Travel Is No Excuse To Look Like Shit

I have little respect for English-speaking gringas. They go everywhere in braided bracelets, unwashed hair, loose-fitting drab clothes, and ugly sandals or flip-flops. I’ve trained many Colombian girls that the only way to definitely conclude if a girl is a gringa or not is by her cheap footwear.

Girls from Colombia (or Argentina or Brazil—take your pick) never wear flip flops to the bar unless they’re on a beach because they have respect for themselves, whether or not they’re on the hunt for a guy. Your relationship status should not be a determinant to how you present yourself to the world. In other words if you look like shit on purpose then you are shit.

I’ve met quite a few gringo guys in Colombia who came more or less for sexual adventures. Each one has put in more effort into their apperance than the average gringa. They bring button-down shirts, nice shoes that you can’t run in, and in some cases tasteful jewelry accessories. Hell even I travel with two button-down shirts.

If the men are putting in more effort than than the women in looking good, you know the Western culture has really done a fucked-up number on society. The sad part is that even with the gringas looking like they just walked out of a handicraft market, there are still a long line of guys that hit on them. This ensures that nothing will change. Female laziness combined with male desperation will doom us all.

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  • mike

    I think that this is quite relevant:

  • Carl Sagan

    For a pump and dump who really cares?

    Not like I’m taking these girls back home to meet my friends and family.

  • joker

    Hey Roosh, how’s shopping and style in medellin? I am coming over there for work and i’m wondering if i should try to bring everything from home or just buy some nice shirts and shoes over there. So how’s the scene?


  • Smartduck

    having a blast reading your book. The bat story is legendary, as Bernie would say.
    Are you setling in Brazil, after all? Beware of dirty poor beautiful girls, most turn ugly on their 30s and they are usually after money. Look for middle class hard working girls, being college educated here is not the same as in the US (brain washing feminism). It just means they want to learn, and usually they don´t lose their femininity.
    And BTW, it is easy to pronounce Copacabana, just try copacaBUNNY. The BU sound is exactly the same as the BA. Also as in mommy. Forget about the nasal sound !

  • Smartduck

    You care, trust me. I have my experience in hostels mostly in Europe, and I have seen the devil. Or the she-devil. She is blonde, with hairy legs and armpits, wears leather sandals, a pony tail to hide the hair that hasn~t been washed for two weeks. And she stinks. She is usually Anglo, as Roosh said, or German, or Scandinavian. It is a pity, because they usually have pretty faces.

  • Gio

    i blame the weak , gameless men who hit on these girls….i cant believe how many guys actually hit on 4’s, 5’s and 6’s….practicing on them is is one thing… but to actually go after ugly girls just shows a lack of self respect and no inner game!

  • The G Manifesto

    “Hell even I travel with two button-down shirts.”


    Pretty soon you are going to rolling in custom suits.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Guest Manifesto: Generation G, The Lost Generation.

  • Riker

    Haha yea, I want to see how Roosh rolls in 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, thats just the gringas in South America, and to some extent Asia as well – these rough and tumble places select for a certain type of gringa, the hippified ones into adventure who dont care so much about their appearance. South East Asia gets the same crap.

    I backpacked through Europe and stayed in hostels throughout and was stunned by the beauty and cuteness of the girls hanging out in the hostel bars, many of the hottest ones English and American.

  • Roosh

    joker: there is no style scene. if you want to look good then buy it in the states. There was this one store i went to that sold “imported italian” t-shirts for 250 bucks each.

    smart: Yup i’m going to stay in brazil for as long as i can (probably 6 months).

  • Jonk

    Hi Roosh

    I agree with you but I think you’re showing double standards.

    You talk about how hard Argentina is but for me it was the biggest pick-up cakewalk I have ever had. The only one I have ever had. The women chased me aggressively.

    Why? For the reasons stated in your post above. Within about 48 hours of landing I understood why it was different for me to you – they really value good looks and grooming – ie. shaved face or ‘sexy stubble’ as girls I know call it. Game can get you far in most places but in Argentina there’s a much stronger emphasis simply on looking good. From the photos you post, I think you could look good, but the beard/long hair thing doesn’t work on people who value appearances, ie. the whole of Argentina. FWIW I have had a beard work for me but only when hair on top was really short.

