There Is No Shortcut To Getting Laid

When realizing the amount of work that game requires, a man’s first instinct may be to seek out an easier way. For example, maybe a guy noticed that girls are attracted to men with big muscles, so he decides to go that route. From being skinny-fat he works out hard over the course of nine months to develop a rock hard body that causes a 7 to approach him in a club and bang him. Success! And all it took was about 175 hours in the gym.

Another man noticed that having a social circle is a sure way to get laid, so he puts in the work to create a network of friends and finally after six months he meets an 8 and enters a relationship with her. Success! And all it took was 200 hours of spending time with his “friends” with the principal goal to get laid.

Another man noticed that being popular on Instagram was a great way to get attention from women, so for a year he spent half an hour a day taking good photos, researching hashtags, responding to comments, and managing his online image. He attended a local Instagram meetup and met a pretty girl and banged her. Success! And all it took was 200 hours of using his smartphone.

Another man noticed that having social status in the nightclubs was the best way to get a girl. He decides to frequent the best clubs and schmooze with promoters. After six months of becoming a somebody in these venues, he gets an 8 who bangs him for one month before moving on to a man with higher status. Success! And all it cost him with 275 hours and hundreds of dollars in liquor expenses.

Another man noticed that Colombian village girls had a natural attraction for him. They don’t speak English, of course, so he spent the better half of the year intensively learning Spanish. After several months of study, he moved to the village and found his dream girl who he was ready to impregnate. Success! And all it cost him was 400 hours of language study and re-locating to a new country.

Thankfully, these men received additional rewards that didn’t only include sex. The guy at the gym still has his nice body, the man with the social circle still has his friends, and the man with club status can still leverage that to meet more women or network with other businessmen. At the same time, a man who spends much of his game time cold approaching will learn social skills that transfer to his professional career and other relationships. Show me a guy who has game and he will be able to tell you exactly how he uses that game every day in his life besides just getting laid. Whatever option you choose will have its ancillary benefits.

I’m not disparaging men who take alternate paths to getting laid, but I must remind you that there is no shortcut to getting laid. What you think of as a shortcut, like becoming a bartender or a Tinder ninja, still requires time and energy in order to reach the same sexual end as other methods. The superiority of one method over another will simply depend on the man and where his personal interests lie. However, there is a cost from doing indirect methods that neglect game work: you may lack the skills needed to keep whomever girl you bang. If you get needy on her after the bang, or fail to maintain the attraction she has for you, you’ll lose her. In other words, there is absolutely no escaping the fact that you need to learn pure game alongside any other strategy you pursue. Game has become a requirement for all modern men, not just to get laid but to maintain relationships, whether you like it or not.

For myself, I have picked the strategy which complements my lifestyle. Since I’m nomadic, developing local status or a network of friends doesn’t make sense since I don’t stay in cities for long. I work out but in Eastern Europe having massive muscles isn’t valued as much as in the West, so I don’t devote more than a few hours a week to it. Therefore, when it comes to getting laid, I mainly rely on the cold approach. It’s not easy, but it’s the skill that I can use in any city I live in.

Only when I become a permanent resident can I start to invest time in the more indirect methods that not only help me with women, but offer me additional social or personal benefits. Whatever method you choose, it should be one where you value the extra benefits it offers besides sex, because you’ll be spending hundreds of hours doing it. If you consider “game” just a way for a man to increase his value, it’s clear to see how we’ll be doing it every day for the rest of our lives.

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