Two Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live In The Suburbs

With a little tour of a Maryland suburb…

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  • Jack


  • Turner

    So true. When I am back in Seattle, I am lazy and dont feel like going out at all. Could be cause the women are not attractive as well, but let’s just chalk it up to life in the burbs.


  • TroglodytePolice

    Wow. This video really, really hit home with me. I’m 27 and living in the suburbs of a medium-size coastal town in south. I do have a 30 minute drive to get anywhere with any action, and it’s killing me. I feel like I’m wasting my best years. I have a plan to fix my logistically fucked situation, but it’s going to take about another year before I can swing it financially…Trying to stay focused and suffer through it.
    Thanks for keeping it real, Roosh. You are an inspiration.

  • Lone Wolf

    “You might as well go run day-game at the bus stop..” haha. funny.. been living in a suburb that is right outside the city I live in, takes about 15 min. to get into city, but heavily considered when this lease is up in spring 2013, to move into the city.. which will actually cut about 10-12 minutes off my morning commute to work. Logic wins again.

  • Dacian

    Nobody on the streets, only cars…:( so artificial.

  • Matt H.

    Excellent meditation on the ‘burbs.

  • Raj

    Suburbs are a marriage matrix. Everything is set up for that.

  • thecaptainpower

    Suburbs are the worst…The property values never go up, you have to drive everywhere, and people get married young…

    All my relatives left Brooklyn except my parents, and our house is 900k while everyone else is underwater or foreclosure….

    I HATE the suburbs…

  • DAP

    The suburbs are where ambition goes to die.
    The suburbs are the zoo and the city is the jungle.
    In the jungle, a lion is lean and mean. He has all the zebra he can eat and all the lioness pussy he can fuck. The zoo is a different story. The lion is fat and bored. He has no say so on what he gets to eat that day and his mating habits are controlled and monitored by some damn zookeeper. Who wants a life like that? Lions in the zoo may have QUANTITY of life, but they don’t have QUALITY of life like jungle lions.
    If you want to score like a jungle king, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUBURBS!

  • Marcellus

    I don’t agree on this one Roosh. Your lemma only counts in the states. I live in the center of a big city in Europe and I’m planning to move to the suburbs. Why? Because all the girls live there. In the city center you ‘ll find mostly males. In the suburbs you will find a huge amount of woman. Unfortunately living in suburbs is expensive as you explain in the video. :(

  • Frisky business

    Do the urban centers free you from the want of material shit?

    Btw, great vid and I’m so proud to be from the same state you are from. Montgomery Co is even much more urban than Howard, where I’m from. We don’t even have bus stops.

  • ajb240

    Absolutely true! I spent most of my 20’s in a nice, middle-class house I had built… because that’s what I felt I was supposed to do. job, car, house in the ‘burbs, the proverbial white picket fence. Now I’m in my early 30’s, living in the city and much happier, more social, more productive.

  • Anonymous

    my biggest mistake ever was living for over 6 years in the suburbs of a major US city. never got laid.

  • thecaptainpower

    At least in NYC, the suburb taxes are INSANE….and it looks like all the crime is moving out there also……The two highest property taxes in USA are longisland and westchester county…

  • Addict1on

    hell ya

  • По реке

    100% right. The suburbs are an absolute wasteland…culturally, socially, physically. Run away, run far away and get thee to a dynamic, interesting, fun city.

  • Bojangles

    I live in the suburbs, about 45 min outside of Boston and drive in every. fucking. weekend. I’m used to it but its definitely tedious. However when during the week at home I can focus much better on my career and aspects of my life not to do directly with pickup, so that’s a plus. For example, I work out and eat well Mon-Thursday, but once the weekend everything goes to shit- shitty diet/poor sleep/hangoverness etc because of my single focus on partying/girls in the city. Not complaining, just saying there is a benefit to the time I spend in the burbs away from the stream of (distracting) girls you mention. Just my $.02.

