen profession.

    If my photo is placed online somewhere I’m going to make an effort to put my best food forward. First step to success is showing up, and part of beauty is making an effort to be feminine.

    Basically these feminists just don’t want to work.

  • AFemaleCat

    Expanding on that thought….

    These women want to be worshiped for being at a ‘base level’….the lowest common denominator of what everyone is blessed with (especially when they fail to pluck their eyebrows)

    John Wayne used to practice his masculine walk in front of the mirror. He would practice being masculine.

    The screen sirens of the 30s were not really that attractive if you took the makeup away, but they cultivated personas that embodied a feminine ideal.

    It’s like Michelango’s David….there is a definition of perfection…a definition of male and female to strive for.

    Liberalism is all about the individual and self-autonomy….but without any of the personal responsibility.

    Based upon some other photos u’ve put up of these women, I think there’s something else going on here…say an attack on traditional nordic/gentile norms of beauty…but I’ll stay quiet.

  • Joe Owens

    Keep telling it like it is my Man!

  • Rael

    Roosh hits the free internet promo jackpot again! When will the feminsts learn…

  • TonyD

    Man. I called some bitches out last night. Felt good.

  • Andy

    She is the most awful ugly pig fucker hairy she beast on the net.

  • Ari

    Ptooooey! This chick is so butt ugly and disgusting I’m glad Roosh called her out before she goes through life thinking she deserves special treatment for having a Ph.D. And this is coming from a Ph.D student.

  • Phil

    Lead the revolution, brother!

  • Dr. Doom

    Attn Roosh (& Gmac):

    NSA confirms 100% Gmac attack:

    Some folks need to invest in bookFace Security.

    (Put this on your Forum Roosh-V. We read, but we work in the dark.)

  • Bortimus

    The problem is that by bothering to put the girl down you’re giving her the precious internet notoriety she craves and enabling her to ride the umbrage train to attention-town.

  • Big Ern

    I completely disagree with her feminist viewpoints 110%.

    But, it was immature to ridicule her appearance.

    a) Such ridicule is mainly a female tactic, and we all hate it when women resort to such belittling when they can’t argue based upon logic
    b) It’s immoral and mean to pick on someone based on appearance, or other things they have no control over (let’s face it, not much she can do with that face). If you have a quarrel with a person, don’t take the low road, even if the other person does.


    We have a name for them in AUS….FERALS

    And so we came up with “shoot ferals”

    I cannot find her [its] photo?

    Advise us the link so we can see her/it in glory

    Anyway Roosh, as u get older your standards drop, just climb on her/it….a hole is a hole, just wear them beer

    Here is a earlier spin on it, same/same:

    Keep up the good work brother!

  • Big Ern

    Just to be clear, if she’s fat, then at least there’s some justification for the ridicule, or at least a purpose in a practical sense. But this girl’s face can’t be helped.

  • Erik

    The girls face can easily be improved.

    1. Lose weight. Fat makes your face round and ugly
    2. Teeth whitener
    3. Brush her hair and actually go to a salon.
    4. A little makeup goes a long way

    He appearance is a direct reflection of her values. Laziness.

  • Apocalypseman

    To me her motivations were two-fold…originally one-fold.

    Her first post was meant to draw people into the debate, so she can point to guys and say to her legions of nerd-fans, “see, look how awful these men are, we haven’t completed our mission”….that mission being a sea-donkey revolution.

    Then after the twitter post, she posted seeking comfort and reassurance about her looks. She must know what the gay men on her blog say about her. She must have known she was going to get reassured that looking like Sloth from the Goonies is a good thing.

    The very fact she’s gone this far shows she does care, oh yes she most certainly does. So yet again I come to conclusion that the internet has a very dark side. Losers everywhere can reunite and then internet toughies can brag about Gorilla warfare and threaten people without the emotion of fear.

    There is just not enough truth in the internet. Some of these people need to face reality and stop living behind the false pretence of a high speed internet connection.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a fat, fifty year old woman whom you would doubtless find “ugly.” While I would never claim to be beautiful, I think I’m just kind of average. I don’t expect most men to find me physically attractive, and I am OK with that. So what??? Why do you get your knickers in a twist over women you don’t find physically attractive insisting that men treat them with respect (or at least, civil indifference)? Why are you enraged that many men and women find “beauty” in others that you don’t see?

  • Andy

    Men don’t find fatties attractive, at least not the men you in your delusion think you deserve.

    I take back all I have said about Mccreight, if you gave her a shave she would be passable.

