Toronto Sucks

I don’t plan on ever going back…

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  • Generate

    I live in Toronto. You’re the man. Now you know….

  • bigxxx

    Thank you for making it official.

  • sj

    Good advice, I will skip Toronto and head to Montreal in summer instead!

  • Mr magic

    Lol I live in Toronto as well and welcome to Satan’s cock block kingdom……. bitches here are not human… I use to live in Montreal very friendly here god luck!!!! Even a casual conversation and the bitches here act up……. They completly feel entitled and God knows why….. There hoes are so replacebale its gotten so bad that I rarely speak to these hoes and I try to skip Toronto woman (even do I live hear all together) you have never met a group of bigger cunts around the world and thats a promise…. Ice cold bitches, do yourself a favor skip Toronto all together in Canada this is death valley for Game pussy and humanity I have lived here 20 years and hate it with a passion cant wait to eventually leave

  • Steve Lurkel

    thanks for saving me the trip.

  • Marusya

    Roosh, looking good today in that white adidas! If it will cheer you up a bit after your sad stories about Toronto! :)They say its not the best way to meet pple in clubs and bars but if there is a lack of night life its horrible!!! The place Im stain now is very similar to Toronto.Cold, very industrial and Not many nice pple around, only families, workers, and weirdos..Nothign to choose from..And attitude of those pple liek there are very important!So funny!I was out these days as well, and got home with spoiled mood coz no way i can meet smo in those places! These ar ethe moments when you think of youyr exes, fuckbodies or just friends with benefits:)Or even internet dating!!!! Good luck to all of us!

  • squack

    well not surprised… living dead in the city….its a blog on how crap toronto datin is
    Hit up vancouver way better

  • pj

    You’re usually ranting behind the beard. But you just can’t seem keep the grin out of your eyes.

    Anyway… On the Petraeus photos.

    His wife didn’t drop out of a vagina looking like that.

    Neither did the girlfriend.

    But I think I could reasonably guess which one looks more like your own Mother and why.

  • Lone Wolf

    Thanks for the heads up Roosh. They actually called Lardo the “Mother Hen…” Frightening. Crazy how different parts of the same country can have two major cities 500 miles apart be so different. Thanks again.

  • Kyle

    Your speech in this has great delivery. I like the mother hen part. Never been to Toronto but keep the videos coming! I can definitely relate to “lame people thinking they’re cool” in clubs (pretty much everywhere- why else do most people even go to clubs? to act cool).

  • Kyle

    Yo Roosh have you ever been to Orlando? I’ve been gaming here for a few months. I’m curious what you’d think of it.

  • / Apocalypseman

    Rinse, cycle, repeat for the rest of Canada except Quebec. Shame the economy in Quebec is so bad.

    The worst part is those Toronto women really think they are in a Manhattan Sex and the City lifestyle. Those that move abroad get slapped upside the head and fix their behaviour. So it shows the city really is poison.

  • Armenian

    I’m only 5 hours away (Ottawa) from Toronto and although I have never experienced the nightlife, you can tell the people are cold.

    Anyone from there know when it stated to deteriorate?
    Some people have told me great things about Toronto women but this was based on their experiences in the late 90s and early 2000s.

  • painter

    “Three days in and I was in a sea of garbage and wanted to go home…”


  • Kenny Lives

    I felt the same way about NY. I just don’t get what everybody is raving about, this city sucks major fat cunt ass.
    The women there are sooo fucking entitled. Toronto can’t possibly be worse. Also can somebody tell me what the fuck I did wrong that got me such poor results in NY?
    I recently moved to LA just randomly for a few months just out of curiosity,and I’ve Bern here a month and i don’t have a clue where to begin,so if anybody got some advice,I’d be greatful.

  • protagonist

    been telling bros from around the world this for years…

    we, in Toronto, know that we are in the most challenging city to game in the world. if you can game successfully here, you will easily be able to pull ass anywhere.

    it’s like when athletes train at altitude… our harsh environment has forged and tempered us into deadly gamers.

    i secretly knew for years that if Roosh came here he’d be heading for the airport ASAP…

  • OlioOx

    I’m not surprised with what Roosh is finding in Toronto, it matches exactly with my limited experience of the city. And based on what he’s saying I suspect that even non-Toronto girls that move to Toronto must very quickly learn to ACT Toronto.

    Just for laughs while you’re there, Roosh, see if you can possibly meet a few Toronto born-and-raised upper-middle-class undergrads or recent graduates, for the worst, most self-important bitches Canada has to offer. Their smooth belief in their own specialness is absolute, totally unironic, and embarassingly unjustifiable.

  • DAP

    It’s funny how the fattest and ugliest chick in the crew is always the mother hen and the one who drove all the girls there. That shit always sucks.

  • gaius

    As a former scientist you should know that 3 nights out is too less to generalize conclusions.

  • Milo the dog

    I disagree.
    Toronto has a lot of brown girls and Chinaman girls and these girls know their gender role better than the white man who can’t keep his woman in check.

