There Is No Shortcut To Getting Laid

When realizing the amount of work that game requires, a man’s first instinct may be to seek out an easier way. For example, maybe a guy noticed that girls are attracted to men with big muscles, so he decides to go that route. From being skinny-fat he works out hard over the course of nine months to develop a rock hard body that causes a 7 to approach him in a club and bang him. Success! And all it took was about 175 hours in the gym.

Another man noticed that having a social circle is a sure way to get laid, so he puts in the work to create a network of friends and finally after six months he meets an 8 and enters a relationship with her. Success! And all it took was 200 hours of spending time with his “friends” with the principal goal to get laid.

Another man noticed that being popular on Instagram was a great way to get attention from women, so for a year he spent half an hour a day taking good photos, researching hashtags, responding to comments, and managing his online image. He attended a local Instagram meetup and met a pretty girl and banged her. Success! And all it took was 200 hours of using his smartphone.

Another man noticed that having social status in the nightclubs was the best way to get a girl. He decides to frequent the best clubs and schmooze with promoters. After six months of becoming a somebody in these venues, he gets an 8 who bangs him for one month before moving on to a man with higher status. Success! And all it cost him with 275 hours and hundreds of dollars in liquor expenses.

Another man noticed that Colombian village girls had a natural attraction for him. They don’t speak English, of course, so he spent the better half of the year intensively learning Spanish. After several months of study, he moved to the village and found his dream girl who he was ready to impregnate. Success! And all it cost him was 400 hours of language study and re-locating to a new country.

Thankfully, these men received additional rewards that didn’t only include sex. The guy at the gym still has his nice body, the man with the social circle still has his friends, and the man with club status can still leverage that to meet more women or network with other businessmen. At the same time, a man who spends much of his game time cold approaching will learn social skills that transfer to his professional career and other relationships. Show me a guy who has game and he will be able to tell you exactly how he uses that game every day in his life besides just getting laid. Whatever option you choose will have its ancillary benefits.

I’m not disparaging men who take alternate paths to getting laid, but I must remind you that there is no shortcut to getting laid. What you think of as a shortcut, like becoming a bartender or a Tinder ninja, still requires time and energy in order to reach the same sexual end as other methods. The superiority of one method over another will simply depend on the man and where his personal interests lie. However, there is a cost from doing indirect methods that neglect game work: you may lack the skills needed to keep whomever girl you bang. If you get needy on her after the bang, or fail to maintain the attraction she has for you, you’ll lose her. In other words, there is absolutely no escaping the fact that you need to learn pure game alongside any other strategy you pursue. Game has become a requirement for all modern men, not just to get laid but to maintain relationships, whether you like it or not.

For myself, I have picked the strategy which complements my lifestyle. Since I’m nomadic, developing local status or a network of friends doesn’t make sense since I don’t stay in cities for long. I work out but in Eastern Europe having massive muscles isn’t valued as much as in the West, so I don’t devote more than a few hours a week to it. Therefore, when it comes to getting laid, I mainly rely on the cold approach. It’s not easy, but it’s the skill that I can use in any city I live in.

Only when I become a permanent resident can I start to invest time in the more indirect methods that not only help me with women, but offer me additional social or personal benefits. Whatever method you choose, it should be one where you value the extra benefits it offers besides sex, because you’ll be spending hundreds of hours doing it. If you consider “game” just a way for a man to increase his value, it’s clear to see how we’ll be doing it every day for the rest of our lives.

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  • curri

    Would u say the eastern europeans men are wilder compare to a typical western man..

  • Kizman

    Another great post from Roosh. It’s the ugly, but necessary truth that we gotta learn to accept that western countries aint shit for dating.

  • Ian

    Will we see a Bang Romania?

  • Ian

    Anyone think there’s a numerical correlation between how many likes a girl gets/pic on Facebook and how attractive she is?

    Girls looks/Facebook likes per pic she posts

    9s=150+ likes

  • coach1173

    Excellent post. Bang Costa Rica?

  • Nick

    I agree about the need to learn game skills to keep any girl you attract, whether in a monogamous relationship or friends with benefits. Learning cold approach is the foundation for this. You’ll never meet as many women through indirect methods. You need to interact with 1000s to get really good.

