To Notch Or Not To Notch

Every now and then a man encounters a moment which helps him determine what he should do next. I had this moment in Moscow when on a first date with a Russian girl. We had already kissed at the end of our first meeting, so now it was time to lay the ground work for the bang. This girl wasn’t special or significantly above my average, but I wanted to get laid quickly because I was horny and leaving the city in a week.

She was a competent English speaker with a good amount of travel experience even though she was only 20 years old. She was a bit Westernized but still wore heels on the date, reinforcing the idea of how hard it is to shed your own culture even when rapidly absorbing another. While she was telling me about what she wanted to be after graduating from college, I was hit by the realization that she looked eerily similar to an Estonian girl I dated three years before. I met them both when they were nearly the same age. They both had round cheeks, blue eyes, and brown hair that went slightly past their shoulders. They even had the same English ability. The Estonian girl, however, had a sweeter personality and was more nurturing, making her the better overall choice.

I must tell you now that I dumped the Estonian girl. I could have kept our little relationship going, but I decided instead to travel to Lithuania to get my Baltic sweep of flags. Fast forward three years later in Moscow and I was expending labor and much more money to lay an inferior version of a girl I had let go. It didn’t make sense. There was no way I could rationalize this. I already have extensive travel and poon experience so I could not justify it as gaining experience. If I were to look upon this behavior objectively, I was essentially duplicating work in a factory assembly line, clocking in my hours every day with a new shift but an identical task. Even worse, I’ve repeatedly released decent girls into the wild only to pursue girls who weren’t better. After making this realization, I rapidly lost interest in the Russian girl because she was a physical reminder of my past decisions.

Over the past two years I have shared my thoughts on losing interest in the pursuit of notches, but this date stung more than others. Unless I’m looking at an easy one-night stand opportunity, it’s illogical for me based on my experience to go on a date with a girl for any other reason than to enter some type of relationship with her, something that I don’t necessarily want. Otherwise it’s a waste of time that provides me with nothing more than entertainment. Even a one-night stand has lost its luster since the quality will be modest at best and condom use will be usually required, decreasing the overall sexual pleasure. It’s clear to me now that I don’t want what I used to want (as much), but at the same time I don’t care for something deeper. I’m afraid I may have already extracted the most satisfying rewards women could provide me in life, and that this particular oil well in running dry.

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  • Liam

    Not hatin by any means as you’ve opened the eyes of men who are in area to the Zionist banister controlled Anglosphere but you may have to face the unforeseen or reality of aging- losing testosterone. Time waits for no man. Get some T-Therapy and plunder and brainwash some fresh 18yo fruit into your personal bitch or start doing cash from gash game and find a chick who has more paper than you do and is willing to spend it. Maybe lock down a rich ho (not too many I know) in her 30s. Otherwise train a young girl how to be- a series of posts on training young girls for older guys would be valuable to the red pill readership.

  • JackBlack23

    ” … but at the same time I don’t care for something deeper”

    That is because you know that women are not actually capable of “something deeper” … the natural hierarchy of the world is as follows:

    God (or Absolute Truth as I prefer)

    You must start looking above and not below for fulfillment …

  • Nick

    This problem has caused me to hesitate or avoid approaching women that look like similar versions of women I’m seeing or have in the past. The personality and character may be different, but I don’t see the point investing a lot of time for a marginal (if any) improvement.

  • Kevin

    Really all the blandness and frustration can be boiled down to what they say in the rap World-
    Bitchs ain’t shit.

    They’re at their best from 18-23 the.

    They are mainly cheesy cum buckets so really what good are they for the most part?

    This old guy told me its hard to find a good women cause not too many exist.


    Roosh- do you think doing some manual labor would help you raise your t-levels? I know you’re a brain but that old school toughness may be just what you need. I’m not too physical either but after crawling around and lifting things all night at my house I had a raging boner the next morning like when I had at 16nor something.

    I thought many were cynical but as you age you can see that girls 18-22 are the best and its our DNA telling us these are the ones who can raise the healthiest babies.