  • Bojangles

    Please give it more than 3 days/nights. How many venues have you possible been to- like 5? Maybe you’re not in the chill part afterall-try somewhere else.

  • crazy brazilian


    Hey rooshv you shold get the level of this brazilian guy

    sry for my bad english

  • Gorilla Dildo

    What the fuck are “chinaman girls?” I believe the term is Chinese or Asian, dicklicker.

  • LakerLynx

    Roosh rockin the warm up suit!

  • Kyle

    What’s hilarious is that a GIRL actually says “that’s the mother hen” lol

  • thecaptainpower

    Looks like nobody in DC and Toronto wants to give it up, unless you are the 60 y/o head of the CIA. Then everyone wants to bang you….

  • Steve

    So does anyone have sex in Toronto?

    Who are all the Toronto girls fucking?

  • Mr magic

    @19 Here is a precise conclusion and not generale one from someone who has lived here for 20 years Toronto girls are specifically between 90-95% bitches!!!! Three nights wont change anything same thing as 3 years

    @20 Yes there are brown girls and asian chicks here some of them love white boys but unless Roosh is willing to put in the LTR game which am not sure if he has time for get ready to dish out some money at a rub and thug cause there at least the interaction will be somewhat pleasant since they are getting money for it.

    @21The whole city is a bitch shield on heat welcome to the most disgustingly bitch-aton western country in the welcome to T.O now you know why Drake had to leave to prosper lol

    @27 Yes people have sex in Toronto either by paying for it at a rub and thug or LTR with a woman that is probably a major cunt, or random hook up with a bitch that is at best a 6 and acts like she is a 9 woman in this city are horrible welcome to the terror dome!!!!

  • Razzy

    I lived in Toronto and now live in Guadalajara Mexico. I could have saved you the trouble Roosh. The guys are as bad or worse than the girls in a lot of ways which makes for a whole mess of a situation with everyone trying to one-up everyone else. The worst part is after working and living there you start to do it yourself.

    If you are still around and want to check out a smaller city 45 minutes out I can set you up with guys who are well connected and can take you out. Let me know

  • Anonymous

    all true about toronto i live here, this is what happens when u run cont game on all women they become extremly battle hardend

  • Party Travel Sex Love

    Cock blocking has increases every year. There used to not be so much of it. Once day mother hen’s may execute men that come talk to their chicks!

    @15 Kenny, I thought the girls in NYC were pretty hard assed cold when I used to live and play up there. I have a friend that swears by NYC and says it’s a pussy paradise, so I may be joining him soon to see what he’s talking about. He’ll either have to put up are shut up!

    I will bypass Toronto on my travels. Actually I was already there so their no need to go back.

  • Brian Mark

    @22 crazy Brazilian

    It’s very obvious that the guy is dropping tons of money in country where money means something.

    It’s also very obvious that this guy doesn’t ever smile!

  • Brian Mark

    @22 crazy Brazilian

    Like I said he’s dropping a ton of money. It’s obvious that he’s spending a lot of money: expensive hotels, helicopter rides, expensive SUV.

    I don’t think this is Roosh’s Game.

    If there was a real GManifesto, you see tons of pictures like this.

  • Brian Mark

    @22 crazy Brazilian
    As you said on another note as you said. I’m not Brazilian so I don’t know is this guy famous? He’s got tons of money: nice condo, Ferrari, and he takes all his dates on a helicopter ride.

    I’m not sure how this helps the guys that read Rooshv to get girls. I guess looking at George Clooney’s photo album would be interesting too, but it would have little use to the average guy reading Rooshv or other Pickup Forum. I could see where link to it from the TheGManifesto would be a good place for it, because he touts running with the big money.

    Thanks for the link. I found it interesting, but I can’t learn anything from it that I already didn’t know. I know that if I live in Brazil, speak Portuguese, and blow tons cash, I can get hot chicks in Brazil. It’s kind of like looking at porn. It looks good but it’s not going to help the average guy get laid!

  • ….

    You are ugly, I hope you get HIV.

  • Armenian

    It is the Arabs who have ruined it. They are the ones always causing shit in clubs and they are over aggressive in their approaches

  • Moo

    I’m from toronto and I left. I knew hundreds of girls from all walks of life.

    They suck.

  • Anonymous

    this is the complete opposite of what ive heard about toronto

  • Mr magic

    @38 They lied to you, in Canada there is a city were bitches grow like leaves on a tree its called Toronto………

  • savage spartacus

    It reminds me of my hometown of CALGARY.
    ice cold bitches. Winter makes them miserable.
    I can’t wait to move to Australia and leave Canada behind for good

  • crazy brazilian


    thanks for feedback,

    i’m interested in game specific for rich guys. i will check this G-Manifesto.

    >> “I’m not Brazilian so I don’t know is this guy famous?” <<

    he was a politician and bussnessman.

    this guy caught my attention because he has money, but unlike most of the rich, he is not related to a typical fat (LTR). In other words I agree, he has no game, I just liked that lifestyle he leads.

    And I also agree, Roosh and his "no money" game Rocks!

    PS: My english isnt good and i use google translator to build some sentences.