  • she is not human

    I made the mistake of clicking the link to her blog and then going to her homepage so I could see her newest posts. She has a full body picture that is even more vile and vomit inducing than the one of her face. I think the picture below her of that thing from star wars or star trek or whatever is hotter than her. Truly the more revolting scum I have ever seen

  • Andy

    Oh and as others have pointed out she knows she is ugly hence the bragging about the PhD, and the whining about men finding other reasons, which are just not so shallow, to find women attractive.
    She cannot compete so tries to change the rules and make herself hotter.

    Her latest post is hilarious….me…me…me…I’m just so tolerant and wonderful……

  • Andy


  • Wilson

    Big Ern, she was trying to ridicule (in typical female style lacking all logic, humor, or insight) Roosh’s post using herself as a counterexample, because of course she is beautiful American princess/PhD candidate! So her appearance was fair game. Despite how much her friends compliment her looks, it’s high time someone told her that it’s just because they all look like 12s standing next to her. As for her boyfriends, it must have been a choice between dating her and shooting up a movie theater, and those pussies chose the path of evil.

  • JustAGuy

    The primary sexual value of a woman is her physical beauty… while a man’s value is his ability to protect and provide for his woman and children.

    So essentially… a very unattractive woman is the equivalent of a frail and homeless man.

    What woman would look past the fact that a man is frail and homeless to see some “inner” beauty?

    What man would set his sister or female friend up with an old homeless guy?

    Yet SO many women set men up with ugly chicks…

    “But she has a nice personality” “She has a nice looking face”

    Yeah, and that homeless guy is probably very good at bottom-of-the-barrel survival.

    Does that change anything for women? NO.

    Actually, if a homeless guy were to hit on a woman… she would almost definitely tell her friends about it… and have a laugh at the man’s expense.

    And if that were to happen… if some women came out in support of that man…

    “Hey ladies no so fast!

    Look, this guy isn’t so bad. He’s really good at getting strangers to give him spare change…

    …and he might be very weak but he has this stick… which he can sometimes throw accurately… to help defend you….

    of course, he is half blind… but still!

    In fact, I think this homeless guy would make a great boyfriend! Maybe I’ll go out with him!”

  • Big Ern


    If she claimed to be a beautiful princess, then yes perhaps pointing out the contrary would be fair game.

    If she ridiculed Roosh’s appearance, then perhaps then as well. (Though even here, Roosh would earn more respect by winning the argument without following her into the gutter.)

    Outside of those two examples, I would not resort to picking on her appearance*. Someone needs to maintain STANDARDS of behavior and decency, even during these heated blarguments. Keep that immature shit in the schoolyard.

    *I’m talking innate ugliness here. I’m aware she could do with more makeup, better hair, etc. but let’s be honest, she’s kinda irretrievably fugly.

  • JustAGuy

    One more thing…

    If there were social pressure for women to start giving homeless men more attention and stop being bitches to them….

    …THEN women would probably give them more attention… BUT not positive attention… in fact, they would probably be so INSULTED and PISSED that they would go out of their way to insult the homeless men who want to FORCE them to treat them as if they are NOT homeless and frail.

    That’s the situation we find ourselves in with women. The cows want to be thought of as models.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaireâ„¢

    feminist womyn are hawt…

    here’s some fap material for you lonely PUA’s….

    get stickey 😉

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaireâ„¢


    you are no Hugo Schwyzer but you are hot in a smelly, mideastern cab driver who wants to be a hipster kinda way….

    oh, and the misogyinistic jerk act, giving me a raging 4 incher….

    so hard it hurtz baybeee….

  • x2d4d

    For what it’s worth, my post on the forum wasn’t defending her or criticizing your initial tweet. The question “would you date this woman?” is eminently relevant to the conversation.

    Yes, she is ugly. It’s not wrong to point this out. I sure as hell wouldn’t date her.

    But it seems to me there’s a point where attacks on her appearance stop being about making her face reality, and even stop being about fat-shaming. It becomes vicious sadism for individuals’ own private amusement. As insults become more gratuitous and appear more like people are doing it just for the delight of watching her squirm, the more she appears like a legitimate victim, the more sympathetic other men will be, and the more likely the will rush to her defense and lie to assuage her pain.

    This behavior is quite predictable and has very little to do with common American attitudes about beauty. I do think there’s a problem with beauty standards in the US, but that’s not what’s happening here. What’s happening here is that people see an angry, uncivil internet horde with nothing better to do than harass someone for being ugly. Nobody sees the original disagreement or justification for the cricitsm because it’s been buried by the gleeful, superfluous hate.

