Warning Signs A Girl Isn’t Worth A Relationship

In the past I’ve shared warning signs when a girl will “disappoint” you in some way. I’ve discovered some other more serious infractions based on the way she interacts with you.

In the movie A Bronx’s Tale, a mafia don teaches a young man that after a girl gets in his car, she should lean over and unlock his door to be considered a keeper. Here’s the scene:

While my warning signs aren’t tests, they say a lot about the worthiness of a girl for long-term relationships. If a girl does any of these, dump her.

1. Changing your music without first asking for permission. The first thing I do when get a girl over to my shack is put on some music. Depending on the mood I’m trying to set, I’ll go with something like Passion Pit, The Weeknd, or Vanessa da Mata. As I’m making drinks, if she goes to the laptop, cuts off my music, then pulls up some whack-ass shit on YouTube, she’s only getting fucked that night and never again. Even though she wants to play “this one song,” I cut her crap off and put mine back on. I say, “If you wanted to listen to your music you should’ve invited me to your place.”

2. Giving you unsolicited advice. I don’t care if I have the most obvious problem in the world that can be solved with baking soda, but if I don’t ask you for help or at least show I’m open to receiving help, then shut the fuck up. You’re not my mom and you’re not someone who has more life experience than me, so spare me your harebrained ideas for solving a man’s real problems.

3. Saying “you should.” There is absolutely no reason for a girl to tell a man “you should…” ever. It insinuates that not only are you currently doing something wrong, but that she knows more than you, which is extremely unlikely. She is free to say, “Have you thought of…” or “What do you think about…” but the moment she brings out the word “should,” a synonym of “must,” I know she’s a arrogant cunt who thinks she knows more than she really does. The only things I should or must do are pay my taxes and die.

4. Not apologizing when she texts or takes a call in your presence. If I’m on a first or second date with a girl, and she starts reading texts, sending texts, or actually taking a call without excusing herself first, she will never see me again. Even the most conceited bitches will let off an “Excuse me I have to take this real quick.” Otherwise she doesn’t deserve another meeting with you, even if she puts out and turns out to be okay in bed. You let a girl disrespect you like this and you might as well hand her your balls.

5. Asking you to postpone your orgasm so she can gain more pleasure. If you’re about to bust your nut and a girl does tells you “No” or “Wait,” she’s an inconsiderate slut who is now causing you direct harm. A man’s nut is sacred, and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious. One time a girl postponed my nut and then I lost it completely. I couldn’t get it back and I was left with minor groin pain. I never contacted her again.

6. Not urging you to continue pumping even if it’s starting to hurt her. I’ll tell you what love is: when a girl begs you to keep going even though you know she already came, even though she’s drying up, and even though you know it’s causing her pain. If she tells you to stop the millisecond after she gets her nut, without you getting yours, I want you to tell her that the point of having sex with women is so a man doesn’t have to use his hand, and that she has performed below the hand. That’s why we do all this shit to fuck women—to get our nut. If she can’t do that for us, then she’s useless as a living being.

Let go of girls who show arrogance, disrespect, or selfishness. Depending on the severity of her offense she may still be worth one fuck, but other than that you’re a chump if continue seeing girls who display these anti-feminine traits. The sad truth is that most of this list was developed in Scandinavia, where my hand was much more enjoyable than most of the girls I ended up in bed with.

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  • outlaw josey wales

    I need to see this movie.

  • Carmo

    Texting while in my presence is a deal breaker. This may sound petty and trivial to most but it lets you know the girl feels that some bs text is more important to her than keeping you happy. I once dated a 21 year old who did this constantly, she would even go out of her way to take her phone to the bathroom with her. I broke up with her via text.

  • Anon

    I can directly attest to #5 being a deal breaker since they are more like men.

    I almost never have had a woman ask me to delay but the ones that do ask should be dumped immediately.

  • Mig mack

    Want to know what a real double standard is?

    Women ridiculing men for rolling to the side and falling sleeping while the woman is unsatisfied.

    But most of them do this to me! They don’t even have the courtesy to finnish me with a decent blowjob.

    Or selfish women on their period. “Does your mouth bleed too b***h?”

    Any woman like that is undatable and should be thrown to the curb.

  • DonovanVC

    Classic material once again homie

    Especially # 2 and # 3…

  • Anonymous

    why dont you just lock them in a cage with a gag and let them out to bang? Seems easier?