  • Deb auchery

    Ban this ip address plus Roosh, it’s McDonald’s Odessa

  • bitschler

    i like the really old posts from 2006-2008 that are popping up as “related posts” these days

  • Guest

    IDK, the girl I have a massive case of oneitis over right now is probably an 8.5 and only has 27 likes on her profile pic

  • Keith

    Man that’s a solid idea

    I concur.

    Bang Turkey (those chicks and Colombia are the best in the World for black hair and perfect rears)

    Bang Lebanon (Lebanese girls are dimes)

    Bang Israel (imagine all the media outbursts of pc jive and the SPLC type of sentiment- I know that title could piss people off for real and Roosh is one of the few with the mettle to do pull it off)

    Bang Thailand with Fisto
    Bang Indonesia
    Bang Vietnam
    Bang Japan
    Bang China
    Bang Philipines

    All these whistle and have a good ring to them like a drop top 65 big block running.

  • U Ain’t nor nor nor Memphis

    Top models who make you jizz your drawers on sight like back in her prime Sara Stone (my all time fav- she was a bad chick) and Lisa Ann type of chicks get like 400 likes on super hot bikini pics, etc.

  • Juicy J Project Pat

    Man why you waste your time clowning

    Roosh needs to issue directives 2x month like a fitness motivator-
    Go do 15 cold approaches this week or play 360 in your mommas basement etc.
    Action is the only way

    Roosh knows this that’s why he’s a global game hustler instead of a miserable slave in a cubicle so build a site others can envy instead of pissing in the lawn of the hungry dogs who want to game and not clown like little small children.

  • livingwell

    Actually the is a “shortcut” to getting laid. Become an international airline captain.

  • splooge

    that post was universal. Game is about adapting to your environment and getting what you want. Thats alpha,beta would be to miss out.

    For example a fat ugly but rich well connected businessman is king in Russia, while the dumb roided up aloof douchbag in america is king. But switch the 2 and theyll both be dry dick betas. Like lion is king of the jungle while shark is king of the ocean, but will die in each other’s domain.

    Every country and culture has ways to get women, but keeping them is a different ball game.

  • splooge

    or be born with the worlds largest penis

  • needle in haystack

    Please, could someone point out to me a book to read as the very first, with which I can start learning Game?
    Maybe I should start as the very first with some of the books written by Roosh?
    The reason why I ask is that I came across this whole Game thing only after the recent Elliot Rodger shooting spree, which resonated deeply within me. And there is such an abundance of literature or information on the internet, that I really do not know where to start.
    Any advice? Thanks in advance.

  • Roosh_V

    Newbies should eventually read both.

  • Roosh_V

    Is it easy to become a captain? That takes hundreds of hours too, and you still have to punch the clock.

  • Aleenum

    Bang is pretty good. There’s lots of good stuff out there Bang is good if you want to support roosh , simple actionable book.

  • needle in haystack

    Thank you sir!
    Frankly, I did not expect an answer from The Man himself.
    I will definitely order and read both books.
    I have to say that this site and Return of Kings is a great inspiration for me to change my life!
    See, in my teens and twenties I was your typical Beta nice guy, without any sucess with women.
    I am not a virgin thank God, but I fucked more prostitutes (lots) than girlfriends (1 so far) or one-night stands (1 so far).
    So I turned to Heroin instead in my 20s. Now I am over 35 with a 10 year old Heroin addiction.
    So I decided to put down the needle, start going to the gym , trying to find a paying job, to pull my life together and start seducing my type of women, the types I always had a crush on but never dared to approach. Realising that women are interested in the real masculine man in me, whom I myself oppressed in myself because the TV and the Feminists said me to do so, came as a relevation. This is the first time in my life I actually feel free, when I am actually looking forward towards my future. I do not want to lay on my death-bed, thinking I wasted my youth without ever having sex with a woman of my type, let alone without having a son or a daughter from a wife… I set my goals and started going towards them.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • needle in haystack

    Thanks for your advice.
    I will take heed to it: the first book on Game I will read will definitely be Bang.

