Top 5 Nightlife Venues For Reykjavik, Iceland

One reason that Reykjavik nightlife is so active is that the outlying suburbs have so few venues. On the weekends you get hordes of people coming into the city that you don’t normally see, which is why you shouldn’t freak out if you don’t see any talent walking around mid-week. Disclaimer aside, here is my top 5 list for guys looking to peep Icelandic women…

1. Bakkus (Tryggvagata 22). This is the best bar in Iceland to get laid. The main floor has two bars and a large dance floor, while the bottom floor has a small bar and a tighter space for seating. I’d classify it as a rock dive bar, but it regularly plays house music and will feel more like a regular club. The girls aren’t the hottest in Iceland, but they are young and friendly.

What I’d do is arrive on a weekend night around 3:00 a.m. and hang out in the downstairs bar. It doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic, allowing you to save your energy for prime time (last call), but if a girl does come within your radar you can easily start a conversation since it’s quieter than upstairs. If a cute girl is giving you eye contact, definitely don’t be shy about approaching. I don’t want you to get the idea that you shouldn’t approach at all before last call; it’s just not essential to work hard before that time.

Around 4:30, which is a half hour before last call, go upstairs and lean against the main bar while looking out toward the crowd. It’s then you should start to approach. Since so many girls will be drunk off their ass, don’t be offended if she doesn’t respond (it’s not that she’s trying to be a bitch, but she’s having trouble with her sensory perceptions). Pick off isolated girls who were trying to get a drink in the bar, but don’t shy away from pairs since it will be easy to divide them. Try for the occasional triplet, though don’t waste your time on larger groups unless you’re getting serious eye contact.

When the lights come on, continue to approach girls who are meandering out until finally getting kicked out by the bouncer. Continue approaching in front of the bar and then on the streets until no girls can be found.

2. Austur (Austurstraeti 7). This club definitely attracts an older crowd, sometimes women in their thirties, but they’ll be more aggressive in showing their interest as they get just as shitfaced as their younger counterparts. The strange thing here is that there was a big disparity on how I was treated (either the women were awesomely friendly or just plain nasty). The music is top 40 and the drinks are expensive ($9 for a crappy beer). The best spot for chatting up girls is on the right side along the main bar.

3. b5 (Bankastraeti 5) is a compact venue that gets insanely crowded. This is hands down the craziest club I’ve ever been to in my life. Even though everyone is dressed wonderfully, with girls in heels and tight clothing and every guy in some type of suit, they are completely committed to getting blackout drunk.

There is constant pushing and shoving. Drinks get spilled everywhere. People fall on the floor and are unable to get up. Girls dance on the couch and then fall on top of people. Guys are itchy to get into fights. Girls pass out cold while friends try to wake them up by slapping them in the face. Thanks to the incompetent bouncers, it’s basically anarchy inside, and in any other country this spot would be shut down in a week. Now imagine that scene while everyone is dressed like they’re going to a formal function.

The biggest problem with b5 is that it’s extremely hard to pick up in. People tend to come here in mega-large groups so each girl is going to know at least ten people, causing your approaches to be constantly interrupted. Since it’s impossible to have a conversation, unless you like “clubbing” and plan to dance the night away, it won’t be a fruitful spot. If you’re a bar guy like me, you’ll be running for the door within an hour.

Above all other venues, it’s crucial to get to b5 early. The line outside, if you want to call it that, would offend the sensibilities of any bouncer. Line cutting is the rule and people actually rush the bouncers to get in, as if trying to escape from a fire. If you want to go, and I think you should for the experience, get there before 1:00 and then sit back and wait for the mayhem to commence.

4. Bar 11 (Hverfisgata 18). Thanks to their beer-and-shot combo special, young people go here to get seriously trashed, making Bar 11 one of the sloppiest bars in Reykjavik. The main issue is that it’s a bit small so you won’t have a lot of selection. Nonetheless, a lot of hookups go down here.

5. Kaffibarinn (Bergstadastraeti 1). This trendy bar, which is co-owned by the singer of Blur, attracts an older crowd with an average age pushing twenty five. I’ll admit that I wish this was Bakkus. I love the music, the back bar, the “scene,” and what have you, but there are two big problems. First, the girls are snobbier here than anywhere else. This bar attracts the famous musicians, writers, and people from the Icelandic fashion industry and art scene. The front of the bar has a line for commoners who have to face up to thirty-minute waits while “VIPs” are whisked right in. You can still pull here, but it’s more of a “who you know” type of vibe than anywhere else in Reykjavik. The second problem is that sometimes it’s a huge sausage fest, something that’s not a problem elsewhere. Now that I think about it, I really wasted a lot of time here.

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