There’s A Limit To How Much Game Work A Man Can Do

Built into every man is a maximum number of approaches he can do on women. Once past that number, each approach becomes a chore instead of being fun and experimental like before, meaning that there is a specific time period in us all when we’re willing to fully dedicate ourselves to game progress. After that, the reward will be smaller and it will be difficult to harness the motivation and energy of the past.

I remember when I used to do approaches just for the fun of it. If my friends were around, or I was bored, I would chat up a girl to see what would happen. Sex was on my mind, surely, but sometimes I’d play the game for the sake of game, to see what type of responses I would get and even to try to get action on purposefully bad openers to challenge myself. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t approach unless I only want to get laid, and I’m far more selective about the girls I go after.

Your game career will be comprised of three broad stages: rise, plateau, and fall. The rise comes upon first discovering game and includes countless approaches and mini experiments you undertake to learn how to get laid. The plateau arrives when you’re receiving consistent success and are more or less satisfied with your results. The fall comes many years after, where you game begins to atrophy because you’re simply too lazy to experiment. You only want the sex reward instead of the conquest reward and no longer see the game as fun. Many players retire at this stage and get a wife, though some dedicated men may continue to optimize their game to maintain high results.

The best analogy I can give to this phenomenon is the monthly bandwidth on your cell phone. Once you run out of 3G speed for the month after surpassing your bandwidth allotment, your network kicks you down to 2G speed. That 2G speed is still functional and gets the job done, but it’s painfully slower, causing you to use the internet less because you know your speed isn’t as fast. Right now I’m spitting 2G game. I only approach when I’m horny and I limit trying new things from what I already know works. I find it impossible to put in more approaches or more work than before and must be heavy in the balls before I do serious game work. I’ll only experiment if my sex life is threatened.

This suggests that we only have so much game in us until it stops being a lifestyle and becomes more of a tool to satisfy a need. In the past I would have sex with a girl for a notch or flag or even to write the story, but now I do it just to sate a biological necessity. The fun component is gone because repetition has made it difficult to see talking to girl number 4,503 as somehow more novel or interesting than the girls before it. The conquest component of sex is not completely gone, but my most recent score couldn’t compare with conquest number 5 back in 2002. The huge amount of experience you need to be good in the game is what eventually numbs you to its application, suggesting that if our goal of game is to find a life partner, you may want to lock her down or take an extended break before your game slips down to 2G bandwidth.

I write this not to discourage you from the game, but so you appreciate the game you’re applying today, because at some point in the future you will not be able to gather as much energy to do it. Of course you will still have to use game, because every modern man needs to if he wants to get laid, but it will be less romantic, hopeful, elegant, and energetic. It will be just a thing you do to accomplish a specific goal, just like how a screwdriver’s goal is to put screws into the wall. I had my time with game, something that has brought great value to my life, but now when I want to get laid, I simply open my toolbox to retrieve the tool I need for the job at hand, and no more.

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