Treating Girls Like A Dick

I’m disturbed and shocked that being such a dick still gets such a positive response in so many girls. Haven’t they read The Game by now… and my blog?

I was talking to an tipsy 23-year-old and she was being stupid and getting on my nerves. I did not want to take the interaction further. I said, “Alright I’m done with you—you go now,” and nudged her along. She let this gigantic smile, like I directly stimulated the part of her brain responsible for happiness, and she came back.

I treated her like a cheap hooker, added a bit of the Roosh charm every now and then, and she was stuck on me even though she lived with her boyfriend. I enjoyed telling her things like “What’s wrong with you?” and “Why don’t you give me a break and go flirt with some other guys?”

No, I didn’t bang her, but I shouldn’t have gotten as far as I did treating her the way I did when she had to go to Ikea the next day to buy a crappy living room set with her future husband.

If I were to estimate the percentage of girls who like it when a guy treats her poorly from time to time, it would be around 60%. But I like treating girls with respect. It is my hope that by treating girls like princesses, they will treat me like their prince.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Yeah right, whatever works, you cheap hooker.

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  • Jo

    Girls like that piss me off so much. Because she has daddy issues and wants to be treated like shit the rest of women have to pay the consequences… sigh.

  • Shannon

    Yuck. Luckily, she’s only 23 and has plenty of time to drag her self esteem out of the basement.

    Shannon’s last blog post: Crazy Sex-Starved Women!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    “If I were to estimate the percentage of girls who like it when a guy treats her poorly from time to time, it would be around 60%.”

    Girls want to treated like girls. But most guys don’t understand and think a girl is treated poorly if you aren’t worshipping her.

    “But I like treating girls with respect. It is my hope that by treating girls like princesses, they will treat me like their prince.”

    If girls wanted to be treated like princesses, they’d marry daddy. Girls want prince charming, not some fucking peasant to bow down to them.

  • virgle kent

    First Roissy now you, did I miss the e mail on being a dick day? WTF, all the fun stuff happens when my e mail crashes.

    Remember when you told that one girl she’s acting like a little bitch, then she apologized?

    I need to stop treating these hood rats with so much respect…. wait what?

  • dchero

    Let me sum up all the female comments so far and probably most of them to come: “Uh huh, but I’m different”. Yeah, yeah, how many times have I heard that shit? All the same, all predictable, all love being put in their place by a strong man.

    dchero’s last blog post: Food Prices Rising, Fat People Terrified.

  • roissy

    springtime brings out the natural mating process as god intended.

    roissy’s last blog post: Keeping Your Woman In Line.

  • virgle kent

    Just to keep up with the current trend my next blog title will be

    “How to beat your bottom bitch”

    Oh shit, I probably shouldn’t have wrote that out loud.

  • Anonymous

    When I read the headline, I thought it was going to be about treating girls like your own dick and therefore worshipping them. Then again, it’s really hard to fit entire girls in random pussy.

  • Shannon

    Anon, I originally thought the same thing. So you’re supposed to choke/beat them?

    Shannon’s last blog post: Crazy Sex-Starved Women!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    I hope you’ve all watched this by now:

  • Roosh

    I’m kind of confused about my headline as well.

    10: About fifteen times. I’m working on Alias Game variants

  • Ava V

    I was going to write a post about how to get a guy to treat you like a princess (and yes they call me Princess Ava) and it basically starts by not letting him treat you like a dick. Girl have to get out of this mental model and realize that they deserve better. It all starts with what you think you deserve, and if you think you deserve shit, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

    Sorry DC Hero, not exactly what you thought I’d say.

    Ava V’s last blog post: Tips for the Fellas.

  • S

    The key is a mix of sweet/charming with intermittent dick. Your refusal to be her whipping boy keeps her interested as she seeks to make you her whipping boy. Increasingly futile, she keeps coming back for more. She respects your manliness. Unlike other guys who give in and suck up, she sese you as this sweet guy who is just independent and speaks his mind. It is really a delicate balance.

  • Shannon

    “she sese you as this sweet guy who is just independent and speaks his mind.”

    S, why not just grow up and BE a guy who is independent and speaks his mind, instead of putting on a whole performance? Or is this a fake-it-til-you-make-it situation?

    Shannon’s last blog post: Crazy Sex-Starved Women!!!!.

  • Hope

    We teach people how to treat us.