  • Howard Rourke

    I am from Toronto..

    All of it is true, and what I thought already..

    Thanks for the confirmation, Roosh!

  • Adonis

    I pull in T.O no prob this must mean I can pull anywhere. Of note, I’m ripped/handsome, and make 100K year, but only 5’9.

    You have to play your angle. On College, Ossington, Queen West I have more trouble, the hipster scene automatically disqualifies me for my physique and demeanour. Better to do King West with the bottle service brats and high heel girls. Should be noted, most broads on King West come from the 905, while Queen West/College etc are actually from T.O. Cave man game works wonders.

    Uniun, new club has a younger crowd, electro-house, but some good looking young girls just wanting to have fun. 1812 on a Monday has been good lately.

  • Kris

    I was laughing throughout that whole video. That was great. Being from Toronto that was spot on. As for the advice about moving out of the city, lol, this is a topic that is discussed throughout the majority of my conversations with my friends and with my mind. Assuming your still here let me know if you get bored. Know some good cafe’s downtown. Figure if you can’t get laid here you might as well enjoy what Canada is best known for. You might as well get high buddy.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Toronto … you’re pretty much on, any bar/club you can just walk into is going to be full of 905ers (suburb people) on Friday and Saturday, so big groups. Mon-Wed will be scene ppl at clubs, many who know each other… also the size of 4 million is kind of deceptive, a lot of that is in the burbs really there aren’t a huge number in the downtown core.

  • hernanday

    Spot on. there is nothing wrong with you Roosh, except of course that you did not spend $2000 on bottle service and throw money in your face but then that’d only get you semi pros, so it’d be cheaper to just buy the sex outright and save your time too

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been shot down harder than when I was in Toronto.

  • Timoteo

    The fact that mother hens exist isn’t a shock, but the fact that chicks acknowledge the mother hen and allow her to fuck up their interactions IS problematic. How could you allow another bitch to stop you from getting dick? You pull her sloppy ass aside and tell her to mind her own business.

  • madmax

    thanks for the good observations, man….very useful as always

  • Wigwam

    So that is why these faggots at Keys to the VIP considered getting a phone number a success.

    I get it now. It was in Toronto.

  • Armenian

    @50 Probably easier than having the cameras follow them around to see if they get the bang.

  • Anonymous

    I just think they can spot doosh bags dude :-)

  • Astounded

    So from reading this article and the archives so far, if a woman actually sleeps you after you game her in a club she is a “carousel riding slut” but if she doesn’t then she is an “entitled cold bitch”?
    What do you guys want? Women who don’t sleep around or women who do sleep around which then disqualifies them from LTRs in your eyes?
    Honestly, you all seem confused…

  • Corpus cavernosum

    Throw Seattle into the Toronto/DC/NYC/Calgary Bitch Bin

  • YaReally

    ya you actually need GAME to succeed in Toronto lol It’s not hard to get girls when they’re all super friendly, you’re foreign and rich to them, and nobody gets in your way. And that’s cool if you just want to get laid, stick to foreign countries, but it’s like playing baseball against a Little League.

    Overcoming obstacles is how you tighten your game up. Mystery, Tyler, Cajun, etc came from the Toronto area, there’s a reason their game is so tight. Read some Mystery Method and check out Tyler and Julien’s in-field footage they’ve been posting on YouTube lately. They’re running game that works in these environments. It probably won’t be your type of game and you won’t want to use it, but the TO/DC style cities aren’t impossible to crack with the right approach.

    I currently live in a similar city (with the overly pretentious douche crowd) and it took me a few months to adjust my game but in the end the environment really just exposed weak/sloppy points in my game so learning to handle it helped my game in the long-run. Don’t run away, look at it as a learning opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo true. Montreal kills Toronto in every respect. Chicks are way too uptight, and yes, bars close way to early for a supposed wold class city. In their defence, it is the money making capital of Canada, perhaps they just don’t know how to relax.

  • Mr magic

    I do agree with tight game you can get laid in Toronto I have gotten laid many times, my main point is that Toronto has a major bitch shield your going to need to game, if you come here thinking its a walk in the park and the woman here will be friendly think again….. You can get some of course you just have to choose what game will you play, the bottle service dropping $2000 at a club is game as well and attracts birds like throwing seeds on the ground (if you have that cash or want to go that route) if you dont want blow cash like that and your not coming in driving a Lambo then get ready to study your pray and counter attack to some of the most persistent bitch shields you have encountered honestly put it this way if you can game in T.O you can game anywhere its that brutal.

  • Sherpa

    I occasionally drop by your site…i dont always agree with you but i do find your rants against american women to be mostly dead on…yet its a pretty big generalization….american women arent that bad, its just bad apples that make the other 2 percent look bad…

    anyway what caught my attention about this video was your 1988 and 1990 der mannschaft home kit…i never knew you were a fan of the german national fussball team, now that i know you are i have a much higher opinion of you comrade…unfortanately 1990 was the last time we won a word title…

    poor torsten frings…playing for toronto FC…has to endure living there….

