Two Strategies For Having A Good Sex Life

There are two general strategies for pursuing consistent sex that each have their own pros and cons. The first strategy is to pursue cute sluts in the 6-7 range for same night bangs. Assuming you work on your game and lifestyle, this category of girls will be receptive to your cold approach and not make you wait long for sex.


  • Highly variable sex life. You can be sleeping with multiple girls every month.
  • Fun and entertaining. Gaming sluts for a fast bang is exciting.
  • Low expectations. A slut expects you to give her the good dick and that’s it. She won’t start relationship drama or expect you to take her out to dinners. As long as you don’t get needy, there won’t be much fuss.
  • Strong feeling of masculinity. You experience a sharp rise in your testosterone to service your rotating harem. Pursuing sluts fits nicely with the male biological program of spreading your seed.


  • Low passive component. The minute you stop gaming is when your pipeline begins to dry up since you’re unlikely to bang a slut more than ten times before she moves on to the next cock.
  • Crazier women. Sluts usually have borderline mental issues that must be addressed methodically with game if you want to keep sexing them.
  • Shallow with no deep meaning. You will not fall in love or meet your dream girl. The lack of meaning will make you feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel, having to always work for a similar type of result.

The second strategy is to pursue higher quality women who either have an exceptional standard of beauty or have a more traditional background for the goal of a medium to long term relationship. While such girls can be laid quickly at times, they take longer to lay than sluts, are more sexually frigid, and expect a man to invest time in her to show he cares. These girls are rapidly disappearing in the West but can still be found in small cities and villages in less degenerate countries of the world.


  • Can provide meaning, stability, comfort, and even love. These girls can give more than just sex in that they make for better companions, life partners, wives, and mothers.
  • They’re not nearly as slutty. It’s more satisfying to know the girl you’re sleeping with is more loyal, has a lower propensity to cheat, and hasn’t had many cocks inside her. If you do a good job in your hunt, she will be young and virginal.
  • Consistent supply of sex. You’ll have a regular sex supply that you can set your clock to, and as long as you’re dating her, you’ll never be on a cold streak. You don’t have to game week in, week out.


  • Boring. After the novelty of your new girl wears off in 1-3 months, you’ll get less excitement from seeing and banging her. You’ll start to crave variety.
  • Lowers masculinity. When sex is guaranteed and the feeling of conquest is removed from the equation, your testosterone decreases as you become a zoo animal that receives scheduled sex feedings. Your game will become rusty and you’ll lose motivation to improve yourself physically and aesthetically.
  • Expensive in time. Relative to the sex you get, you’ll have to spend a huge amount of time maintaining the relationship—texting, calling, hanging out, talking, and so on. She’ll also continually test your commitment to the relationship by demanding you make additional investments with your time that will coincide with a loss of freedom.

While I could argue that the kind of person you are, the stage of life you’re in, and the city you’re living in should all help decide which strategy to pursue, let’s not kid ourselves: most women are sluts who have no objections to one-night stands with sexy males. If you pursue the slut strategy by default, while squeezing in the occasional high value girl, you will be miles ahead of a guy who is looking for his virgin dream girl walking around with a flower in her hair.

Like I recently mentioned in this post, pursuing very beautiful girls caused a decrease in my game satisfaction with no obvious benefit. My sex drive was lowered and nights become less full of debauchery and more about hunting that beautiful snowflake who is more of a drag to seduce. After a period of adaptation with them, these girls gave me no more happiness than a standard slut rotation.

You have less choice in the matter if you’re reading this from America. If I was still living in Washington DC, there would be absolutely no way my default program would be one of relationships with high quality women unless the girl was fresh off the boat from a foreign country. My current location in Eastern Europe offers more relationship opportunities, but even many “high quality” girls have ridden a smaller carousel of sorts (Mediterranean men, backpacking trips, guys like me, etc) and are not exactly rushing to be loyal wives and stay-at-home mothers.

If I see a beautiful girl, I’ll approach her and make a go of the two or three dates she requires for sex, but if she gives me bullshit or extreme difficulty, I’ll find a slut and bang her within two or three hours. As long as I don’t want a wife or a kid, I know I’ll waffle back and forth as I get bored with one and pursue the novelty of the other.

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