Top 10 Signs A Girl Is Open To
Having Sex While Abroad

This guest post is written by Craig Heimburger of He has been traveling for three years.

I’ve been watching travelers for a while now, and started noticing long ago what types of female backpackers had slept in their beds the night prior, and which didn’t.

On their own, none of the items on the list below mean much in the way of forecasting if a girl is likely to hookup on any given night, but start combining these traits, and you’ve got a better than average indicator that she’s open to some lovin’ abroad.

1. She’s traveling with a guy she isn’t romantically involved with

2. She’s been traveling for a few weeks without any romantic encounters

3. She’s got a week or less of her trip left

4. She isn’t traveling with another girl

5. She’s sleeping in a shared (dormitory) room

6. She gets showered and made up before going out, but not overly dressed up

7. She’s been drinking

8. She’s smoking a cigarette

9. She doesn’t mention a boyfriend (real or fictitious) as a defensive mechanism

10. She’s not from the USA, Israel, Sweden, or the Netherlands

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