  • The Specimen

    Yes, yes, yes. All of those, especially the first four are deal breakers. Do the other two ever actually happen. Most women I’ve dealt with take it as a blow to their ego if they don’t get you off, and only care about orgasming if they’re right on the edge. Maybe I’ve just been lucky witht he chicks I’ve been dealing with.

    Also, I’ve always interpreted the first four as signs that she’s just not into me, though I think numbers 2 and 3 should be taken as outright insults and dealt with as such. Psssh…Bitch tryin’ to tell me what to do…

  • Anonymous

    Love this movie,a true classic.
    I hate to say it but most broads today would fail all these listed.But it is a reminder to test women.
    Because women run shit tests on us guys all the time.
    its funny because Ive had it happen backwards with a chick.She presented herself as wild and skanky party girl,when I first met her several months ago at a bar I go to.I just didnt like her at first and it made her want to try harder to impress me.now she is trying to be more “respectable” by not drinking as much when we run into eachother. like thats gona make me think”oh,shit.you really changed into a fine women now.Your so my future wife.
    A little liquor in her system (more than her usual last week at the bar),brought her old TRUE shitty demonic personality for display for everyone to see and was runnin all kinds of mouth+ ended up fist fighting her roomate that night for some stupid shit,the night ended with cops shortly after.Man,she so failed!!
    Like I said before “you cant polish a turd”
    Good girls are hard to find.

  • samseau

    All of these are just signs of inflexibility. Flexible girls are the best girls.

  • samseau

    The video clip is fantastic, btw.

  • jasonarg

    #4 alone makes 95% of 18-23 year olds in the US unfit for relationships (which they are anyhow). The younger Gen Y girls can’t stop texting and don’t consider it bad manners. Since they are young, I would rather use this as a chance to test them by correcting their SMS manners one time and see if they change. If a Gen Y girl fixes her phone manners for you, you’ve got a keeper!

    The good thing is these girls can be banged with SMS game followed by brief in-person meetings, making the whole courtship much more time efficient!

  • Riker

    Nice baking soda reference 😉

  • Roosh

    “why dont you just lock them in a cage with a gag and let them out to bang? Seems easier?”

    They resist too much during the daily rapings, even when I limit their food rations. It’s easier and cheaper to find a slut in a bar.

  • http://aaronsholymountain.wordpress.com Aaron

    i once had a girl (total nut – father left when she was 7) who every time we got in the car she’d put her fucking ipod earphones in. she had trouble comprehending that it was rude when i told her. needless to say, she told me – thankfully – early on that she’d cheated on her last boyfriend more than once.

  • http://aaronsholymountain.wordpress.com Aaron

    actually, another daddy-left-when-she-was-7-or-8 girl a few years back would bring CDs specifically to play at my house. that didn’t last long.

  • Lumiere

    I had a chick in Manila once (who I met online) start texting with the first 1 minute of meeting me at starbucks.

    I picked up my drink and, without saying a word, walked out.

  • Anonymous

    so true.and dont get me started on Millanials(GenY)
    Im Gen X and I feel these girls today are ALOT easier than when I was growing up.
    My problem is I expect too much out of these diluted girls today.Because Im trying to compare them to way the girls were in my day.
    They dont build them like they used to.
    However today I feel like a kid in a candy store with just using “light” Game.

  • Anonymous

    @ Roosh – Why not just use a sedative that lasts 4 hours at a time? Then you dont really even have to feed them and they are passed out so they cannot interrupt during the banging..

  • Sam Spade

    Whenever my wife calls me on the phone, the first words she says are “Can you speak now?”

    Of course I’m always happy to take her call. But the fact that she checks to see if she’s interrupting anything is beyond respectful. It’s the complete opposite of a woman taking a call or text mid-conversation without saying “pardon me for this.”

    Probably because she’s not American.

  • http://theprivateman.wordpress.com/ The Private Man

    Based on experience with arrogant women, I look for the inability to say “I’m sorry” as a huge red flag and major reason for dumpage. Whatever happened to humility in women?

  • PuffDragon

    I agree with outlaw about the movie

  • http://aaronsholymountain.wordpress.com Aaron

    … I look for the inability to say “I’m sorry” as a huge red flag…

    absolutely. this is a common vice.

  • Ubermind

    Good list. Real life situations I have actually left women who did 2,3,4 and 6. Number 4 is especially common.

