There’s No Fleeting Pleasure Like Sexual Pleasure

She was one of the prettier girls I’ve slept with. Full lips, sparkling green eyes, long black hair, petite frame, elegant hands, round butt. I got her in bed for the first time the very day she was set to leave town for two weeks. There is no way the sex could have been more pleasurable for me. Her beauty was close to the ceiling of what is genetically possible based on my specific type. We spent several hours in bed until she left to catch her train.

Afterwards I wanted to dance and skip in my apartment at such a glorious conquest. What a confidence boost to make sex with such a beautiful girl! I re-lived the memory for the remainder of the day to achieve firm boners even after such a marathon sexual encounter. The next day I thought of her some more, but the boners were less firm and faster to fade. By the third day, she popped into my head maybe twice. The pleasure was turning into a memory that could not match even 1% of what I felt at the moment I was thrusting into her. By day four, I was no happier than I was before I met her. My confidence and standards were boosted, perhaps, and I had additional knowledge on how to lay a girl of her caliber, but overall I felt like the same man, better off only by a degree that I could not measure.

The problem with sexual pleasure is that it only lasts while you are having sex. The minute you stop having sex is the minute you are wanting again. Having tons of notches does nothing to give you immunity to this dissatisfaction, because those previous notches don’t stroke your dick in the present. They help nurture boners and no more. This depresses me. It depresses me because no matter how much sexual success I have, there will be the inevitable periods when I’m not getting laid and feel nearly the same as when I was hunting for my very first notch. It’s true that I’m better prepared now to get laid than 13 years ago, but I still experience frustrations, challenges, and disappointments to get the dream girl I want today than just to get laid at all in the past, all for pleasure that will end as soon as she walks out my door, with no guarantee that she will return.

Maybe it’s silly to do this. Maybe it’s absurd to spend so much time of my life chasing sexual pleasure, but I have no choice. If I haven’t been laid in some time, something inside me demands I work less on my own pursuits and restructure my days and nights to approach women and get them into bed as quickly as I can. I admit that I can’t live long without sex. This is the kink in the man’s armor, and I almost envy those who can go long periods without it, to ignore the biological drive their ancestors had.

For as long as I live, I will continue to devote a big part of my life to chase the fleeting pleasures of the flesh, because I know that I will find life less bearable otherwise. It has been eight days since I’ve been laid. I’m getting a little anxious and will now seek out a girl to give me service. I will persist as long as it takes to have sex once again.

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  • captain america

    you’re a sad, sad man. then again, so are most of us, most of the time.

  • Rafael L. Smith

    dis y jeseus inventad hookers

  • Sean Tessier

    Of course it’s a fleeting pleasure, but the pleasures that only exist in reflection, (things built and done) are not totally satisfactory either. You have to have both.

  • The Ronin

    Ah well, many Players run into their own wall in their 30’s, the Wall being the realization that there will never be “The One”. This is why in past cultures successful men had multiple wives/harems, the hard work of building of a family Dynasty balanced by plenty of poon to keep their T levels up…

  • My name

    Replace sexual pleasure with a filled belly.

  • Jonny_Paycheck

    Or as Kristofferson wrote

    “I’ll keep living till the day I die
    As long as I can get it up for one more try
    Getting by,Getting high and Strange,gonna get some Strange(pussy)”

    Getting By,High and Strange ,Borderlord album 1973

  • Evan

    “I felt like the same man, better off only by a degree that I could not measure”

    couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Nomad77

    There is something that last a lot longer than sex and that something is love. There is a huge difference between getting sex from a woman and getting love from her. Just like you I can never remember the sex but I can never forget the love.

  • Jack

    You’re a silly person.

  • prepped

    Sex is like food.

    You eat because you’re hungry. You enjoye it most when you’re starving. I can’t tell you what I ate last week, but I’m sure I enjoyed it. Of course, some meals stood out — a bacon wrapped fillet for example with sauteed mushrooms.

    It’s not something I eat all the time, and since I just enjoyed one, I don’t salivate as much over the thought of another one. I’d dare say I could go some time without even wanting another bacon wrapped filed. However, the idea of cheap pizza today…… well, that’s always good to fill my belly when I’m feeling peckish.

    Now, to the contrary, sex isn’t like food. You need food to live. But I’d argue, “Does a man live without sex?” Yeah, maybe he doesn’t die in a physical sense, but how about emotionally, spiritually, socially? If anything, without sex he’s sure hungry for something, and he’ll seek out something just as powerful, perhaps powerfully destructive, to feed the hunger.