  • the passenger

    See this funny sweet girl:

    she’s from Toronto!

  • Mr magic

    @59 The passenger: This girl is a friendly hippie a rarity in Toronto please do not believe Toronto girls are not like this you better believe that she is part of the nice 5% in Toronto and that 5% is being very generous!!!

  • Eugene

    Ok, If I am 6’4, ripped, friendly, good looking, 24 years old, Making 300K a year off running several online companies in US, more of comedian attitude, nice personality. But I am foreign, born in Eastern Europe. I’ll be moving to Canada.

    Can I still have a pussy in Toronto? If not, gosh why people still coming to this one? I need to learn french and go Montreal I guess. Other options are Vancouver? is that any good too?

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with this guy. honestly I would get laid in the middle east faster than in Toronto , the shittiest place ever !

  • Toronto girl

    It’s quite obvious that (1) you didn’t know where to REALLY hang out in Toronto and (2) you probably went out in the tourist area. I live in Toronto and very proud. It’s a great city and I love it!

  • Nina

    Okay I agree with you about people being lame here and thinking they are cool, but I am curious where you went? I think you are generalizing, and referring to women as “fat bitches” is just not cool, it makes you sound like a womanizer and a whiny little boy that could not get his way.

    Where are you from ?

    Yes Toronto is not perfect, but there is a lot of good people here and interesting too. Perhaps you are not hanging out with the right people, or hanging out in the right places.

    I think you have a shitty, generalized opinion of Toronto, and this makes me sad, but if you don’t like it, go ! we don’t want you and your stupid beard here anyway.

    I want to call you a douche bag, but you might like that to much. Self-loathing bastard, that’s better.

    Maybe you are not, but dude ! why all the hate ? why such a negative attitude ? Your attitude sucks !

  • Nina

    if you fuckers want a want a cheap ho to spread her legs go to a rub and tug there are tons of them in this city !

  • Anonymous

    omg sooooooooooooooo true

  • Beezkneez

    Toronto chicks have high standards and good taste. That’s why you didn’t get laid. Also you have to already be cool to get a cool chick and to also know where the cool places are, where the cool chicks are. What, were you in the “club district”? Of course you had a shitty time. Everyone has a shitty time in the club district cus THAT’S WHERE ALL THE TOURISTS LOOKING TO GET LAID GO. It’s also where everyone from the suburbs (not considered Torontonians) comes into town to party.
    Every city, everywhere in the world is different and has its different laws and rules and social behaviours. If you’re so well traveled, you should be aware of this. Obviously you didn’t take the time to make educated decisions about what you were going to do and see while you were here because Toronto has a lot more to offer than hopeful drunken one night stands.

  • Nina

    I think that is his stick – one night stands – he is a one trick pony and prolly has a small dick

  • aaaack

    If all you wanted was a cheap lay with a stranger you never intended to call again…why did you go to the “club district”??? (whatever THAT is). With some simple research you could have learned where the girls are that do that…lower Jarvis is usually where you can find them.

  • shells

    Wow, lots of generalizations in this video. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit. I do grant that people here can be more reserved. But you are full of contradictions. You say that you don’t just approach hot girls, but then you go on to insult women, saying you approach “5s and up”, that the interfering friends are “big fat bitches” and “ugly”, then you go on to complain that “girls are fat”. That’s not an attractive attitude. Maybe they say through you and didn’t want to talk to you becuase you came across as an ass? Maybe Beezkneez is right and you went to the crappy club district instead of where real people go to have a beer, talk and have fun? I don’t think you know enough, beyond the tourist district, to judge an entire city. And no, not all the girls in Toronto talk like Drake. Far from it. Very silly video.

  • DRDR

    Roosh you speak the motherfucking truth! I was born & raised in Toronto for 30 yrs, and it has definitely become one of the most pretentious cities in the world! I don’t know if it’s the Drake phenomenon or what?, but it’s like every other guy is a wannabe rapper or actor and if you’re not, no girls will date you. I think you would actually get farther with women in this city wearing shades, decked out it true religion, in a beamer/Benz rental. Basically the attitude of women are that of high priced call girls. All these hoes worship snookie and Kim Kardashian. My own sister has become One of these stating unless you’re rich she doesn’t wanna have anything to do with you (she works a government job by the way). I’m actually a filmmaker but don’t feel the need to express this to women I’ve just meet. This leads me to experiences similar to the ones you’ve encountered. The odd time I let my occupation slip out, it was like a total 180. I’ve been contemplating a move for sometime and if someone like you can’t even get laid in this city then clearly it’s time for me to get the fuck outta town. Thnx for making my decision that much easier.

  • hernanday

    People claiming that the club district is no good and its where out of towners come to get laid are tripping. I’ve lived in Toronto all my life, the club district is the only place in Toronto where you can actually have multiple dance clubs. The idea was to put all the clubs in one area so it was easier to patrol for police (because their were previously none, it was just a industrial run down area with no businesses.)

    So I wonder, other than house parties there is no other place to really be partying or getting women. A bar you say ok, but clubs are where people go to meet people, bars are where people go with their friends to get drunk and tell stories not get hit on by random guys. You will find that you go nowhere in a bar.

