Until You Try To Bang A Girl

A lot of girls act skeptical when I tell them stories about the dating behavior of their kind. With a tone that insinuates I’m exaggerating or even lying, I get responses like, “I don’t know where you are meeting these girls” or “I don’t know any girl that does that.” There is no possible way that girls are as bad as I make them up to be, they say, and I must be only going after the really fucked-up ones.

The thing is, until you try to bang a girl, you will never know her true nature. Your college girlfriend who you’ve shared millions of tears with? You two are actually strangers. That girlfriend you’ve known since grade school? You might as well have just met on the street.

You do not know a female unless you push the emotional buttons that come with trying to enter her vagina. Her true nature is not talking about fashion or having pillow fights in silk pajamas—it’s how she acts when she is being romantically pursued by a real man. If you have not tried to have sex with her then you’re only experiencing the tail end of the coin. This is why so many girls think their kind is reasonable and normal, when in fact they are capable of the evilest of evil the world has ever seen.

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  • virglekent

    “they are capable of the evilest of evil the world has ever seen”

    Genocide? I KNEW IT!!!!

    So you’re saying the anti Christ will be a woman. Fucking great!

    This is why I stopped trying to enter their vag… “Anal is the new oral” duh

  • OG Sally

    I’ll concede that women are bitches, but as usual you overshot. In fact I’d argue that between genocidal maniacs and serial killers, most of the “evil” in the world comes from single men with delusions of grandeur and mommy issues.

  • http://www.timetoupgrade.blogspot.com mm

    I suppose this is true. One does get to know someone a lot better (regarless of their gender) after being involved in a sexual relationship. All their vulnerabilities tend to come into the light.

  • Land-Man

    That “mommy issues” crap is another sound bite women always try to push. What does it even mean?

  • http://www.kassyk.wordpress.com KassyK

    Um, I just lol so hard my coffee spilled all over my desk.

    Its almost like how you don’t know a guy friend until you find out he writes a blog about how to Pump And Dump Women. Surely most women who find that out would say you are capable of the “Evilest Evil”.

    Just saying.

  • http://www.kassyk.wordpress.com KassyK

    Yikes, that came out harsher than intended, sorry. :(

    I just meant that besides true evil like abuse, rape, genocide, murder, kidnapping etc etc…evil can be subjective.

  • Sweat P.

    “In fact I’d argue that between genocidal maniacs and serial killers, most of the “evil” in the world comes from single men with delusions of grandeur and mommy issues.”

    See, you just admitted yourself it’s the mother’s fault! :)

  • http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com Nullpointer

    Helen got Troy burned to the ground for a bang.

    I see his point, when I don’t consider the act, but the intent of the person committing said act.

    As others noted, the most heinous crimes were carried out by people following a leader who was insane (Hitler, Stalin) and suffered from delusions of grandeur. They usually didn’t see what they were doing as wrong, they were so crazy they thought that they had the “Final Solution”.

    Most women I’ve met on the other hand are very vengeful and cruel (the exceptions are you usually unbelievably compassionate to a fault). Women hold grudges for a very long time and if you screw up when you first meet them, you can almost be certain you won’t be able to dig yourself out of that hole.

    If it weren’t for the magnitude of men’s crimes, I’d say women take the cake when it comes to having cruel intentions.

  • Roosh

    I meant emotional/psychological evil, of course.

  • http://rinaface.blogspot.com irina


    People who manipulate others for their own selfish benefit are evil.
    You manipulate women into having sex with you for your selfish benefit.
    You are evil.

    But I’m full of evil these days, so don’t listen to my logical arguments.

  • http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com Nullpointer

    One of your premises is wrong. Manipulating people by itself is not wrong. You make it sound like zero-sum game.

    Manipulating other people to cause them harm such that you benefit from it is evil.

    Arguably Roosh is good, because he manipulates women into doing something that they benefit from.

  • http://www.therabbitgetshisday.com rabbit

    Men commit more physically based evil. This is quantifiable. Women commit more psychological evil. Much more difficult to quantify. Somewhat polar argument.

