Travel Datasheet For Lublin, Poland

I stayed in this city for three months over the winter. It is a boring town but the universities keep the nightlife somewhat interesting. I wouldn’t recommend this city for “beginners” even though the talent level is high, simply because it’s harder than everywhere else in Poland except Warsaw.

In spite of the fact that Lublin is off the beaten path, there were a ton of medical students from Canada and the Middle East, along with Erasmus students from Spain. I was actually rather disappointed at the surprisingly high number of foreigners because one of the reasons I came here was to stand out. Obviously, I failed. I lost count how many girls asked me if I was either a med student or part of Erasmus. Just don’t be surprised if you hear quite a bit of English when you go out, but thankfully it’s still much lower than what you experience in Krakow or Warsaw. On the bright side, most foreigners stay within their clique.

The guy who decides to come here should be a Polish lover at heart, wanting to experience the difference between Western and Eastern parts of the country.


Lublin was the sixth Polish city I visited. I’m prepared to say it had the highest concentration of pretty college girls in Poland. The overall population is small but the number of university students is high, making it a poosy paradise-lite if you like college Polish girls who have never met an American before.

As Lublin is in the Eastern-most part of Poland, very close to the border of Ukraine, you do get a different set of values than in Western Poland. There are two main differences you need to know: (1) girls are less prone to one-night stands, and (2) over 50% of girls are in some sort of relationship. It’s still possible to get one-night stands, and of course some girls will cheat, but these two issues do make progress much slower while increasing the quantity of approaches you must do before something hooks. And forget about meeting girls who are over 23, since most of them have a boyfriend. Therefore Lublin is not a place to go for a quick drive-through. It’s more of a city where you need to stay a while.

Ratios at night range from okay to superb. There are a handful of ladies night (see night section), where you’ll find more girls than guys. This is the best feature of Lublin.

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You can’t go wrong staying anywhere between Plaza Lublin and Old Town. Here’s a map. Plaza is north of the big gray rectangle while Old Town is in the top right with the curved roads. Since you will probably have to go on dates, and most date venues are close to Plaza Lublin, staying near the mall is a sound option.


Lublin has girls that will fuck you but it takes more time to get it in. One-night stands are harder and you will be faced with a more conservative mentality, but once you crack that, you will enjoy some pleasant lovemaking. If you’re going to come to this city, definitely don’t miss the Wednesday night ladies night, but be warned: if you go when school is out of session, it will seem like a ghost town.

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