    One guy being a smart mouth telling Roosh to go to lower jarvis which is where prostitutes are found in Toronto.

    Toronto is just a shitty place, men outnumber women and are competeing for fat scraps

  • C

    Yup, as a female living in Toronto…I kind of have to agree.
    It’s a very “clichey” city, and everyone will stick with their own. Most of the more attractive looking bunch can’t hold down a proper sentence, let alone a conversation. Everyone seems self entitled and overall unfriendly and almost look at everyman approaching them as a predator…unless you’re already an established cool guy of the group.
    But please, dear god men, please, don’t try so hard. Don’t bring yourselves down to the level of sunglasses, overly ripped, gloating douchieness that you feel you need to be. You don’t! Just please…PLEASE be comfortable with yourselves, it’ll keep you confident, and personally that’s the most attractive quality you can have, not your wallet or rented luxury vehicle. Or True Religion (wtf…really? I don’t care. No one cares.)
    Is that why so many men resemble the cast of Jersey Shore in this city? Because you feel that you need too?
    Although, depending on where you are in the city, I see a lot of girls dishing out money on the guys more then anything. Just falling for them…and some of these girls are pretty decent, and the guys are getting away with MURDER. When I say be comfortable, don’t do this: I actually heard a guy fart. Loudly. And do a very Beavis influenced laugh, and the girl thought it was oh so charming. She then proceeded to buy him a beer.
    It was weird.

    Anyways, thats my two cents, and good luck to you guys looking for ass here.
    Stay away from the club district. The worst of the worst linger there. Go to King West and College. And please, guys, just relax.

  • mighty duck

    I am appalled that an American had come to my city and make such honest statements ! this is the realest shit Ive ever heard ! WOW

    I don’t even go clubbing or to bars anymore because its such a waste of time & $.

  • Dj Johnny A

    Mr. Roosh.

    Toronto is the best city in the world. I don’t know where it was that you were partying but brother hit me up and I will take you to where you want to be. Anyone who visits our beautiful city will tell you our women our second to none. Yeah the nightlife has taken a big hit since one of our fucktard city councillors Adam Vaughn has made it his personal goal to shut it down. But I don’t appreciate all the hate. I watched your video and then understood why women didn’t give you the time of day. Your a mess dude. Clean yourself up and hit king street. You have my email address if you decide to come back to T.O. hit me up and i will show you how we do it in the greatest city on earth.

  • DroopyD

    This is very troubling. I went to Toronto a a few months back, and while I didn’t get a chance to try to get anywhere with the girls, I was AMAZED at the quality of the eye candy there! So many hot Asians and Africans. They put the girls here to shame. If they’re bitched then that’s very disappointing.

  • Toronto Male

    I am a Toronto male and I have lived here my entire life….always trying to meet women, seduce them and even fall in love with them. I have wasted my youth trying to socialize with the women here, and have gotten into ALOT of trouble due to the lies they have said about me in the process.

    The ‘cockblocking’ Roosh spoke about in the video is something far more complex than just ‘not wanting to let their friends have sex’. There is a massive culture of false allegation against males that exists here, and it knows no equal in any other Metropolis.

    I know everything there is to know about these ‘people’, and I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that the female population of Toronto are diseased. It is the only word that suits this application.

    I would LOVE to write a full length article about this disease – which I have analyzed in the most detailed way – and have all of you read it. Now that Roosh has made it know to a sizeable amount of people, I would like to add my knowledge.

    However, before I do this I would like to know for certain that this information will be acknowledged. So if anyone wants to hear my analysis – and apply it to the world of seduction – than please let me or Roosh know.

  • Toronto Male

    And by the way that Nina chick is the quintessential Toronto icepack. If you point out the truth about the Metropocalypse Toronto has become, they start slandering your penis size. Any girl who talks like that on a thread is worthless humanity in my opinion. I knew she was T Dot the second I read that. If you walked up to her and made her feel something, she would treat you like you tried to fist her on the spot and you would be like ‘wtf just happened’? Then slowly over time you would just stop approaching for your own safety.

    They know they truth when they hear it, so they are prepared to label you as the ‘common denominator in this equation’ at any confrontation point. Thats what they actually say ‘Can I ask you a question? Who is the common denominator here?’..if you DARE challenge their city wide, NEFARIOUS ASS social rule. Literally, every woman in this will use those words if you bring up the fact that they literally put an end to normal mating.

    I don’t approve of Rooshes methods or way of speaking, because it is deceptive and misogynist. I think he can get laid without talking like that, and without stating his preferences in the way he does (which doesnt show respect to women). I think he could get laid MORE, and do BETTER write ups and videos while being honest and somewhat respectful at the same time. Lots of women are down for sex and there is no need to deceive them. I actually find that not wanting anything serious can be a strong advantage…especially in Toronto (since women attack any perceived ‘clingyness’ like a hyena attacks the prey of a wounded cheetah’).

