Two Types Of Night Game To Run On American Girls

For my month back in the States, my game either knocked it out of the park or failed spectacularly, and I had trouble figuring out why since I stuck with the exact same line. Why was it getting such an inconsistent response?

I didn’t figure it out until my last night. I had a cold and I was completely sober. I wasn’t at all horny, so I knew I wasn’t getting laid. I studied the crowd like a scientist instead and watched my friends put in their work. Around 1am, I noticed that most of the crowd was heavily intoxicated, whereas one hour before at another bar most people were relatively sober. I saw guys getting pretty far with just dancing, smiling, and short conversation. Things started to make sense.

There are two types of night game that are most effective:

1. Most Interesting Man In The World Game (MIMITW). This is where you wow the girl with value or status. You indirectly show that you’re better than 99% of the other dudes in the bar. This is a more natural game for older guys.

2. Super Aggressive Talk-Dance Hybrid Game (SATDH). Here, you’re physical from the start, using high energy confidence with dancing to build attraction. Girls are more likely to value your appearance and aggressiveness than your personality or experience. Younger guys have the energy to run this game but older guys can do it, too.

When most of the crowd is sober, the best game to run is MIMITW. When most of the crowd is drunk, and girls have already been approached ten times, the best game is SATDH.

In the DC meetup, I was approached by maybe forty guys throughout the night. It was such a roller coaster ride of meeting people that I subconsciously resisted the guy who wanted to get in a deep, long-winded conversation. It’s not that I didn’t want to have a nice chat, but I lost the attention for it—my brain got primed for short and fun interactions. After the meetup was done and I began talking to girls, the game that came out of me was SATDH game. I ended up walking out with one girl and getting a sloppy makeout after ten minutes (though in the end I didn’t bang).

On another night, when my energy was far lower, I was trying to run MIMITW game late in the night. It failed. Girls just didn’t care about getting to know me. It seemed like they were somewhat interested at first, but then lost attraction as soon as they realized that all I wanted to do was talk. What happened to me at the meetup is what happens to girls as a night progresses. After they’ve been approached ten times and have had several strong drinks, their attention is fragmented and their brain is geared up for exciting interactions, not deep talks. They don’t care if some guy they meet lived in Ukraine for three months or speaks many foreign languages.

In Europe, I ran MIMITW game all night long, even in clubs. You can probably guess why: girls get approached much less and they drink less. Even at 3am, I can hit them with a monologue of my life story and I’ll have their complete attention (and then interest). In America this just doesn’t happen at such a late hour. The game I spit after the meetup was accidental, for I don’t run SATDH game anymore, but it’s what you need if you’re going to game late in American cities.

The implication of this is simple. If you want to run MIMITW game, you need to go to bars and lounges and do most of your game work before 1am. If you want to do SATDH game, you need to go to clubs and amp up your energy to levels similar to a bubbly television host. Give big smiles, grab her confidently, and dance exuberantly when Rihanna comes on. Figure out your nature and then mold your night game to maximize that. Otherwise you’ll get blown out and have no idea why.

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  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    I naturally run SATDH game at the moment.

    How would a young guy without so many rich life experiences run MIMITW game?

  • Nomad77

    Excellent post! You got it just about right except I would say that with a lot of American girls you can only run SATDH game on because they attention span is permanently short: ADD.

  • asdf

    I run MIMITW game. I’ve good and conversation and have lots of experience, but I’m not terribly attractive. I also enjoy it a lot more (SATDH just feels like work).

    The best place to run this is more quiet bars. The kind without dance music where most people are having conversations. Your city probably has a few of these in every neighborhood. You may even meet a girl who can say something interest to you there (one girl was an NYU professor who had just finished traveling the country to write a book about mega churches, its rare I actually learn something cool form a woman but it was a fascinating talk).

    Another good thing about these places is they will often have a good wine selection and wine feels like a more normal thing to order at those places. The 14.5% will get the girls drunk a lot faster then 5% beer swill or overly watered down cocktails.

    Your goal should be to strike up a conversation and convert it to going back to your place around midnight. The girl should be buzzed but not hammered drunk at that point. You need her coherent enough to converse with you but drunk enough to want to fool around.

  • The Private Man

    The typical American girl in a night club has the attention span of a housefly. I always advise men to hit the quieter spots where he won’t find groups of semi-drunk girls demanding attention in 15-second increments.

  • Vicious

    I’ve been harping about the value of going early for years. You’ll find me at the bar at 9pm when I’m out. If I close I do it before midnight.

  • По реке

    Yup, great insights as usual…personally I go with MIMITW game all the way but as long as I’m stuck in the US I’ll have to work on the SATDH end of things…. Also +1 to asdf, I need to try out that approach to night game.