  • OldBoy

    This song should make it clear to everyone who thinks being “nice” helps, this is predicted to be top 3. Learn game or grow up and not give a fuck about how women judge you, that includes the whiteknights.

    My game isn’t great but then I don’t give a fuck and yet i still get women finding reasons to talk to me.

  • Mr. Pointyface

    Cruelty for the sake of shoring up weak self-esteem on Roosh-Horde’s part. Two demerits from Mr. Pointyface.

    Reference quote from Morcheeba: ” We all love looking down. “

  • Brandon

    I bet her pussy smells like the juices at the bottom of the dumpster.

  • Melville

    Best Line:

    “If you can’t call that girl ugly (pause) and get a high five from that, then the culture has been completely lost.”

    I lost it at this point

  • thecaptainpower
  • Anonymous age 70

    >>As for her boyfriends, it must have been a choice between dating her and shooting up a movie theater, and those pussies chose the path of evil.


    Actually, if I had not been faithful to my wife for 37 years, I could do her.

    First, because I have been faithful to my wife for 37 years, heh, heh.

    Second, because I am 70 years old.

    But, the cruel truth is if I chose not to continue to be faithful to my wife of 37 years, I would probably not do her. I would do one of the gorgeous hypergamous 22 year old chicks here in rural Mexico who hit on me.

  • Red Pill

    Roosh is a funny guy. I’d like to hang out with him and spank fat chicks’ asses with ping pong paddles while we drink gin martinis.

    Keep up the good work Roosh!

  • Raj

    American women don’t take care of themselves because they don’t have to. Their threshold of needs is met without work on appearance.

    Simple as that.

  • Luis

    preaching to the choir roosh, damn that bitch is ugly and needs a make over

  • greenlander

    OMFG that chick is ugly! If I had a dog as ugly as her, I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.

  • Titaniac

    I was expecting to see a monster, but I’d say she was averagely unattractive, not ugly. Like a 4/10, not a 1/10.

    She certainly isn’t beautiful, but with a lot of effort could gain a point or two.

    I think you guys are being overly dramatic. If that woman is ugly, then what are these:

  • Wilson

    And those two are beauties compared Amy Winehouse’s putrefied corpse. The 1-10 scale is for normal human specimens. I’ll grant that in real life Jen McCreight might not appear as bad as her static picture, especially with a bag over her head, but even if we generously call her a 4, she is solid evidence the Roosh is correct

  • HalfAsian

    While she’s not great looking in anyone’s book, I wouldn’t say she looks so terrible at her current age. Not Roosh’s taste, apparently, but plenty of guys would get hard enough to do her.

    Her personality may leave much to be desired, and I imagine in 10 years she’d look beyond awful, but I don’t see her as “ugliness personified”.

  • LS

    If you can’t call an ugly girl ugly then the terrorists will have won.

  • Anonymous


    I agree she is NOT a monster and as a bonus she most likely could well be a virgin

    A tight pussy is worth a ugly face and a fatty

    Turn to lights of climb on and do her, i would

  • Tables

    Lets turn the tables.

    Some bitchy stuck up blond blogger would write how men need to spend lots of money to get her. (basicly the opposite of you)

    A needy geek would write in his blog what a bitch she is and that feelings and connection are more important.

    She then would Twitter to her fan bitches if they would do a guy like that… penniless weak geek who probably has a tiny member.

    Same reaction would occur where the geeky guy would be praised.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    My comment is regarding Roosh’s assertion that this woman’s side of the blogosphere is bigger than ours.

    I checked it out and it seems she (admittedly) infiltrated a portion of online life that’s almost 100 percent nerdy guys: the fanatical online atheist community. The reason she gets that many comments is that simply by being female at an Internet sausage fest she’s become the “homecoming queen” of sorts.

    She would not be getting as many comments if she weren’t the only female — and my guess is she knows that and it’s the reason she set things up this way.

    To flip the script, imagine if one of us were to invade an online community of fat, aging women and show off our bodies and post things like “I love older BBWs!” We’d be pretty popular too.

    Hers is “situational popularity.” Out in the real world it would not exist.

  • http://[email protected] Over valued

    Over valued useless cumbuckets.

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  • Surf’s up

    I enjoyed this video.

    Roosh: I don’t know if this is your fault, but when I watched your video on Youtube, it made me watch an ad for a dating service called “Cougar Life.” Knowing your worldview, I think that’s pretty funny.