    Marriage = same meal every night, only eating when SHE’s hungry and has made dinner. Single PUA = variety, eat when I’m hungry, enjoing the hunt for the next meal, and appreciating every meal more. It keeps me fit, lean and alert having to continually search for my next meal.

  • Guest

    And be obese. Lol please.

  • Eli

    A live-in sexual servant makes a lot of sense. The productivity and gains that can be had by not having to always track down sex, are enormous.

  • G

    I have much less of a drive but I devote more time to conquests now (maybe spring?). Sometimes I wish i had more drive but I am Content.

  • event horizon

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as ahem… ‘love’ . Esther Vilar in her book Manipulation Man (1971) stated this. The current state of affairs we live in the form of smart phones, social media is revealing women’s true attitudes about men. It’s all an act. Any man who believes in love is a jackass.

  • Kate

    “to get the dream girl I want today” My word, jail has changed you!

    Someone get this man a Snickers!

  • Eli

    Do you take the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of these countries you visit? You were negative on Argentina and Chile, but both are among the most most physically beautiful countries on Earth…If you went to Argentina and only went to BA and Cordoba, that’s a waste. Would be a shame not to take advantage of the mountains, skiing, lakes, patagonia, Salta, Ushaia, etc, etc. Being a prisoner to women and pussy and anti-feminism may cause you to miss some of the best parts of travel…

  • Nik

    Best options would be having a rotation of 2-3 quality girls and creeping around for novelties and/or replacements… It is a bit expensive and sometimes complicated but I think it quite solves the problem of getting laid everyday. When I am with some hot girl having sex till I am tired of it, it doesn’t matter if she’s the same one, as long she’s not ALWAYS the same one. I am no big player AT ALL, but I think is possible to have 2 or 3 (as a very maximum) kind-of-stable relationships + occasional and possibly frequent extras if you play your cards right. It is in WOMEN NATURE to accept poligamous (alpha) men as long as they have the sexual spark and are able to provide for all of them.
    I got laid with relatively few women in my life but I never sexually starved and still got some decent variety due to this mindset. I guess If I was a huge international player that’s where I would be headed anyway in the middle of my thirties after banging hundreds of girls around the world.
    You are going to need some money (but not that much really!) but the most important stuff is “management” and kind-of-bullshitting (they want you to lie!) skills and maybe a bit of an international lifestyle and worklife, like you travel for work and cannot be always home… that specific home at least!
    What I luckily managed to do is, basically to freely go out and travel too, trying to get laid with extras, and have one or two fixed quality ones at home (different homes or different times of course!) to get laid if I end up empty handed (which sadly happens often in my case, because I am not that great player or good looker, but in this case who cares!).
    My personal specific situation is quite complex, but the bottomline is: building a very small harem and settling AROUND a place (but not just IN a single one) protects you from sexual hunger, and you can still play around, just need to find the right girls that are maybe ready to close one or both their eyes and let you do your shit… (Russia and Ukraine are the best countries for this!)
    Also, but this is my personal opinion, ONSs suck. I mean, is always great to bed a girl you just met, but if she can give you a good boner also when u are sober, then the best stuff sexually speaking generally is coming later on (the 4th-5th fuck), is a fucking waste of resources to concentrate on other stuff if you have smth very good and that gives u a premium boner going on… bitches are flaky, but some are not, and some even kind of “fall in love” with the motherfucker! I’d start building my “little harem” again on those ones if I had to… just my take…

  • Tom Dane

    Theres no point to nature if the country containing that nature is not pussy paradise.

  • Jim

    The Roosh V-
    Do yo think the high anxiety levels of today’s society are from sexual deprivation on some level?

  • 5327171432

    To all posters and Roosh-
    So more and more notches don’t boost your ego/self esteem/etc that much?

    Is it like Paretos law if you had 200 career notches you and the guy who has 40 are about the same confidence/ego wise?

    Didn’t Roosh say after 25 notches in America it doesn’t really matter anymore due to the lower caliber of women?

  • jack

    “Kink in a man’s armor.”

    its “chink” in a mans armor… but that is an awesome slip!! : )

  • Romeo_is_real

    Sometimes I think sexual pleasure is akin to the pleasure of relieving an all consuming Itch.

  • Tokyo Teddy

    You don’t love your mother? Your siblings? Christ your fucking dog? I know you are keyboard “alpha” who has never had a relationship… but use your head.

    I personally am still single and god help me I am a womanizer. I also am indeed a little jaded as well, but I would like to say from where I am standing, you are the jackass. If you don’t love family, friends, girlfriend, children, I pity you.