  • kai

    I’m paragraph 5

  • Ian

    EE is less repressed-

    You can slap a silly ho
    Po po wont try to grab you if you drink beer walking down the street
    Men dont have to apologize for speaking their minds

  • seth datta

    Game is a result of social pathology. Because society is breaking down, the curve for game is hitting an exponential climb. Dating is now purely based on whatever a girl feels at a chosen moment. Men are just dildos only now. Most men I see with cute girls have nothing to offer and poor game. It is purely luck that the girl chose him and she prob hits other men on the side. Why else would the masterclass like roosh and krauser be in siberia? Expect a noticeable decline in western civilization due to feminism killing it soon.

  • shadyshady

    I am tired of this shit. I am 6,4, have a masters degree, i do everything at home, i cook , i iron my shirts, i don´t smoke, i don´t use drugs, i am ok with money and i am working to develop a StartUp but i am a fu—ing pussy when the business is girls….Always play low, very low, get dumped with 4 and 5s. I still haven´t get the confidence to aproach girls in my level and keep getting rejected by shitty girls because i don´t putt the effort … I am just tired of this shit…I am tired of girls…I just want to use my libido in work, because girls are such a dissapointment…

  • cheshirecat

    THOUSANDS of hours…if you are lucky, and work your way up from the shitty frog-pond jumping piddling commuter routes first. After all, if you notice any pilots flying the glam routes, they aren’t under the age of 40…

  • stend

    The best way I Iearned game was to not over think it. I put my happiness first and focus on myself. I dont focus too hard on picking up girls as much as I sort of bring an energy that they’re attracted to. I’m pretty good at being laid back and easy to talk to while also bringing an energy to the situation. I went to a party a few towns over where my friends go to college. I walk into the party and was incredibly happy to see them since it’s been over a year. I brought a really happy and positive energy and the fact that a lot of people at that party knew me and were happy to see me made one of the random girls there incredibly interested in me. Long story short we ended up hooking up. It’s all in the aura/energy for me.

  • Ian

    Where you live could just totally suck-
    In the deep South when you spit game these backward ass Country hos can get mad or are to shy to handle day game cold while NY or West Coast girls will at least hear you out.

    Location matters and that’s one of the things that sets Roosh and the Swoop crew (RVF Fam) apart in my mind from these marketer clowns out here saying that typical American brainwashing crap- its all your fault you make the environment-no some people suck and you cannot work with-If you had an MBA from Yale would you ask a bunch of rednecks in a hick Alabama town of 6500 how to do global branding, exporting strategy, SEO optimization, or strategic leadership? Hell to the no!

    Games no different-move to where the people are down to meet new people. If you post again (ill check) ill drop a few spots for you to consider.

    In the meantime, go do 10 cold approaches this weekend. And 5 thus week-hit up grocery stores, malls, book stores, coffee houses, the street.

    Lets make this a culture of action around here- do the approaches or relocate to get away from wack bishes fam-hit the block and go hard!

  • anonymous

    I like your posts, if only because you’re one of the few regular commenters around here calling shit like it is. Unlike the typical PUAs, who are so annoying with their blind optimism, it’s like they’ve taken a blue pill of their own as a sort of coping mechanism.

    I agree with your observations entirely. The sex/dating market in the west is fucking DREADFUL and it looks like it will only get worse.

  • splooge

    totally a bang Israel, very good looking women with no hang ups on sex(unless orthodox). Turkey and Lebanon however is getting an obesity problem and the aggressive guys cock blocking you just aint worth it. One brit teen got stabbed in Turkey for gaming a local girl. They dont play around and dont want western behaviour to ruin their women like else where in the world…very easy to corrupt women.
    besides euro women go there to get lucky, its cock paradise for them.

  • Ian

    Which Bang Guide is best to apply immediately for newbies- Bang or Day Bang?

    Does age affect that- younger guys Bang and older guys Day Bang?

  • fooled no more

    Great observation seth. Let’s face it: whenever any man sees another dude with a chick, one is inclined to wonder what he did to get her. And I concur that 99% of the time the guy simply got lucky; that he was the fuck stick of the moment, and he is cock no. 5001.

  • fooled no more

    Good story. It also helped that most guys there knew you and are well liked. Everything helps when on is trying to meet chicks.

  • fooled no more

    Airline captains used to be rock stars way back when – just rent Catch Me If You Can and you’ll see what I mean. But today an airline captain is nothing compared to the local meth dealer or DJ.

