Top 10 Most Important Books

These are the books that have made me think the most and changed the way I see the world.

ISBN: 0940322889
An African In Greenland

The author reads a book about Greenland and decides to leave his home country at a young age to visit. It takes him almost ten years until he finally steps foot on Greenland. Encouraging book if you are thinking about making a big change.

ISBN: 0688128165

Required reading. Breaks influence and persuasion down to a science.

ISBN: 0142000078
Mean Genes

Fun read that ties together evolution and the way modern humans behave. Men will find the parts on taking “social risk” to be most helpful.

ISBN: 1555520529
Patterns Of The Hypnotic Techniques Of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Vol 1

This book taught me how subtle differences in word choice can drastically change the meaning of what you communicate. It has influenced my game and writing.

ISBN: 0393316041
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!

My role model—a character who is smart, interesting, charismatic, and funny. This book chronicles Feynman through a variety of journeys, from his scientific achievements to his experience picking up women in bars.

ISBN: 0140280197
The 48 Laws Of Power

Required reading and future classic. If you haven’t read this book yet, why are you still alive?

ISBN: 0670891924
The Art Of Seduction

This book makes the list not so much because of its real-world applications but because it forces you to carefully think about the way you interact with the opposite sex, and how they interact with you.

ISBN: 0060989157
The Dirt

The most entertaining book I’ve ever read. It made me realize how much of an utter square I’ve become, due to complacency and laziness.

ISBN: 0879804440
Think And Grow Rich

Every self-help book is just derivative of this great work, which teaches you how important thinking is when it comes to getting what you want. You can replace money with whatever goal you are working on.

ISBN: 0486284956

People have been sold into living a complicated life at a cost of their own happiness and well-being. Even if you read this in high school, you need to revisit it once more as an adult.

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Below are some other books I’ve liked since college. Hold your mouse over a cover for a text box with my thoughts.

ISBN: 0192840509ISBN: 0764568779ISBN: 0451203933ISBN: 0316010669ISBN: 0805075593ISBN: 0964164078ISBN: 0452287081ISBN: 076455476XISBN: 0844270512ISBN: 0395977894ISBN: 0061234001ISBN: 0911226192ISBN: 0345410033ISBN: 0760737479ISBN: 0142000280ISBN: 0143034669ISBN: 0671723650ISBN: 080507967XISBN: 2831578442ISBN: 1400015553ISBN: 0929712315ISBN: 0679032436ISBN: 0684871483ISBN: 0440212499ISBN: 1593571313ISBN: 0945983131ISBN: 0743455967ISBN: 1889540536ISBN: 159184021XISBN: 0911226257ISBN: 0446677450ISBN: 0684849941ISBN: 0802132103ISBN: 1400015596ISBN: 0064632717ISBN: 2831578434ISBN: 0670034576ISBN: 0517707918ISBN: 0195014766ISBN: 0658014870ISBN: 0887308589ISBN: 0316346624ISBN: 020530902XISBN: 1878424319ISBN: 0060554738ISBN: 1878424424ISBN: 0970058705ISBN: 1593570899ISBN: 0805077979ISBN: 0831400447ISBN: 0767901975ISBN: 1585422789ISBN: 1565847032ISBN: 0684831074ISBN: 0393320928ISBN: 1886070237

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