  • Tyler

    If a girl has some unwashed hair, loose old clothes, flip flops…portraying her “I don’t give a fuck attitude,” imagine how bad her pussy smells. I won’t pump and dump any chick that stinks. I’ve stopped after 3 or 4 thrusts and told girls to leave and I’m not kidding. I get mad as fuck!

    Tyler’s last blog post: Getting What You Want.

  • speakeasy

    I know exactly the type of girls you speak of. They are sort of hippy in appearance. But who has ever expected anything from hippies fashion wise? Those girls dress for comfort only.

    Yeah, and local guys do chase them. In a Chilean hostel, one Swedish girl who fit that very description was screwing one of the hostel worker’s friends within hours of meeting.

  • The G Manifesto

    “I backpacked through Europe and stayed in hostels throughout and was stunned by the beauty and cuteness of the girls hanging out in the hostel bars, many of the hottest ones English and American.”

    Where the hell did you go in Europe?

    The only fat girls I saw were all American girls.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Guest Manifesto: Generation G, The Lost Generation.

  • The G Manifesto


    “You talk about how hard Argentina is but for me it was the biggest pick-up cakewalk I have ever had. ”

    I can’t imagine Argentina being a “cakewalk” for anyone.

    Break down some more of your techniques.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Guest Manifesto: Generation G, The Lost Generation.

  • The Rookie

    i always thought part of the reason girls travel is to get some exotic dick. are the natives hitting on these gringas? if so, good, because that leaves more native women for the rest of us.

  • Unemployed Roosh Fan

    Any shoe recommendations?

    this is a tough item to back b/c it’s tough to find a versatile pair for most situations.

  • Roosh

    “biggest pick-up cakewalk I have ever had”

    Three possible ways to look into this:

    1. You’re full of shit
    2. Your quality was low
    3. You’ve never picked up before and you banged one argentine girl so therefore it was a cakewalk.

    Either way your sample size of ONE means nothing. I got a hundred comments on this blog, dozens of emails, and even more forum postings that show that argentina is a challenge. If you’re going to go against that then you have to, as G like to say, break it down. Put up reports, pictures, what you did, type of game, etc. etc. A boastful comment is not enough at this point.

  • mina

    As a female traveller, I admit that when I’m on the road (esp outside EU or US) I do tend to dress down a little–loose, modest clothing, a minimum of makeup and accessories. There a few practical reasons for this but one of the main ones is that I am actively trying not to draw sexual attention to myself!

    Sometimes it works.

  • Travel Bug

    To me, hippie clothing style is not inferior to other styles. Some people prefer it. Flip flops say “cool” “relaxed” “chill”. Heels often say “high strung”.

    Regular bathing, however, should not be optional!

  • Unemployed Roosh Fan

    “the beard/long hair thing doesn’t work on people who value appearances, ie. the whole of Argentina”

    Considering that a huge proportion of male Argentineans have beards+long hair, i think maybe the only time you might’ve seen Argentina is on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

  • The G Manifesto

    “Flip flops say “cool” “relaxed” “chill”. Heels often say “high strung”.”

    Maybe. But more importantly, high heels say “feminine”. Its been that way since like 3500 BC.

    “Considering that a huge proportion of male Argentineans have beards+long hair, i think maybe the only time you might’ve seen Argentina is on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.”


    Good point. A lot of Argentine cats have longer hair.

    Look at the polo cats. They have long hair and swoop the flyest girls.

    Long hair doesn’t hold people back by itself.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Entropy on Models, models and “models”.

  • SmartDuck

    Argentinians are complicated. Men are vain, arrogant know-it-alls. Maradona is a good example. Brazilians can’t stand them.
    The chicks are daddy’s princesses (talking about middle class and above) who want to marry well. They dress like 40 year old cougars, with lots of make up and faux jewelry, smoke a lot and are always so worried about making an aloof impression. Only rich prince charming will get across.
    The country’s presidenta, Cristina Kirtchner, is a good example. Just imagine her at 20.
    Fan has a good point: Roosh looks like an average Argentinian and his hair doesn’t help there, since many low class Argentinians love long hair. Probably a clean cut Abercrombie yankee would have more chances.
    No offense, Roosh, but you displaying the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Russell Brand look in Argentina makes it hard…however, when the new Prince of Persia movie comes out, I guess your looks will be on top, especially if you pump some iron. Fuck, even Persian you are.