  • Stephanie Shepard

    You’re right. It is luck. Right timing is a factor. Many factors outside of anybody’s control are effecting the dating scene. Currently out of those unemployed 77% are under the age of 50 (37% Gen X, 40% Millennials). The first quarter of 2014 shrank 3%, the worse since 2009. The latest jobs report boasted 288,000 jobs created but omitted the economy lost over 700,000 full time jobs. Of those part time jobs created most were in the service sector.

  • Switch

    nah bro, I see 5’s post selfies on themselves on a yacht and that shit gets 250 likes

  • debb

    You’re tired of not getting girls because you don’t put in the effort? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? Any man can cook a bit, iron his shirts, reject cigarettes and drugs. Sounds like you have an entitled attitude.

    Act like a man and stop whingeing.

  • A Dude

    Great observation seth. Let’s face it: whenever any man sees another dude with a chick, one is inclined to wonder what he did to get her. And I concur that 99% of the time the guy simply got lucky; that he was the fuck stick of the moment, and he is cock no. 5001.

  • awakened

    The dating scene in Murica is ridiculous.

    Man=devote hundreds of hours to the gym and hundreds more to diet just to get laid by non-disgusting woman

    woman=try not to let yourself get “too” fat while at the same time remaining unable to do one push up

    The man above still has to approach constantly and the woman above just sits and waits for thirsty dudes who are 7,8,9’s to approach her at her 5 or 6 level and buy her free food and drink and beg to fuck her.

    So yes, there are no shortcuts. Until men quit worshipping pussy and get their thirst under control this nonsense will get even worse.

    I was blessed with a naturally muscular body but I wonder if killing it in the gym for a year and getting a high 8 on lockdown is the best plan? I’m getting really sick and tired of the dating inequity and could stand some LTR downtime now that I am approaching 40.

    I guess my goal is to get a hottie 10-15 yrs younger than me on lockdown (LTR, possible marriage but no kids) and then only have sex with new girls that fall in my lap.

    I’m just fucking tired of fighting a losing battle in the USA dating culture.

  • anonymous

    I’m in my 20s and I’ve felt this way for years. I really don’t understand PUAs who grind it out for decades in the dating market. Talk about being suckers for punishment, good grief.

    The best plan for the good life is as you suggest. Have your reliable, go-to “maintenance” girl to keep the thirst away, and get some strange on the side whenever it falls into your lap somehow.

  • Jonathan Roseland

    The most effective gimmick or shortcut for getting laid is to live in a really pimp house or apartment close to the downtown nightlife district. Invite people over pre-drinks, invite people over to after party, your social circle will grow super fast… Other than just cold approaching a lot the highest leverage thing you can do to get laid.

  • Jonathan Roseland

    No. The correlation is based upon how popular she is and how ‘urban’ her social circle is… Urban guys are way more obnoxious about hitting on girls on social media, even a very average girl will get hundreds of likes on her photos if she has enough thirsty urban guys in her network.
    This is a great sign she’s going to be a waste of your time…

  • awakened

    That was nothing more than social circle college game.

    It was absolutely the easiest way I ever found to get laid.

    I’m not trying to degrade you but your “energy” didn’t have shit to do with you hooking up there. It was nothing more than a very high opportunity situation.

    Strong social circle approval, party, alcohol, single women present, college crowd…………….and you chalk this up to your “really happy and positive energy”? What got you laid was not having B.O. and being present.

    You were fishing in a small pond when all the conditions were perfect.

  • manmade

    Roosh, that’s what might well happen when a man gets married to an American girl

  • froning

    i ve just seen your video about give me complex. so here it is .shave your head and beard then appear on national tele

  • Nguyen Improved

    good stuff

  • HalfAsian

    No shortcut? What about prostitution?

    Most westerners immediately conjure up the image of chasing drug addicted skanks in American slums while avoiding law enforcement, all for an expensive but unsatisfactory quickie… but it’s not like that everywhere.

    There are still a few places in the world where pretty much anyone with a pulse can pay a nice girl to spend anything from an hour to several days with him, and it doesn’t cost all that much nor does it require picking up any significant skills beyond the ability to board an airplane.

    Sure, with the rise of the internet these places are becoming worse, and girls can be hit-and-miss, but they still exist, and you’re virtually guaranteed to stumble upon a good one within 2-5 days or so, if not earlier.