  • bodmon

    great post. traditional mm game vs modern rsd game. for better or worse it seems the latter is what’s needed for north american girls in da club.

  • HeManMasterofthePooniverse

    Astute observation, I kind of needed this. I’ve been on some meds and haven’t been able to drink. I typically don’t go out at night until around 11. So since I’m sober and more mellow, it’s been way harder to pick up chicks because I haven’t “been on the same level” as them. I don’t get a chance to be funny and interesting (which usually works great at happy hour or at cocktail parties). I think you’re right in that the SATDH is best at this time.

  • Southern Man

    Yes, we elder gents whose high-octane dancing years are well behind us must rely on MIMITW and other DHVs. Fortunately, I actually look a bit like TMIMITW. Did you know that the actor who portrays him played a redshirt on classic Star Trek and lived? I find that…interesting.

  • Dev


    I am an indian guy ,Don’t know i make with Foreign girls.

    I have just had 2 girls , my age is 25,I am an Engineer, Please recommed me some game books and videos and start up links

    I understand that indian guys lack much of the game .

    I am aint that Brown,I belong to upper caste/ i am olive skin guy .

    Any recommendations will help.

    In india we have fucked up Beta male system and there are many cockblocking men around which will hinder our game

    I would like to learn anything you guys teach me

  • Turner

    I always call this the witching hour, or maybe it should be the bitching hour more accurately, where everyone hits there drunk point, and people have already made their choices or left. in the US, where most places close around 2 (1.30 am last call), I think this hits around 12:30-12:50 range. Then the tipping point occurs.

    I do see this in Europe, but only places that have hordes of drunk men (usually Brit or Aussies) – so yeah it is def. more of an anglo saxon western drunk off your ass culture thing.

  • Turner

    You can def. roll that MIMITW game on Euro girls, who tend to have more patience (assuming they are in a gaggle of 20 other 20 year old girls in the greek Islands or in a euro meat market:

    MIMITW will hit even better I think being an American guy, as you can usually play into two different categories with the girls. Either they have a good impression of american dudes and you are appealing from the get go, or the girl a somewhat negative view, but if you can pull of MIMITW at all, she will be impressed.

  • World Unweary

    Definitely can confirm that as an American in Europe of any age, it is very fruitful to run the “American who is so unlike other Americans” bit. Live that and be that, and you will never want for company of either sex over there.

  • Mr. Pointyface

    Another revelatory mapping of psychological reality onto practical nuts-and-bolts technique. Rossh is great at it.

  • Cpt. Capitalism

    the MIMITW approach can also backfire because if you really are interesting and have worldly experiences, chances are she will not appreciate, let alone udnerstand the words coming out of your mouth.

    Eg. ran into a chick who was half Spanish. Switched to talking about Don Quixote and Man de La Mancha. Chick had no clue what I was talking about.

  • Chuck Groin Punch

    I love the honesty of your field reports. Win, lose or draw, you let us in on your successes and failures.

    I have a few of your posts bookmarked, I like to read them just before I go out. They put me in the right frame of mind.

    “I may get laid tonight, I may not. But GAWDdammit I’m surely going to try”

  • Turbodyke

    Awful acronyms, dude. Not catchy.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Great summation of energy levels.

    “If you want to do SATDH game, you need to go to clubs and amp up your energy to levels similar to a bubbly television host. Give big smiles, grab her confidently, and dance exuberantly when Rihanna comes on.”

    Awesome. That’s what I’m always telling guys – they need to go in with the same or a slightly higher energy level than the girl, so they’re bringing her up, not down. As I’ve written –

    For night time sets, you always need to go in at the same or a slightly higher energy level than the girls you’re approaching.

    If they’re having fun, they don’t want to be brought down by a boring guy. Those girls were high energy, talking and laughing animatedly. You didn’t add anything, you were just taking away from the energy and vibe of the group.

  • The G Manifesto

    Or run both.

    Run smoother Game at lounges, art parties and restaurants till 12am or so.

    Then switch up to more aggressive game after 12am at nightclubs and lounges.

    The easy thing is this happens naturally as you drink.

    – MPM

  • http://[email protected] Anonymous

    Return of kings is broken

  • _Cicero

    Roosh — Your thoughts on the Generals’ infidelity scandal?

    So, these guys are in trouble for making love not war? How fucked up is that. Lionized as heroes for their involvement in tens of thousands of murders (perhaps justified), but now that they had a roll in the hay, they are suddenly treated as monsters…

  • Paper

    I only just recently started watching The Walking Dead TV series on Netflicks. Amazing storyline, but I could not get over what horrible bitches EVERY female character on that show is. Holy Shit! Here we have a high adventure/Sci-fi show, and even the Alpha male lead actors are forced to cow-tow to the female leads, who are ALL butch-dykes. That series truly represents America right now. Even in a Zombie apocalypse, women are portrayed as stronger then men.

