Value Is Everything

Everything you do in life should be weighed with how much value you receive compared to the work you put in. Most people do this subconsciously but I think it’s best to be an economist of your life, constantly evaluating the benefits you gain against the labor you expend.

Say you’re sleeping with a girl once a week but she’s not that cute and expects to be taken out often. Is it possible to find another girl who gives as much sex but with less upkeep?

You have a 9-5 job that pays you $50,000 a year, but it’s killing your soul and there is little room for advancement. Is it possible to get an interview for a higher paying job from a resume blast that only takes you a few hours?

You’re improving your game but feel like the friends you hang out with are bringing you down with snide comments. Would it be better to roll solo on weekend nights?

You’ve been living in Toronto all your life but a recent vacation to Thailand opened your eyes. Would it be that hard to take longer vacations?

You spend a lot of time on Facebook to stalk people you no longer associate with. Would your time be spent more wisely after deactiviating your account?

The point is not to analyze every decision to death if it’s worth it or not, but try to find a way to do the following:

– get more for putting in the same amount of effort
– get more for putting in less effort
– get a lot more for putting in a little more effort

The idea is to find efficiencies and improvements through use of logic, reason, or risk-taking. After establishing a baseline result, try to improve that result without working harder. This is the same as Toyota improving their factory assembly lines with millions (yes, millions) of small improvements that improve their capacity to assemble cars while decreasing their operating costs. In essence, your life is an assembly line and you are the foreman. Your flexibility, eye for detail, and a desire to increase value are the drivers that improve your result.

When you seek a life based on extracting the most amount of value possible, it becomes impossible to go backwards. If there are three countries where I can get high quality women with a moderate amount of work (Brazil, Poland, and Croatia), I can no longer go to a country where I get lower quality women for more work (United States, Denmark, Sweden), with the added indignity of paying a higher cost of living. If I can regularly get one-night stands on girls I like, I can not accept waiting three dates to have sex with a girl I don’t like. If I can buy perfect cappuccinos for $2 in Croatia, served in ceramic cups, I can not pay $5 for a mediocre Norwegian cappuccino in a paper cup.

Is there a simple change that you can make right now that will improve a result in one area of your life? I’m sure there is. Make that change, receive more value, and then make another change which increases your value even further. If you work on this every day of every month of every year, in just a couple of years you’ll have an easier life of more rewards with less work. While I won’t judge you if you increasingly work yourself to death to get sweet nectars of life, don’t be upset when you see guys putting in a lot less to get the same result.

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  • Gavin Madden

    This is the exact strategy I have implemented in my life. Good post!

  • Maldek

    Hi Roosh,

    in your post “point of diminishing return” you ask an interesting question.

    “Why does it seem impossible for me to quit a game that has defined me for so long?”
    -> Because you do not have enough motivation to do so.

    Explain: In physics one basic law is that any object will remain in its current state until there is sufficient force to change it.
    Like a cup will drop until it hits the floor.

    In your case, you simply keep doing what you always did because it would require effort to change yourself.

    It it is notches, money or a day job it does not matter. When you did quit your day job back in the day you DID have a special event that gave you enough motivation, did you not?

  • TRR

    I kinda get a huge kick out of him regularly mentioning Toronto lol

  • Mebus

    Excellent article. Everything in the western world is massively overvalued: the women, the sex, the degrees, the jobs, the egos. Come to think of it, doing a cost-benefit analysis before making a commitment is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

  • Ruxman

    Pride gets in the way of many men putting their life under scrutiny. You ended that post with a king hit btw nice.

  • SJ

    Agree- my home espresso machine brews perfect cups of it for 5 cents a cup versus $2 Starbucks and tastes better.

  • Onder

    Very true.

    This is why Social Proof and Pre-Selection works so powerfully. Because you’re getting people around you to work hard for your attention versus doing all of the work yourself.

    The more valuable you’re perceived to be in the world, the easier your life will be due to people competing for your time and attention.

  • Maverick Traveler

    Well said. Spend few hours fixing up that resume and make $XX,000 more a year. No brainer. I bet you few people will do it, though.

  • Anonymous

    I can no longer go to a country where I get lower quality women for more work (United States, Denmark, Sweden.