    Frankly, the only advantage that a one-night stand has over a good GFE (girlfriend experience) working girl from the Philippines or Thailand is the ego boost (from making the conquest and being sure she genuinely likes you). In terms of total cost, time, comfort, overall pleasure of human interaction, quality of sex, hotness of girls… prostitution wins outright (in the right place, of course).

  • anon1

    Not necessarily. Girls can fake a lot. For instance there is a girl in my office that has a bit of a cross eye thing going a 6 in looks and the most graining personality I have ever known. But if you look her up on Facebook she looks like a solid 8 hottie orbiters would jerk off over. Facebook is managed social camouflage that’s all it is. Covering ones deficiencies with careful use of shots.

  • anon1

    Great post which actually does well to explain capitalisms innate realistic take on life an social mechanisms. There is always a cost and opportunity cost of doing business. What happens is that people percieve certain things to be a cost and not others.

    So a guy going hard and heavy in the gym would see getting hit on by chicks as an ancillary benefit to his gym work (even though he likely went after the body first to get the chicks, the dopamine hit from working out makes it its own reward). He would not ‘percieve’ it to be a cost.

    Similarly with social circle and club game.

    But in the case of cold approaches its different. Why is that? Because of that all encompassing fear of rejection. The only immediate observable benefit of a cold approach is a bang or no bang, relationship or no relationship. Roosh i know there’s something to be said for the chase but if you had a girl who could change her appearance, name, voice, sexual style, scent and pussy at will to a different person every day would you be all that thirsty to cold approach? I don’t think you would.

    So while the ancillary benefits of cold approaching are numerous and not domain specific, the initial benefits are not perceived to be many.

    And that’s why a guy will happily spend time on his business, or in the gym, hitting a good social circle or getting leverage in the right clubs but will hesitate on that approach with a fresh faced young thing when their is no rapport established yet.

    Its all about perception of costs and benefits.

  • preppin

    Game cover over a multitude of “inadequacies.”

  • awakened

    I would like to hear your suggestions on spots.

  • awakened

    First off go back to school and learn how to write a coherent message. Your post looks like a teenagers text message.

    Next quit acting like a pussy. If you are getting dumped by 4 or 5’s that is your fucking problem. Why in the fuck are you in relationships with 4/5’s? Unless you are a real ugly fucker you should have 5’s cleaning your house and taking cooking classes to prepare you better meals.

    4’s and 5’s are for pump and dumps when you are desperate, they are rich, or you are letting them buy you things.

    I messed around with a busted 5 once because I knew she had money. She gave me an Omega watch for my birthday. I accepted the watch with ZERO guilt.

  • manmade

    I completely agree. When I pay a pretty girl and pay one fifth of money and especially time (which is worth more than money), and I walk out after a good cum with no fuss whatsoever, I myself think ‘why the hell wasting my time chasing some drunk wasted sluts in a bar?’ often I even find prostitutes who are quite likeable people, they respect you as someone who made a fair transaction, they are friendly and unless you do some stupid shit, they treat you well. Occasionally, there are the crazier ones, but here’s the thing: they are no different than any other crazier women. But I never just pay a girl, I always scan the web for reviews (yes you often find reviews). So really, who gives a shit? I have no time to chase a girl for 2 days to get her in the sac and then probably it’s over anyways. Even millionnaires and top actors turn to prostitution, people who say it’s for losers and all that stupid shit, don’t know what the hell they are talking about. I myself always shunned prostitutes, before I actually tried it and had good experiences. Some bad ones too, but nothing to worry about, the worst that happened is that I changed my mind, said I didn’t want to fuck her after all, got my money back and left. Women are OVERRATED, the truth is, you can buy some pussy as if you were buying any commodity.

  • manmade

    ah ah, seriously, what the hell? It’s like me going to a women’s blog, reading about how the last asshole you had sex with, treated you badly, and me writing ‘oooooh, I identify with you so much. good article’.

  • manmade

    really? wow then, you must be so adequate. Good job getting all that tail you’ve got, mr fucking perfect. If I were gay, I’d probably dream to mount you

  • preppin

    I am. You’re very perceptive.

  • Ruckus

    If you live in Socal it’s at most a 2 hour drive to TJ (adelita’s, chicago club, etc) and latina heaven.