    But what he says about Toronto is bang on….and he didn’t even scrape the tip of the iceburg that is the collective heart of Toronto females. YOU CANNOT find something good here. If something real is about to happen…something hot…or something romantic….anything….they will stop it to prove they have the control.

    I am out of the city for good in 4 days. Sold my condo. Exiled my ‘friends’.

    Men, evacuate Toronto. Let them eat each other alive like in the Walking Dead.

  • Anonymous

    why are you so bitter though :’D

  • Anonymous

    there are clearly too many thirsty people on this site

  • The Life

    Girls cock block like crazy in Toronto. Like seriously it’s not that hard to pick up women, but they make it super difficult to do it. I was at a bar with a buddy, and this girl figures out a way to make conversation with us and sit down and talk. Everything was going good, and out of no where comes her friends, and drags her away. Like WTF is this? She came down and talked to us, we didn’t go up to her, ha ha. Toronto is a weird city, crazy.

  • Darbin

    Toronto is good if you have friends that can act as a gateway for an introduction (ie. friends of friends). Other than that, Toronto really has a small town mentality disguised as a big town.

  • Kelly

    I don’t want to sound biased just because I live in Toronto and I’m a woman, but if I saw you approaching me at a club I’d walk the other way. In other words, I’m sure your bad luck with the ladies was due to your looks. Get a hair cut and shave, perhaps then you won’t scare off women with the “homeless” look you love to carry.

  • the time for debate is over

    The time for debating this is over. I will not waste any more of my energy, love or time on Toronto women . Have fun being alone in you 30’s and 40’s and beyond that Toronto women. I will be out of the city soon enough. Don’t give any good men a chance because it will be your undoing eventually because those guys that woo you are not in it for the long haul. Dumb cunts!

  • Shawn

    Its True Toronto is the worst city in the universe not only in North America in the whole entire universe brother i lived here for my whole life and i cannot imagine what my future is gonna be like here at all whether im gonna get laid or not here im still moving out of here because of the cockblocking Toronto is trash city it is Candadas dump yard and at the age of 19 im still to young to try escaping this trash city now i wanna move somebody save me from this hell place.

  • http://n'a dave

    I’m overall just amazed reading all the comments on this page… they’re like literary proof of all the awfulness this city holds with regard to the video.

    I agree with #73 C. This city overall needs to take a deep breath and relax.. people! chill and just be yourselves. Nobody is judging nearly as much as you probably tend to think.

    I left TO this year, having lived there my whole life, etc. I have faith but it’s going to take a lot of work. Mind you other comparable cities aren’t much better… I think TO has the potential to pull it together.

  • rebelyell

    He’s telling the truth about people in Toronto trying to be hip saying all these trendy slangs.

    Toronto is simply a city that tries to always get on the latest trend. People’s standards are delusionally high because of media even for guys. I feel like most people are always about maintaining their image and definitely becoming irrational because of it.
    I live comfortably in Toronto but I’ve been to crappy places in other cities. I would choose crappy places in other cities than Toronto, imo. The environment is just so negative.

  • johnny trick

    @65 Nina

    yes there are many prostitutes in toronto, but your comment is proof of the attitude of women in toronto. women dont like men/sex and tell men to go get a hooker instead

  • johnny trick

    @83 Kelly
    your comment is prof of how shallow women are in toronto

  • johnny trick

    @74 mighty duck
    the money you wasted at the night club and went home alone you could have just got a hooker instead

  • Anonymouse1

    Bro- I was born here but most of kids grew up and left and now live in America – I grew up in America and I keep American slang back in America, I stay original but ye I do notice the BS that goes on here in T.O but dude these are not Toronto natives they are Europeans immigrants, first generations and people from others provinces – Montreal is great yes but I wish I spoke french – respects to all french woman who spread legs to straight guys who want it – Ontario will turn your sons gay!!!!!!

  • Abu

    Man and I thought it was my religion, thanks bro for setting the record straight – now I know, I am not crazy. PS: where in Montreal should we go to get some action?

  • Just Leave

    Men, just get out while you still have some of your confidence intact. There’s just something ineffably lame and flaccid about living in that shithole that nobody really cares about called Toronto. It’s an ugly, poorly run and cared for place that asks of its denizens only that they work themselves to death then buy buy buy shit that people really don’t need so that you gain the approval of strangers who couldn’t give a shit about you to begin with. A horrible city floating in an inhumanely toxic social milieu. Just stop drinking the T.O. Kool-aid and get out NOW!!

  • Guy who Lived in Toronto

    Roosh, this is great commentary. I wish I heard this years ago.

    I grew up in Toronto. I’ve lived in Toronto all my life. I always wondered wtf is happening with my bad social life. All the other guys I know in Toronto wonder the same thing.

    Your observations are spot on. I moved to Philly last year and the difference is like night and day. It is much better outside of Toronto!

