Tucker Max’s Gratuitous Attack Against Me

If you haven’t been on Twitter or the forum lately, you might have missed former internet star Tucker Max’s attack on me that was based on fantasical fiction. Here’s my video on the matter:

Click here to see comments. Danger & Play also did a post explaining Tucker Max’s defamation.

A second video I put out is “Why I’m Not More Positive”:

Click over to the video’s page to read the 30+ comments that have already been left. Lastly, hit the Subscribe button on Youtube to see new clips before I drop them on the blog.

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  • Seriously?

    You’re a goddamn woman.

  • seth datta

    I’d like to point out that PUA is dead. Yes, seduction has been around for as long as human history has been around, but in a technology orientated society with internet, smartphones, and social engineering; we are seeing patterns of human behaviour that did not previously exist. The new game will be niche game. Even fame does not help unless you are more than just a local celebrity – look at how celebrities themselves get screwed over by their females. I have seen in the uk how women have gotten way more selective, though their standard has fallen. In addition, the other half of the few hot women choose the most useless guys with no masculinity and nothing to offer. They just pick those guys as they know those guys will not get better options.

    I just walked out in Glasgow, Scotland, UK yesterday and was shocked. Not only did I see a huge feminism group recruting in the city center, but the Communist party was recruting too. I am not fond of communism considering 100 million Christians were killed by it in russia alone, in the past. Also, i was surrounded by tons of women who would be 6s,7s and 8s if they would wear the skirts they used to wear and not baggy sweatpants and zebra colored and other unflattering clothing on a hot summer’s day. The women have become dire here compared to the past, and its due to their mentality and clothing choices.

  • U S. Open Sores

    ” The new game will be niche game”

    Could you elaborate more on niche game?

  • seth datta

    Does it not say something that Krauser and Roosh now game regularly in EE and siberia/russia? They are the better gamers out there. I agree with Roosh in that I hope this society crashes, but that will be a painfully slow drawn out affair lasting decades and not a sudden crash, where things can be improved. Social cirle game is the best there is – club skanks with marginal looks in an ever increasing competitive environment is not a good tactic. Plus, a huge problem is that many women’s mentality these days is awful – how can you date or fuck someone you don’t like? I know other guys can do it, but I can’t. The quality is so low, I would have to go to EE myself to be happy.

    Finally, the real future of game is this – there will be too many guys chasing too few hot girls with crap memtalities and an entitlement attitide. Guys are too thirsty, and women too messed up as it is. This means that 90% of men will NOT INTERACT WITH AN ACCEPTABLE WOMEN FOR DAYS, no matter how much effort they put in. The only guys getting laid with hotties will be beta schlubs who lucked out (some of them really good looking) who had a tight knit social circle, and the odd few alphas, who will be struggling more and more themselves, if only to find similarly hot and sound women.

  • seth datta

    Doing something extreme/bizzare, that only you and few others are good at. This is the new alpha male (although as I have said before, western societies only produce social alphas these days). By an example, I saw many male street performers who in the past would have been inundated with hot talent. Now they struggle. But there was one group of male performers who were doing someq kind of celtic dance act, which got them TONS of attention. They surely capatilise on this for cash and girls.

    They mostly will go out of vogue in a year or two, so they have to keep adapting and changing their act. I found that when I was in university, making provocative inpolitically correct statements worked for me. This is more likely to get you kicked out and fired these days. I think many guys will have to find a specialised niche, then tell no one else what they do or how they do it, otherwise too many people may or may not sucessfully copy you. I like crossbows etc and few people here do that, so i may drop that in to pique her attention. But its only a gimmick and you have to be congruent with it. In any case, as the west gets poorer and the police state expands, there will be less and less opportunities, including the threat of arrest if you’re unlucky. Niche game will be helpful anywhere, but especially in western nations – and remember, don’t tell no one, don’t blog about it, and pretend that you’re having woman problems so no one suspects.

  • preppin

    So, what’s “better” game– to chase the too few hot girls with crap mentalities or to better utilize the limited amount of time and resources ALL MEN are constrained by to to go more productive regions of the world? I vote for the later, and say that even better American PUA’s aren’t operating at the top of their game if they’re spending too much time and money chasing less than optimal Americunts.

    Besides, what metric are your using to decide good, better and best? I have my own, and would say Roosh is up there at the top based on his experiences in his writings.

  • preppin

    Love the 2nd vid Roosh. You’re absolutely dead on target.