  • cyrus

    She should have posted on’s Misc.

    They aren’t as kind as WK redditors.

  • -abe-

    Roosh, I follow and like your blog, but I’m afraid you’re not coming off well here.

    First, talking about this women in this way is downright mean and cruel. Sure, there are ugly people out there, but it’s uncivil to call that. It’s like calling a mentally challenged person “retarded” to their face.

    Second, you come of as being defensive, angry and unhinged in that video and quite childish. No woman, ugly or beautiful, conservative or liberal, sympathetic to MRAs or not, would find anything to like in your diatribe. You come off as an anti-social bitter weirdo.

    Still love ya, man…

  • madmax

    great point my man. The problem is not the ugly girl. The problem is the hypocritical, balless schmucks who will say her ‘nooooo, you are beautiful’, when in reality NONE of them really mean it, and none would probably fuck her, except maybe an ugly fatso like her.

    Here’s the all problem: like you said, men are ‘not supposed’ to call out an ugly bitch with an attitude. Because of the nice guy shit. I myself have done that mistake, and regret it. I was in an adult class where I ‘met’ one of the ugliest, physically shit looking women I have ever seen, and she was incredibly confident. I managed to treat her like shit a couple of times, but I wish I had been more direct. This ugly bitch kind of snobbed me because she was English and I, a self-made foreigner with self-made English, seemed someone she could underestimate ( in UK, you’ll meet either nice, friendly and open minded women, rare, or snotty, ridiculous bitches like in US, only worse). Many times she realized I have many more qualities and talents she didn’t realize I had (that’s what stupid people do, right? They give you a look and think ‘this guy is an idiot’ and then after they know you better, their jaw drops).

    I am proud to have treated her like shit a couple of times ( once, she asked me something in our music class, and I completely ignored her. I could hear she was pissed off. Another time, we were in the waiting room, I was getting a cup of water from the water dispenser. She was sitting and waiting for her girlfriend, whatever. She broadly smiled and asked how I was doing. I looked at her deadpan style for about 2 seconds, said ‘Good.’, drank my water, and left without turning and saying bye or any of that shit.

    She still haunts me, though. I feel as if I should have called her out in the way you said, which I will def do from now on. I am going to reharse that line ‘sorry, your looks are way behind your attitude. I think you should lose the latter, since you can do nothing about the former’.

    Your points were not only excellent, even urgent. Like you said, if an ugly bitch is made to believe she’s ‘beautiful’ because balless guys tell her that fake shit, imagine a cute girl. She’ll think she’s a fucking goddess, and no one needs that.

    Roosh, I love you because you are a prick. I am now a prick too, brother, and proud of it.

  • madmax

    PS. the ugly bitch I mentioned really walked around like a goddess. She was fucking ridiculous. I would never insult someone because she’s fat and ugly, but the ones who believe they can afford to behave with you as if they were super models, need severe lessons and need to put in their place.

    Not by being abusive of course. We are quality pricks. But we still need to call them out on their shit. Let’s face it, even a beautiful woman has to be called out for their nonsense and shit, let alone an ugly beast.

    It’s really sad. So many women have this bloated ego. But to see one with bloated ego, bloated body and butt-ugly face, it’s just too much.

    They need to be awaken from the illusory dream they are floating in: believing that they really are attractive.

  • Paper

    oh….I don’t know, she does have big tits! Sigh, what can I say? Until I move overseas, my standards will continue to descend.

  • chris

    Why don’t feminists respond to facts?

    You can’t reason someone out of a position that they never reasoned themselves into to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    Why, do, you, CARE? You are a grown-ass man! I don’t understand why it’s a personal offense when someone is ugly (to you)? As if the entire world MUST know your opinion on every female you encounter?

  • Andy

    We care because ugly women are offensive. I assume you are one? Or worse still fucking one?

  • mcmp

    Have you looked in the mirror lately? Because she is way prettier than you. You’re butt ugly ( you’re the guy in the video, right?), she’s average, kind of nice actually.
    And before you point it out, I’m a woman, I’m old and I really am ugly as hell; compared to her, I’m a beast, but I’m not blind. You shouldn’t call anyone ugly if you look like shit yourself.

  • Anonymous

    This is just silly.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Ugly women are offensive. You must be offended a LOT! I am so sorry for you that you’re so shallow that such a small thing shakes you up. Thank your lucky stars you don’t have daily interactions with me. That is grounds to be absolutely relentless. Lmfao!

  • Anonymous

    This cannot possibly be serious