    Another warning signis being late for dates. After learning game I myself always arrive 5-10 minutes later then arranged and if she is not already there I don’t wait and leave immediatly. My time is the most valuable thing to me and if she makes me to wait than she is a useless drag to me. Another useless girls are those who suddenly sway from our route to enter shops upon seeing something they like to try on et cetera. I try to never wait on a woman.

  • http://www.vksempireofdirt.com virlge kent

    OH man this list is so true, Haven’t laughed this hard in a minute. Also the dude in the movie I’m sure got arrested for something or another. But still gotta have a test, gotta

  • http://www.hokieblogger.com Gmac

    Agreed on all points. The text/calling thing drives me absolutely insane.

  • Firepower

    There’s too many disqualifiers permanently embedded in today’s Princess.

    It’s easier to make the short list of what makes her a keeper.

    Expect a failure rate of 89% minimum.

  • Timothy

    I had one woman pull the “I’m on my period so you’re out of luck” bit on me, and we didn’t last very long after that. It all made sense because she was manipulative and conniving in other ways too. I’ve had plenty of women fuck when they were on their period (and even give me the heads up so I don’t lick or finger it), so it was unacceptable that she wouldn’t suck my dick, or even offer a hand-job.

    #’s 2 and 3 are major pet peeves. I find women chatter too much PERIOD, but when they also offer their two cents in matters they know nothing about, it’s even worse. Women whine about problems – men solve them. They should just sit back and learn, not offer solutions.

    I don’t think there’s ONE man that hasn’t encountered #4. This shit is rampant in the cellphone age, and there’s no such thing now as cellphone etiquette. Bitches are never NOT on their phones. You see it when you’re out at a bar or club – the steady glow of phones on constantly. The purpose of being out is to interact with other people, but with these chicks there’s no call or text that can wait. And it isn’t completely generational either. At my last job, there was cell reception everywhere in the building, including the elevators. There will be 3 bitches in that tight space, all having phone conversations, and shooting daggers at each other because each one is having trouble hearing who they’re talking to. Ridiculous. They can’t wait until they’re outside to make or take a call.

    I’ve been lucky in the sense that no woman has ever denied me my nut. Even some of my weaker lovers, who didn’t suck or play with the dick first, made sure I busted. I’ve always approached sex from the attitude that I would always get mine, so it is a point of pride that she got hers too (not necessarily FIRST, but I’d keep working if I nutted). I don’t know WHAT I’d do if a woman stopped me before I squirted!

  • Yams

    Tell the truth Roosh, the girl that denied you the nut was from a Nordic country wasn’t she? lol. Only time it happened to me.

  • Härmän häjy


    The Scandinavian cunt maffia is gonna be put down soon! At least what Finland goes…

    The state has a deficit that is about to grow to be a huge. So far we have had it somehow under control.

    So what happened. The True Finns nationalist party won the election. I am not a True finn, but let me tell you something. It was a good thing, since after the election they took socialists to negotiate about forming a government together with the biggest conservative party that also wan seats.

    Now yesterday, the socialists were kicked out from the government negotiations. It is obviously so that the most important decision makers see that the policy of funding feminism with debt money is no longer sustainable. So it is the end. Now socialists are out, and we can start changing our model here, for good, to resemble more of that in Germany, where feminism and care jobs are not subvented like hell, as they are here in Scandinavia! Money is not taken away from men who earn it with their work and give to unthankful feminists who start to PERSECUTE the last men left in health care and education sector.

    The holy cow of feminism will hopefully be slain!

  • Hoops330

    I posted about this clip and test on the forum a few weeks ago…is that where you got the idea? I was disappointed that the thread didn’t blow up on the forum but maybe this post will spark it. Great post though

  • Roosh

    Yams: Yes two girls said no to my ejaculation in Scandinavia. Nothing like a buzzkill to hear that word when I’m blowing my load.

    Hoops: I don’t think I saw it. Impossible to keep up in the forum now with all the posts.

  • Phoenix

    I suppose too, that when a girl doesn’t want to give her digits to you, she’s not worth a follow-up either.

    I feel bad for Willy Wonka – got cockteased by a Colombian chick. Giving a girl your attention and being denied any progress to me = time wasted.

  • Anonymous

    none of those things would happen if you gamed them properly.