    “All the World is a Stage…” Billy Shakespeare

    Yes, and it used to be filled with actors. Now you have to be a clown in every stage in life.

    You have to be a clown for the ladies. Married? You better be the Bonsai Bozo of clowns to keep her interest up and her legs closed. Have a career? you’re on stage every miserable moment of every work day when you’re anything but President/CEO/Owner of your own destiny. Even out in public in the most benign situations people expect you to hide behind your big red nose and floppy shoes. “How’s your day?” they ask. “Good, fine,” you reply. For, to even hint that anything is wrong is just poor social form. My ex complained for years, “why can’t you just be happy? Why are you so negative?” Well, for starters, I’ve seen the Matrix for what it is and am sickened by it. One you unplug you just can’t go back. Once the red nose and floppy shoes come off you are not so charming and entertaining. And, If I’m even going to consider putting those ridiculous looking things back on, it better be for a damn good reason with a certain payoff.

    No one wants to hear about what a shithole the world really is and how most people are ignorant, stupid brute beasts that will lie, cheat, steal, betray and kill when push comes to shove. Try talking to even somewhat “accomplished” men beyond the barriers of their small worlds (job, sports, possessions) and what they know and it’s as if you’re talking to a Kardashian girl.

    That’s why it’s refreshing to find a few scattered souls on occasion who’ve opened their eyes to the truth of the world and take off the clown suit. They leave it off unless there is a real payoff to putting it back on. Even then, I can only do it for a couple of hours before I tire of the whole charade.

    I say keep being REAL. And, if real means negative, then so be it.

  • U S. Open Sores

    Damned that sounds depressing.

    Thanks for explaining more. Yes this sounds like Roosh’s clown theory to the max. And as you mentioned it becomes old hat very quickly, like being a clown; and always needing to maintain your entertainment value. One day it’s being a fire dancer, the next day a man is pulling large pieces of living room furniture out of his ass just to remain interesting to some worthless gash.

  • U S. Open Sores

    “look at how celebrities themselves get screwed over by their females. I have seen in the uk how women have gotten way more selective”

    I hear what you’re sayin’. Fuck…. if one looks at the stupid garbage female gossip ragsheet mags where you see celebrity men with their girlfriends, I can honestly say I don’t envy these guys. The men are walking about two feet behind their girlfriends, usually you see the women walking with nothing in their hands, while the boyfriends are carrying a shopping bag in each hand with stupid shit that is for her that he bought with his money.

    Like I mentioned, I don’t envy these guys anymore.

  • U S. Open Sores

    “This means that 90% of men will NOT INTERACT WITH AN ACCEPTABLE WOMEN FOR DAYS”

    I will go as far and say FOR MONTHS.

  • Petey

    Hilarious. Two old women having at it.

    Roosh, you’re better than this.

  • G380

    Imagine if you were 20 again-would you stay in college or just find a location independent hustle to game in EE?

  • uio


    Feel free to be negative as long as you keep your feet on the ground.
    Do you want tell harsh truth as they are.. or do you want to be the male mirror of the feminists, i.e. delusionally hateful with ridiculous over the top negative generalizations?

    Try to keep this distinction in mind when you are writing.

  • Frederick

    Have you ever had to overcome much anxiety or depression?

  • Whatever

    Who cares what Tucker Max says?

    He seems like such a fake marketer weasel.

    I say challenge him to a boxing match of mma fight publicly or use your legendary sarcasm (think of him as a manly DC hr girl with her smart phone out) on that clown.

  • GRock

    2nd video says it all. The “stay positive” PC-ism is the same bullshit that got us here in the first place. To quote Eminem: If I Had…

    “I’m tired of all of this bullshit
    Telling me to be positive
    How’m I ‘sposed to be positive when I don’t see shit positive?
    Know what I’m sayin?
    I rap about shit around me, shit I see
    Know what I’m sayin? Right now I’m tired of everything
    Tired of all this player hating that’s going on in my own city…”


  • CSM-1000

    Get out of the UK. I spent some time there not too long ago only to “escape” back to North America (can you imagine that?). The situation over there really is quite dire to say the least.

  • CSM-1000

    In Japan it used to be the opposite with the woman walking two feet behind her man. I say “used to” for good reason. The females have become empowered there as well (though they do remain rather pleasant, if mainly out in public mind you).

