The Thirty-Five Maneuver

You got no girls, no prospects, and absolutely nothing on the horizon that would hint towards future sex. You’d kill for just a measly date to get the ball rolling again. In that case I recommend the Thirty-Five Maneuver, which I’ve had to pull out in foreign cities. It’s an intense burst of activity that can help turn the tide.

The maneuver begins on a Thursday. After you wake up go on an internet dating site and message ten girls. If you’re in Latin America then Badoo is a good place to try since it’s free.

Then go out on Thursday and do five approaches, either day or night.

Go out on Friday and do ten approaches, either day or night.

Go out on Saturday and do ten approaches, either day or night.

The approaches only count if there is at least some interaction (if she ignores you or tells you to fuck off then it doesn’t). I guarantee you that by Monday night you’ll at the minimum have a couple phone numbers and a date planned. With fresh prospects you can now build some momentum going into the next weekend.

What I like about this maneuver is that it isn’t sustained—give just give one incredible burst of pickup energy and then sit back for a while. It makes sure to take advantage of the weekend where more girls are going to be out, either shopping or drinking.

The downside is that finding girls could be difficult depending on where you are. You may have to dedicate a few hours each day just to hit your quota. Put other things on the back burner while you execute the maneuver because it must have utmost importance in your life at that time. Keep in mind that most men of the world don’t even approach 25+ girls in their life, so what you’re undertaking will take quite a bit of lifeblood.

I like to bust out the Thirty Five Maneuver when I’m in a new city and want to make something happen quickly. I don’t always have time to take it cool and that’s why I think this move will be well-suited for guys who are on the road. While I don’t like to do the manuever becomes of its inelegance and labor intensity, it has not once failed me.

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