    Much like the argument on religion. You can quantify how many wars and bloodshed has been caused by religion but not how much bloodshed has been stopped or wars prevented by it.

  • http://rinaface.blogspot.com irina

    If a woman reacts in such a manner to someone’s manipulation, then I can, for a fact, say that the women are not benefiting, but rather suffering.

  • http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com Nullpointer

    Oh man, having sex… what suffering!

    Excluding the obviously terrible case of rape, no one makes women get in bed after three dates. Once. Twice. Thrice. Four times. five times… you get the picture.

    What’s the stage after denial?

  • http://rinaface.blogspot.com irina

    WHY would she act “evil” if she was totally enjoying the entire process. You are missing my point.

  • http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com Nullpointer

    Why does the TSA hassle you for no reason, because you know babies are terrorist that must be denied boarding!

    The evil comes before sex, it’s not caused by the sex. Sex means you’ve managed to navigate through the minefield.

    Unless you’re suggesting it’s some weird unhappy sadomachism feedback loop, wherein they repeatedly engage in self-inflicting pain.

    I don’t like the idea of most women available for dating being batshit crazy.

    Thus, I will continue to think of women being like TSA. They really plan on letting you through, but they want you to make sure:

    1) Each container must be three ounces or smaller.
    2) Each traveler can use only one, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag.
    3) Take off your shoes.
    4) Take the laptop out of the bag
    5) Removal all loose chain and any other metallic items from you pocket.
    6) Take off your jacket
    7) Failure to follow any of these rules will result in you being hassled and delayed penetration into the airport.

    Then they let you walk into their opening, in and out until they stop beeping. If they can’t stop they go in manually and finish you off with their hand[scanner].

    Then you grab your shit and get to go on with the rest of your life, until next time.

  • Rajia

    Y’all are nuts and it’s no wonder, single.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com/ Roissy

    “People who manipulate others for their own selfish benefit are evil.”

    is advertising evil?

  • http://nullp0inter.wordpress.com Nullpointer

    I am not single, but I suspect I will soon be. If I had BANG available to me a year ago, or even this blog I wouldn’t be in such a shitty relationship.

    Reading all of the back posts is like a chronicle of my relationship mistakes. It’s like an uhuh she did that, why did I let her get away with it?

    Now, it’s too late to really fix anything and she claims I’ve turned into an asshole, because I stopped letting her abuse me.

    For example, one time she got mad because I told her how she was mistreating me and that this wouldn’t last unless she did something about it.

    Her response? “Why don’t you just leave me now, like all the men in my life including my father?”

    Her father died of cancer in 2002.

    That’s just the shittiest most downright manipulating thing you can do, by using something like that to attempt to control another person.

  • Poser

    Nullpointer I signed up so I could post this, but I’ve been lurking this blog for a while. Most of the stuff in Bang, while I haven’t read it, I can safely assume it is rehashed stuff that has been scattered across the net. Props to roosh for figuring this stuff out on his own and putting it together into such a tight package including the minor details like clothes. If you are looking to really step up your game and just change your life for the better in general, check out realsocialdyamics.com. They have a free two hour lecture you can download when you sign up for their newsletter, which is written by one of the greatest pick up artists in the world. Best of all these guys all started out the same as you. Also check out more of David Deangelo’s stuff like his advanced series interviews with dating Gurus. I guarentee you will love that shit. Also about the girl. She sounds needy. I have a feeling if you had just walked out that time she’d be calling you within the hour apologizing and explaining her irrational emotions.

  • ribald

    brilliant post, for so many reasons!

  • http://anyonecanberich.blogspot.com/ Gunslingergregi

    Yea Nul. Get rid of the chick and move on. That abuse shit will never change Bro. Better not to have a woman than to be mentally abused by one. The thing is they are used to doing everything by talking. Guys grew up “doing” a lot of the time. You may be at a disadvantage.

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  • Rigoberto
  • James

    Ha, so true. I have had a double dose of this in the past year.

  • jazzyjeff

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Anderson

    I completely agree with you… the behavior, in most cases, goes haywire and shifts completely!
    Discrete dating site for those married , or in a relationship,
    and looking for discreet married dating.