  • CSM-1000

    F__k clown game. It’d rather go without and maintain some shred of personal dignity than to turn myself into another ridiculous jester for their vapid fleeting attention. They can get their entertainment from other bozos if that’s their thing TYVM.

  • U S. Open Sores


  • manmade

    who the fuck is Tucker Max? ah yes, an hyped dick who was a born ‘good looking’ and who would get wasted and drunk and had sex with some stupid sluts, and wrote his book. How interesting. In UK there are a lot of guys like that, you find them in football stadiums. They are just ignoramuses who drink lots of beer and have a brain of the size of a pea

  • seth datta

    i think you just need to be more extreme with opening statements, not necessarily a clown. Over here, just throwing in the fact that you spent some time in Sierra Leone or own ranged weapons ( in the uk at least) will pique some women’s interest. I used to get asked what i do in my spare time, or id ask the girl and she would ask me back, and id say “oh, im a really quiet guy. I like to fish, rape, go on the range and fire off a few guns and read lots of interesting books in my spare time. So yeah, i’m quiet.” then id move the conversation to something else. I think people are so wound up in themselves, you just need to provoke an emotional response in them, considering all the media, smartphones and crap that we’ve all become used to by being saturated with it. My two cents.

  • manmade

    and if anyone cares, leave a shitty review on amazon on goddamn Tuck’s book, and a good review for Roosh’s book. Fuck you, Tucked Max. I have never read a single thing you wrote, you can’t hold a candle to Roosh. You are just an attention-seeking whore with nothing useful to offer to anyone

  • manmade

    as for the second video, Roosh, that’s why I have read your books instead of some bullshitter’s. I have read the bullshitter’s books too, and now I would not even use them as toilet paper. You are real, as oppose as 97 per cent of American ‘motivators’, all blue pill, phoney dumbasses. Truth is hard, but it makes you grow, you are more real than all these bastards put together

  • Guest

    Sorry, but the level of Beta in some of these comments is just a bit too high for me. There has NOT been some sort of drastic change in women’s appearance/mores in the past ten years. If you think there has and are using that to rationalize your own results/life outlook/inner mental map you will remain frustrated. As it has throughout the last century, changes in technology have changed the form in which men/women interact with each other, but the fundamentals are the same.
    The world is not approaching some sort of cataclysmic decline or end, people sound like self absorbed cult leaders when they spout that. Don’t assume that a drastic change in your own life (more often than not a matter of self perception) heralds a drastic change in the world at large.


  • http://therationalmale.com/ Rollo Tomassi

    Blue pill backsliding and publicly renouncing the paper-Alpha frat boy revenue model that brought you recognition can get expensive when you “accidentally” knock a girl up and need to rationalize reasons for marrying her. What’s an ‘entrepreneur’ like Tucker to do when he’s done a 180 on every premise of ‘Beer in Hell’ and detonated the only machine that might pay for his kid’s daycare payments?

    Answer: Reinvent a more commercially ‘palatable’ and feminine-primary revenue model by systematically mining the manosphere for the most provocative and salient issues its writers were raked over the coals to establish over the past 10 years. Then paraphrase and sanitize them to appeal to the sensibilities of a feminine-primary readership, and finally, repackage them as your own original ideas as coming from a “former red pill guy who finally saw the light that ‘Not All Women are Like That’ and those dudes are just bitter-burned® incels who can’t get laid.”

    It’s a really brilliant marketing strategy that I’m sure Tucker will congratulate himself over; the only problem is that Evan Mark Katz, Mark Manson, Athol Kay and Susan Walsh have already been using this ‘false-flag red pill’ revenue model successfully for over 4 years now.

    In fact I predicted this model coming about 3 years ago:

    My guess is the royalty money is drying up and Tucker needs to return to the publicity well once again, only he shot the golden goose in his pregnant GF / ONEitis fueled recanting of his former Alpha cad ways and needs to find some new way to reestablish his credibility.

  • manmade

    seriously? you are a idiot idiot. I would be curious about what you would do if you were running a business and someone slagged you off saying bullshit that isn’t true

  • manmade

    I would be curious about what you
    would do if you were running a business and someone slagged you off
    saying bullshit that isn’t true

  • manmade

    only an idiot never dealt with anxiety or depression, so what’s your point

  • manmade

    so when he’s always helping someone by doing what he does (whether that was his goal or not) all is fine, but when he’s not happy with something, he’s ‘delusionally hateful with ridiculous over the top negative generalizations’ ? that’s really stupid

  • GUest

    LOL. A beta white knighting a minor PUA author because said author is butt hurt that some other famous PUA who sold millions of books and has 400K twitter followers said something mean about him.