  • Cyrone

    Urban life frees you from wanting materialistic shit because you fill the void in your life with other things – people, concerts, life, EXCITEMENt.. around every corner is an opportunity to stimulate yourself. I learned this in Hong Kong. When you’re in the suburbs, the lack of “life” (& girls) makes you want to compensate by pimping out your car or buyin a new leather jacket.

    Im in the suburbs now but definitely planning to move to a city once i’m back in the Pacific.. doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny studio condo.. you will still be happy

  • Urbanite

    You’re exactly right, and based on the other comments, a lot of people have not realized this. Suburbs usually means big (and thus expensive) houses and single women simply can’t afford that. The only thing suburbs are good for is picking up bored cougar moms or jailbait (their teenage daughters). Otherwise,stick to the city.

  • Brian Mark

    I really enjoyed the video and what you had to say. The video showed the nothingness of living in the Suburbs. I unfortunately have gotten stuck in the most suburban place, I’ve ever lived while selling working on making my big escape. The smallest apartment in a good location is better than a giant house in the burbs! Been there done that.

  • cheapskate

    I got where I am because I pinched pennies and lived in suburban dumps for years. Places worth living in hip cities are expensive and the taxes are much higher.

  • Harland

    Well, the suburbs were not invented for single people looking to get laid. Two reasons why you should live in the suburbs: 1) You’ve already done your fucking around thing and retired from the scene and 2) schools. Yeah, do that inner city thing with kids, good luck with that as your little ones get the shit beaten out of them.

  • Steve

    Living away from nightlife in your 20s will make your life worthless. But use “supply of attractive girls” as the primary indicator rather than whether a place is in the “urban core” and you’ll expand your options and probably find a lower cost of living / cost per notch. What about a place like Towson MD that is technically ‘burbs, located outside a major city, but has a lot of walkability and bar scene. Of course, in Towson’s case a nearby college with tons of slutty girls definitely helps. I lived in Towson after graduating from school in the DC area and had a fucking blast, and know a lot of other guys that did too. It definitely passes the “busted dudes” test. Hell I knew several guys in their 30s that were still gaming and banging college chicks there. Anyway just a small caveat – overall Roosh’s advice is spot on- be careful as fuck where you live after college. But there are opportunities outside of the “urban core” of major US cities.

  • Bogart

    You are really building your brand with this use of multimedia Roosh, good stuff.

    This post and the one on logistics have seriously struck a chord with me and led to some light-bulb moments about how I need to structure my life going forward. Thanks.

  • Marusya

    Roosh, about time, while weather is getting colder and ppl in a suburbs lazy as never!Definetely all single and active pple should live “in the middle of action” and when you will decide to settle down and rais eyour kids -then you can get a house on a suburbs! However, as post NO10 said, Europe is different.Capital cities are so hestic and dirty and everyone including students are willing ot leave 30-50 minutes away from a center.Mostly everyone is driving.But real estates in the suburbs are more expensive.But they all have a number of bars/shopping Malls and centers where you can find young pple and action! So Price worth it! If we talk about “dead” suburbs as Roosh showed us-run run run imideately.Not only you will not get laid, you will become fat and lazy, playin on yourlaptop day and night and afterall will loose all your mood and mojo and self esteem will become very low ,so then to start everythign form the beginnig wil be very difficult..While i visite dmy parents in Ukraine ( half a million city by the sea) I could not understand why pple my age (30)were so depressed and if i talked about sex they were giving me strange looks.Now i understand.They are not thinkin of sex that often and mostly when summer comes and tourists are arriving and then pple get a little action.Then its a dead place! So, conculusion is we need to be in a busy places where viriety is great and mood is always UP:)

  • AnonH

    Schooling is easy – send your kid to private school.

    What you’ll find, if you actually do the research, is that ( cheap urban mortgage + cheap urban taxes + private school ) = ( expensive suburban mortgage + expensive suburban taxes + public school ).

