Value Is Everything

Everything you do in life should be weighed with how much value you receive compared to the work you put in. Most people do this subconsciously but I think it’s best to be an economist of your life, constantly evaluating the benefits you gain against the labor you expend.

Say you’re sleeping with a girl once a week but she’s not that cute and expects to be taken out often. Is it possible to find another girl who gives as much sex but with less upkeep?

You have a 9-5 job that pays you $50,000 a year, but it’s killing your soul and there is little room for advancement. Is it possible to get an interview for a higher paying job from a resume blast that only takes you a few hours?

You’re improving your game but feel like the friends you hang out with are bringing you down with snide comments. Would it be better to roll solo on weekend nights?

You’ve been living in Toronto all your life but a recent vacation to Thailand opened your eyes. Would it be that hard to take longer vacations?

You spend a lot of time on Facebook to stalk people you no longer associate with. Would your time be spent more wisely after deactiviating your account?

The point is not to analyze every decision to death if it’s worth it or not, but try to find a way to do the following:

– get more for putting in the same amount of effort
– get more for putting in less effort
– get a lot more for putting in a little more effort

The idea is to find efficiencies and improvements through use of logic, reason, or risk-taking. After establishing a baseline result, try to improve that result without working harder. This is the same as Toyota improving their factory assembly lines with millions (yes, millions) of small improvements that improve their capacity to assemble cars while decreasing their operating costs. In essence, your life is an assembly line and you are the foreman. Your flexibility, eye for detail, and a desire to increase value are the drivers that improve your result.

When you seek a life based on extracting the most amount of value possible, it becomes impossible to go backwards. If there are three countries where I can get high quality women with a moderate amount of work (Brazil, Poland, and Croatia), I can no longer go to a country where I get lower quality women for more work (United States, Denmark, Sweden), with the added indignity of paying a higher cost of living. If I can regularly get one-night stands on girls I like, I can not accept waiting three dates to have sex with a girl I don’t like. If I can buy perfect cappuccinos for $2 in Croatia, served in ceramic cups, I can not pay $5 for a mediocre Norwegian cappuccino in a paper cup.

Is there a simple change that you can make right now that will improve a result in one area of your life? I’m sure there is. Make that change, receive more value, and then make another change which increases your value even further. If you work on this every day of every month of every year, in just a couple of years you’ll have an easier life of more rewards with less work. While I won’t judge you if you increasingly work yourself to death to get sweet nectars of life, don’t be upset when you see guys putting in a lot less to get the same result.

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