  • manmade

    you are just an idiot who’s full of shit up his nose. A man who is a genuine achiever doesn’t see anything wrong with trying many ways to achieve a goal. Someone like Roosh is such a man, you aren’t shit, sorry

  • manmade

    not to mention, a genuine achiever doesn’t put other people down for going to the gym or raising their perceived status or value in such ways. People are free to do whatever they want until they harm no one. So, no, there’s no ‘inadequuacies’, asshole. As oppose as you, I pat someone on the back for going to the gym or doing anything worthwhile, but obviously snotties like you didn’t have to put their ass in gear to change their reality. You probably have the money or the looks and you feel entitled feeling like you are better than other people. Well, bad news, you can kiss my ass and everybody else’s here :)

  • manmade

    I can’t believe that anyone would say ‘I am’ (perfect). Here we are, trying to improve ourselves everyday . and some stupid delusional assholes tells me he’s perfect. Seriously, shut the stupid trap and get to the back of the row, you aren’t shit, if you are so good you still need to shut up, write a bunch of good books that indicates to other people how to possibly achieve this or that, and show us your amazing achievement that your ‘perfection’ allowed you to get. THEN you tell me you are perfect. That is, after I witness that for myself. Until then, shut up and don’t waste my time with mouthfuls of bullshit. Mr Perfect. LMAO

  • HalfAsian

    Here’s the full text of the e-books Bang Thailand and Bang Philippines, for free:

    “Show up.”

    You’re welcome. It’s only *slightly* more difficult for China, Indonesia or Vietnam. Haven’t tried Japan.

  • anonymous

    You sound like a fucking hysterical girl. Settle down.

  • Ian

    Depends what you want to do and where you want to go-

    South- Atlanta (lots of down bitches), Miami, New Orleans, Austin
    North/Mid West- NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis
    West- LA, San Fransico, Seattle

    Latin World- Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cordoba, Rio De Janeiro (If you got alot of $$$ and can handle the crime)

    Asia- Bangkok, Jakarta, Manilla, Osaka, Hong Kong

    Europe- Bucharest, Prague, Tallinn, Oslo, Reykajavik, Barcelona, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow, Riga, Minsk, Hamburg, Kiev, Odessa, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ostrava.

  • awakened


    I’ve spent some time there and unless one is into black women or is a gay man I’m perplexed by that suggestion.

    I’m curious about Atlanta though. It is close to me but I have never enjoyed or “connected” with ATL.

  • Ian

    I disagree-there are lots of nice white women-college cuties to cougars in Buckhead, Mid-Town, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, etc.

    Its one of the best towns in the World for black women-there;s some fine sistahs up in that bitch.

    The gay scenes not that huge and even if it was- who cares? It’s their life’s-not my business and it’s a waste of time to over-analyze the homo’s neighborhoods.

  • anon

    SF and Seattle suck for women. On the West Coast you have Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, LA, San Diego.

    The only other cities worth it in the West are Las Vegas, Boise, Scottsdale, Tempe, Boulder.

  • Ian

    Seattle (and Vancouver) are the best up in Pine Tree land but it does suck for men-grey skies, feminazis, but has food, wineries, rivers, nature, skiing, art, music-it could be worse aka Portland.

    Id take Sacramento over Boise-Boise sucks-small, country ass, and Mid-West lame vibe.

    I agree on the whole Phoenix metro area-very true.

    Santa Barbaras almost part of LA-its not far up there.

    Man Diego us full of Marines, bros, and Cross Fit Becky’s-ut’s ok-but like an Ed Hardy Frat Party.

    SFO is a place people either love or hate-there are worse places. Saulsalito, Point Reyes, Hayward-it could be much worse.

  • MajorStyles

    I did the foreign travel route, since I love my Latinas. I took a ton of flights, had lots of Spanish training, and learned a lot of ex-pat lessons. Finally ended up with a solid catch, which I’ve had for several years now. So true Roosh – there is no shortcut!

  • awakened

    Ok thank you. You have confirmed for me Atlanta sucks.