  • Don Julian

    Asking you to postpone your orgasm so she can gain more pleasure. If you’re about to bust your nut and a girl does tells you “No” or “Wait,” she’s an inconsiderate slut who is now causing you direct harm. A man’s nut is sacred, and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious. One time a girl postponed my nut and then I lost it completely. I couldn’t get it back and I was left with minor groin pain.

    How bizarre. You’re totally overreacting. If you lose your nut every now and then it’s no big deal at all.

  • Anonymous

    This blog got me laid last night.

  • sexy lurker

    OT but I really look forward to Roosh getting into a live-in LTR and sharing his insights for keeping things humming on the home front. That would be great. Will it ever happen?

  • Tim

    Totally concur with this post. Unfortunately my car has electronic locking doors.

    Question: what if your woman does not take your last name if the topic of marriage arises? Kick her to the curb?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think about girls not offering to pay on a date? This may be U.S. specific, but I’ve found girls who don’t even bother with the whole “reach for the purse” shtick once the check comes (for a drink or two) don’t pan out to be viable human beings.

  • Timothy

    “What do you think about girls not offering to pay on a date? This may be U.S. specific, but I’ve found girls who don’t even bother with the whole “reach for the purse” shtick once the check comes (for a drink or two) don’t pan out to be viable human beings.”

    I’d rather a woman be honest about not intending to pay. I hate the test/game they play where they offer to pay, but if you accept the offer they won’t see you again.

  • Anonymous

    Is a girl by being a virgin at 27 wife material?

  • Anonymous

    no,most likely by modern standards either “Fugly” or on some religious kick with messages in her head that sex is a bad thing.Imagine all the “training”your gona have to do on her to get her up to par with a college 22 year american girl who most likely has done everything under the sun sexually 3 time over.
    I aint getting any younger for all that work,but to each as own if you feel that she may be a prize of some kind.

  • InterestedParty

    ALL depends on how hot the girl is. For easily replaceable chicks, yeah why not make things as painless as possible.

    But if a girl is a 9/10 and texts a friend during dinner and asks me not to orgasm, you think I ain’t calling her again?

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty much what alot of us guys have to pick from in the USA.


  • Spaceman

    Dude #6 happened to me in Sweden recently… WTF… I can’t even remember the last time a chick did that to me

  • Pingback: Ladder Theory For Men | The Badger Hut()


    Re: 3 – get used to it. Only post-modern narcissistic Americans have this crazy idea that “should” or “should not” should not be used. That’ because in your culture anything goes and I’m ok/you’re ok and there is not supposed to be any “judgement”.

    The rest of the world knows better so if you are going to be travelling, get used to it.

    Re: 5 and 6 – You’re basically revealing that you’ve never given a woman an orgasm, forget about multiples, and have zero clue as to how a woman’s body works or how to get her to call out your name in 7 different languages and beg you for more.

    You may not care if you’re a dud in the sack, but most men, including your readers, would rather know what it takes to be considered an awesome lover and have women lining up down the street and banging down their doors for more.

    They long to hear a woman scream, “Don’t stop! Keep going!”

    Perhaps you “should” learn how to make this happen in your own life and THEN blog advice to men.

  • Ubermind

    @ 37 Absolutely. She doesn’t see you both as a unit but rather as two individuals. That always leads to divorce.

    @ 40 I would say yes if she is beautiful. It tells of her good character. But you must investigate why is she a virgin. And you must sleep with her before marriage any way or she will have the hand in your relationships.

    @41 You are wrong about religious girls, most (not all trough) of them do not percieve sex as a bad thing in marriage, they just dream about preserving this great thing after marriage and most aren’t even successful in that. The time it takes to teach her to sex is worth it. A faithful wife is more valuable, you just have to make sure she doesn’t use religion to control or shame you.

  • French Connection

    Most of these have not happened to me down here, apart from using the phone in my presence. Which REALLY annoys the shit out of me.

    If she pulls that crap when we’re on a date and I havent slept with her, a snide ‘So how’s your friend doing’ remark will follow. Often they still don’t get the message.

    If I have slept with her and she continues to use her phone, I usually get quite angry and tell her that if she wants to talk to her friend, perhaps she should leave and go see her instead.

    For one she won’t do it again, and on top of that the dominance and expandability guarantees some good loving afterwards 😉

  • http://www.theunambitiousmale.com/ Workshy Joe

    I’m glad I watched that embedded video right to the end. I like a happy ending.

    For a while, I thought the kid was going to shoot the girl in the face or something.