  • Matt Lawson

    A great man once reached the same conclusion

  • The Thinker

    You are wrong. A good relationship with a great woman can be extremely enjoyable in it’s own way. When the chemistry and connection is there, it’s something to experience. Nothing last forever and relationships are no different but it does not mean the beauty of the flower should not be appreciated when in bloom.

  • Zelcorpion

    Next post:
    I have decided to become a father. Keep you posted how it goes. Hehe.

    All the best Roosh!

  • Tom Dane

    Lol ur jumping off the pussy carousel !

  • Guest


  • Jumad

    Just get a girlfriend dude and write about relationship game.

  • Phil

    Roosh V
    In EE, how many miles do you have to walk/day without having a car?

  • moose fucker

    beautifully articulated

  • The Thinker


  • Ben

    +1 to this. couldn’t have said it any better

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    So decide on your new mission already, one that makes a (mini-?)relationship possible. Yes, politics is scary, but that is the smothering blanket upon us. You can’t escape its grip. Yah, condoms ruin the experience for sure. Monogamy with virgin brides is a gift patriarchs give themselves.

  • seth datta

    I would like to add, that our lifestyles promote a sense of being that is at odds with who we are meant to be spiritually. Someone else mentioned God. This is true. But I would also add that we all know that too many cocks causes difficulties in many girls to bond. This is also true of most men, who cannot stay faithful after experiencing much cute poosey (most of such men).

    problem is, our society expects us to form no attachments, and women, taking the form of society’s container, have been enabled by rampant militant feminism, to become the whores and sluts men always dreamed of. But now the chickens have come home to roost. The bankers who engineered this have divided the family and conquered nations via this tactic, the women are careerist banker whores who make poor partners/mothers and the men are slowly careering off a cliff into totalitarian slave-solo man oblivion.

    Some and perhaps many are still okay with this set up. But things are rapidly chainging as the women get worse quality wise and they are demanding more. Some say things will get better. Some say we will form a revolution. We live in the revolution of the few against the many, through global banking, wars and feminism. There has been no domestic revolt, which will now fail on a larger scale as the divide and conquer has already taken place. So in the age of men who are now enabled to lifestyles they could not in the past, if they can enjoy it they will. but is it not an abomination when we see the consequences of excess, mass phaggotry and turning away from spirituality (and God). You don’t have to be religious to understand that marriage/partnership was a covenant for men to lice peacefully with men. And when such a covenant is broken, society enables the existance of men and women who only exist to collapse society, yet they do not understand this, nor can they change their degenerate ways.

  • Zenramid

    Roosh, I think you’ve become the victim of the process that is often described on Game sites, but wrongly assumed to affect only women.
    Because of the amount of sex you had with different women, you lost the ability to bond.

  • moose fucker

    Please Roosh unblock me from ROK’s comments.

    I will never write back to a girl on ROK.


  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I think there could be an iota of truth, but as Rob “NO MA’AM” Fedders correctly explained about ‘love’ (and I use the term loosely): man > woman > children. In the other direction must be respect. Does Roosh trust his game vis-a-vis the establishment? Either he is a marketing genius or he is struggling emotionally for a rational mission. The difficulty for men to ‘bond’ when they are rational is not from too much sex, which only gives men empirical evidence they can use. Women calibration harden and find themselves, which means they can’t ever fit a man who does not entirely bend to fit them, which is why we don’t get married. He needs to spin plates and find a new mission. I say plant the seeds of the next patriarchy so the fire will fertilize his efforts. It’s coming one of these decades.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    A good relationship is a good fit, and that means no condom without risking your life. To some extent I’ll take a chubby chick I can mostly trust. I really wish unicorns were real, but then again, you only live once. Evil word drop: Patriarchy.

  • seth datta

    I don’t doubt it, but I believe that I’ve seen too many men get hammered when they were thinking they had their girl figured out. Its best to go in a pessimist and hence be prepared, so if it works out its a bonus.

    Also, our caveman ancestors were not part of a socially engineers society designed to dimish men and relationships to enslave all. There was no feminism because there was no enabling state. The women were wiser and knew they needed their men. There was no smartphones turning women into zombies. There was no internet revealing to men the REAL nature of most/all women, how they slutted it up and cheated and cuckolded and had their men bringing up other men’s kids.

