Top 5 ROK Posts From January 2015

ROK published over 120 articles last month. Here are the top 5:

1. 35 Things Wrong With America

Pervasive politically correct environment where dissenting thought is labeled sexist, racist, or homophobic. This is usually immediately followed by a witch hunt to end the person’s employment.

2. Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better

I challenge you to name a female scientist besides Rosalind Franklin, Grace Hopper, Jane Goodall, or Marie Curie. Could the other women, living or dead, who made any major invention or scientific discovery in the history of mankind please let themselves be known?

3. Carl Jung Predicted The Catastrophe Of Modern Gender Relations

We talk about how desperate we are for feminine women; Carl Jung wisely notes that American women are just as desperate for masculine men. It is not enough to conquer your male rivals—you must conquer your woman if you want a good relationship. Take it from the founder of depth-psychology: women enjoy being possessed.

4. Analyzing The 5 Main Alpha Archetypes

One word describes the Conqueror’s purpose in life: victory. This alpha loves the thrill of overcoming challenges no matter what they are. Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, acquiring a shit business and transforming it into a cash cow, or training a Level 3 Schutzhund German Shepherd, if it’s a mountain he has to climb it.

5. “Manspreading” Shows The Social Retardation Of Young Women

Virtually every interaction you will have with a millennial girl will be defined by her fear of your masculinity. “Rape culture,” for example, is one of the most destructive effects of millennial social retardation. Because young women are not properly socialized on how to deal with men, they have no idea how to navigate sexual encounters beyond their animal urges.

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