  • wHatUdowhen

    to Roosh n other readers: what u did to get yrself out of extreme lazyness[i meant the kind where u wait fire to be over even when everone has left n u r still not moving a finger also just bec of lazyness] …somewhere i read about book dirt roosh mentioned …can someone suggest a book / thoughts by reading/repeating them in mind i can break this cycle .
    apolozies for span [ though related to article bec if i will just put that small change i knw i m better than average ]

  • Andre

    ok, I can see you really think you have discovered something but the thing is you are stuck in your american perspective and approach to life.

  • Andre

    do you understand roosh, or your business (that you are slave to) is not allowing you to understand that?

  • yb13

    Excellent stuff. I run a small business (family-oriented) and had 2 weeks off to chill out and take care of matters May 2012 before work but super busy again in June. I also had to get my wisdom teeth taken out but my dental insurance wasn’t going to cover it so the cost would’ve been 4K (1K per tooth). Since I had two weeks off with an American Airlines coupon to use, I flew to Poland for vacation, to see a gal, and get my wisdom teeth taken out. The surgery was really good in an upscale private practice and cost me 220 USD instead of 4K USD. So visiting 4 Polish cities, lodging, partying, and the chicks ended up costing me 1600 USD and was exponentially more fun than the 4K I would’ve paid to be domesticated at home.

  • Andre

    you don’t know a first thing about girls… the best you can do is learn tricks how to cover your hollowness or buy them, that simply makes you neanderthals. and you are all slaves to your SILLY-STUPID businesses you do, you silly cunts!

  • Andre

    leave the girls alone and jerk your value off in the sink, yes?

  • Gavin Madden

    Please, Andre, enlighten us with what you know about women…

  • Andre

    Gavin san, you’re even worse because you try to imitate cunts like mental-roosh, that makes you a radioactive waste in Eastern Europe.

    We man of the earth have moulded and abused women for hundreds of years, yes there are whores and sluts out there, but you cunts have been pushing things that way for a long time.

    Women don’t have will, so it’s all our creation, that’s what we have painted… but you jerks don’t care for the bigger picture of things anyway… just sell your stupid blogs and books!

    Finally, roosh, try not to do any more harm to yourself, please merry a girl in iran and settle … and live happily ever after!

  • Otto Au

    Croatia is dangerous for tourist girls, numerous girls have been raped and murdered

    *SHOULD* be ok for local girls and males?

    You have been warned

  • John Galt2

    Fantastic post, more men to think about this explicitly. Also, think in terms of risk/reward.

    Don’t take the job where if you kick ass you will be rewarded with a 5% raise vs a 3% raise. Take that sales/finance/start up job where your blood, sweat and tears will get you a huge upside through commissions/bonuses/equity. Don’t be a worthless cubicle chump, take some calculated risks.

  • Anonymous

    Is Andre our new crypto feminist troll? Obviously some euro hater from denmark or sweden.

    “and you are all slaves to your SILLY-STUPID businesses you do, you silly cunts!”

    Enjoy your Iphone on those Cisco Routers on that Oracle server running Sun software. DERP.

  • PussyHoundontheDole

    Your company goes bust and lays everyone off. You start receiving unemployment payments. You start getting laid much more than before. Would it be so much harder to stay on the Dole a little longer than you originally planned? You find that the time you spent looking for employment is better spent chasing pussy. Would it really be so hard to stay on Welfare on a more permanent basis? Hahahaha! Roosh, I think I am a better gamer than you. You game the girls, but you ran away from the system. I game the girls AND the system. Top that. Hahahaha!

  • the passenger

    Yeah, everything in the west is hyper inflated!
    Think of Guccii and LV bags women buy! Or their starbucks coffees, their plastic surgeons, tons of money they spend on pharmas and cosmetics.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    “The point is not to analyze every decision to death if it’s worth it or not, but try to find a way to do the following:

    – get more for putting in the same amount of effort
    – get more for putting in less effort
    – get a lot more for putting in a little more effort”

    Love the way you break things down Roosh to look at the world in a different (and often enhanced!) way. Keep up the great writing.