    Look around us today at the violence abroad and at home. When women have feminism, they are supposed to use that power responsibly. Not bring into being a thug degenrate culture of single parenthood, guys needing cash going to die in pointless foreign wars and a collapsing slacker society because there are no sexual incentives to do so. For the five percent of women that became good at much cost, the other mass of them became even more useless parasites maintained by daddy state enablement (even the working ones, as the state provides all by stealing and fucking up others). Mabye I’m being too harsh, as most men and women these days are useless, even if they get paid, as they contribute to bad shit happening by their actions and inactions. but in a divided societh of black versus white, men versus women, libertarian versus democrap versus rapeublican, does anyone expect the society to survive?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Roosh, please unblock moose fucking!

  • The Thinker


  • seth datta

    Orthodox jews are rising in numbers by official stats and are the only group of ‘whites’ doing so.

    ALL other white groups in all other countries are on the decline.

    It is expected by 2050 that most if not all jews will be orthodox.

    Jesus Christ and many others over the centuries warned us, including a minority (rising over the decades) of jews causing all of the. to be expelled from 109 different countries over the last 2 millenia.

    look at the names of people who run the place. Who owns the money supply and banks.

    the founding fathers warned of not letting the bankers run us.

    I wonder if people will ever figure it out, when the name of the bank getting the bail outs for the financial crisis goes by names such as Goldman-Sachs. That is not a christian or muslim name. Or of most other religions. It says in the Talmud it is okay to have usury against a gentile, which is what our banking systems and laws are based on.

  • seth datta

    genuine question – if the guy gets too bored of women who do not excite him as he has been with too many, does regular prostitution then become the best option? And if so, would that be a good thing?

    I think most women would bore roosh too much, and the ones left doesnt gurarantee a mutual attraction or effort on his part.

  • GRock

    What sucks about relationships is they require constant up-keep (time drain), otherwise both of you can easily drift apart, especially with all the added stimulus and short attention span smart phones bring. I have however, had the best sex in relationships.

    The key to relationships is to keep them constantly sexualized. When she puts up a wall, you have to smash it down immediately.

    Her:”You make me feel used… like this relationship is only about sex.”
    Me:”Good, that means the relationship is healthy, trust me, you’ll see.”

    Been bangin her 2+ years now and that sex really hasn’t gotten stale for more than 1-2 month periods where we both had life priorities that tool precedence.

  • Dead Vargas

    It only makes sense if your will to get girls is limited. If you are satisfying an ilimited desire, no amount of supply will extinguish it. My guess it that you are in the game not because of notch counts anymore. Even though there is a huge number of ways in which people can relate, the patterns you notice regarding women behaviour and your extensive experience make the return for the investment quite low these days.

  • Zenramid

    Patriarchy is the system of enforcing the tyrrany of biology on humans. Human biology doesn’t have human happiness as a goal, it only serves the survival of our species, and since we’ve reached the numbers so great that we don’t have any reasons at all to worry about extinction, we could unshackle from the biology to pursuit something that is higher, something that we, as beings with sophisticated minds deserve.
    The patriarchy is what keeps the women unfree and men unloved. It is what give women opprotunity to be cared for but like children, and what makes men respected but disposable. Just because feminism is a worse alternative to patriarchy doesn’t mean there are no other and in my opinion patriarchy is a system in which no one – nor women, nor men – is treated as a full human being.
    When I see people longing for patriarchy it reminds me of a parent wanting his child to remain a child forever. This is not how a trully wise parent should act, instead he should guide his child to become an adult human and I think this is the way men should gide women, because this is the only chance for them to share love with someone equal.

  • splooge

    yes please unblock me too. i responded to infoshinobis comment whom commonted on a womanss thread…i thought i was in the clear cuz i was talkin to him not her.

  • Dawson Stone

    I still find the variety of women a huge turn on. The thrill of discovering another woman’s body and making her feel in a way she never has before…how can that get old? Plus I have found that I can learn something from almost anyone and I look for that nugget in each woman I spent time with.

