Travel Datasheet For Montreal, Canada

I went to Montreal for one week at the end of October 2012. I focused almost exclusively on French Canadian girls, and not their anglophile counterparts.

I immediately noticed that people here really do believe that French culture is superior to American, so you won’t find girls excited about where you are from like you would abroad. While being from America isn’t a huge draw (there are already many Americans in the city), it is novel enough that it will give you an extra minute or two of her attention. Overall it’s a slightly above-neutral affect.


The quality is much better than Washington DC, the city I was in before visiting Montreal. Most girls are generally cute and thin. There are lots of 6’s and 7’s with the occasional 8 and above. They have pouty faces, sexy accents, bangs, and petite bodies. The quality is on par with New York City, but I suspect the proportion of hotter girls there is higher.

The city had more of a hipster vibe (especially if you stay around St. Laurent), reminding me of Scandinavia. Converse shoes and skinny jeans are normal. That’s where the similarities end, for Montreal girls are much less reserved than Scandinavian girls and also cockblock less.

I was shocked at how incredibly friendly the women were. One girl chatted me up in the liquor store and other girls smiled at me in bars. Many who did this were in the 7 range. They’d ask me questions and give off invitations for me to approach. As positive as this was, I discovered this is partly due to social politeness and does not necessarily mean that she wants to bang you. You still have to move all interactions forward by touching, building value, and getting her to your place. She won’t do it for you.

During the day, you’ll feel the “big city vibe” with girls staring straight ahead, walking fast, and making just an average amount of eye contact. Street approaches definitely surprised them a bit, more so than café or night approaches, where you can lock eye contact, give off a smirk, and then get one in return.

Most people in Montreal believe in socialism, so be careful of getting into political discussions or race generalizing. It will be similar to what you experience with white American girls.

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The city is rather expensive (though less so than Toronto). Even in dive bars you can spend $40 easily without realizing it.

Montreal had a lot of marginal opportunities with 6’s. For example you can be in a café ordering a drink, and there is a 6 waiting in line giving you eye contact. Or you are in a supermarket and there is a hipster 6 looking bored trying to decide which granola bar to buy. There are lots of situations you’ll encounter where you think, “Hmm do I want to bang her?” Then you see an 8 at night, your legs are moving in her direction, and you no longer have regret for not approaching the hipster girl.

My sources tell me that I went during the wrong time (late October). It seems to be similar to Scandinavia in that girls enter a sort of pussy hibernation for the winter. I came during the beginning of that hibernation, but it was still acceptable for me so I don’t regret my choice.

Are the girls from Montreal cute? Yes. Are they sexy? A bit, thanks to the French influence. Are they feminine? A bit, but less than Eastern Europe. It’s a “gender neutral” place, so get ready for girls to say some gender equality craziness that makes your head explode, but as long as you focus on fun topics and do several approaches a night, I think you’ll find your visit worthwhile.

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