    A lot of women today are teaching men to treat them like dirty whores and sluts because the guys who treat them like that are the guys they’re flirting with and opening their legs up to. Women must change before men can change.

    “The biggest risk involved in teaching people how to treat you is the risk that some of them might go away. Some friends might not call you anymore. Some clients might leave. You have to be willing to surrender those things that aren’t in alignment with how you want to be treated. They necessarily must go away. And the test is to let them.

    This is why I don’t have much of my birth family in my life. I won’t let them treat me the way they want to, and they won’t treat me a different way; I’d rather give up my family than be treated badly. That’s my choice, and I take responsibility for the consequences.”

  • Beach Bum

    The women you guys meet… *shakes head*

    Beach Bum’s last blog post: One more bites the dust….

  • Ava V


    That reminds me of a cosmo article I read. The premise that like dogs men can be trained. And of course I can’t find the link for it now.

    Ava V’s last blog post: Tips for the Fellas.

  • Rael

    The problem with Game, is that even when you win,
    you did it by acting like somebody else – not by
    being yourself. The girl you slept with is a
    sucker because she bought your act – so you can’t respect her.

    You also can’t take her giving herself to you as any validation of your true self, because you
    weren’t *being* your true self – you were playing
    the Game.

    Of course, getting laid is great, but that gets
    old after awhile (although – *not* getting laid gets way older way faster.)

    I suggest that instead of Game,
    you just try your best to
    dance like nobody’s watching
    and love like you’ve never been hurt.

    The bars of DC might not be the best
    place for that sort of thing. A city that
    lives entirely on politics and government
    contracts is going to be inherently phony
    no matter what you do. (Yes, I’m a former
    DC resident.)

    Where to go?

    Try the Shambalha festival in Canada.
    Maybe Burning Man.
    There are lots of good places.

  • Roosh

    ^^^^^^^^ That’s iambic pentameter if I’m not mistaken.

    Whenever I write a post like this, there is never one comment from a girl who says, “Yeah i agree, i like it when a guy treats me like shit.”

    So what does that say about girls………

    Well i think they simply don’t know their own buttons. There’s the buttons they WANT to have, and the ones they do, which they think they shouldn’t have.

    They rationalize it… “he was just standing up for himself” and NOT “he treated me like a whore.”

    Doesn’t matter to me what a girl thinks works on her though. Just the fact that it works, and i will keep doing it.

  • raskolnikov

    Although we joke about the desire to “treat women like the princesses that they are,” it really is disturbing that the vast majority of them really do respond so well to being treated like crap and would never respond well to being treated like a “princess.” Even the nicest-seeming women rapidly deteriorate into bitchdom a month or two into dating, and any degree of decency never reverts them back to normal.

    I really do wish that treating women like equals yielded decent results. Sadly, treating them like crap is the only surefire, consistent way to maintain their desire. I personally don’t treat women like crap on purpose, but occasionally I let fly accidental asshole behavior. It always wets their panties. Perverse I tell you… perverse is the female mind.

  • Shannon

    Roosh, it’s entirely possible that the women you troll for in bars are totally different from the ones who read/post here. For starters, the ones here are at least semi-literate. (Zing! I know, cheap shot.) Still, I don’t know if you can really generalize about all women based on “the scene.”

    Shannon’s last blog post: Crazy Sex-Starved Women!!!!.

  • Hope

    Re: Being treated like crap

    I had several potential clients that tried to pull the spec work trick on me, telling me they had several designers working on concepts for them. They told me that what work I should do for them, and I would be competing with these other designers. If they picked my design concept, I’d get paid, and if they didn’t, well they still have my work.

    I told those clients to fuck off, nicely. I’m worth way more than that, and they weren’t charities cases that I’d work for pro bono. One of them tried to tell me afterwards it was a misunderstanding and wanted to work with me on something else, but I gave a firm no. They can go pull this crap on someone else, but not on me. I’m not going to be taken advantage of or to be stomped on by such sleaze.

    Grow a spine. You’ll be happier for it.

  • Bobby Rio

    After a month of datng my last girlfriend we talked about how we viewed eachother before we hooked up.. she said “i thought you were an asshole”

    AND she still won’t admit she likes assholes.

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Drake’s Tech Tips- The Shrug.

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  • agnostic

    For starters, the ones here are at least semi-literate.

    Hahaha, no, smart and educated girls put up with / enjoy asshole behavior too. Go to an Ivy League school, or Wall St., and ask girls if their bfs treat them sweetly, as though they were precious princesses.