    Every part of life can be made into a game of sorts. When I go for a run I constantly recalculating my splits in my head and trying to be a previous PR. Same professionally…most aspects of life can be made fun if you treat it like a game.

    Maybe you have just lost some of your youthful perspective? But I am quite a bit older than you so clearly you can get it back. :)

  • splooge

    play on the demograpics on wiki and cia world factbook. every nation on earth from poor to rich have declining fertility except israel. in fact their arab population is declining due to forced urbanizatation. while both secular and orthodox jews are rising.

  • dtpilgrim

    To deal with the lessening appeal of one-night-bangs, due to quality lacking in comparison to previous reference experiences, I would suggest studying mindfulness. In stead of judging each bang and comparing it to previous bangs, through mindfulness techniques you can focus on the physical sensations in the moment. By experiencing the sensations observationally and non-judgmentally, you should be able to experience more bang-for-your-bang.

  • Mike

    Buses, trams, taxis. Buses and trains outside of cities.

  • Joe

    Fellow red pill men do you experience these two symptoms of USSA culture too-
    1) Your friends and family all tell you your dream of living in EE and being around feminine, polite girls is crazy bullshit you learned from the Internet.

    2-You’re out at a mall minding your own business look at a plain ass 7 as your strolling through the mall and she gives the most abominable look you’ve ever seen (Is half ass arrogance like that a pre-bitch shield?).

  • Bryan

    I got books for your red pill reading right here-

    Ps-Roosh if you wanted to troll the pc Marxist yid tyrants at the SPLc and ADL start promoting these “Revisionist” aka non-Jew World Order bankster accounts of modern history.

  • Marlon Rigguns

    Maybe all those good rat rappers who seem to pull mad loon due to bank roll, status, and alpha aggression are right when they lament that “Bitches ain’t shit”.

  • anon

    “Nothing last forever and relationships are no different but it does not
    mean the beauty of the flower should not be appreciated when in bloom.”

    – You just highlighted the importance of time when you mentioned the time frame of the beauty of a flower in bloom.
    That’s essentially what life is all about. TIME.
    I don’t value relationships. I value notches.
    The only ‘relationships’ I value are the relationships which give me the freedom to pursue other notches. In the end, it is all a matter of time.

    I give you two scenarios:

    Scenario #1: You have an amazing girl with whom you have a ‘relationship’. She gives you the permission to pursue (or fuck) other women, while asking you emotional loyalty, not physical loyalty.

    Scenario # 2: You have an amazing girl with whom you have a ‘relationship’. She either allows or denies you to flirt around, and definitely is fiercely demanding when it comes to your physical loyalty. You kiss variety goodbye. She gives you the sex you want, does whatever you want, etc.

    I would choose scenario #1 over scenario #2 anytime, if the compelling need is to ever have a ‘relationship’.

    Because scenario #2, even it appears beautiful, is the initial progression of a betasization curve, of every beautiful relationship. Imagine you don’t fuck around for six months, and exclusively fuck her. This girl provides you pornstar sex (provides raw dog sex, anal or what not), and takes good care of you. It’s the start of your beta enslavement by her, to secure your commitment – even if it may be for a few months.

    After a period of time, even that will go down the drain, and get increasingly transactional. The reality is that the sexual aspect of every relationship usually dissolves over a period of time, instead of evolving. Rarely does the opposite happen in real life.

    With age, players or men often sacrifice quantity over quality – because they desire ‘quality’ women. It happens to every one. Because the bar is raised when it comes to quality in women, through sexual experience of multiple women. But the reality is that women are attracted to desirable men (or men desired by other women). Even the quality women you want to lock down (especially if she knows your past proficiency in seducing multiple women) will always have an attraction to the alpha breeder in you.

    I’ve done the opposite in my 20’s. I got involved in a LTR with a quality girl from FSU, and spent 4 years enjoying the ‘bliss’ of a relationship, when numerous other women even threw themselves at me during those years. I didn’t fuck around, because she demanded loyalty – in exchange for what she gave me (great sex, care, etc). If I ever had the chance to do that all over again, I would’ve fucked around to test her, whether she would’ve stayed around. If she would’ve, I would’ve accepted that as her maturity, as men are programmed to be polygamous. If she didn’t and left me, I would’ve brushed it away.

