Warning Signs

If I see these around a girl then I mentally prepare to be disappointed in some way…

Flip flops – “I don’t need to put effort into my appearance.”

Hybrid automobile – “I can pollute the environment with a clear conscious.”

Eat, Pray, Love – “I will read what every other girl my age reads.”

Dog – “I can only get unconditional love from an animal.”

Condoms in nightstand – “I don’t keep track of how many guys I fucked.”

iPod – “I need to be constantly distracted.”

Carryout styrofoam container – “Why cook when you can just go out and buy?”

Vitamin water or vitamins – “I will undo smoking, tanning and drinking with magic water and pills.”

Ikea furniture – “I like overpaying for something that my friends have.”

Keffiyeh scarf – “I need my individuality to be defined by others.”

Blackberry – “My career is everything I have.”

Pearl necklace – “My wedding will cost $50,000.”

Cable television – “I am a passive receptacle of corporate marketing.”

Last American girl I dated had eight of these warning signs. Last Brazilian girl? Zero.

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  • http://www.ironrailsironweights.wordpress.com/ Peter

    Some of these things seem pretty harmless. iPods and flip flops are too commonplace to have much meaning, IKEA furniture can be reasonably priced and not indicative of anything, who doesn’t have cable or satellite TV, the pearl necklace might be a family heirloom, and so on. A girl would have to have a lot of these together, like the girl who had eight of them, for you to draw any meaningful conclusions.

    On the other hand, the hybrid car might by itself be a bad sign.

    Peter’s last blog post: Sunday, October 12.

  • http://www.shebangsshebangs.blogspot.com namaste

    But…what if the keffiyah is authentic and was given to her by a Palestinian man she met while she interviewed his wife for the book she is writing? What if the styrofoam container is regularly recycled and she’s bringing a favorite food to a sick friend? What if Eat, Pray, Love was a gift from a friend who doesn’t read so much, she read half of it, considers it trash and is waiting for it to sell on her Used Books Ebay account? What if the pearl necklace is the only thing she has left of her mother?

    namaste’s last blog post: Atonement.

  • Steady Rifle

    Nice Namaste.

  • Lisa

    Lately I’ve been seeing girls matching the color of the flip flops to the shirt they’re wearing. I’m not angry anymore. It just makes me feel sad.

  • jo


    1) most Brazilian women have SEVERAL pairs of flip flops
    2) condoms on the night stand is being SAFE not slutty.
    3) Ditto what the first guy said

  • Anonymous

    Peter – I don’t have cable TV or satellite television. Why? Because I have a life that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the TV, passively accepting what the various television channels want to feed me. I get virtually all my news from multiple sites on the Internet, with at least one international news site thrown in the mix (typically BBC).

    As for entertainment, Netflix is a great deal, as all of the shows are commercial-free. True, I have to wait six months for something to come out on video, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid commercials and not having to wait another week for the next episode to air. Netflix also offers quite a few shows and movies on demand (commercial free), so I don’t have to wait for a DVD in the mail.

    In the end, I can find far more things to spend $65/month on instead of cable/satellite TV. That amount of money buys a monthly gym membership, Netflix subscription, Internet connection (DSL) and XM radio.

  • t.h.

    i like when women have cable… b/c i dont have it.

  • http://www.ironrailsironweights.wordpress.com/ Peter

    @ Anonymous 6 -

    It’s good for you that you manage fine without cable/satellite. Most people do have it, however, and for that reason you really can’t make any assumptions about their personalities.

    Peter’s last blog post: Sunday, October 12.

  • http://www.thegmanifesto.com The G Manifesto

    I would say the “average” American Girl has eight of these.

    “Average” foreign girls would have maybe 4 and under depending on where they lived.

    - MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Love is Blue: Blue & Exile – My World Is.

  • Anonymous

    Peter — I guess that’s the whole point. Your original comment seemed to indicate that cable/satellite tv was so ubiquitous that a person would be abnormal (and perhaps a lesser human being) if s/he didn’t have it.

    As for women, I agree that cable/satellite tv is a useless measure. However, if a woman has the following series on DVD: Sex and the City, 90210, Queer Eye, Friends, Jane Austen movies, etc…, there may be something about which you ought to be concerned.

  • http://lemmonex.com Lemmonex

    I think it is a much better idea to bang a woman raw dog–she clearly isn’t slutty if she is letting that happen.

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Gimme Moore.

  • Tampa

    Stupid post.

    Lets get back to advice on how to bag as many women as possible before you climb into the grave.

  • http://troublesometiff.livejournal.com finefantastic

    a dog is a warning sign? what a world.

    finefantastic’s last blog post: halloween.

  • Demtri

    Roosh sucks. Why doesn’t he move?

  • Jorge

    I wonder how many girls prepare to be disappointed when they see the following:

    1) Nasty beard and body hair

    2) Lives in father’s basement at age 29

    3) Has no real job, just writes a blog about banging chicks

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog and have been reading it for a while now. But you’ve grown increasingly full of shit and this post is a prime example.

    Flip flops – It is never appropriate for a female to dress casually? Or to go to the beach/pool?