  • SpecialEd

    Roosh, where do you fall on the austism spectrum? Serious question. Honestly, if you spent less time over thinking things, maybe, just might get laid. You probably creep girls out with the whole asperger Turkish sex tourist approach. Try being normal for a change or get on meds.It would do you a world of good.
    My two cents…

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Agreed, When it comes to peddling BS a lot of PUA’s are their own best customer.
    The Bird of Paradise Theory or Effect is a term I use in reference to the USA dating scene.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Agreed, by this reasoning alone you would think women would be a bit more understanding. Women here in NYC will not even look at you unless you make 50-60000 a year
    I have seen dating profiles of women wanting 100000 year income requirement before they will date you…

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    I think you have that reversed at least here in NYC, cash rules.
    Your better off being wealthy and average looking vs. being good looking and poor. When I see an attractive women with a plain looking dude with zero game If bored I will follow them. Once I see what the Man drives usually answers that question… BMW’s and Mercedes are a dime o dozen here.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    These men should just find a Prostitute and $P4P and then they will get there 7-8-9. Before you start giving me the sermon, whether dating, Married or with a hooker you pay for the sex.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Maintenance plans are nice but what do you do when the Warranty Expires?

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Man up stop being such an entitled, conformist, prick.
    Do Drugs then you will meet a lot of willing women and have easy sex available.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    They all do, the East coast sucks less.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Not everyone should have children and maybe in case that’s a good thing also a book on English Grammar should be on your bucket list.

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Wow, silly of me, it’s that easy, Just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a nice house or high end apartment, thousands more on furniture not to mention food, liquor, and costs when guests trash my place. I guess I missed that lesson in school… Think about Jon, If you can throw money at problem you don’t need PUA.. If the Alpha next to brags about his game, just say Hey want to see my Jewelry collection?

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Agreed no real competition for the kitty.
    Real PUA’s don’t have friends only wingmen…

  • roxtoto

    Whatever happened to having passions for passion’s sake, socializing with people who share the same passion and landing the girl as a reward for having found your natural expression of power and blazing everyone in the room with it?
    Getting laid is not the objective there, only the indirect, unexpected reward of having gotten more manly and successful.

    Now where I agree with you is that if you don’t have game, i.e. if you don’t know how to keep frame during a LTR then you’ll end up being betafied by said girl.

    But really? Getting laid is THE objective, you think? You’re just a waving, traveling dick then?

  • Jonathan Roseland

    As I said “Other than just cold approaching a lot the highest leverage thing you can do to get laid.”

    Here’s my old place place, if you can afford it. Do it!

  • Dawson Stone

    Two issues here. First, there is a different IMO between Game and simply understanding human (women in particular) psychology and what makes them tick. I don’t really call my offline skills Game because I just think of it as my methods for getting a woman to lower her guard and get to know me. No one likes the pushy salesperson. I would argue if you worry less about getting over on a chick through manipulations and more about understanding what makes her tick and how to connect with her, you have a WAY higher chance of getting in her pants and keeping her around as long as you would like.

    Second, I couldn’t disagree more about how easy it is to find women here in the US. I date almost exclusively 18-24 yo and I am nearly 50. I am successful but no Bill Gates. I am reasonably attractive and fit but no George Clooney. If you choose the right method to meet women (online only) and have your shit together, you can meet and sleep with hundreds of young, beautiful women. I average 4-5 new women a month, none below a 7, rarely older than 24.

    The KEY is how things are setup from the beginning. If you allow a woman to dictate the power dynamic then you are screwed. It is all in the setup. I recently started seeing this 20 year old. Super intelligent and extremely attractive. Every man she has ever dated was wrapped around her finger. I simply don’t allow that. I set it up correctly from the start and I don’t allow her to backslide. She text me a winey message “You didn’t even ask about my day.” I responded, “We will discuss it tonight.” When we met last night I told her “Do we have an issue? What was that bullshit message about me not asking about your day?” She was really just testing her boundaries and you simply cannot allow it. She apologized and asked me how she could make it up to me. :)

    Take control. DEMAND control. Accept no bad behavior EVER.

  • Guest

    There is a shortcut known to smart and sane men, and it is called prostitution.

    PUA Pussy Pedestalizers may find it a foreign concept though. They’d rather move halfway across the world than drive halfway across town. Lolz.

  • Guest

    So, sacrifice your life making yourself attractive to women so you can pick up skanks and delusionals online.

    Can I give you $10 grand to teach me? Please?

  • Michael Meehan

    Good article. I don’t “game” much, but i spend a lot of time in the gym and i have a pretty good job. There is no such thing as “easy sex” for a man.