    In the end, a man however old he is, must be true to his biological nature of polygamy. For women, it is the prize when they (unnaturally) secure a man’s commitment, and loyalty – because they know the inherent polygamous instinct of men. A man’s commitment to a single woman is an unnatural perversion, just like how celibacy is.

    When it comes to women and more so sex, remember sometimes it’s a matter of opportunity and time. Throwing away chances for sex with varied women in exchange for loyal monogamy will hound every man later sometime in his life, when the ‘relationship’ deteriorates. You can neither bring back those opportunities, nor your youth, nor your virility later on. Relationships make sense only when you’re in your 40’s or above, not 20’s or 30’s. Besides, ‘Oneitis’ is a disease which afflicts most relationships. It’s better to settle for that, when you don’t have the energy or youth to chase other women when older. Even older men coming out of relationships, don’t value relationships anymore, and value variety instead.

    The biological nature of man is to notch. And talking about chemistry and connection, it can be replicated easily with multiple women in a planet of 3.5 billion women. The secret? Adjustment – a little from yourself, and a hell lot from her. Not all women are perfect, even the ‘great’ woman with whom a good relationship is enjoyable. Project yourself a few years down the line, and see whether you’d foresee yourself still fucking her the way you do now. In the end, behind every ‘great’ woman, is a man bored of fucking her.

    Thus, notch wins every time, over a ‘relationship’. Even jaded serial monogamists snap out of ‘serial monogamy’, to pursue notches to bring the verve back into their lives.

  • anon

    I concur. Variety (notches) beat relationships in the end. At any age for a man.
    The problem with relationships is that men often feel the ‘damned if you do, and damned if you don’t’ feeling, which compels men into entering into relationships.

    The fact is that, men are more emotional and idealistic about relationships than women. This emotionalism and idealism comes into a rude awakening as the relationship progresses with time. That’s when men realize the value of lost time which could’ve been invested in gaming (or sleeping) with multiple women, earlier.

    Notches always beat relationships. I’ve done the relationship thing in my 20’s, and I don’t see myself doing that again today in my 30’s – at least for the next decade or so. If I ever want to go in for kids, I’d choose surrogacy, to rent a womb to bear my seed. Relationships are entrapment – if you look at it in the end.

  • memcpy

    You’re chasing the “cheap thrill.” For any guy who bangs lots of girls that what it gets reduced down to.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    ^^ troll alert ^^

  • JackBlack23

    Yes, he also understood what we need to do about the Jewish Problem …

  • anon

    A rise in STDs due to unprotected promiscuity and heterosexual anal also contributes to declining fertility and falling birth rates. Porn also plays a significant role in that.

  • anon

    Notches are more fun, as compared to relationships.

    When it comes to sexual pleasure, my personal definition of notches are sexual flings which have no emotion involved, not only ONSs. It can also mean fucking a girl for three months without emotional involvement, with raw dogging her. Most of my notches progress in that mode – the girls want to fuck again, or I want to fuck them again.There is no emotion involved from my end. Women usually warm up to men with whom they’ve fucked, even if it does not involve commitment. The goal is to become the r-playboy, who gets regular and repeated sexual access to multiple women – without emotions involved. In the end, the goal is no strings attached regular sex over a period of time.

    In EE, it is possible with westernization. With FSU women, it is possible with expat FSU women. The trick is not to get attached nor to develop jealousy. When you throw jealousy in the mix, it becomes a ‘relationship’ as jealousy itself is an emotion. For me, sexual novelty beats the emotional roller coaster of relationships any time. Relationships are not only time consuming, but can also be potentially financially and emotionally draining, not to mention limiting when it comes to personal freedom (clinginess and loyalty).