  • guest

    Do you guys even realize what subhumans women truly are? I’ve spoken to 100s of women and I have logically explained to them WHY women are inferior to men, using great amounts of evidence and logic, and not even A SINGLE ONE OF THEM accepted the truth. This is simply amazing and it literally proves the point- women, 100 fucking percent of them, are INCAPABLE of accepting the fact that they are subhumans and are vastly inferior to men.

    The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it’s base animal instincts..

  • TheAcademic

    quote:”If you don’t love family, friends, girlfriend, children, I pity you.”

    Man, you’re a dope.

  • TheAcademic

    quote:”Theres no point to nature if the country containing that nature is not pussy paradise.”

    There is indeed more to a geographic locale than mountains and streams.

  • Big Gary

    Hurry up and become a Buddhist, dude. You can’t quench desire with more desire. Just realise this.

  • johnathan blaze

    The problem is that your entire livelihood is tied up in the practice of seducing women. So it is natural that you will always have this on your mind.

    If you want to change, you will have to pursue some other business that will occupy your thoughts and efforts.

  • JJ Roberts

    Esther was wrong.

    Just because you don’t know what love is and/or are not capable of it, it does not mean it does not exist.

  • Roosh_V

    Not at all. It’s more due to comfort and luxury.

  • PrePPeD

    [Love]… No, it is a word. What matters is the connection the world implies.
    Ramma-Kandra, Matrix Revolutions

    If you think the standard grain-fed, westernized femminazi can disconnect from her princess delusions, whorish nature, feminist philosophy, need for attention, her intuition, hamster rationalizations, worthless spirituality, shopping addition, slothful nature, assorted paranoien and neuroses long enough to put down the case of chocolate chip cookies, iPhone and bottle of Chardonnay so she can connect with you, then you Sir may be able to find LOVE in this world.

    What I’ve discovered is LOVE is the word women use to mask these problems, cover over the multitude of sins, and grant her license to be who she is and do whatever she wants without blame or consequence. It also creates an obligation for the man “in love” to forgive and forget her words and deeds.

    Now when it comes to L.O.V.E, this is what works better for me…
    Legs Open Very Easily

  • event horizon

    Prove that she wasn’t. You sound like you don’t want to come out of your perfect blue pill world.

  • JJ Roberts

    Strange thing to say to the author of a red pill book.

  • Lu

    There is a big elephant in the room that is not being addressed by PUA community. As PUA community aims to increase profits through book and event sales, and website traffic, they keep their audience in dark regarding a very serious matter involved in a lifestyle they promote. That matter is STDs. I don’t see STDs discussed with honest brutality anywhere on this website. The truth if the matter is that STDs are a nature’s way to keep human behavior in check. Fornicating with numerous individuals puts people in danger of acquiring deadly diseases with long term consequences including infertility, cancer, and death. Once people acquire an STD life’s joy goes out of the window. Some STDs are “silent” and take years to take full effect. One of them is HPV. 1 in 3 adults has an HPV. While HPV strains that cause cervical cancer are undetectable in men and often do not cause any problems in men, they are deadly for women, who go on to develop cervical cancer. Many times women end up with a cervical cancer stage IV and it is already too late to save their life. PUA who decides to “settle” at the age of 40 with a good woman is most often a carrier of HPV strains 16,18, and 30 and gives a woman an HPV that kills her. Similarly, men who preform lots of of oral sex can acquire throat cancers (think Michael Douglas). People who engage in anal sex end up with painful and horrific rectal cancers. A man (or a woman) who lives promiscuous life puts himself and others in danger, thus robbing other people of their future health. While sites like this heavily promote promiscuity as something to live for, readers should be urged to rationally rethink this approach and consider benefits of monogamy. Emotionally and physically healthy lives can be achieved in long-term mutually beneficial and respectful relationships between adults.

  • GrandioseShizar

    Today something happened, I ate about 10 oranges, and took the biggest shit, it felt better than any woman ever did.

  • Jim

    I read in indigenous society’s there’s hardly any depression or anxiety. The documentary said 4 hours of physical labor a day cured that. I agree.
    What about the lack of love in the dating World- women shouldn’t be iPhone clones of each other and we should love and respect them and ourselves- both sexes are against each other because of the devils agents the Illuminati who invented feminism and all these other negative ideologies that divide our souls from each other. We need unity- that’s what I preach- men and women were created to be harmonious and all this discord among us is not the way it was meant to be.