  • SmartDuck

    Argentinian girls basically look like Italians. they are cute, but you have to love a big nose in a girl. Sao Paulo, where 60% of people have Italian ancestry, has lots of the kind, without the arrogance. The most beautiful girls in Latin are in Southern Brazil (land of Giselle Bundchen and tons of top models). There is a mix of Italian, Spanish and German blood that is mind blowing. But the girls are conservative.

  • Roosh

    speakeasy: I’m not talking about hippie girls. I’m talking about girls like mina who purposefully look ugly when they travel.

    “I am actively trying not to draw sexual attention to myself”

    Don’t worry in a few years this will happen on its own. Might as well enjoy being an attractive person while it lasts.

    A lot of you guys are way too hung up on looks. “Roosh you can’t get laid with a beard.. you can’t get laid with long hair!” Wrong. This tells me you don’t understand game. Why do i do better in other countries with the exact same look/dress? Because my game has less potency in some parts of the world. With time to adapt, there is absolutely no reason a man can’t get laid regularly in argentina with a beard, for example, or in the united states with a Mike Tyson-style facial tattoo.

  • Peter

    She is blonde, with hairy legs and armpits

    If her legs and armpits are hairy, almost certainly something else is too. Yum.

    Peter’s last blog post: Tuesday, November 3.

  • Chris

    I think that girls and guys that don’t at least attempt to dress to the local standard, of whatever night-time venue your going to, shows a lack of class and gives gringa/gringo travelers a bad name. Unless your going to some insanely swank club in BAs, this usually doesnt take much effort.
    Long pants(not jeans), button/stylish non-t-shirt, and decent shoes. This doesnt take up that much extra room in the pack/luggage, and its worth it to be able to look like you belong in society, and that you aren’t merely invading from the backpacking fringe.

    Girls are by far the worse offenders, as Roosh pointed out, many guy travelers at least make an attempt out of a desire for sex. Girls get lazy, as they will at least always have locals hitting on them.

    I will venture that a woman/man who sticks to their hippy style, at all costs, due to some vague principle of hippy casualness/style is immature and closed minded in an ironic attempt to be the opposite. They are flying the freak flag to attract more of their own, while the locals and everyone else watch the parade go by. I’m a former diehard myself, and know what I’m talking about. Its an exclusionary culture, not an inclusionary one as they would like to believe about themselves. Thats the sole reason why I’m not a hippy anymore. An exclusionary culture isn’t healthy. Plus I look much better now, and have access to a far wider quality and quantity of women. Its rare that I meet a truly quality hippy woman, as most are about as smart as a box of rocks. Although when they’re good they are really good. Rare birds, though.

  • Laura

    Oh LORD Roosh, here you go again on the flip-flops. If you met a gorgeous, amazingly cool girl in a sundress and flip-flops at a bar, you’d do her in a second and you’re lying if you say otherwise. Why should we bother to dress for men like you when there are plenty of men who are into us regardless of our footwear?

    Laura’s last blog post: Opposite attract– but then what?.

  • The G Manifesto


    “The most beautiful girls in Latin are in Southern Brazil”

    Which towns do you recommend?

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Entropy on Models, models and “models”.

  • bez


    There is a good reason why songs like The Girl from Ipanema are written.

    bez’s last blog post: Sally Shapiro – Hold Me So Tight.

  • Laura

    bez, i’m not sure what you mean by that. the song talks about a girl who’s tall, tan and lovely– it doesn’t say she’s wearing high heels and a miniskirt. i’ve been to ipanema, and I agree that many of the girls there are gorgeous, but it’s not because of what they wear.

    Laura’s last blog post: Opposite attract– but then what?.

