Vitória, Brazil Travel Guide For Guys

What a pleasant surprise this city was after waddling through the north of Brazil. A tip in the forum told me that it was a hotbed of Brazilian poon, so I decided to stop by for a night to check it out. I left ten days later.

The good: the female to male ratio here is extremely high and it was rare to be in a club with more guys than girls. The girls are beautiful and you can spend all night hitting on pretty ones without having to lower your standards (it’s continued experiences like this which make it impossible for me to permanently live in an American city besides maybe New York or Miami). It reminded me more of Cordoba, Argentina than anywhere else. Since Vitória is not a tourist destination you’ll likely be the only gringo in the club.

Vitoria, BrazilThe bad: the girls are hard and snobby at the well-to-do clubs where attractiveness is highest. Out of six nights out I only got grimey on one, which for Brazil is not very good. The girls of Cordoba got far more excited at my gringo status than the girls here, and I’m nearly certain that Cordoba was in fact easier. Many girls here didn’t give me a chance or indulge my bad Portuguese for more than a minute. It wasn’t common to meet a girl who speaks English like I always do in Rio.

Another problem is there are no cheap accommodations—no pousadas or hostels. If you’re stopping by for only a weekend than stay at the pricey Ibis Vitoria hotel (R$125-155 a night), which is within walking distance of clubs in the posh Triangulo district. After a couple weeks of lodging in cheap pousadas the Ibis felt like a luxury penthouse.

If that’s too expensive for you then you have to head to sketchy centro a couple miles away, within walking distance of favelas. There your best option is the Cannes Palace, a clean hotel with wireless internet, air conditioning, and mini-fridge. It’ll set you back R$69 a night. If that’s still too much, then try the run-down Hotel Avenida two blocks away from the Cannes (Av. Presidente Florentino Avidos 347, tel. 27 3223 4317). It’s R$55 a night for their best rooms but you don’t get air conditioning or a fridge.

The key to not breaking the bank here is to go to clubs before 11 for their “happy” specials. Let me explain how it works. If you get to the club late you pay something like a R$40 or more cover and then drinks on top of that, but if you get there early then you pay R$50 for consumação, or consumption. This means your entire R$50 contribution goes towards drinks, which equals about six caipirinhas or three Johnny Walker Blacks. It’s almost like paying cover but drinking for free.

The most popular club in Triangulo is Casa (“Home”), which gets packed starting on Thursday night. Next door is Escritorio (“Office”), a bar owned by the same guy (start drinking at the office then continue at home—get it?). Most girls here are absolutely brutal but I won’t say it’s impossible. There are a handful of clubs nearby and they all seem similar. On weekends the streets pack and form a little bloco, making for fun street game attempts.

My top club recommendation is São Firmino, half a mile away from the Triangulo. It’s packed with girls that are slightly nicer than the ones in Triangulo but just as beautiful. This is where I got a little lucky, partially thanks to there being more girls than guys early on.

An alternative to Vitória is Belo Horizonte, the state capital of neighboring Minas Gerais. I haven’t been there yet but from what I read it seems like a larger version of Vitória but with nicer girls and a hostel. I also hear good things coming out of Porto Alegre and Brasilia, where being a gringo carries higher status than in Vitória and definitely Rio, which I believe is going through gringo fatigue.

I can’t say Vitória is better than Cordoba or Rio because of the accommodation problem, but with clubs that consistently pack them in and an excess of beautiful (but difficult) women, it’s worth your time if you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, especially since it’s only eight hours from Rio by bus. If you’re conversational in Portuguese then this is a must-visit city, as you have a decent chance of pulling.

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  • Big Snot

    Reader Request: I’d like a Roosh review of the new movie Up in the Air.

  • Anonymous

    You are doing God’s work man. Amazing stuff, keep these coming.

  • Bezzi

    How is gaming in Brazil vs Argentina? I remember there was a discussion on the importance of Social Game in Argentina, and I’m wondering how it’s going for you running dolo (if you are indeed running dolo).

    Bezzi’s last blog post: Old Romance.