    Detachment is the key. Once you’ve developed enough detachment, you actually begin to value novelty over commitment. Because every woman has some unique quality or the other – even though the feel of the holes may be the same. But even the feel of holes of different women are not the same, nor is the sexual expertise. I don’t understand the logic of sacrificing the opportunity for sexual novelty over choosing the emotional high of a relationship. Either way, both are essentially fleeting pleasures. The ‘relationship’ is nothing but a prolonged fleeting
    pleasure which could only result in a waste of time, and could possibly
    involve emotional pain in the end – as relationships usually require
    some form of emotional investment.

    Discontentment results at the end of both notches and more so, relationships. The discontentment in notches could be because of lack of regular sex with a girl you liked sexually, or because you got bored fucking her. The same discontentment gets replicated in a relationship, and could be possibly worse because you even began to invest feelings into her. Which is worse?

  • TyKo Steamboat

    I appreciate your honesty & view in this post, Roosh. I’m 5 years younger than you & have been reluctant in my admission of this same exact view. I would love to find one Slavic, Baltic or Scandinavian woman (preferably Slavic) & ideally 4-8 years younger than me, to lock-down. But the hunt continues.
    The common claim is that men are afraid of commitment…But that’s not true at all. We’re unwilling to commit to toxic relations in a culture where the Western man has nothing to gain.
    I would like to see you write another half dozen guides, Roosh.
    Time is still on our side but it sounds like energy is not so much. Perhaps the “Thrill Of The Hunt” has yet to yield that trophy tag.

  • TyKo Steamboat

    Wrong site. Try Google.

  • Zenramid

    Narrow minded people consider opinions different from theirs as trolling.

  • EdSnowden

    Wherever you go, there you are.
    Sounds like you have depression due to unresolved psychological issues.

  • Tan

    Since love/chemistry lasts at the most a couple of years (proven scientific fact), I don’t look for long term relations; rather mid term girlfriends that are great partners. I am aware all the time that someday will end. This is my stance as of now and it’s funny that since I adopted it I had run into zero women that deserve more than a bit of respect.
    Rewind to some years ago and I clearly remember dating multiple girls and many of them were mid term material… I mean very good girls, and I just dumped them to continue my search for new pussy. Maybe it’s the age and/or sexual market value of women I aim to now (I’m 42 but look around 35, and I hit on women 28-32 that are above 8).
    Sorry for not really making a point, but I felt like sharing.

  • 123

    Have you ever considered doing some more bang guides?

    There’s alotmofmunchartered territory-Minsk, Jakarta (most stacked Asians), Chico, CA (crazy US college town in the woods with a variety of girls),Bulgaria, Mexico, Uzbekistan, small towns in Scandinavia, Minneapolis (blonde Mecca), Vancouver BC etc.

  • Anon.

    “I don’t care for something deeper.”

    This is a recurring theme everywhere in the game world, yet I have never read a justification for it. Why?

  • The Thinker

    You can’t care for something you have never experienced. Our desires are limited by our experiences. Until we experience something we cannot care for it or want it.

  • TheOverwatch

    Roosh, you’re losing your mojo or what? Your last few posts sound like you’ve lost something. It sounds like you’ve lost your way. It’s almost like you’ve done a complete 180. This makes me question the viability of lifelong player/bachelorhood.

  • wargasm

    The populations of the mormons in Utah and the Amish are rising.

  • John hedlenssonn

    dude he’s getting older. Its what happens

  • Lukas

    the dude simply didnt get laid. I feel proud russian chicks simply didnt want to waste time on an american horndog

  • Mr Renascentia

    This is one reason why I dislike the current culture in the West. It reduces sexuality to genital parts. Sex is everywhere, all around us; its the unison between two different poles to create something. Same applies with human beings, a masculine man and a feminine woman. Because natural gender roles are now oppressed, you have it only belonging in the bedroom, meaning we are missing out on experiencing everything else that comes along with it.

    I say for a man living in Canada, U.K or the U.S, then its best to strive for high notch counts, otherwise you will just be depressed. Although what is the point if you are going to traditional countries with women who can offer you the whole experience.