  • Il Capo

    @ G Manifesto:

    Southern Brazil: try Porto Alegre or Florianopolis. The problem with Porto Alegre is that the city itself is not that great. Florianopolis, being further North, has a lower “gaucha” (GAH-OO-SHA) proportion, but is a beach town with a good nightlife. Avoid December – February so you’ll skip the foreign tourists.

  • Bez

    What I’m trying to insinuate is that there are plenty of girls who are tall, tan and lovely, but it takes something special to motivate a guy to go a bit further than a pump and dump.

    And flip flops are the antithesis of that something special. 😀

  • Roosh

    “If you met a gorgeous, amazingly cool girl in a sundress and flip-flops at a bar”

    That never happens. Gorgeous girls don’t such a thing unless they’re at the beach.

    In fact i don’t remember seeing a girl above a 7 on the looks scale wearing flip flops to a bar. It just doesn’t happen. Some girls have given up in life I guess.

  • Il Capo

    About middle class Argentine girls from an Argentine guy:

    – Our girls drink very little.
    – Our guys are really forward, confident and insistent. A-hole game or direct game will not set you apart, you will just blend in. Last minute resistance is actually Last few days resistance and we are trained to deal with that.

    – The girls need to rationalize a story for you. You want to be: the guy I met at yoga classes, or the guy who works with my friend, the guy who’s friends with X’s boyfriend or the guy who plays rugby at the club where I play field hockey. Being the random guy I met at a bar is usually not enough. If you are a foreigner, you need a story that will make you be around for a longer period of time (I’m leaving tomorrow will usually backfire and usually so will I’m leaving next week). Girls will make out with guy they met at a bar, but this guy needs to create his story to take it further.

    – Since most guys will lie, deceive and twist facts when talking to women (btw, “having game” is translated as “tener parla”), girls need to screen the guys.

    In terms of tactics:
    – Roll in a group for optimum results. If it is a beach town in the summer, you want to be with the guys who have the motorcycles, jetskis, quads or who are into kite-surfing or beach volleyball. You also want to host house parties or be regulars at a club as part of a big mixed group.

    – The girl you may get will have seen you before. Your groups will join at one point, and that will provide the setting for her to lower her defenses.
    Because of this tactics, you need to have different groups of girls around, with a few potential targets in each group for each guy.

    – Pickups take time, same night action is rare. As an example, if I’m traveling to Argentina for only a week, I know I won’t be getting much action. The 3-date structure is quite prevalent: you meet a girl at your friend’s birthday party (on a Saturday) and get her phone. You take her out for drinks or dinner the following Wednesday and make out. You catch up with her on Saturday as part of a mixed group. You pick her up and drive her each time so you’ll have the logistical upper hand. Come Saturday, she should put out. But all this relies on me meeting the girl on my first couple of days in town.

    – Conclusion: the rules of game apply in Argentina, but pickups take much longer (days vs hours). To have multiple girls, you need to be creating your story with multiple girls along time. If you give up on each pickup the same day, your numbers will suffer. You need a big backlog of potential girls to keep your numbers up. A successful crew will have different groups of girls around them. They may throw a party and have them all around (along with other guy crews) or will juggle the groups for smaller outings. The girls will also have different crews to hang out. To differentiate yourself, you need to be part of the most interesting crew. If you don’t have a crew, you need to be a regular at a specific club or bar. Meet a few girls one day, maybe make out with one and have follow up dates or just meet them again next time they go to that club. The 2nd time around, you are no longer a stranger.

  • The G Manifesto

    Il Capo just wrote one of the best things I have seen on Argentinian Girls.

    I agree 100%.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Entropy on Models, models and “models”.

  • Il Capo

    @ G: Thanks.

  • anonymous

    @G Manifesto- This answer might be a little unpopular with Brazilophiles, but I actually think that women in Sao Paulo are severely underrated. The city gets overlooked because people don’t like vacationing there. However, there women are very good looking and well dressed. There are also some pretty impressive beach towns two hours away and the restaurants and nightclubs are the best in Brazil.

  • Riker

    I also agree with II Capo. And I also think looks are really important in addition to game. I think its one of those countries that comes the closest to 50-50 when it comes to looks-game, its probably somewhere around 60-40 with the 60 being game.