  • Anonymous

    Thesis Statement:

    The reason Scandinavian women behave like this is that in Scandinavia as nowhere else in the world, individual men have been replaced by the welfare state. Why should a woman defer to and respect a man’s loyalty, fidelity, and ability to provide and protect when all that stuff is already taken care of by the beta male collective? When men have no leverage, they are treated as such.


  • Timothy

    “Is a girl by being a virgin at 27 wife material?”

    I would say not necessarily. Just because she hasn’t fucked yet doesn’t mean she would be compatible with you in other areas. I’ve always found that withholding sex until the wedding night (or withholding for ANY reason) is the ultimate act of manipulation and using sex as a weapon, or leverage of some kind. I think only the extremely religious would still be a virgin at 27 in this day and age, and since I’m not religious at all, I’d leave this chick alone. You’d need to spend some real quality time with her to see who she really is, like living with her. If she won’t fuck until she’s married, she probably wouldn’t “live in sin” with you either.

    “Question: what if your woman does not take your last name if the topic of marriage arises? Kick her to the curb?”

    This is a tough one. It depends on her reasons for wanting to keep her name. In some instances, a woman is an only child, or there are only sisters in her family, and she wants to preserve her father’s name. In some countries, it’s standard for a woman not to take her husband’s name after marriage officially (I have a friend from Spain who kept her father’s name). Friends may recognize her by her husband’s name and she may be introduced as such, but never officially adopts the name. If her reason is feminism-motivated, in that she’s trying to make a statement about her independence, it could be problematic. I suppose hyphenating is a reasonable compromise, as long as his name is last. Many woman only take his name because they don’t want their children’s last name to be different from hers, and others may not recognize her as the mother of her children without her having to constantly explain. I heard of weak motherfuckers actually attaching their WIFE’S name to theirs, so they have the exact same hyphenated name. This is an unreasonable compromise.

  • Anonymous

    Well besides the fact that you’re overstaying your Schengen visa and being completely dumb about it (any idiot reading your blog for longer than 3 months will realize this), I think you’re completely overreacting on scandinavian chicks.

    The chicks I had over there still contact me on FB asking about the next trip over there. Most of them are compltely open about sex and pretty down to earth. Maybe you should not only improve your game but also your life and become an awesome person too.

  • Wolf

    Biggie deal breaker for me: Girl won’t share or at least offer. I had a girl over and after we finished I offered her my bottle of water, which she heartily gulped, then put back without even offering me some of my own water. I chewed her out and called her horrible names. Then I hate fucked her to remember her by.

  • Tim9000

    Having a woman ask you to wait to blow your load is awesome. It means she’s into the sex and wants it to keep going. Those are the girls who actually *like* sex as much (or more so) than we do. If you figure out how to please her and you’re lucky, she could turn out to be one of those women who can orgasm countless times in one session. That’s the best sex there is.

    If your verbal communication with the girl is good enough you can keep pounding her but refrain from getting too close to blowing your load to avoid the problem you cite (where you get too close and have trouble getting to back to it later).

  • Yoman

    The car test is fine and dandy, but thanks to the latest technological advancements like the remote control door opener which mind you, is present on 90% of cars made in the last 15 years, kind of makes the test obsolete.

    Moreover, if you’re still driving a car without power locks/windows, it’s total fair game for the girl to dump you.

  • beta_plus

    Until you started describing your trip to Denmark, I really thought that no one besides muslim immigrants hated Denmark more than I do. Now I’m not so sure.

  • beta_plus


    You summed my thoughts exactly. The Scandinavian welfare system is state insitutionalized cuckoldry. Way too many guys who end up getting married in Scandinavia end up marrying single moms.

  • Beasting it up

    Remote keyless has killed the door test, but a friend tipped me off about another similar test a few years ago and it has yet to fail me. Like the best of game (and the door test), it shows us how one small feature of female behavior is a reliable predictor of how she will act, call it the Phone Test.

    What you do, when you get a girl out on a drink date and start chatting with her, you watch what she does with her phone. Is it tucked away in a purse or a pocket? Excellent, she’s focused on you and wants the night to go well, depending on how hot she is and how well things go, bump her a few spots up the order. She has the phone in the event of an emergency, but she’s not glued to it because you’re her fallback for the night. Purse and pocket girls are more into you, more feminine and less likely to flake.

