The Thirty-Five Maneuver

You got no girls, no prospects, and absolutely nothing on the horizon that would hint towards future sex. You’d kill for just a measly date to get the ball rolling again. In that case I recommend the Thirty-Five Maneuver, which I’ve had to pull out in foreign cities. It’s an intense burst of activity that can help turn the tide.

The maneuver begins on a Thursday. After you wake up go on an internet dating site and message ten girls. If you’re in Latin America then Badoo is a good place to try since it’s free.

Then go out on Thursday and do five approaches, either day or night.

Go out on Friday and do ten approaches, either day or night.

Go out on Saturday and do ten approaches, either day or night.

The approaches only count if there is at least some interaction (if she ignores you or tells you to fuck off then it doesn’t). I guarantee you that by Monday night you’ll at the minimum have a couple phone numbers and a date planned. With fresh prospects you can now build some momentum going into the next weekend.

What I like about this maneuver is that it isn’t sustained—give just give one incredible burst of pickup energy and then sit back for a while. It makes sure to take advantage of the weekend where more girls are going to be out, either shopping or drinking.

The downside is that finding girls could be difficult depending on where you are. You may have to dedicate a few hours each day just to hit your quota. Put other things on the back burner while you execute the maneuver because it must have utmost importance in your life at that time. Keep in mind that most men of the world don’t even approach 25+ girls in their life, so what you’re undertaking will take quite a bit of lifeblood.

I like to bust out the Thirty Five Maneuver when I’m in a new city and want to make something happen quickly. I don’t always have time to take it cool and that’s why I think this move will be well-suited for guys who are on the road. While I don’t like to do the manuever becomes of its inelegance and labor intensity, it has not once failed me.

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  • Matt Savage

    So you’re basically front-loading all your work early on, kind of like in high-school when you came home on a Friday and got all your homework completed right away, then you could have the rest of the weekend to party.

    Matt Savage’s last blog post: The Older Male Virgin Bloggers.

  • The Rookie

    I like how you say an approach doesn’t count if they blow you off. That’s a good look. Gonna start early tonight!

  • Giovonny

    This is what it takes. There are no short cuts to success. I will probably get 1000 approaches this year. Thats only 3 a day.

  • Crazy Cuban

    “The Thirty-Five Maneuver” Good one! Now I have a name for getting out of the shell. One thing I couldn’t agree more with, is the more you approach the more your bound to get laid. It’s all a numbers game, and pushing oneself out of the comfort-zone…

  • Roosh

    One more thing I wanted to add: while there is something to be gained from “not wanting it,” there is more gained from working hard.

    Completely unrelated: if you visit the blog from your web browser but the mobile version incorrectly comes up, can you let me know? I think it’s happening in the early morning.

  • John

    Yeah the site gets messed up for me occasionaly.

  • The G Manifesto

    I like this approach, the internet part is a little too “new technology” for me, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Another version of this is to dress super sharp, feel good, Enter the Dragon then drink about 35 drinks.

    I am sure you will wake up with a girl and a grip of numbers as well.

    Quality may vary.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Sharp, Urban, and International.

  • Rake

    I visit the blog using my Android G1 and it usually defaults to the mobile experience, which sucks because the Android browser won’t let me magnify the screen when the page is rendering in the mobile shell. Same thing happens at Roissy or any wordpress blog.

    Rake’s last blog post: What I’m Listening To.

  • FARC

    Jeez, I’m always shocked at the amount of effort and time. Hitting a meaningful ten quota in a day would be more work than a full time job.

  • schwanson

    I wonder why you posted this on a Friday.

  • Papillon


  • DefGuy

    It’s just a number game, might as well get the best odds.

  • Lika

    Great ideas!

    >if you visit the blog from your web browser but the mobile version incorrectly comes up, can you let me know?

    Yes, I tried to check it out an hour ago from my iphone and it didn’t work.

    It’s working on my laptop

  • just another one

    A good post! I like how you approach the issue like a gym plan (“300 training: 50 reps of this, 50 of this..”) with the approaches. Definately a good tactic for a new city.

  • Willy Wonka

    I like it.
    I’m doing this next weekend for sure.

    It does get tiring trying to go out and meet girls all the time – like you said this is nice, because it’s not sustained – it’s one weekend of working your ass off, and if all goes well, you could be reaping the benefits of your hard work for a few weeks or so.


    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Time To Say Fuck It, and Man Up..

  • Lika

    Today, I sent 10 messages on Badoo then I went out to a mall. I approached a girl HB8 who didn’t want to talk much. Then had a date with an HB7 physiotherapist. I’m not interested but nice massage.
    I then approached an HB8.5 and had a drink with her. I see her later tonight for dinner and avatar in 3d :-)

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  • shotgun

    Thanks for this. I’m back home after spending one month abroad, so I’m going to have to pull the 35-maneuver starting tomorrow night.