  • event horizon

    So now you want to use this posting forum to promote your book(s)? Fat chance.

  • Malibu or Newport Beach?

    A study from the University of TX said that happily married people live 5 years longer. People who have pets add 2 years- uncluttered house 2 years- being happy adds 5 years- a room with an ocean view add 8 years. Marriage is better- my social skills are poor that’s why I read game it’s not to mess with every girl in my zip code- hats gross- I just need real love- not having it is the worse- youre right stds are vicious.

  • LBC

    Are white women superior in DNA or is the difference in races of women just like paint colors on a new car- not relevant???

    Are racial features due more to how geography affected the human body???
    It just seems to me the calm, dispassionate, cool, analytical blind hair blue eyed people always win- they have calmer homes- and just seem to be lucky. Thoughts???

  • JJ Roberts

    No, just to highlight your idiocy. If I wanted to promote a book I might have mentioned the title or left a link to it.

  • thinkaboutit

    i think you’re starting to realize that there’s more to life that just chasing tail. bro, nsa sex is amazing, but it’s not next level fuckin amazing. you gotta find somebody who u can bone and also connect with. the fact of the matter is that a lot of guys (including me) are short-sighted. we just wanna bone chicks whenever we get horny. the problem with that is it’s perpetual self-fuckery that is actually doing you a huge disservice. this brings up the questions: what is “love” and what does truly connecting with a chick on a deep level look like? these are q’s u gotta figure out for urself. i have my own convictions about the topic that i believe to be the truth, but i’d rather keep them to myself.

  • event horizon

    You’ ve done nothing except avoid the original conversation.

  • EricTheSorcerer

    Please go preach your “love” somewhere else. Love is for women. Not men. Unless you have a feminized brain, i suggest you man up and stop spreading your relationship estrogen propaganda, men and women have NOTHING in common. If you had a large penis , perhaps you would be flying around the world showing it off to the local women as well. I’m sorry that you need the beta emotion “LOVE” to fulfill you. Thanks. Find something else to LOVE, a hobby that will stay with you forever, not a fleeting woman. Thanks.

  • Lu

    Sir, you are so correct in your second paragraph. Sites like this drive artificial division in between men and women, thus destroying the nuclear family in a subtle way, by turning men into players. The other side of the same coin, which is feminism. The society has bee subverted and both feminism and PUA community are glaring evidence of it.

  • Lundberg

    Feminism is what women, as collective, want.

    When you ascribing the blame for womens’ realpolitik to fantastical third parties like the devil or the illuminati or, even more strangely, to malevolent small cap companies, you are white knighting. Hardcore.

    For all the caterwauling about “where have all the good men gone,” this is what they want. Five minutes of alpha pumping trumps fifty years of beta “love.”

  • Lundberg

    Oops: “When you assign…”

  • Lundberg

    “Emotionally and physically healthy lives can be achieved in long-term
    mutually beneficial and respectful relationships between adults.”

    Do you even bang?

  • Impartial Observer

    Hmm, are you for real, guest?

  • RlTruth

    Well, bacterial CULTURE, just like a societies CULTURE influences the outcome of a specimen, That and genetics which are determined by adaptations. But science is in a very early stage and we really do not know shit about fuck all yet.

  • james

    …so you are saying that an ocean view beats a good wife? ill take the ocean view then.

    also keep in mind… “happily” married, which a majority of marriages are not in the long run. also “being happy” gives the same benefit… coincadence? i think not.

  • Cecilia

    Roosh: maybe you should read some Augustine or maybe Bernard of Clairvaux? The evolvement of your thoughts and feelings seem similar to theirs. But then, being well-read, you probably already have. Wish you strength with your crisis.

  • TheAcademic

    And I also notice too how “JJ” is giving everyone radio silence when asked to prove love exists…. pretty telling.

  • Andy

    Really? So oxytocin doesn’t exist? Get the hell out of here. You sound like a bitter old man bro. If being in love with a girl makes be a “beta”, so be it.

  • tim

    There’s a hole in your heart for a quality loving (Brazilian) wife. You just need to realize that.

  • you suck

    maybe if you date someone they’ll fuck you again retard

  • huh

    look up helen fisher. there’s plenty of scientific evidence that romantic love is indeed based in our biology.

  • sick of this

    Bull. I am very much in love with my husband. Just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You people are sad.

  • sick of this

    Has it ever occurred to any of you that the reason you all don’t find the one IS BECAUSE YOU PLAY THE STUPID GAME

  • Duke Fearless

    If men did not have the constant burn to seed women, the species would probably have died out.