Valparaiso, Chile

My third contribution to the Volette travel blog is up.

Class is not a word I’d use to describe Valparaiso’s nightlife. I had the unfortunate experience of walking into a club called Cosmonova where the owner at some point came up with the idea to combine aspects of a nightclub with a strip club. It took the appearance of a naked Chilean woman for me to understand why there were 60 men forming a semi-circle in a dark room next to the bar. Nearby was a room of ladies being entertained by what I imagine to be a hairless man, stripping Chippendales-style for their pleasure. Once the show was over and the salivating hounds were released on the much smaller female population, I fought my way to the exit. Talk about warming up the crowd.

At risk of tooting my own horn, I think I captured the city with competence.

For more on Chile, check out my Chile travel guide.

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  • KellyL

    Enjoying reading along as you make your way through South America! I hope you weren’t affected by the earthquake in northern Chile.

  • mike says

    Strippers to get the men worked up only to unleash them on a small group of females? Sounds like a recipe for a great brawl.

  • Wendy

    Very well written.

  • Gannon

    Chile is a very socially segregated country. There are very beautiful firls in the higher class, the key to kbow them is to hit up the pubs in the barrio alto (Las condes and Vitacura).
    They are not easy to score however.

  • Some Catchy Chic

    Strippers are really not sexy.

  • Raphael

    Are you a stripper, SCC ?