    A good body, tan, good clothes and good accesories (not to mention a car) and good hair just add way too many points to say they don’t matter that much.

    Game is still more important, but only slightly.

  • S

    “Flip flops say “cool” “relaxed” “chill”. Heels often say “high strung”.”

    Eh, no. They say “messy”, “untidy” or “careless”. This is a woman speaking, a woman who has never even owned a pair of flip-flops in her life.

    There are plenty of nice looking, comfortable shoe models that you can wear while traveling. There are flats, confortable but dressy sandals, cute boots…

    And Roosh… you forgot to mention something as bad as flip-flops… CROCS.

  • Unemployed Roosh Fan

    Il Capo knows what he’s talking about.
    having spent a lot of time in Arg, i second G’s reaction.
    i’ll be re-reading that…

  • Il Capo

    A few follow up comments, since you guys are interested:

    “Game” will help establish the pecking order within a group of guys. If you have the coolest crew but you are the biggest loser by far within that crew, you won’t do well.

    The most typical solution is to be part of a balanced crew that caters to different preferences:

    – One or two guys will be ahead in looks.
    – Another guy will have a higher prestige job and either make more money or lead a more exciting lifestyle.
    – A third guy will look worse and be poorer, but will be an amateur musician or underground actor and score the artsy points.
    – The fourth guy will have none of the above but will be the funniest guy you’ve ever met.
    – And so on.

    Solid crews will have some variation in members’ successes, but it is unlikely that one guy will monopolize the results. A couple of guys may be ahead in both quantity and quality, but in the long run, everyone will be relatively successful.

  • Johnathan

    Jesu Christ, if thats really what it takes to get Argentine girls, who can be bothered? Its just not worth it – there are way easier places. With all due to respect for the culture of Argentina, and Im sure there are good reasons for it, it just seems like one of those incredibly tight and straitlaced places that are just no fun.

    Sure, here in New York maybe 60% of chics are fat, but who pulls from the bottom 60% of chics anyways? The top 30% of girls in NYC can easily compare with anything in Argentina, or anywhere in the world for that matter, and are waaaaay easier – for the right guy – than Argentine women, so why even bother?

    I guess Argentina might be a mildly interesting place where the percentage of hot women is higher than in America, but since those women are so difficult, your chances of scoring a hot girl are much higher in a cool American city like NYC, LA, or Miami, where the top few deciles of women are as good – if not better – than Argentina. Ive had some people – Argentinians – tell me the top deciles in NYC are better. Dont know if its true.

    So for the purposes of moving to a fun place with tons of opportunities with hot chics, it sounds like Argentina is off the list.

  • dick goodnuts

    Sandals and crocs on women are often a indicator of mediocre and unkept poontang.

    dick goodnuts’s last blog post: Steve Jobs, the storyteller.

  • Johnathan

    Roosh – its about social class, not looks. Your misunderstanding what everyone is saying.

    How you dress in certain countries immediately tells everyone what social strata of society you belong to, and in countries where class is still a big deal – most non-American countries – failing to display upper class signalling will simply disqualify you from most quality girls.

    The reason dress isnt so big a deal in America and there is far more flexibility in this area here is because in America dress is used far, far less as an indicator of class. High status guys in America dress sloppy or dress down all the time, and even so, style and good dress can help in the US.

    But in countries where dress and look/style is used as an indicator of class, getting that wrong can be fatal. The girl will be embarrassed to be seen with a guy who is signalling wildly through his appearance that he doesnt belong to her class.

    Imagine if how you looked in America could immediately let others know, say, you were a janitor or a gas station attendant, and then you started hitting on sueprmodels in posh clubs….think game can overcome such a handicap? Thats delusional.

    Remember hypergamy – women want to date up, not down. ITs not about looks, its about class. In some countries, how you look has HUGE implications for your social status, far more than it does in America. America is seriously misleading in this respect.

    I used to be an expat, and its amazing to me how American expats simply have such a hard time wrapping their heads around how in other countries appearance can say reams about class, and how these things MATTER.