  • Toronto Female

    What are you guys all talking about? I was born and raised in Toronto and my female friends are so slutty. Most of my closest friends are men I grew up with and women are always after them and using them for sex. I hate it’s city just as much. The dating scene is disgusting. Men don’t approach women anymore and I always thought it was because women are always throwing themselves at men. Men don’t even have to work for anything anymore women hand it to them on a silver platter. The women in this city are so desperate it’s so pathetic. And on top of that there are way more attractive women then there are men. I thought it’d be easy for a guy to get a piece of a$$ anyday at any time.

    And for you guys who say it’s impossible to connect with a girl here, where the hell are you? I’ve had men tell me off for not sleeping with them on the first date! The men in this city suck almost as much as the women! The dating scene altogether in this city is disgusting and pathetic!

  • http://[email protected] Wannaleave

    My parents came here I’m the late 60s to give us a better life, but low and behold my brother is 40 and I’m 38, we are well educated, handsome, and well built but we wasted our youth looking for not only women but south Asian women here in Toronto. They are the same as every women in the city they want to be with a millionaire or for some odd reason they get married to some dude in United States or forced to marry someone from “back home” in Pak or India, they will never marry a brown dude here in Toronto. It’s pure evil in this city I really don’t get it! Now my parents are old and depressed because we can’t find women to be with, I know some are laughing at this but I don’t care I have tell it like it is. I spend my days building my company and going to coffee shops and movies alone, and the even sadder thing is I see other handsome well dressed Toronto men in the movie theatres and coffee shops alone, I just feel like walking up to them and giving them a big hug and saying ” brothers lets get out of here, take a world trip and find some real women” when I start making millions with my company in a couple of years I will do that I promise you! I will get to know some random Toronto men who are sick of this god aweful, dirty, New York wanna be, poser city and take them to South America, Europe and Asia all expenses paid by me. Just. Fuckin watch me you prostitutes! (Toronto women)

  • http://[email protected] Wannaleave

    Just had a brilliant idea! How about someone make a documentary called “Toronto sucks for men!” And take 3 Toronto men who’ve had it with the dating scene in Toronto to Europe or another country for a year to see if they have any luck over there.

  • Paulson

    Don’t worry, wait until more males cannot find employment, but due to feminist sanctioned quasi-diversity laws, feminists are first priority in the hiring process.

    Don’t worry, the workplace environment is so feminist that even if a male stares at a female co-worker who wears stretch pants to work to show her ass and g-string, the male has no job if the female complains. What an Orwellian city. If the city is becoming more Communist, I’m leaving. This is not about getting laid, it is about liberty and freedom.

    Sane men will never consider raising a family or owning a business in Toronto because the city is a communist experiment. If a male is dying of cancer, and a female was recently diagnosed with an STD, guess who gets more funding and priority from OHIP? The female. If a male gets an STD he is already a criminal who is going to spread STDs to those oppressed women although the male received the STD from a feminist woman in the 1st place.

  • Paulson

    Feminists are angry at those rub and tugs, and I’m noticing thats a lot of rub and tugs down Yonge Street becoming dysfunctional or closed down.Feminists complained about it to their mangina security guards of the state?

  • Paulson

    The feminist epidemic starts from the public education system and the mainstream media. Mark Dice has excellent commentary about the social ills.

  • Paulson

    I don’t have a problem about getting laid with STD bitches in Toronto, but I do have a problem with the system which can cause a man to lose his job, get harassed by police and even end up in jail over criticizing the feminist movement in Toronto!

    How can any man’s business survive with the amount of feminist and communist dogma?

  • Womens Rights Activist

    If you are a student or a male teacher who works at the TDSB or any other school board in Ontario, you will be investigated for hate speech against women. Blogs like these caused the deaths of Amanda Todd and the cyberbullying of a female Edmonton high school teacher. Women are harassed, intimidated and abused by reading these horrific posts that some of the school boards will have no choice but to appoint staff to monitor these blogs and the social media accounts of students and teachers in order to prevent any more misogynist, sexist and women-hating material from distribution on the internet.

  • Womens Rights Activist

    This post is highly sexist!!!! The demerit of anonymous speech is that victims of misogyny have no way to find out the individuals who made these harmful posts unless the victims file a court order and complaint to the Toronto police dept.

    Another reason why anonymous speech should be BANNED from the American Constitution.

  • Womens Rights Activist

    You are hiding behind a computer screen and that is why anonymous speech should be banned.

  • Avatar

    I have never seen so many useless , needy princes in my life . Toronto women are feminist idiots . I date outside of the city .

  • Avatar

    Why ? Its the truth . Most Toronto women are Feminist

  • Tony

    There’s nothing in society more useless than a feminist.

  • Johnny Walker

    Dear protagonist,

    Most Challenging city for game is not accurate for describing a socially engineering culsterfuck of a city like Toronto. Anglo – canucks particularly Torontonians don’t have life experience. You guys live in a society that doesn’t respond to you on a human level. Lack of culture and identity – at best a copycat American culture and a dull one at that – has left the place and it’s people socially inept and uptight like no other I’ve seen.

    I’ve witnessed Toronto based players and other canucks abroad and in the USA trying to game women – You guys suck and the girls can tell – in short, they don’t like your fake high energy vibes. Leaving Canada causes one to grow up and mingle with humanity in a normal fashion for once – thats when you finally start to learn how to game properly and maybe successfully later if you can unlearn what Canada has taught you in being a male bitch.