    Hybrid automobile – A bike isn’t always the optimal mode of transportation, you know.

    Eat, Pray, Love – Most girls are to lazy to read anything. Its crap but it beats People.

    Dog – Owning a pet is a sign of weakness. Living in your dad’s basement is a sign of strength.

    Condoms in nightstand – “The guy I’m fucking might bang as many other girls as Roosh does.”

    iPod – “I listen to music.”

    Carryout styrofoam container – “I am single and live alone.”

    Vitamin water or vitamins – “I believe medical research.”

    Ikea furniture – “I need cheap furniture.”

    Keffiyeh scarf – Fuck these.

    Blackberry – I have a job.

    Pearl necklace – I’m on my period.

    Cable television – “I live in America.”

  • Anonymous

    #16 – Anonymous – “Pearl necklace – I’m on my period”

    Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

  • http://roissy.wordpress.com roissy

    I think it is a much better idea to bang a woman raw dogâ??she clearly isnâ??t slutty if she is letting that happen.

    i agree with this sarcasm.

    roissy’s last blog post: Beauty Is Not Mysterious.

  • mike says

    lol @ the hate on this post

  • Anonymous

    You are such an asshole! Who are you to judge? People that judge others are often very insecure about themselves.

  • http://www.therawness.com T. AKA Ricky Raw

    1) most Brazilian women have SEVERAL pairs of flip flops

    Having flip-flops when living by a beach or loafing around the house is one thing. But do Brazilian women wear them when working at a professional office job? Or out in a nice nightclub? Flip-flops in the Northeast has become women’s “good” clothes to wear with their best outfit.

    T. AKA Ricky Raw’s last blog post: Looking For Books From A Liberal Perspective.

  • http://zooprisonreality.squarespace.com/ zpr

    Dog – “I can only get unconditional love from an animal.”

    HA! How f’ing true. I made my wife get rid of her dog soon into our relationship. The first time she brought it over to my apartment it shit on my bed. As we walked out the door from the couple that took it, I gave the thing one last middle finger to let it know who won.

    zpr’s last blog post: Life in the big city.

  • Nina

    I have several pairs of good flip flops (havaianas btw), I love them.
    It doesn’t means that I have to wear it all the time. I like the felling of hills on my feet.
    I have dog, and cat and some repteils.
    And I am sure the only unconditional love that I have it’s from my mom.
    The freacking blackberry it’s sucks, actually cells in general.

  • Brian

    i’m dating a brazilian and she has 3 – Ipod, Cable, and blackberry, but i’ve never seen her use her Ipod and her she lives w/her parents so they technically are the ones w/cable. and she’s student, so she basically uses the blackberry for personal emails.

  • http://gargoyledrumming.net Mike

    That hybrid criterion seems misguided, unless you’re confining yourself to dating women who don’t own cars at all. Is that rare in the D.C. area?

  • Anon1

    I don’t know Lemmonex. I think Roosh is correct on the condoms in the nightstand.

    It’s not an all or nothing situation. I think the issue is WHERE does a woman keep her condoms.

    A single woman who keeps her cache next to the bed is someone who regularly brings guys home for one nighters. She doesn’t care what they think of her.

    A more discriminating woman would insist on a man wearing a condom and no doubt owns condoms. However, she doesn’t keep them where they will be seen since any guy she brings home has already proven himself to be of value and not just a one night stand.

    Plus since she’s not going out 2-3 times a week to get plastered and banged by complete strangers, she doesn’t need to keep condoms within arms reach of the bed.

    I do disagree with Roosh on the dog though. Having been the victim of a stalker, my 70 lb dog makes it easier for me to sleep at night… Besides, a dog can NEVER replace a good man.

  • AndrewS

    Dogs are a stretch. However, any girl with a cat has problems.

  • Anonymous


  • http://thatsmyprerogative.wordpress.com/ Ava V.

    what percentage of american girls don’t have any of the warning signs?

    Ava V.’s last blog post: My Humps.

  • Cali Mike

    Regarding flip flops: Fit college girls often look bangin’ in a pair of flip flops with short shorts and some smooth, well-tanned legs in between. Especially out here in Cali. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    When we will read about Rooshv’s trip to Asia, for example to Thailand?

  • Anonymous

    Anything is better than a Sally ranting about strikes and strangers not approaching her enough in Europe anyway.

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com Virgle Kent

    my warning sign is if a girl says all her friends are guys….. bitch please

  • DF

    I have to sign off on VK’s comment ’cause that’s the one I look out for too.

    On the serious tip though, these “warning signs” look like a list from a man that wants a serious relationship, not a pump and dump. You think game is all you need to land and keep a quality Brazilian?

  • Anon

    I agree with hybrid car, Oprah book club, dog, PLO scarf, blackberry, pearl necklace.

    The other stuff is case by case basis.

  • Toni

    Whoa, Ikea furniture is the cheapest stuff we have around where I live! It’s half the price of real furniture.

    Also, you’re scared of blackberries? That’s pretty beta. They’re standard stuff in most offices that I’ve seen for any women not secretaries or other servants, but, like, in real jobs, even if they’re junior level stuff.