  • The G Manifesto

    Another solid data sheet.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: How to Swoop 100 Fly Girls Per Year.

  • Travel bug

    Great stuff. I’m all about discovering the places that havent yet been overrun by tourists and sex tourists.

    Question: is being fluent in Spanish the equivalent of being conversational in Portuguese in Brazil?

  • The Rookie

    You might need to start flashing some $$ in these places. (read: pull up to the club driving a honda civic)

  • Roosh

    3: I’ll have a better answer when I revisit Argentina after Brazil

    5: You’ll be understood but you’ll kind of sound like a moron speaking to someone in a different language. It’ll be good enough to get by… buy bus tickets, order food in a restaurant, but to mack you’ll have better luck just speaking in English.

  • newly divorced

    I like Vitoria, used to hang there on business trips in my single days. Glad you liked it. Always got the feeling, it would be dirt cheap to hang there, chase girls and learn Portugese if I ever had time.

  • Brandon

    Vitoria definitely had the highest amount of beautiful women of anywhere I´ve been in the world. Maybe that doesn´t mean too much though because I´ve only been to Brazil, Mexico, and Bahamas. But I´m also from Las Vegas, so I know a beautiful girl when I see one. But Roosh is right, the women are a bit snobby and pretty dificult to pick up. We went to Casa club one night and Roosh and I both aproached at least ten girls and came out with nothing. I was talking to one who seemed interested, but I would talk to her for 5 minutes and her friend would grab her and tell her to come get a drink with her. It happened twice with the same girl. I was talking to another who was only decent (And I would say not very attractive considering 1/2 the club were 7´s or higher) who seemed a little into it, but due to logistics I didn´t get her number. I did end up pulling a gorgeous girl who didn´t even speak English, but we met through friends, so I guess I kinda got lucky. They do however have one Pousada that I know of, and I think even more. It´s actually in Serra,, but you can throw a stone and hit Jardim Camburi (The final neighborhood in Vitoria, probably the nicest as well). The name is Pousada Lord Camburi. It is in a pretty safe location, a little distance from the good spots, maybe R$15 cab ride, but it wasn´t a problem for me because I usually had ride. It was still pricy though. It will set you back R$75 a night. But it´s got a friendly staff (Asside from one girl who was always working in the day), a restaurant, and a place to wash your clothes (Though it is expensive as hell, R$3 per shirt, but that´s what everywhere charges around here to get your clothes washed). And one thing that pissed me off was after every 4 or so days, they would call me to the front desk to pay, when I was staying longer. It was a pain in the ass because my mom had my money at the time in the states and I had to get ahold of her, which was a pain in the ass because she was working, and tell her to deposit the money. Which was a pain in the ass for her becuase she had to drop everything and work and drive 20 minutes to deposit the money.

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  • Mrs. Chocolate

    The consumação is waaay much better to man, who usually drinks more than girls. About 10 years ago, the night scene was covered differently: you are used to pay a minimum (which was no more than 30 for girls) and drink all the 30.
    Sweet times…

    Mrs. Chocolate’s last blog post: And… We are back!.

  • Stone

    Brasil doesn’t sound cheap at all. I wonder if you guys have explored Eastern Europe, and I don’t mean Prague or Budapest, but more unconventional places like Bulgaria. Definitely cheaper, say $30 for a decent hotel room at the beach, or $60-100 for 4-5 star. $5 club covers, $2 beers, $5 cocktails. Nice enough girls, many English, German, and Scandinavian tourists in the beach resorts in summertime. And if you don’t get lucky, there’s always the end-of-the-night option of $50 hookers.

  • Brandon

    12, Brazil is not really cheap for South America, but its about the same price as the prices you listed about reguarding Eastern Europe. Beers are arouned $2, cocktails $5, and you can find hostels for $15 a night. But Eastern Europe also has gorgeous women. I think my next trip will be a tour through Europe, starting in the West and moving east.

  • Brandon

    I just realized, that yellow and white appartement in that picture is my friends house. I stayed there for a couple of nights.