    Does she place it beside her on the table? Fuck that bitch, either she’s got an out-of-control sense of self-worth because she’s ‘so important down at HR’ that she needs to always be in contact with her work, or she’s a high-maintenance princess who gets an ego swell from the continual attention of her pussy posse and an ocean of male orbiters. Fuck her once and never call her again. Table girls don’t value your time, flake, are usually fucking at least one other guy and are selfish.

    Anyways, here’s what I’ve observed; there are more table girls in cities, and table girls almost exclusively fall in the 24-31 age range. Table girls have higher notch counts and are easier to sleep with. University students are almost always purse and pocket girls, but there are exceptions, and in small towns you see more of them than you see table girls.

    Sound ridiculous? Understand that women aren’t like men; able to focus clearly despite distractions, and that even something as small as an iPhone will draw some of her attention from you. I’ve had multiple 8+ month relationships (and one of almost two years) with purse and pocket girls and I think the best I ever got from a table girl was a booty call.

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  • http://www.hokieblogger.com Gmac

    The funny thing is these days, 95% of women probably wouldn’t reach across and unlock your door for you. I’d say less than half wouldn’t until you had to knock. They wouldn’t even think of it.

  • Miley Cyrax


    “Having a woman ask you to wait to blow your load is awesome.”

    Especially when it’s to give her time to go from all-4s to kneeling so she can take your load on her face.

  • Twenty


    Not sure if you’re a troll or not, but:

    “If you figure out how to please her and you’re lucky, she could turn out to be one of those women who can orgasm countless times in one session. That’s the best sex there is.”

    No, it isn’t. It’s tedious as fucking hell. And what’s this “figure out how to please her” shit? You go in with that mindset, you raise the flag of the Beta, and then no matter how many times she comes she’ll never be happy.

  • Anonymous

    Why women can be sluts and men no

  • Anonymous

    Saw my girl 4 times last week.. only time I saw her phone was when she was setting it for an alarm in the morning. Highly affectionate/caring girl. Girls with cellphones constantly out, fuck that, you deserve better.

  • Anon

    Another sign a girl isn’t worth a relationship: if she’s an American.

  • incubus the tickler

    Women who, when walking towards you, keep their heads raised and silently insist you step aside, are rude arrogant biznatches.
    Lately I’ve walked right up to them, forced them to move, and then laughed indulgently as if I wasn’t paying attention.
    I will say this happens less since I’ve lifted weights; even the well dressed lawyergrrls will sometimes shift a bit so that we don’t collide.
    Or perhaps they want to collide? Or is this a test? Either way, hier Ich stamm, und Ich kanner macht alter.

  • Anonymous

    You expect a girl to have painful sex? You say your nut is sacred and then get pissed off when she doesn’t want to mess around when you won’t pleasure her? You’re slime. Have fun dying alone.

  • Timothy

    @67 Anonymous…it’s funny how you totally ignored the part about a woman not allowing a man to climax after she already has. Okay, so vaginal penetration may become uncomfortable. She can ask him to stop, but offer to suck him off instead. Is it okay for a man to prematurely ejaculate with you and not try some other means of getting YOU off? And by the way…we ALL die alone.

  • Anonymous

    “If you’re about to bust your nut and a girl does tells you “No” or “Wait,” she’s an inconsiderate slut who is now causing you direct harm. A man’s nut is sacred, and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious. One time a girl postponed my nut and then I lost it completely. I couldn’t get it back and I was left with minor groin pain. I never contacted her again.”

    At first this made me laugh because of the “a man’s nut is sacred” and the woman “causing you direct harm” (What the hell?!) He sounds like a petulant todler. Eugh. Then I read this, and it wasn’t so funny anymore:

    “6. Not urging you to continue pumping even if it’s starting to hurt her. … That’s why we do all this shit to fuck women—to get our nut. If she can’t do that for us, then she’s useless as a living being.”

    Right. I guess that just abotu sums up this blog.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck. You guys are such insecure idiots.

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  • Anon

    The person who wrote this dim witted piece obviously doesnt know a thing about sex. Must have realised it since he cannot pluck up the courage to comment back. N.B. A girl will do whatever you want if you actually pleasure her. Tough men here? Yes. Inexperienced when it comes to the bedroom??? YYYYYYEsss!

    Sounds like all you’ve experienced is a few one night stand. Screams desperate.