  • Sweatpants

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • JT

    This could be among the most hypocritical posts ever. This blog is about how to screw women based on the idea that they are predictable and respond to a defined set of actions in a consistent manner. Yet, you say you are always disappointed by women who behave in predictable manners (e.g. have common trappings of modern-day society).

    So your entire raison d’etre is a farce: you are disappointed by the exact women who you are able to get in bed with “gaming.”

    Shocking conclusion: maybe being an asshole isn’t the best way to get quality women.

  • Adrock

    The police use sets of criteria, based on the type of crime committed, to profile the perpetrator may be like based on statistical data. I think that applying this idea, based on experience in the field like Roosh has, can help a man (or women) not waste time when confronted with a large sea of potential mates.

    All of you criticizing the idea, are you telling me that you don’t judge people at all? Really!? Of course there are pros and cons to this approach, but it’s hardly void of value.

  • MSC Worth

    Once upon a time this little site was built by a bro named Roosh (He had a great idea and good intentions). A place to exchange ideas and experiences where “game” and other worldly topics were concerned.
    As of late, the blogging community just turned a great site into a “Haters” forum for bro’s to talk shit and slam everybody. Mind you, its pretty easy to talk trash over a blog. Most of you wouldn’t say shit if the forum was in person. Suggest re-focusing … and bringing back a more constructive dialogue … and we can all .
    get back to whats important (adventure, new experiences, hot women, travel etc).
    Last thing, every Roosh post is not to be taken as completely literal. It’s just a conversation starter. A jumping off point for ideas and discussion. Chill out a little and ease up on the point-by-point criticism (The posts are not meant to be absolute law). Its just some humor mixed with observation.

  • http://thisisnotimefortheinnocent.blogspot.com Benedict Smith

    if i could magically pick the ethnicity of the next girl i dated, i would 110% go Brazilian. the two I have dated were such a refreshing change from the utter bullshit of dating american girls…..

    Benedict Smith’s last blog post: Potential.

  • bkiddo87

    Okay no. This post was dumb. Most women have a lot of these things. Are you really hating on flip flops? I mean, if you don’t have anything to say…you dont have to post. You know that right?

  • Anonymous

    Wow you are a sad man :( You must be sooo lonely to have time to post stupid things about woman. I am having a hard time figuring out why you are alone :)

  • Dre

    Dude you forgot to add uggs. I hate those fucking shoes.. or boots, whatever they are.

  • http://singlewm.blogspot.com/ Chad Daring

    Oh you guys, youuuuuu guys. Calm the hate, the man writes with a sarcastic flare that both says what he means while purposefully engaging in hyperbole to give us something interesting to read. If I may, I’ll “unRoosh” the list while keeping the initial point. Not for him, but because I’m bored at Starbucks.

    Flip flops – “why wear attractive sandals when I can wear something that cost a dollar and will fuck my feet up!”

    Hybrid automobile – “Be pretentious makes me more attractive” (I will say that this one is more on how they respond to their hybrid, not just owning one)

    Eat, Pray, Love – “ALL HAIL OPRAH”

    Dog – “I want commitment that I dont have to try hard to return”

    Condoms in nightstand – “I don’t keep track of how many guys I fucked.” (gonna leave this one and add in the saying ‘a key that opens many locks is a master key, the lock thats opened by many keys is a shitty lock’)

    iPod – “I need to be constantly distracted” (this one is situational, at the gym, acceptable, while DRIVING not so much)

    Carryout styrofoam container – “Oh I dont know how to cook I eat out all the time”

    Vitamin water or vitamins – “I will undo smoking, tanning and drinking with magic water and pills.” (this one is situational as well, if she goes to the gym often and eats natural its acceptable. If she doesnt (this is most) then yes its mental masturbation and that kind of god complex will bite you)

    Ikea furniture – “I like overpaying for something that my friends have and is a piece of shit!”

    Keffiyeh scarf – “I’m going to be purposefully but passive aggressively offensive because any attention is good attention!”

    Blackberry / iPhone – “My career is everything I have” and/or “I prefer the social status my phone gives me over the quality of the device itself

    Pearl necklace – “My wedding will cost $50,000.”

    Cable television – “I am a passive receptacle of corporate marketing and require a box full of anger and colors to keep my brain stimulated”

  • Paul

    “warning” “sign”. Not instant deal-breakers. Signs. Lighten up, people.

  • lulzapalooza

    Lol forever at the butthurts with Stockholm syndrome defending their shitty women. I especially like the ones who try to qualify Roosh’s signs by saying, “well, they live in America”. No shit, twinkledick!

  • Li Chéri

    ” ‘a key that opens many locks is a master key, the lock thats opened by many keys is a shitty lock’ “, except a pussy isn’t a lock and a dick isnt a key.

  • KM

    You forgot crocs.

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  • PhilRobbins

    That’s a great list to pick on. Not instant deal breakers for me though.

    More advice on the blog.

  • M

    Cause Ikea doesnt exist in Brazil