Thoughts On Ejaculating Inside A Girl

Here’s what I wrote in Bang

…make sure you never ejaculate inside her, even if she is on the pill. Not only is the pill not 100% effective, no girl is perfect with taking it every day. Because you don’t want your player career to end prematurely with a newborn, don’t ejaculate inside a girl unless you accept the chance of having a baby with her.

I wrote that when I had a good job and a girl wouldn’t mind having my baby since I had the means to support it, but boy have times have changed. There is a new exception to my previous ejaculation rule…

The poorer you are compared to her, the safer it is to ejaculate inside her.

The reason is obvious: she does not want to have the baby from some deadbeat who can’t even buy diapers. While I don’t remember the last time I ejaculated inside a girl, if I got into a relationship with a lawyer you better believe that I’m busting inside her every night. “Cool keep the baby if you want. Hey can I borrow two bucks to take the bus back to my Dad’s basement?”

But let’s say she’s a Polish au pair in America for a short amount of time. Absolutely no creampies for her even if her tubes are tied. While I’m poor by most standards, to a Polish au pair I’m middle class and having my baby would mean a potential green card if I marry her. The incentives for her are just too great to keep the baby and the last thing in life I need right now is a little Rooshy running around.

Ejaculation safe professions: Lawyer, engineer, publicist, human resources manager, government worker above GS-10, model/actress, doctor, urban planner

Ejaculation unsafe professions: Teacher, retail clerk, artist, writer, barista, bus driver, storekeeper, librarian, secretary, social worker

Sometimes you can tell just by looking at the girl…





It’s ironic that the more likely a woman can support a baby on her own the safer it is to spread your potent seed inside her. I think we can blame thank feminism for that.

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