Tomorrow Night

It’s Friday night and you’re out somewhere in DC drinking. The next night is your friend’s big birthday bash so you decide to take it a little easy. Taking it easy is more common with girls but even a guy would make sure he doesn’t wind up passed out in a gutter.

It’s Friday night and you’re in some South American town. The party is barely decent but you heard amazing things about a club on Saturday night. You rather wait for that, but you order two shots of vodka anyway to go along with your second caipirinha—there is a high chance you will be cut down and not be able to go out the next night. For all you know the smoothie you had a few hours ago had a more than a dash of the town water and the little bugs are busy moving into their new home.

Random headaches, altitude sickness, mysterious cramps, parasites, salmonella—something is going to get you soon (I’ve had all). There’s no use saving yourself for the future like you do at home. When the going’s good you gotta do it to death.

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