  • Mark

    There’s a school of economics (Austrian) that says all value is subjective instead of objective and that something can only be valued compared to something else. We are always ranking everything from most to least value and going after what we rank the highest. That’s why we shouldn’t have a society where the government makes the decision about what people should do or have. You just end up having some government bureaucrat substituting his own scale of values for yours. His scale is no better than your scale.

  • Blackdragon

    The problem is people, especially dudes, start getting lazy when they get JUST ENOUGH sex or money or whatever.

    That hypothetical guy getting laid by the ugly chick once a week rationalizes, “Well, hey, I AM getting laid. And dating is so much work…”

  • Mark

    Nice post, Roosh. This kind of life hacking, 4HWW stuff would also be great on RoK.

  • JS

    – get more for putting in the same amount of effort

    This one is simple but effective in adding a couple months of extended interest you have in a girl you are dating. After tearing through the usual suspects for x amount of time and you come to the sidelines for a breather with a girl you could actually spend some time with. I find myself with a typical relationship arc of two months new sex, two months freaky push the boundaries sex, and a downward arc from there to boring sex and the breakup, even if I find her very attractive.
    The simple trick to extend your interest in her is to not share any time in the bathroom together ever. Do not witness any picking, squeezing, pruning, hoove sanding or general chick maintainence whatsoever. Above all else do not let her feel that it is ok to pee in front of you ever even if all your clothes and hair caught fire. This has increased my average interest in a long term girl from the six month range to eight to ten months. After you give her the Spanish archer ( the el bow) burn through the next round of short termers until you meet the next Ms. ten months and wash, rinse, and repeat.

  • http://[email protected] Pablo

    I am surprised at the low level of knowledge of Economics around the Manosphere (I hope that I got the name right). Most of the comments I read about Economics here are libertarian in the Ayn Rand sense (and it makes sense since there is an unhealthy share of egoist hedonism around), and some quote “the Austrians” (which seems to make sense until you learn that they where objectively wrong, wink wink).

    For your information, you are all here because society is affection you, as a whole. Then you must look for society-wide solutions, unless you all are nihilist navel gazers. Yes, going to Thailand is going to solve your short-term sexual market problems, maybe, thank you Mr. Houellebecq, but it is not going to change anything long-term, one economic crisis, and you are wiped out.

    I am a Marxist (of Marx), and for many reasons. But one is that with less inequality of incomes between men they will have a better chance to build happiness. The percentage of single women over 30 in the US, I think I remember, is higher in cities where the income of men shows more disparity. Get them closer, and women will marry for some other reasons than dough before they reach their out-of-business date. The material world will affect the cultural superstructure, once more, as it always does. Women “marry up”, but when up is confounded, it can mean many things. Do you want to change things? Or only save yourself and only for a while?

  • K-Man

    Would you give this same advice to your Mom and Dad if you could travel back in time 33 years, Roosh?
    What is the value for them in raising you for 18 years?
    Time for you to return the favor and spread some of their genes to Poland and Ukraine, methinks…

  • dannyfrom504

    excellent post. i can’t tell you how many guys i’ve tried to explain game to, “it’s not about getting laid, it’s about being the guy other people WANT to be around. this just translate into attracting a woman”

    i hate how game gets vilified because most people (esp. woman) don’t realize it’s simply a path to a better you.

    it’s like scrambling an egg, it takes a BIT more work, but you get the same finished product. it just comes across differently. it’s not better or worse, it just IS.

    game is like the force. it’s neither good nor evil, it just IS. the user determines the nature. you can be a PUA, natural, relationship minded…..WHATEVER.

    game just gives the jedi his power, how he uses it is up to him. but a sith can be just as powerful as a jedi.

    stay up.

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  • Anon

    Barclays Loan. Some of us are network security engineers. You have been warned.

  • t

    Made me feel more confident just reading it.

  • Boris_ZG

    Where did you get this stupid idea.
    I’m from Croatia and that’s completely nonsense.
    There have been one case in Split a few years ago when one psycho killed a Mexican girl, but those things don’t happen regularly as you suggest.
    I’m 44 now and I can’t remember any case like that in the past.
    Such horrible things happend very rarely and not only to tourist girls but to local girls too, dude, that’s life, it happends everywhere because psycho’s can be found all around the globe, unfortunatelly.

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