  • samuel welsh

    you are sick in the head girls should hate you

  • Anonymous

    There are many things women refuse to tell other women out of a sense of embarassment or shame or less definable emotions that I chalk up to competitiveness and/or social perception. Oddly enough the most common example I can think of is women in bad/messed up relationships refusing to ever tell the real truth.. they only tell me because I am a relative stranger and have strange jedi mind powers of making women comfortable around me.

  • Elder


    I rarely post. But I just had to add my own experience. Its not just that women are skeptical of other women’s craziness.

    It’s that they find it difficult to see it or admit when they themselves misbehave. This is probably true for both sexes. When you do something out of hand, only *you* can see your own internal rationalisations. And so for you, it’s nothing peculiar whereas for everyone else, you’re the crazy person.

    Like when you’re walking on the street in one direction, remember you forgot something then turn around, then remember you actually had it on you all the time then turn back in your previous direction. You know why you did what did. To passers by though, you’re losing your mind.

    A female acquaintance told me she was being seduced by a guy, agreed to let him walk with her 10 minutes to her place. She let him believe they would have sex. She let him take all of his clothes off, she let him climb unto her bed with her. Then at the last moment, screamed “noo, i change my mind, i dont want to have sex with you. leave now.” he left.

    She didn’t change her mind because she saw anything on him that knocked him down in the looks department. She was simply having a drunken power trip. She did it because she could.

    I asked her ‘don’t you think what you did was a bit insensitive or at least crazy?’

    Her response was something along the lines of: “no, it wasn’t. I was…. I just…. Look, i’m normal honest!”

    Everyone is blinded from their own crazy acts. But probably women more so.

  • No point of return for the bang

    Anyone who reads BANG will have to travel the world for a BANG.
    It is as if evil is propelling them in the pursuit of something that does not exist.
    The pursuit of something better when it comes to women, when in fact, we are all the same. Same components, with different aspects of appearance.
    It saddens me that men have to play a game to get a woman’s affection. When in reality, we like when they are honest and being themselves. We love when you are real, a real man, both in bed and when you approach us. Games are just it, games. The real difference between a man and a boy is that a man is all grown up and is not afraid to be a man, but a boy plays games because he is insecure and is trying to hide the fact that he is still a boy. Insecurity will get you nowhere. If you are an alpha male, you don’t need to play the game, you are the game.
    Be self confident and you will stand out in the crowd. The same goes for women.
    Walk with your head high and your sex appeal will show, don’t be afraid of the TSA beeper beeping at your belt. You got this! In modeling school we are trained to walk in a crowd and stand out!
    Self confidence is the key.

  • Anonymous

    If simply being yourself is sufficient, how come not just anyone can get laid tons of times?

    It’s like saying, “just be yourself and never use make up toothpaste, hairbrushes etc, guys will like you anyway”

    nuh uh

  • Chris

    If you are trying hard to avoid any attachment, enjoy only the lowest common denominator of pleasure, then Roosh is the expert on how to avoid meaningful fun. This whole blog is just a lonely guy convincing himself that all women are evil, should never be listened to, and only used for personal pleasure with no concerns at all for the women. This shallow personality is exposed all too easily.
    Bullies use tactics like this to boost themselves – denigrate someone else instead of working on your own life. Roosh can’t get women to actually like him, so he compensates by insulting them and treating them as objects so he doesn’t have to recognize them as people.

  • Your Name

    What’s gong to be a new men’s movement- frustrated guys run around alley and back streets at night waiting for groups of super arrogant club girls
    To leave and they swarm the silly parents tikis Hos with a flurry of knees rights and elbows and run a few blocks back to the hood after a new version of a “bang” mission? Women are sick and their bs is lucky that physical
    Manifestations don’t come back to them. As a boy I saw men bet women and wondered why? Now I know why.

  • nick

    ah gosh women are never reasonable creatures. they are emotional . it is important for their survival. or maybe it was for one millions years now old habits die hard ,

  • Dirk Diggler

    Why don’t you leave her? There are victims and there are volunteers.

  • Dirk Diggler

    You are so full of shit. I’ll bet you squeak when you walk.