  • Il Capo

    @ Johnathan: one possible explanation

    Another possible explanation: they make better wives, if that’s what you are looking for. They will age better, are more likely to stay loyal and will be more reluctant to initiate divorce.

  • Riker

    Johnathan you just have to love getting a girl that’s hard to get though, that’s what Argentina has.

    The whole looks equals class thing is so true. Its funny that alot of Argentinian girls will tell you Obama is hot, but you know if he was a janitor they would think he was ugly. Power literally makes them find you more physically attractive.

  • Roosh

    So Jonathon you’ve never been to Argentina, never banged an Argentine girl, hell never even kissed an Argentine girl, yet you’re over here telling me I needed to “look good” in order to get them.


  • Gio

    WOW! what a breakdown of Argentina by II Capo! Sounds like alot of hustle and bustle just to get qaulity girls…..i guess like most things in life, if you wanna be the best you gotta work hard for it. But personally, it reminds me of something i read recently….i think in the comments on the “G MANIFESTO” ….”The difference between paying for sex and not paying for sex is that paying for sex is CHEAPER”

  • Johnathan

    No, Roosh, Im not telling you you have to *look good* to bang Argentine girls. Im saying that you have to look like you belong to the upper classes in Argentina to have a shot at the quality girls. Its an issue of class, not good looks. Highly class conscious societies operate differently than America. Ive lived in these kinds of countries before and know how they think.

    But look, Im just suggesting. Youre right, Ive never been to Argentina or banged an Argentine girl, so you probably dont want to take my advice anyways. Either way, doesnt sound like Argentine girls are what youre after these days anyways, so no big deal.

  • SmartDuck

    @G Manifesto
    Capo hit the nail on the head. Floripa (knickname) is the best town, because it is also beautiful, full of young people, with great beaches and the best surf in Brazil. Many stunning girls (German+Italian blood) come from the country in Parana and Santa Catarina states, is country.
    Porto Alegre is just like Argentina, a lot of concern with status and tradition. But the girls are beautiful and there is a lot of beaches very close.
    However, the action is in Sao Paulo, which has world class night life, au pair with London and New York. But it is a place where you have to know someone beforehand.

  • SmartDuck

    Roosh aka Prince of Persia,
    Nobody is saying you have to cut your beard, but Johnathan is right. In some places, it will immediately label you as low class. Probably your game will overcome this, but it is just one more obstacle.
    About flip flops: Havaianas made this incredible marketing effort that turned a cheap sandal used by poor people into Milan top model stylish accessory. Believe it or not, there is a diamond encrusted sandal and it is fashionable to use it during the day in casual occasions, but the rest of the clothes must match and the legs and feet must be more than perfect. See how Giselle uses them.
    But they are never ever used in clubs or at night.
    BTW, I don’t like them either.

  • SmartDuck

    What Il Capo says applies to Brazil too.
    In the US: kiss = sex following soon
    S America: kiss = means almost nothing

    In the US: thong = slut
    S America: thong = maybe a daddy’s princess

    Gringos see the asses exposed at the beach, the friendliness and the kisses and misunderstand it for sluttiness. Middle class girls usually have sex with boy friends.

    Of course there are sluts (especially in Rio, low class gringo hunters) , but they are in a different category, and a regular Brazilian/Argentinian Joe would not be caught dead with one in front of his friends.

  • Mrs. Chocolate

    I’m brazilian and I’ve several flip flops and NONE of them I use to go to a Bar or Night Club, even in a Beach Town. There are sandals and comfy high heels for that.
    The Crocs are unforgivable and, in my opinion only works for workers e.g waiters, baby sitters and the like.
    Once I was at MC Donalds wth a friend and suddenly appeared a hairy girl, as a man. her arm… Ew. I can’t even imagine the “down area”.

    Seriously, I feel bad when I spend more than a month without wax.

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  • Anonymous

    this honestly makes me vomit.

  • madmax

    women wearing sandals or flip-flops and baggy shorts look like shit….fucking dorks

  • Esmeralda

    If this is what you perceive, it’s because women have learned of ways to deal with constant predation by fucking tools like you. You look like shit in your about picture. Guess what. You are shit.