A Typical Night Out In D.C.

Since I came back in May, I’ve been refreshing my Western-style game with VK and The Rookie. It was fun at first, but after just two months going out is no longer more satisfying for me than rolling solo in a large foreign club. To show you why, let me highlight a recent Friday night out.

GIRL #1:

I’ve gotten so used to running solo dolo game at night that a good wingman is like an added bonus. I love hanging out with my boys because of the laughs we share, not necessarily because they’re gonna help me get laid. Out of habit, sometimes I wander in a one-man wolf pack looking for opportunities.

I approached a group of four girls alone, got in, and was talking to the one I preferred (21-year-old college student) while the other three walked away. One good skill to learn is to engage the group enough so they accept you, but not so much that they all want to keep talking to you at the same time. This is where I find that Mystery’s strategy of ignoring the girl you want rarely works, because what happens is you build some rapport with a friend you don’t like, and the best-looking one will let it proceed. By the two minute mark I must engage my first choice if I want to isolate her in a reasonable amount of time.

I have a rough framework for the first thirty minutes of conversation with topics that include music, dancing, age, clothing, bar ambiance, taste in mates, and people appearances. Within each topic I have my little lines and conversation threads (I share this in Bang). This framework makes it impossible not to get a decent conversation going if the girl is single and doesn’t mind my look, allowing me to “fake” a connection with someone I have nothing in common with. If I get to the thirty minute mark, the kiss is usually mine for the taking as long as I don’t get cockblocked, but after that a semi-real connection is needed to have a good shot at the one-night stand.

With this girl I lost motivation to continue. She had no personality, no sexy vibe. I didn’t want to “work” anymore by talking to her because I had no interest in taking her to bed. So I said it was nice meeting her and walked away.

Her genetic beauty: 7
Her femininity: 5
Her sexuality: 1
Total interaction time: 10-15 minutes
Reason for no sex: I wasn’t digging the girl

GIRL #2:

We went to a different bar. I approached a cute girl walking by me and it opened. Her girlfriend started talking to my friend.

My girl was very enthusiastic in the beginning, judging by her smiling and touching. She was a little too sassy, but there was some charm lurking underneath and I liked her provocative outfit (with heels). I felt like she was a good one-night stand candidate.

Suddenly she said, “I don’t think my girl is into your friend.”

“Hmmm well they seem to be getting along, but who knows,” I said.

“No, I know her. She’s not into him.”

So what the fuck do you want me to do? I changed the subject. The energy of the interaction changed. She was smiling less. I felt like I was losing her, unable to maintain the initial momentum. Then her friend pulled her away. This is another reason why flying solo can be easier—in pairs of girls you don’t have to worry about if the friend likes your friend, though I’m not certain that’s exactly why it ended in this case. Either way, bros before hoes. Her friend’s loss.

Her genetic beauty: 7.5
Her femininity: 7
Her sexuality: 6
Total interaction time: 5-10 minutes
Reason for no sex: The girls weren’t digging me and/or my friend


There was a petite girl who appeared a little sloppy (untucked collared shirt), but I saw some potential. The Rookie said she looked like Ellen Page from the movie Juno, which I haven’t seen. I approached her and we’re talking, but I realized she was totally lame. Even my energetic Moroccan friend couldn’t get her to make a facial expression. I politely bowed out.

Her genetic beauty: 6
Her femininity: 2
Her sexuality: 0
Total interaction time: 5 minutes
Reason for no sex: I wasn’t digging the girl

GIRL #4:

This girl was definitely the hottest of the night. She was a 21-year-old half-Paraguayan blonde that lived in Peru for three years as a child. Her body and face were exceptional. Her Spanish was fluent. We talked for a while and she made several compliments, saying I was “interesting” with a “rugged” look. She made a comment that her ex was about the same age as me. While it’s hard to connect with young girls, if that young girl has traveled a bit, I’ll probably be very close to her ideal type (I have a brooding traveler look they tend to like).

One problem I had is that she didn’t give me a lot to work off of, due to having little life experience (she just got out of college). At some point in the conversation we talked about dating culture in the U.S. versus other countries. My intention was to insinuate how it can be tough to meet someone you connect with, even if you live in a large city, but I think she interpreted that to mean she would die a cat lady.

Speed bump aside, we kept going. I felt like this was a very solid prospect, the best of the night thus far. Then four of her college girlfriends joined the conversation. They didn’t cockblock, thankfully, but the energy changed to where I completely lost her attention. Within a few minutes they all decided to check out another bar. I didn’t get the invite to go with them, a very bad sign. They left.

My Moroccan friend said, “Dude why didn’t you get her number?”

“Get a number off a 21 y/o that I didn’t even kiss? Pointless.” I still had a lot of groundwork to lay.

Her genetic beauty: 8.5
Her femininity: 6
Her sexuality: 3
Total interaction time: 30 minutes
Reason for no sex: Logistics, lack of solid connection

GIRL #5:

It was getting at that hour where you could see the desperation on a guy’s face. Bitch shields were going up. Men with cigars were smoking at double speed in the hopes that a woman would notice them. Other men with fedoras were constantly fixing themselves. No time for mistakes.

I saw a curly-haired girl walking through the bar alone. I stopped her and we talked for a while, in a conversation that began very similarly as the other four of the night. She was a PhD student, unfortunately, but her body was exceptional. I wanted to keep going to see what would happen.

After 15 minutes her sister rushed up to her and took her away. I wasn’t upset (am ominous sign). A short time later, she walked up to me to continue the conversation. This was a huge indicator of interest, and normally my one-night stand radar would go bonkers, but while we’re talking I noticed she was careful about maintaining her distance from me. She had proper posture, not the sloppy slouching that I would be looking for at this time of night (she stopped drinking because she had to “get up early”). There was very little touching and the interaction had a coolness about it. The auto-shutoff mechanism on my one-night stand radar kicked in. She also had lazy eye, which was rather distracting (her right eye had a mind of her own when she got excited about something). I told Morocco not to leave me alone with her, because I didn’t want to talk to her continuously.

The bar eventually closed and I walked to a pizza place with her, her friend, and some random guy. While they waited in line for their grease injection, I told them I was going to wait outside. I stepped out, realized that I only wanted to bang her if I didn’t have to talk or kiss her, an impossibility, then ditched without saying goodbye. I went home alone and jerked off.

Her genetic beauty: 7
Her femininity: 4
Her sexuality: 2
Total interaction time: 45 minutes.
Reason for no sex: I wasn’t into her.

Let’s say it takes me around 30 solid approaches to get one lay in D.C., and by solid I mean that I have to be into the girl and willing to do whatever it takes to get laid. On this night I made only two solid attempts. If I go out twice a week, that’s only 15 attempts a month (my day game opportunities are lacking right now). Unfortunately I back out in most of my approaches in D.C. because of not being interested in the girl, something that rarely happened in Brazil or Colombia. I put my heart into just about every approach I did down in those countries.

Since banging a new girl every two months in unacceptable (1-2 new notches a month is a rate that I prefer), there are two possible solutions for when I’m in America:

1. Go out more to increase the odds of finding girls that I like.

2. Lower my standards.

I’ve chosen option two. When I’m particularly horny I would drink more and go for the gold on girls number 1 and 5 above, in effect doubling my attempt rate. While I still consider them bangable, I know I’m reducing myself to specimens whose personalities and vibes I dislike. It slightly burns that I was pulling superior quality just a few months ago.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been back: my libido has decreased to such a level that I’ve considered going on supplements like horny goat weed. Ultimately I decided against it (I’m already numbing myself with more alcohol), but I do think it’s amusing how a city’s lackluster women can drive me to increased drug usage. My horny goat weed will continue to be stints abroad, not a pill, no matter how “natural” it is.

Believe it or not, I’m not upset about this at all. I’ve made peace with life in America because it’s feeding the beast for richer experiences elsewhere. Only thing is I doubt that I could live in this area permanently. Why should I when I can live like a prince in cities with better women?

On the next night I went out, I had a one-night stand with a girl I started talking to a little before last call.

Her genetic beauty: 6
Her femininity: 6
Her sexuality: 2
Total interaction time: 75-90 minutes
Reason for sex: Game, alcohol, lowering my standards
Happiness level: Unchanged

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