  • RandomNoticings

    Related to the tweet about emasculation of boys…

    That’s not even the worst of it…I saw a male asian kid and a good-looking white kid in line in front of me…and the asian kid bit the white boys shoulder and I FREAKED OUT and looked at the white boy and he looked at me with big eyes and he said “Stop it” to the Asian kid…Were they gay? They were gay! I don’t remember biting my friends on the shoulder. Love bites?? Ew ew ew ew ew….AND at Starbucks I saw two good looking but weird boys having a deep and meaningful conversation and I have seen that MANY times and each time I have been freaked out….

    About 7 years ago I remember noticing trends of “The Highschool Hunk” guys who would have been HomeComing King back in the 1950s out with really ass ugly asian chicks. That was really disturbing….but honestly…The rise of Homosexual Male Teens way Eclipses that.

  • Anonymous

    Just a friendly reminder: America is horrible. :sad

  • Brian Mark

    Roosh, welcome back to the USA,land of girls with ADD. I have to agree with @2 Nomad77. Most of these girls have horribly short attention spans. Any place I go that has loud music or dancing I almost run exclusively SATDH. You’ve got about 15 seconds and at most 30 seconds to get their attention. It can only evolve into MIMITW after they have already been hooked and reeled in.

  • Kane

    MIMITW comes natural to me, SATDH does not. I’m naturally a morning person, so I’m usually too tired by the time SATDH is useful. On the other hand, I have traveled and worked extensively in other countries, I wear custom suits, have a prestigious degree, a prestigious job, an exotic phenotype, and a very unique upbringing. MIMITW is my bread and butter.

    Advice to guys trying to pull off MIMITW game, foreign travel and language skill are pretty much necessary. If you don’t have that, you better be a big swinging dick in some other way.

  • Brian Mark

    I just posted this article on my blog about “How Much Does a Good Looking Girl Get Hit on at a Bar?”

    It explains why you have to run SATDH Game in America!

  • HeManMasterofthePooniverse

    Beware the pinballs…

    these are the girls that are drunk and horny as hell, bounce from guy to guy. Each sucker buys her a drink, leans over to tell his buddy he’s got this one in the bag, and she’s off to the next one. She’s not trying to get free drinks per se, she’s getting loose with every cock in the bar, forgetting each one she met. But as well all know, a pinball touches on last bumper before she’s out. And the last guy to grab her attention on the way out the door gets to fuck her

  • 20th Level

    Nice one Roosh. 100% pure gold.
    If you are in the U.S. pay heed to the Rooshmiester’s advice in this post. Learn it, live it.

  • Pablo

    I am an Argentinian, meaning that we have run “game” all our lives without knowing it. In fact, I think that we don´t have a thing called “game” at all, because it comes so naturally to us. I approach women everywhere, its a second nature, mostly because I am bored, without any objective at all. Most times, when I am really relaxed, it finishes with me and a girl in bed. Bars and clubs are not good if you´re over 25. Best things: non-tourist small towns on trips, New Year´s Eve and similar occasions, and apartment parties in middle-sized cities. In big cities, men are just desperate. You can almost see the desperation, it oozes all around you, like a fog.

  • Pablo

    About the subject of this article, definitely MIMITW with bouts of SATDH when I am drunk enough. Just the audacity of talking to the prettiest one (which I always do) takes the girl in question out of her balance. You can see her asking herself “What the? WHO is this guy, and HOW is he not afraid of talking to ME like if it was normal?”

  • foo

    “Dev” up above sounds like a Muslim mud or Nig trying desperately to fake-troll Indian and failing. It’s always funny when any Aryans/Indians see Muslims or Nigs trying to do this.

  • Anonymous

    You know…the problem with American women is that if they wear heels men make fun of them. If they don’t wear heels men make fun of them. If they are skinny they are called sluts and anorexic, if they are a little pudgy they are fatasses and loosers. If they dress more feminine they are made fun of, if they dress more androgynous they are made fun of If they can cook they are made fun of, if they can’t cook they are made fun of.

    The point I am getting to is that no matter what an American female is like they are degraded because of it. That is the problem with American women, how everyone else sees them.

  • kat

    the same is in my ountry: if women wear make up and high heels guys call them ‘whores’, and withuot make up, miniskirts, etc. are ‘fat and ugly bitches’

  • Tom Dane

    MIMITW game will obviously not work in an environment where women are already running MIWITW game. THEY are supposed to be interesting, not you.
    They enjoy to see you run around the room like a fool. Fetch, good boy !

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