Two Foreign Languages Every American Man Should Learn

There is no stopping the rapid degradation of the USA, both with its economy and women. In short time a large portion of the male population will be unable to find a good job or a good woman, despite their best efforts. The smarter ones will pull the eject lever and parachute down to a foreign land where more professional and sexual opportunities can be found.

As I’ve written here many times before, you can’t expect to arrive in a foreign country and make it rain with only speaking in English. I can’t say anything about the level of fluency you’ll need for establishing a foreign career, but with sex you need basic knowledge of the local language, especially outside of Europe.

Having to learn a new language for every country you go to is impractical, so you want to get some bang for your buck. The language you choose to learn should have the following benefits:

  • be spoken by a large percentage of the world population
  • be a stepping stone to other desirable languages
  • be spoken in countries with beautiful women

The two languages that best fit the above requirements are Spanish and Russian.

Being able to speak Spanish is as close you’ll get to having a superpower: there are 20 countries that speak it, homes to the biggest bootied women in the world. An added bonus is that Spanish is very close to Portuguese, unlocking three additional countries for rape and pillage (Brazil, Portugal, and Angola). If you’re conversational in Spanish, it will only take you a couple months of intensive study to achieve the same in Portuguese as well. Both of these languages also give you a running start for the other Romance languages: Romanian, Catalan, French, and Italian.

Spanish is hands-down the easiest language for English speakers to learn. Attempting it as your first foreign language is worth your time because you have to learn how to learn a language, as strange as that may sound. In your Spanish studies you’ll develop tighter language habits that help you for much harder Russian.

Russian is the language spoken by the most feminine women left on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s hard as balls. Besides the cyrillic alphabet, you have noun cases, gendered verbs and nouns, comparative adjectives, difficult pronunciations, and all sorts of other crazy shit you don’t see in English. However, learning it will open up a whole new world of Former Soviet Union (FSU) pussy, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. You probably know nothing of these countries, but guess what: neither do most of your countrymen. There are no cheap RyanAir or EasyJet flights. There are no stag parties. There are no Australians getting drunk in hostels. These are pristine but challenging places that have women you can’t find anywhere else.

As an added bonus, Russian is similar to Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, and to a lesser extent, Polish and Czech. Russian will give you the grammatical foundation to more easily learn these other tough languages. You’ll be shocked at how far you can get with a language such as Russian from studying only one hour a day. As for Spanish, studying one hour a day for three months will enable you to start having real conversations.

My advice to you is to learn Spanish first. Make it a project for the next 2-3 years. Take 1 or 2 trips a year to Latin America and work on your world game. Dabble a little in Portuguese and Brazilian poonani. If you’re content with Latin women then carve out a niche while seeking employment opportunities that are sure to open up with your increasing fluency. When you’re ready for something new and even more challenging, Russian and the former Soviet Union awaits you.

Recommended Resources For Learning Spanish

Recommended Resources For Leaning Russian

  • Pimsleur Russian (Units 1-3)
  • New Penguin Russian Course – the best Russian textbook  (not like there’s a lot of choice anyway)
  • RussianPod101 – tons of downloadable audio programs, fairly priced

Again, start with Spanish first. Success there will give you the confidence that you’ll need to tackle Russian.

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