Two Types Of Night Game To Run On American Girls

For my month back in the States, my game either knocked it out of the park or failed spectacularly, and I had trouble figuring out why since I stuck with the exact same line. Why was it getting such an inconsistent response?

I didn’t figure it out until my last night. I had a cold and I was completely sober. I wasn’t at all horny, so I knew I wasn’t getting laid. I studied the crowd like a scientist instead and watched my friends put in their work. Around 1am, I noticed that most of the crowd was heavily intoxicated, whereas one hour before at another bar most people were relatively sober. I saw guys getting pretty far with just dancing, smiling, and short conversation. Things started to make sense.

There are two types of night game that are most effective:

1. Most Interesting Man In The World Game (MIMITW). This is where you wow the girl with value or status. You indirectly show that you’re better than 99% of the other dudes in the bar. This is a more natural game for older guys.

2. Super Aggressive Talk-Dance Hybrid Game (SATDH). Here, you’re physical from the start, using high energy confidence with dancing to build attraction. Girls are more likely to value your appearance and aggressiveness than your personality or experience. Younger guys have the energy to run this game but older guys can do it, too.

When most of the crowd is sober, the best game to run is MIMITW. When most of the crowd is drunk, and girls have already been approached ten times, the best game is SATDH.

In the DC meetup, I was approached by maybe forty guys throughout the night. It was such a roller coaster ride of meeting people that I subconsciously resisted the guy who wanted to get in a deep, long-winded conversation. It’s not that I didn’t want to have a nice chat, but I lost the attention for it—my brain got primed for short and fun interactions. After the meetup was done and I began talking to girls, the game that came out of me was SATDH game. I ended up walking out with one girl and getting a sloppy makeout after ten minutes (though in the end I didn’t bang).

On another night, when my energy was far lower, I was trying to run MIMITW game late in the night. It failed. Girls just didn’t care about getting to know me. It seemed like they were somewhat interested at first, but then lost attraction as soon as they realized that all I wanted to do was talk. What happened to me at the meetup is what happens to girls as a night progresses. After they’ve been approached ten times and have had several strong drinks, their attention is fragmented and their brain is geared up for exciting interactions, not deep talks. They don’t care if some guy they meet lived in Ukraine for three months or speaks many foreign languages.

In Europe, I ran MIMITW game all night long, even in clubs. You can probably guess why: girls get approached much less and they drink less. Even at 3am, I can hit them with a monologue of my life story and I’ll have their complete attention (and then interest). In America this just doesn’t happen at such a late hour. The game I spit after the meetup was accidental, for I don’t run SATDH game anymore, but it’s what you need if you’re going to game late in American cities.

The implication of this is simple. If you want to run MIMITW game, you need to go to bars and lounges and do most of your game work before 1am. If you want to do SATDH game, you need to go to clubs and amp up your energy to levels similar to a bubbly television host. Give big smiles, grab her confidently, and dance exuberantly when Rihanna comes on. Figure out your nature and then mold your night game to maximize that. Otherwise you’ll get blown out and have no idea why.

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