There Will Be No Bang Croatia

But there was a thorough breakdown. Check out these posts I wrote on Return Of Kings:

Croatian girls in a nutshell: pretty and thin but increasingly require American-style game.

If you haven’t been to ROK in a minute, here are some posts you may have missed:

ROK has surpassed this site in page views for January (just over 1 million). The magazine-style layout makes that feat easier, but it’s still a nice accomplishment. Stay on top of ROK posts by following its Twitter feed.

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  • Sparks

    Where would you put it on your overall Europe rankings?

    [Roosh: Yeah a ranking post is long overdo.]

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Croatia lacks the individuality to warrant a bang guide?

    Or is the thrill just gone

    [Roosh: ]

  • Ninja man

    Will Asia ever be covered? Thinking Japan, Thailand, South Korea etc? Or are the women there not quite your type? Just thinking it would be a great way to round off all the work you have so far done… Plus if you felt like it again, you’d sell shit loads of e-books!

  • garth

    So will you be abandoning this blog or shutting it down?

  • Lex

    It’s surprising you went to Zagreb Roosh, it has the reputation as probably the most boring capital in Europe.

  • Ben

    Have you thought of putting together a book of just data sheets?

  • PussyHoundontheDole

    American style Game? You mean washington DC style game. The game required in Washington DC is not the same that is required in Austin or NYC. You’ve spent way too much time in Wash DC and way too little in other parts of the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    How about Bang Uzbekistan? Check out this pic of the Uzbek dictator’s daughter:

  • madmax

    yeah fuck them, girls requiring American-style game mean only one thing: they are mindless, shallow, fickle and immature. Honestly, can’t stand women like these anymore, I feel stupid just wasting my time around them.

    And I am not at all badmouthing ‘American-style game’, since it’s certainly no fault of men if they had to come up with this style to get their dick fatter.

    The only regrettable thing is that I won’t read your interesting guide.