Travel Datasheet For Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the worst cities I’ve been to. You may have already read my thoughts about it in 15 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Worst City In North America For Men.


Due to a confluence of demographic and economic factors, Toronto is not a good city to meet women. It also doesn’t help that it’s the epicenter of PUA culture, meaning that there are wolfpacks of guys approaching every girl in sight. Women feel highly prized here and are quick to serve up attitude to reasonable men who approach them.

Even if your game is tight, I don’t think you’ll be satisfied with the level of talent on display, especially when compared to Montreal. The downgrade was quite substantial. The 2am last call and sky-high prices didn’t help matters.

You also have logistical issues of meeting girls who live in the suburbs and are sharing rides back home. This kills your one-night stand game. It’s very rare to find a girl at the bar who lives within walking distance of her apartment. You either have to hit the packed cheesy club with a bunch of suburban people or take a chance at small bars that, while having more locals, also has far less selection.

On the bright side, Toronto has many independent shops, bars, and holes-in-the-wall. It’s not as dominated by chains as Washington DC, but such a benefit does very little to take away the negatives of this city. I got into my bad habit of going out not to get laid, but to troll girls for my entertainment, and then go home and jerk off.

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I felt that Toronto was a bigger version of DC with a colder vibe and more cockblocking. The talent was slightly higher, but in a city of over 4 million people, it would be hard not to be.

The girls get approached a ton and aren’t easily impressed, and even if they are, your chance of getting cockblocked is high. You will have to work very hard to get something reasonable. Back to Europe (or Montreal) for me.

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  • Aurini

    I’d be interested in seeing your review of Calgary; I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

    Overpaid, easy office jobs for women, cultureless bar scene where people treat it like a restaurant (IE: virtually no talking to strangers), idiotic club antics (it would probably be relatively easy to get laid there, mind you), and rig pigs showing up in town with a wad of cash burning a hole through their pockets, buying drinks for anything that moves.

    Cappy Cap was here for sSampede and he thought I was exaggerating when I said it was vile and degenerate; then I took him out to a bar and he saw that I wasn’t.

  • Xavier

    Trolling girls for fun- lol!

    I think as intellectual as you are you’d have a blast in SoCal like Orange County or Riverside because your be amused at how child like some of the women are there and there really hot too. They have a throughbred horse vibe about them- quality but not as sharp as East Coast intellectuals like some of us. It’s fun messing with them- they’re really in to new age sounding wishy washy emotional feeling talk out there.

  • Hipstersstink

    I second your sentiment. Live in europe now and will never look back.

    The few times I’ve gone back I get depressed when going out. It never changes. People lining up for beer hall venues? Lining up period is ridiculous. Not all of those people in line to drink craft beer can be in their early 20s.

    It’s an oil town overrun by men. Go to any oil town and the demographics are similar, meaning bitchy vibes all the way from 5s that hold inflated egos.

    Don’t even get me started on the lack of culture. The weather is terrible. People flash cash for no good reason and lack worldly experience (Vegas and Mexico resorts over a dozen times doesn’t make you worldly). Could go on and on.

  • Sean

    Also Calgary here.
    With Calgary being rather expansive for the population, there’s an element of the Toronto “She doesn’t live close to where she’s at” thing, too. How many girls you know from the SW or SE end up elsewhere at night? Exactly.

    Perhaps it’s just my social circles or whatever but there also seems to be a lack of talent here. There’s the really high-end chicks but there are many more 3s and 4s.

  • c w

    My friends from Montreal call Toronto-“Nickle Town.” Because the best looking women are all 5’s.

  • Tony D

    On my last trip there I picked up three girls and got laid once. But I had to bang her in an alley off Queen Street because I was staying in a hostel and she lived in the burbs with her Mom. The other two girls were from Australia and England.

  • speakeasy

    Toronto sounds like an L.A. with worse weather.

  • Phoenix

    A few years back I was doing POF. I ran into a number of pretty Toronto profiles. I knew something was definitely up…

  • PKP801

    Roosh, I’m calling you out on this one. Toronto is the epicentre of pua, yes. Knowing that, change your game instead of wussing out.

    It’s the big leagues. You’ve shown an aptitude for being able to change your game in different countries. Why not Toronto? If one thing isn’t working, use it as a chance to learn a new skill. It’s like the song “New York New York.” If you can get laid here you can get laid anywhere.

    Protip: if womn are insulated against pua, short circuit it by doing something anti-pua. It confuses the hell out of them and sets you apart.

  • Aurini

    Glad to hear it’s not just me.

    A bit of googling shows that men outnumber women by 14,000 – that still doesn’t seem to explain the bar dynamics (70, 75 percent men), but I haven’t seen the age breakdown; very possible that the male ratio skews younger.

  • Toronto_Guest

    I don’t understand why you guys spend $1,000s of dollars a night on a party skank when you can easily walk into a rub and tug and get laid for 1/10 of a $1,000.00

    Is this the “power-of-the-pussy” or something? I smell something stinks.

  • Toronto_Guest

    Aurini, in Ontario men are having a hard time finding jobs, so you are lucky to make money in Alberta. Toronto favours women first for jobs and with feminists poking their noses into everyone’s business (literal, small businesses have to obey affrimative action laws) men are given the least priority when applying for a job, which sucks because those men in Toronto have to deal with stuck-up beeches.

  • Toronto_Guest

    Pick up artists is hard in Toronto? True, but not only that Sir!

    Roosh, what about the job market which gives preference to liberal feminists, and the amount of problems these feminists cause at school and the workplace.

    If a male is about to graduate high school and tells his friends he aspires to become a teacher—he ends up either mocked by students, beaten up by manginas, labelled as a pedophile or everything in the list mentioned.

    Toronto’s norms and values favour feminist ideas, but male ideas and male development are viewed inferior and bashed by Women Studies core curriculum.

  • Paulson

    Men lose their jobs more easily in communist Canada, that even if a male is caught VIEWING this forum, the employers will have no choice but to terminate his employment contract to AVOID THE FEMNISTS.

  • Bill

    Ages 18-40 your looking at close to 150 single men for every 100 single women. Your only going to get any pussy if God wants you to!

  • realpigasus

    If you can’t take the heat…

  • realpigasus

    Your friends are all idiots, and it’s “nickel”.