Thoughts On Game

I share why game is still critically important…

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  • Tampa

    Looks like you have lost some weight. Maybe it’s that eastern euro cooking..

  • Anonymous
  • Joe Dick

    the real question is: if you have this knowledge and you aren’t applying it, then why not? What is the reason? Is it FEAR ?

    Obviously saying that ‘sex is an extension of masturbation’ is just stupid, it’s like someone who’s alone says ‘well, having a family is just an extension of having a pet’.

    I do believe sex is overrated, as are women. Yet I am an horny pig just like most guys (and women) here. I wake up every morning with an hard wood even though the day before I had cum 3 times.

    And I regret to say that I now can’t use my game knowledge because I have other, more important things to deal with.

    Too fucking bad, because I know I gave a very good shot at game, and I approached women like a madman for about 3 weeks. I meant business. I went out alone almost every afternoon approaching women on the streets. In my case, it’s not FEAR the reason why I am not using my knowledge now. But all the guys who wait to learn ‘something more’, and they CAN go out and approach and they are not doing it, well,you guys are fooling yourself. You are scared of failure. You aren’t even at stage zero. What the fuck, at least I got past stage 1 with flying colours. From my approaches I learned not to give a crap about what the woman thought about me. And I am proud of that, to me it went even beyond trying to get into a girl’s pants, as horny as I have always been, I still believe women are overrated.

    So if to you ‘learning more’ is an excuse not to confront your fear, you are just mindfucking yourself, and you might as well become an eunuch.

    Knowledge is empowering, but if you aren’t using it in the real world, you are just playing hide and seek with yourself. You aren’t confronting your fears and yes, you are a pussy.

  • JK


    Have you ever integrated neuron linguistic programming elements into your game teaching ? Richard Bandler created it and people like Ross Jeffries (Pua) and Tony Robbins use it for marketing their self-help goods.

    Regarding your thougts on teaching game as long as you have as a metaphor there was nothing more in the World I loved than playing heavy metal/hard rock guitar. But I’ve been playing for over 15 years now and many things at this point bore me. I can be around a teen age rock fan they hear me play and are like oh shit dude you’re awesome but for me I don’t get
    Much joy out of it does give me joy when people vibe with my playing but at the same time I get bored with the monotony of rock guitar. I think we all need variety in life and get frustrated by others ignorance/naivete.

    I would be frustrated dealing with continual ignorance but at the same time it’s cool to touch people on some level with your creativity.

    I think one of the best things you teach is to get off your ass and go take some risks. At the end of the day this is all that matters and I can remember when I first strafed approaching how afraid I was of rejection but now I don’t care about it at all. It was just a fictitious minster I made up in my head. That’s all.

  • JK

    Ps- what’s the cost/day to game in a University city in Poland?

    And what city in Poland has the hottest craziest FTC college
    Girls with big tits? That’s where I will travel to.

  • seth

    Roosh, do you think Western women are becoming more mechanical and homogenized. I mean, I often think of them as becoming more like robots, staring into their iphones, saying the exact same things. It seems like they are becoming dehumanized, and this is part of the reason why I think in recent years, game has seen a decline. Game is useful, but it is a social construct, and once you dumb down the society, it loses its importance.

  • Joe Dick

    PS. one thing for sure: we should declare war on these stupid ‘dating websites’, I found here a good documentary

  • Joe Dick

    and obviously to most of us that website dating shit stuff is for a) losers or b) just people who have no clue, but the doc is nevertheless interesting.

    Notice how that old guy has been subscribed for 8 fucking years to that loser’s website For a tiny, tiny fraction of price he could have bought Roosh’s books :)

  • Anonymous

    You’re treading a fine line here, between ivory tower refusal to deal with the real world, and “You don’t know what rape is, because you haven’t been raped” kind of thinking that permeates MSM these days.

    After all, going by experience only, most men would likely conclude the earth seem fairly flat.

  • jurko

    Fluent in 3 months. Hehe

  • Kayvee

    Why is the washing machine going in the background……?

    Kinda weird.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t load the video , but honestly, the new haircut looks gay.

    But hey if it works it works, i don’t think i look good with short hair , but i get more looks when i do.

    I test out hairstyles and clothes in “the field” and adopt whatever gets me more looks.

  • Anonymous

    this is true and totally guilty of this. I think we just also procrastinate to actually start approaching.
    problem is once we make the approach …everthing we learn we forget it at that moment then you start analysising what went wrong

  • Romeo

    “The action IS the Juice” – Heat approx 2min mark in this clip.