    Dumber, less-educated girls likely respond to a more physical type of asshole (a thug, biker dude, etc.), but smart girls respond to verbal assholishness.

    agnostic’s last blog post: Men and women can be “just friends,” if she’s pretty.

  • Laura


    Check out this link. Cut & paste.
    I Guess You’ll Do

  • leena

    i freely admit that i like and prefer assertive guys. insecure guys are a turnoff in more ways than one. that said, it.s a huuuuge difference between being assertive and disrespectful. you can maintain respect while being assertive… and vice versa. plus. a man can be assertive without ever being so verbally… you can usually tell who is ‘alpha’ by how he carries himself and interracts wit others…

  • Cob


    Right, because Cosmo is such a reliable source of information.

  • Pete

    I finally realized what the connection is here. When a girl has sex with some random dude, it is very emotionally damaging for her. So she has to be in the mood to be treated like shit because she’ll feel like shit after the sex is over. That ends up being a perfect quick test to see if u can get laid. Treat a girl like shit for 2 minutes and if she doesn’t respond positively then she won’t put out anyway, so just move on. Nothing is worse than spending 3 hours on a girl and coming up empty. This also explains why this works better in bars than in other settings.

  • GetSome

    Chicks love my asshole cock.
    And when I tell them they will pretend to be turned off at first, but then when I invite them over for a taste or my Meat they will of course take it in a heartbeat. Why? Because chicks love asshole Meat.

  • Jen

    I will admit it – a guy treating me like a dick is intriguing. Because I know that there is nothing about me which warrants being treated like a dick by anybody who is meeting me for the first time. Once you’ve gotten to know me, fine, I have my fair share of enemies. But if a guy is acting like a dick right off the hop, to me that is nothing but a challenge.

    I’m not saying I’m going to jump into bed with every guy who’s a complete ass, but it sure makes me want to show him what he’s missing out on by giving me the brush off.

    And once you’re past the initial treats-you-like-a-dick phase, you either find that he’s actually a good guy and has read some ridiculous blog telling him that treating a girl like a dick is a good way to attract women and thought it sounded like fun, or he’s actually just an ass. I tend to weed the latter ones out. The former are usually alot of fun.

  • fanfrickingtastic

    I’m not mean, I’m funny…and a little bit mean (according to roissy it’s in my ballcutting, career climbing, afeminine nature…I can’t even help it). I just think guys don’t find it as amusing when the posts are directed at them. You treat women like trash (in your posts) and teach other guys how to do the same, so if you’re calling me mean…I’ll take it as a compliment.

    fanfrickingtastic’s last blog post: On this day: four years ago.

  • Cori

    I honestly think it’s an age thing.

    Same story both ways. Treat a boy like a Saint Bernard and you get their phone number.

    Sounds like you should date a cougar. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I treat women how I think they should be treated, I honestly don’t know how to treat a girl like an asshole shithead who rolled out of bed and went to the bar to get laid because I respect people too much. I treat girls -if I like them- like they’re someone special to me, yet I try to maintain a balance of sexual passion and assertive ness, cocky/ego-ness, and of course im always romantic because believe it or not, although SOME girls like to be treated like trash, there are always classy girls like like to be made felt special, and taken care of, by a MAN not a PUSSY shy faggot that googles what girls want when he gets home from looking into the bar window and seeing some girl get taken off by a complete and total asshole with a 1″ dick. but to the shy pussies out there sitting at home wishing they were more like assholes, please for the love of god just remember that there will always be sweet girls out there that are tired of jerks and want a guy like you. just so long as you can man it up and give a girl what she wants, GIRL+MAN=NORMAL GIRL+PUSSY=CHEATING

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    doesnt everyone like hard to get?

  • Anonymous

    My last one-night stand, who I met on one occasion and slept with on the next, told me she thought I looked like an asshole at first.


    This is a 24 year old with a graduate degree, who claims to have only had 2 one-nighters. Of course, she would probably never admit to being attracted to assholes – and I’m definitely not one, anyway.

    The average woman is more perverse and masochistic than the most fucked up guy you could possibly find. I hate that I have a need for them, they are less than worthless.

  • Matt

    Last night a girl asked what I hold her cigarette while she goes to the toilet… Errr not unless you pay me £100. It’s amazing that many guys must have said yes to such a request for her to ask it like it was normal. What a messed up reality they live in!