  • Sif

    Changing the music, telling someone what to do, taking calls and texting without excusing yourself is rude behavior, regardless of gender. I ask my own brother or husband before changing the music in th car even if I’m the one who’s driving. What happened to manners? Girls should dump such guys too, that’s plain rude and shows lack of class.

  • allencraig

    Let’s do a test. Show this one post to every girl you’d like to fuck in the next year and let’s check the numbers of how many you end up actually fucking.

    Although a huge part of the game is to be very confident, this post is different than all your others in that it shows actual contempt towards the very women you want to get with. Not very Roosh-like.

  • blondie

    You’re going to be alone for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    I had a date before Christmas, and she spent the time talking about her “boyfriend” who left her for a vacation in Florida. Needless to say I did not call to spent Christmas with her. She spent that day alone in her apartment.

  • Anonymous

    You sound like a whiney, pissed off mamas boy that got too much dessert before dinner. Why don’t you do all the girls in the world a favor and fucking kill yourself.

  • Tagore

    What sort of sad women do you all meet? All of you sound so bitter I can hardly believe it.

    Maybe you should try going for another girl next time instead of the pretty-looking airhead. Because then you’re probably not gonna get airhead behaviour. Seems real simple.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you’re really an abusive moron for saying a woman should keep having sex even when it hurts her. I suppose you believe in rape, too?? It’s guys like you who make me happy that I am a Recovering Nice Girl.

  • Anonymous

    First things first, I am a woman and somehow stumbled upon this site/posting. Second thing is, I am not in the least bit offended by this post, and was actually pretty glad to read it. I agree that so many of your points go both ways.. I’m instantly turned off when I see a guy do any of that shit either. From a woman’s perspective here’s what I think about your list..

    1. Changing music? The FIRST sign you should dump her to the curb. She should not only be cool with whatever you play when she’s in your space, she should maybe even learn to like it too..
    2. Unsolicited advice? Not only is she a nosy bitch who will probably end up jealous and creeping in all your shit, but she will always think she can one-up you..
    3. “Should-ing” you? RUN. FAST. This is the type of woman who will not only be arrogant and constantly think she runs the show, she will try to wear the pants in the relationship.. If you want to be told what to do, go to your momma, not a girlfriend..
    4. Taking calls/texting? This one DEFINITELY goes both ways. It is all around rude and disrespectful. The only time I’ve pulled out my phone around a guy was to show him a picture or something on it, or if he wouldn’t get off his phone without acknowledging me because I’m not gonna sit there looking like a fucking idiot while he ignores me (then he won’t be hearing from me afterwards).
    5. Postponing your nut? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!! This even happens?? I would like to extend my apologies on behalf of the entire female population, because that is just unacceptable. I have never even dreamed of doing this, because a real woman knows she can get off no matter what. Usually the guy will be ready to go again and I’ll finish at that point, or worst case scenario I finish myself off (which he off course can watch.. That’s a turn on for me too).
    6. Stopping you if she’s in pain? You have to be a little more lenient in this scenario.. I think you were a little harsh.. But I do agree that it is love if she doesn’t stop you haha.. The ones who will stop you are not as apt to work to please you in other ways. If she is willing to bite the bullet for you in bed from time to time, then she won’t do so in other aspects of life. Usually the fact that he got me off before he went is satisfying enough, so of course I want him to finish. That’s what lube is for. If a woman can’t speak up and suggest ways to make it better for both of you, she has no gusto anyway, and probably won’t stand up for either of you when it comes down to it.

    All in all, I appreciate your honesty, even if you’re pretty damn blunt about things haha. Knowing that I have never done any of these things makes me feel pretty damn good as a woman, and confident in my abilities to please a man. Nevertheless, I’ve been single for the past 3 years, and know I’m good looking/good in bed.. Overall a great catch.. But I think some men just don’t know how to be cared for cuz so many other selfish women have trained them otherwise! I know you say this list is what men should watch out for, but I see other females act like this all the time, and guys look at it as a challenge or some shit. Hopefully more men realize the good women are the ones who care, not the selfish, arrogant broads that tend to get wifed up.

    PS- I’m an American girl. Stereotype away 😉

  • Tom

    Because if he did that… then all the hot fucked up b*tches in the world would never get laid. Cunts need love too.

  • Tom


    #3 “Saying you should”.

    I received this tidbit from a married EX who still litters my mailbox every once in a while. “You should have a kid”, she said. The second I read it, it didn’t sit well with me for exactly the reasons you describe, and I was about to unload on her the very same words you wrote. