Until You Try To Bang A Girl

A lot of girls act skeptical when I tell them stories about the dating behavior of their kind. With a tone that insinuates I’m exaggerating or even lying, I get responses like, “I don’t know where you are meeting these girls” or “I don’t know any girl that does that.” There is no possible way that girls are as bad as I make them up to be, they say, and I must be only going after the really fucked-up ones.

The thing is, until you try to bang a girl, you will never know her true nature. Your college girlfriend who you’ve shared millions of tears with? You two are actually strangers. That girlfriend you’ve known since grade school? You might as well have just met on the street.

You do not know a female unless you push the emotional buttons that come with trying to enter her vagina. Her true nature is not talking about fashion or having pillow fights in silk pajamas—it’s how she acts when she is being romantically pursued by a real man. If you have not tried to have sex with her then you’re only experiencing the tail end of the coin. This is why so many girls think their kind is reasonable and normal, when in fact they are capable of the evilest of evil the world has ever seen.

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