  • Napoleon’s B-52

    Excellent points there and a poignant 2nd video by Roosh. The workplace especially is a minefield as not only are there potential social implications, but that with a single stroke your whole financial future can be destroyed by passive-aggressive social warriors, white knights etc.. And of course you cannot (largely) choose your colleagues or permanently get away from them.

    In the current, hyper-liberal zeitgeist, a previously more cautious behaviour is regarded as fully normal. Like a case, where at a workplace, a fat, totally nerdy gay man expects to be fully able to start infatuated orbiting of a straight male and the tiring everyday fawning just because turning it down would be “rude”. As the straight man ignores (to his social detriment, of course) the validation needs of many good-looking female colleagues (and one outright “please hit on me” case), the expectation of a fat homosexual’s needs being met is just beyond absurd. A man who even within his own community would be regarded, sexwise, useless. But that’s where we are in the western societies. He’s “worth it” and “equal”…

    The sight of a pretty girl indignantly walking off to show a man she’s mad at him (for ignoring her) is even rather sexy, but a fat gay nerd blubbering off past *constantly* in a protest? Not. In fact, it’s “creepy”.

    And this all from a guy who used to be (and somewhat still is) sympathetic to gay people, but it’s getting pretty thin with all the feminist lesbianism and ridiculous homos like this.

    And Seth, I’ve got an impression that Glasgow is The Fat City in the UK. Must be the greasy food.

  • manmade

    I am just realizing how when Roosh helps other people by writing what he does, everything is fine, but when he isn’t happy about something, like someone slagging him off with bullshit that’s not true (not even a trivial matter) then all the idiots come out accusing him of being ‘negative’ or ‘behaving like an old woman’ and all that stupid bullshit. Realize that Roosh is a just a guy who writes about what he does, true, but he needs to fucking survive too, so he’s also a business. And he has to make it work too because now he has a certain reputation that would hardly be useful if he wanted to apply for a standard job. He can’t just ignore somebody slagging him off. How would you feel if someone in your family said some shit about you that’s not true? Yeah if it’s something trivial, you laugh it off, but what if it’s not? Plus, only idiots don’t understand that your reputation is in fact one of the most valuable things you have. ESPECIALLY if you also are a business of some sort. Maybe you idiots don’t have to work for a living because your goddamn ass is still sitting in your parent’s house, but for other people the reality might be very different. So I completely understand what Roosh said in the video. That Tucked Max made a big mistake. But I’d say Roosh has nothing to worry about…..anybody can see who’s the loser. I never have read anything by goddamn Tucked Max and never will.

  • Myopia
  • michael

    my niece game will be stick shift game who amongst these posters can still drive a stick shift automobilechicks I’ve run into absolutely cream their pants when I’m driving my truck with a stick shift

  • OldManTakeALook

    lololol tucker max
    instant punchline
    dont pull a tucker max

  • Bo Jangles

    Tucker who?

  • http://www.dawsonstone.com Dawson Stone

    I really liked Tucker’s first book and couldn’t believe the shit he was saying. You are totally in the right on this and he should fucking apologize. Doubt he will.

  • Happy

    How was Roosh financially harmed? Embarrassed and angry maybe. Its not illegal to insult someone. in order to get an money from a defamation suit financial damages must be proven. But at this point with their histories I don’t think either Roosh or Max can be embarrassed. Both are public figures, Max more then Roosh. The standard to defame and libel public figures is much different then a nobody. Its a lot harder legally to libel and defame a public figure. Did Mad know he was lieing or did he make a mistake? The publicity probably helped Roosh more then it hurt him. If Roosh feels strongly enough about it he can sue. He probably won’t get any money and it will cost a lot of time and money.

  • Happy

    Its also cold in Scotland most of the year. Wait for summer. Or move.

  • Happy

    If a guy is unattractive or has a terrible personality doing something bizarre isn’t going to help. He needs to work on the whole package.

  • Happy

    Attention world, ignore seth datta. You will never get laid without paying for it saying shit like he advises.

  • steve

    Roosh is a lying faggot never gets laid. Tucker is full of shit too.

  • FilthyMattress

    Tucker is a sociopath and a blood sucking leech on the rump of society. Roosh is a real talker.

    Roosh >>> Tucker