  • Asshole

    Women want a challenge. In a world full of pussified men putting women on a pedestal, the asshole is the kind of man who actually presents a worthy challenge. Women also believe that they will be the one exception to the rule. They believe they are special and thus deserve special treatment. The asshole who challenges this belief wins. As long as she believes she has a golden pussy she will be in control and unchallenged, thus bored. If you can get her to doubt her golden pussy status, she’ll spend lots of energy trying to convince both you and herself that she is special. This is where the asshole cashes in. Keep her challenged and working to prove her pussy is the exception to the rule. Once the challenge is gone, so is she.

    Women who think I am sweet never fuck me. It’s only the women who think I’m an asshole that fuck me.

    Women who say “not all women are like that” – oh, so you’re the exception to the rule?

  • http://[email protected] you can usually tell who is ‘alpha’ by how he carries himself and interracts wit others…

    Its situational-

    Ask superman-

    I always have disguised my self from gold digging trolls-

    Its funny how little you girls know-

    About who runs things

    -girls intuition is about as far as you can throw a stick

    Very few girls get to see true power

    Part 2-treating most girls badly does work-this is unfortunate-

    : )

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Showing your merceedes usually brings out good behavior in women. Hiding it causes them to misbehave. Just a note from personal experience.

    owning a sh#% load of stuff causes multiple girlfriends.

    Having it away (hidden)causes them to ‘not be around’

    Just noting my own personal experience in absolute truth for others to see.

  • http://[email protected] you can usually tell who is ‘alpha’ by how he carries himself and interracts wit others… on Nov 18, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Being on stage singing for people causes girls to appear in your bed.

    Being the same person, and walking in to a coffee shop saying hi to a girl in line. Can cause girls to behave undesireablly.

    Just personal absolute truth personal experience.

    A girl who says she has alpha male vision is an example women who likely has opportunities walk by her face everyday & dissapear.

    The world is a ruebix

  • /[email protected] you can usually tell who is ‘alpha’ by how he carries himself and interracts wit others… on Nov 18, 2011 at 12:10 am

    …Cube that ouly Hugh Hefner really knows how to play

    Goodnluck everybody

    Life can be difficult

    But some days are good

    I wish all the good people the best

  • Anonymous

    Women are COMPLETELY f#@ked in the head in this country.

    Thanks libtards. Thanks alot.

  • madmax

    stupid bitches…a girl I met in a adult class, looked so innocent and cute, I immediately liked her. We flirted and she would send me messages like ‘I miss you!’. She then told me she’s getting fucked by someone who doesn’t give a shit about her, who fuckes her for 2 MINUTES (ejaculates too soon), is nervous when he’s having sex with her, and after he’s done with her, he tells her ‘don’t text me!’.
    Unbelievable. This fucking guy doesn’t EVEN SEND A FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE TO HER. And when I asked her ‘why?’ the response of this stupid bitch was ‘I hate him, I don’t like him. But I was so attracted, so I continued’.
    Ah ah. Listen, Roosh, I need you to write more books about how to be a complete asshole. I want to be a fucking asshole. I want to fuck women and treat them like they don’t mean shit to me. Not hurting them physically etc, just having sex with them and seeing nothing more than a person to have sex with.

  • Stoned

    Hey ! I know that there are many girls who fall for guys who treat them like trash. But, I really doubt if it is like an epidemic. Maybe its because you always went for these cheap hook3r types.

  • http://fu Stark

    @ Jo
    April 15th, 2008 @ 9:24 am

    ha ha… really that’s too bad.

  • Anonymous

    The flirting game is very paradoxical.
    The thing is that most men treat women nicely, especially pretty girls.
    Women are used to guys telling them their beautiful and complimenting them.
    By doing the opposite you actually stand out and are much more interesting to them.
    Yeah, I hate that shit but you can’t change the rules of the game, you can just learn them if you want to be good at it…

  • Anonymous

    so if I were to treat a girl like a bitch I will get more lucky? “your hair looks atrocious, why so ratty”. I dont think it will work last time i tried she ran away!

  • Nietzsche

    “Bold, uncaring and violent; thus wisdom wants us; she is a woman and loves only a warrior”

  • Matt

    You sound like a female libtard. I had a mohawk and was always a dick to bitches and guess what? They ate it up. I cut it off and decided to be nice for a while, a genuine human being. Now im a low paid machinist with no females. So fuck that, back to being a prick

  • Mcgoohan1971


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