The Three Components Of Female Beauty

I used to think beauty was beauty, and a girl either had it or not. I was describing the genetic quality of a woman’s beauty—her face, hair, and body type. Assuming a girl doesn’t overdo it with the Haagen Dazs, she will score high on innate beauty if a psychologist measures her face for symmetry and proportion.

I spent a lot of time Argentina, a place where genetic beauty was very high, but wasn’t too crazy about the women. One big reason was because they were lacking in two other components that make up true beauty, which are needed to predict how hard a man will chase for sex.

The first is femininity, and describes her appearance. Is she wearing high heels and makeup? Or is she wearing dirty Converse shoes and a cheap summer dress? Are her clothes snug, revealing her curves? Or does she look sloppy with baggy jeans? Is her hair long? Or did she cut it because she was too lazy to maintain it? While a girl can’t change genetics, she has complete control over how feminine she appears.

Recently I went with my mother to visit her female doctor. Judging by the graduation date from the diploma hanging on her wall, the doctor was in her late 30’s, but looked to be almost the same age as my mom. Her hair was completely gray (she doesn’t dye it), she had no makeup on, and dressed like a menopausal woman. She moved like an old man. Someone who interacts with dozens of people a day was ugly in just about every way except for her intelligence, and has absolutely no pride in how she presents herself to the world. Unfortunately Western cultures are trending towards punishing women for appearing too feminine in the fear that they might be perceived as weak, dependent, and “girly.” At the same time men are punished for being too masculine, resulting in an androgynous archetype that both sexes overlap with (in America it’s common for some straight guys to be confused as gay, and some straight girls to be confused as dykes).

The final component is sexuality. It’s all the behaviors a woman does, consciously or not, that announces to other men her fertility and ability in the bedroom. It’s how she walks, how she looks at you, how she dances, and the minute changes she makes to her mouth while listening to you. It’s the things that make a man bite his lip and vow to do anything to get her. It’s the overall vibe that makes her a sexual animal and worth killing for (in prehistoric time, anyway). In my opinion this is the most important component of beauty because it takes the longest to get bored of. You can take for granted a girl’s pretty face and painted toenails in a week or two, but the magic at which she gets your dick rock hard can last years.

To put things in perspective, let’s compare the three components with four different cultures: America, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. Each has scores that range from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest).

America Colombia Argentina Brazil
Genetic beauty 5 8 8 7
Femininity 2 6 5 8
Sexuality 2 6 3 9
Total Score 9 20 16 24

Even with my overly generous rating of Americans, they are still half the women of Colombians and Argentines, and a third of the Brazilians. While Brazilian women are on average not the prettiest in South America, they blow away their counterparts in the other categories. When American women look like men (I predict this will happen in 50 years), a sound option for American guys will be to move to Brazil working on some oil rig or as Amazonian logger.

Having a girl with high genetic beauty and femininity is nice because your conquest is constantly validated with others staring at her, but this gets old after a short while. If you’re going for long-term happiness and pleasure then she needs to have that high sexuality score. If you’re in a country where sexuality is punished, or the women simply don’t have the knowledge or capacity to be sexual, then I think you already know what you have to do.

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