  • Daniel

    A bang is a bang, as long as it can take place at the first date, and you are slightly attraceted by the girl, I’d definetly go for it.
    Once I let a FLAG (romanian) go, because I was still in a sort of relationship with a way superior ukrainan girl and I didn’t want to lower my sex standard in that moment.
    But in your case, losing a sex oppurtunity because of a girl from 3 YEARS before… it sounds bizzare.

  • Bo Jangles

    Follow your passion..when you do other things, you may find that your desire to travel and sleep with women comes back..or it may lead you on to other things. Its surprising how one adventure leads to another leads to another. For me the more I know the outcome of something Im going to do..the less I want to do it.

  • Foreign Badassador

    You realize it’s satire, right? And that he’s a Jew himself? It’s designed to poke fun at the hillbilly anti-Semites out there by imitating them in all their absurdity.

    It’d kinda be like you or me singing, “Shoot the Aryan in the eye! Make his brain into a tasty shepherd’s pie!”

  • Foreign Badassador

    That’s not really what Roosh is talking about. He’s saying he’s had his fill of pumping and dumping women and now is wishing he could find something deeper but not finding it among the women he is meeting and isn’t especially motivated to go do the work it takes to find it. Because of his lack of experience encountering it his faith that it’s actually out there is waning, which saps his motivation.

    You could tell him that it is out there, even when you have a higher notch count, but this is more one of those things you have to wait until you stumble on yourself, when you meet that girl who gets your gears whirring like an old pocket watch rewound and sputtered back to life.

  • JackBlack23

    No shit Sherlock …

  • Foreign Badassador

    This is not a troll.

    Human beings aren’t built for lifelong commitment, which is what weak beta males long for – they want Disney, because this would be the cure for the failure they’ve had with women. Winning this way means only having to cross the finish line once, where the race is a chore and an impossible feat for them, instead of crossing the finish line repeatedly like an alpha male, where the race is a joy and beating the competition time and again a source of happiness and fulfillment.

    Look at what the alphas of society do. They take a woman, knock her up a few times, squeeze out a few babies, then get caught cheating 5 or 6 years into marriage and get a divorce. Rinse and repeat. That’s the relationship lifecycle in a liberated society, same as it is in a tribal society. We don’t have patriarchy anymore because we don’t need patriarchy.

    You can bitch about how no one is forcing your woman to hang around with you anymore. Or you can just go become an alpha male, knock bitches up, and not shed a tear when they leave after you cheat on them because you’re too busy being balls deep in the next one. This is the freedom of feminism, and if you don’t revel in it, you’re missing the party, friend.

  • Foreign Badassador

    All right, keep calm friend. Just like to avoid any of the KKK folks who seem to like this site for some reason getting their panties in a knot and misconstruing Borat as their new folk hero.

    Though that would be rather amusing.

  • Foreign Badassador

    Nothing better than armchair psychologists passing out diagnoses based off of several-paragraph-long Internet articles.

  • Foreign Badassador

    Haven’t been in the US in years, so not exactly, however…

    Didn’t tell anyone my plans when I left, either. Just said I wanted to travel. Then left. Never looked back.

    Although I did hear plenty of other guys getting shamed for their dreams to live abroad. I just smiled and stayed out of it and left when it was time to leave.

    As for ugly girls giving ugly looks, they do it all over the world. Helps their self-esteem. Try hot girls instead – they’re nicer 😉

  • Foreign Badassador

    The average age at first marriage of women in the feminist bastion of Denmark is 32.8 years. The average age at first marriage of women in the decidedly more conservative Israel is 24.7. Those are 2010 stats; Denmark is probably higher by now. You can guess how that impacts their respective fertility rates.

    Biggest difference between the two? Denmark is a peaceful country with extremely low crime, where women need men like fish need bicycles. Meanwhile Israel is a hated country in the middle of a war zone where women need men like fish need water.

    Blaming fertility differences on bogeymen is shortsighted and intellectually dishonest. If you want to understand the genuine causes, set the conspiracy theorizing aside and focus on the political, cultural, and economic climates in these various countries and peoples instead.

  • Female

    So your mother and sisters are cheesy cum buckets and a bitches that ain’t worth shit? Or are they exceptional because they are related to you?