Travel Is No Excuse To Look Like Shit

I have little respect for English-speaking gringas. They go everywhere in braided bracelets, unwashed hair, loose-fitting drab clothes, and ugly sandals or flip-flops. I’ve trained many Colombian girls that the only way to definitely conclude if a girl is a gringa or not is by her cheap footwear.

Girls from Colombia (or Argentina or Brazil—take your pick) never wear flip flops to the bar unless they’re on a beach because they have respect for themselves, whether or not they’re on the hunt for a guy. Your relationship status should not be a determinant to how you present yourself to the world. In other words if you look like shit on purpose then you are shit.

I’ve met quite a few gringo guys in Colombia who came more or less for sexual adventures. Each one has put in more effort into their apperance than the average gringa. They bring button-down shirts, nice shoes that you can’t run in, and in some cases tasteful jewelry accessories. Hell even I travel with two button-down shirts.

If the men are putting in more effort than than the women in looking good, you know the Western culture has really done a fucked-up number on society. The sad part is that even with the gringas looking like they just walked out of a handicraft market, there are still a long line of guys that hit on them. This ensures that nothing will change. Female laziness combined with male desperation will doom us all.

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