    Just run the numbers if you don’t believe me. Compare any suburban town with a good school district, and look at the difference in property taxes and home prices, compared to a cheap urban neighborhood. The cost difference is enough to pay for private schooling.

    The only way to make up the cost difference is by living very far away from urban areas. But then you need to factor in car maintenance & gas costs as you end up driving 2+ hours a day on your commute. And don’t forget that 2+ hours a day commuting sucks balls (that’s 400+ hours a year spent in traffic).

    Urban life is the way to go, even if you are older and have settled down.

  • another Brazilian

    Does Roosh speak in any special accent or something? His English seems to me (see, I’m a foreigner) way clearer than almost every other American’s (that I know of). Maybe he speaks slower, I don’t know.

  • Digital

    This post really hit home. I’ve been following quite sometime and have a very similar way of thing as you as well as most others who follow your work. When I instantly recognised the road you were on I just said wow.

  • DoubleRR

    I have a dilemma and reading this post really made me want to reach out for advice. I am currently a 34 year old, single white male, making about $80,000 a year. I am also working on a side business that I can grow into something where I can eventually quit my current job, or have some great supplemental income in the meantime. I was given a home by my parents about 10 years ago and I have paid “rent” to them the entire time, and will do so until the end of 2012. At the end of the year, he is going to put me on the deed so I no longer have to pay rent. Just property tax, living expenses, and homeowner expenses minus the mortgage (they own it out right).

    Basically, I will be living in this home for really cheap. It is 4 bedroom, 1600 Sq Ft. and really close to the river…It is my backyard actually, no neighbors on the back, just two on the side of me, a hot tub and a dog. I have found something to do with every room, I rent one out too which helps, but roomie is leaving soon and I do not want another one. Another room is my side business den. Thing is, I grew up in this house, moved out at 18, and moved back in at 24. I have been paying good rent money and parents just retired, so they do not need the money, which is why this situation is what it is.

    I am a 10 minute straight shot drive from the downtown part of my city, which is typically where I spend my weekends or any time I go out. Lately, because of posts like this one, and the “logistics” post, I have thought about getting a place downtown. I have not been in too many situations where logistics have been a problem. However, I have also not been gaming as hard as I could when I go out. I am one of the dudes that will roll with a 6-8 type girl and not push for the cuter chicks, even though I feel like I could if I just TRIED more. Downtown here has a lot of cute chicks compared to where I live because they are just out and about.

    However, I really do not like drinking for health reasons; I drink maybe once a week, if that. Even if I lived next door to the bars/clubs in my city, I still would not want to drink most nights.

    What would ya’ll do with that house situation?

    [Roosh: Sublet in the city for 1-3 months as a test drive.]

  • Hardcore

    I remember talking to you about this when we went out drinking once, or maybe it was when I took the day game course with you. It’s imperative to live in a city when you’re single. I will even go further…it’s imperative to live in a nightlife area in a city or within walking distance to centers of activity. I live in a nice but remote area of DC that has no metro access. I’ve probably screwed myself out of dozens of potential bangs because bouncing a girl in a cab (even just a few miles) can be a state-breaker. If I could do it over again, I would have bought a place around 14th and U or the downtown area. Critical for logistics and SNLs….

  • tytra

    Wow, no wonder why I can’t get laid here. I live in the most suburban place of MD. It looks alot like where you were. You wouldn’t happen to be in Bowie were you?

    Anyways, You’re totally right. I, like alot of other people here where I am, feel like i’m wasting away here. I also don’t make enough to get my own place, so i’m pretty much screwed at the moment.

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  • sai

    some good points

  • James Bond

    The suburbs are death to your social life. However, where I live, it is cheaper to live in the suburbs and the taxes are lower in the suburbs.

    Of course, your social life will be non-existent living in the burbs.

    I may be moving to the city within a couple of years and leaving this suburban hell hole, nothing but married women and single mothers here in the suburbs.

  • EvigtRegn

    Go live in the countryside instead. Not great for notches but if you’re after more than that, it’s almost ideal.