This Is My City

I’ve lived outside of America for a little over four years now (52 months to be exact), with no real purpose except to have sex with women and enjoy life. As my travels progressed, I became more confused instead of less on what type of city I eventually want to settle in. Only lately has the picture become clearer to me, and this happened not only by living in different types of cities and trying different languages, but by putting myself in different situations, just to see how my organism would react. Finally, at the age of 34, I have a firm grasp of the city I want. It should contain these seven qualities:

1. Medium-sized with a dense urban core and a population between 0.75 – 1.5 million people.

It should be walkable enough that I should rarely have to take a taxi or public transportation, but large enough to have a variety of cafe, nightlife, and female options.

2. A majority population that is conversational in English.

I have been the first to learn a country’s language, and while I appreciate the intellectual rewards from it, I prefer it as a side hobby than a daily requirement. I want to primarily speak in English with the women I fornicate with.

3. A comfortable apartment.

I don’t want rugged lodgings. I must have a desk, comfortable work chair, couch, coffee table, and television with an HDMI connection to my laptop for movie viewing. I spend a lot time at home so it it must be a place I look forward to relaxing in.

4. Nightlife with at least one ladies night a week.

Nightlife is becoming less important to me, but at least once a week I want to enter a club where the ratio is at least three girls for every guy. Anything less and I can’t be bothered unless ravenously horny.

5. Ability to get a one-night stand once every four times going out.

I don’t mind dating, but there has to be a good chance of the ONS. If I wake up horny as hell, I want to know I can get laid that night from a fresh prospect who had no idea she was about to get railed by a hirsute man.

6. Presence of possible wingmen.

I have a better time in cities where I hang out with other Westerners, not just to hunt women but to have philosophical discussions about life. I have found it close to impossible to make European friends due to huge ideological and cultural differences, so the city should have a handful of Western expats that I can connect with.

7. White girls with big butts.

While I don’t mind dating Latinas, my preference is for girls who have skin equal or lighter in color than mine. For whatever reason, my boner responds strongly to them.

There are two factors which are decreasing in importance for me:

1. Easiness right out of the box.

I don’t need for girls to approach me or think I’m the ideal man. It’s okay if it takes me some time to get the oven pre-heated and find a decent girl or two that I can spend time with.

2. Potential for deep connection.

For the longest time I thought that my journeys were training me to find “the one,” a girl who I would keep forever, but I stumbled upon her two (maybe three) times and let them all go. I’ve had to accept that I’m an anomaly in not wanting a serious relationship with a great girl. Instead, I want mini-relationships of two months in length with feminine women. They are to be given back to the dating pool if I become bored. Therefore, I don’t need perfect emotional compatibility or women who are trained to be excellent wives and homemakers. I want them to merely look nice, laugh at my jokes, and pleasure me in bed.

There are four countries I’ve been to which would please me most: Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, and Lithuania. I experienced great pleasures in South America and Estonia, but besides some brief future travel in random places of the world, I think I know where I will eventually settle.

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