    1 way to game successfully in Toronto is to pretend you are rich. 200% gold digging feminista’s man. I’m not rich but I’ve slept with gold diggers in the States because I have a nice physique and handsome. In canada they actually HATE you for being handsome – Must see to believe. Feminism is taken wayy wayy wayyyy too seriously by your women, to the point were it shocks the bitchiest of American and British women who have actually seen Anglo Canada first hand LOL. Canada sucks. Canadian standards of game are very low LOW by world and even American standards.

  • Johnny Walker

    My old friend equated Canadian girls and Americans girls to Cigarette’s and coffee. In a nut shell, both have their side effects such as interfering with your physiology and how nutrients get absorbed by your system, but the doctor usually tells you to quit smoking immediately (Canadian girls) while coffee (American girls) consumed in moderation (couple times a day) is actually an anti-oxidant..lolol.

  • glo

    there are mean girls to pretty, nice, free spirit latinas too. they are haters….I think they have no souls. montreal…is my kinda city.

  • Clark Kent

    And this my friends… is why you don’t bother dating girls from Toronto…

  • Thunda_kid

    so you judge a city on getting laid??

    That’s pathetic.

  • UmbrellaCorp

    I live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). People here are either:
    a) zombie (so dumb that they don’t even know they are hurting others)

    b) vampire (so cunning that they spend every minutes biting people)

    c) normal people (only a few left)

    No wonder why they film “The Resident Evil” in Toronto.

  • A W

    Sounds like my life in Maryland. I’m a handsome guy, funny confident, good physique, play guitar, yet i get treated like I have leprosy because i don’t fit into any of these stupid little cliques and am decently attractive. The women here on average look like shit (busted faces, nasty attitude, guts) and act like they are models. Bunch of backstabbing, nasty, little assholes too. I can’t wait to get out this hellhole. I have a few friends w/o moved out west and love it. Everyone I’ve got along with and most chicks I’ve banged are from elsewhere. I can’t wait to escape hell on earth.

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  • mj1

    You’re by my hero!! I’m so tired of most who are brain washed, to say what the society taught them to say. Bunch of fearful pu**ies!!

    The rest of the county knows what a sh*t hole GTA, ON is!!

    But in the end it toke an American with balls to say what everyone else was too fearful to say it!!

    Ppl here are f**ked up!! The more rude you are, the more respect you’d get.

    Guys pretend that they’re all gangster bad a*s millionaires. Mean While most of them at age 40 years old guy live with their mom, that smoke pot all day.

    Everyone tries to intimate everyone, even cops!!

    Bullies get pissed off when you bully them back. (Because everyone here bows down to authority.)

    I’ve lived here most of my life, I almost went crazy at one point, I was mentality abuse at work and by my friends and strangers because I loved to laugh & smiled which wad like putting a flame under someone’s a*s!! You can’t talk to anyone, ppl are extremely judgmental.

    My friends would even ignore me because I didn’t make enough money as fast as they did. (Because I didn’t have the luxury of having both parents who made money to help them.)

    Deeper issues are if you’re honest and helpful and kind living you’re almost a dead meat!! (For guys that is!)

    Is other you have to be this fake twisted judgement beings like them, or speak up and get out. A lot of ppl here end up taking their own lives, because of this fake mentality, so some ppl who don’t wana be brainwashed actually end up thinking that they are so
    Mentally messed up that they issue is them, my brother in law saw a guy in downtown Toronto climb a building cops came and watched and didn’t do nothing they didn’t even try to stop him from taking his own life, the poor guy jumped and hit the concrete and was in million pieces. (This issues could of been stopped most likely if ppl stop telling each other what they should say)
    This is not positive thinking, is a sick game!!

    Most ppl in GTA are programmed to petered that they’re busy to make an impression that they have a successful life (I don’t know what kind of moron starts this mental retarded thinking!!) and everyone else followed.

    If I were to call ppl on GTA (Toronto) Sheeps that would be an understatement!!

    Roosh the fact that you don’t step down for what you recognize & state, and confidently speak off, shows that how much of follower that you’re not!!

    I have nothing but respect for you, I’ve tried to do what you did long ago, but quickly I was attacked with pitchforks from friends and ppl who were around me by telling me that I’m the issue, when I went to U.S & saw how ppl accepted and loved me with opened arms gave me the confidence to know that “now for sure I know that I’m not the problem”

    There are many more guys like me, (well my old me) and if we save even one of them, I think I/you did our jobs.

    [email protected]

  • mj1

    Good you didn’t move here!! My parents moved here when I was a kid.

    I was abused since elementary school all the way to adulthood, my mistake was? Being happy!

  • mj1

    I’ve been to Florida! I’ve live there in a second. Orlando girls are super friendly and a lot of hot Cuban/American chicks in Miami, they’re super friendly!!

  • mj1
  • Isaac Ben

    Toronto really does suck. Of course those who live there have trouble to admit it.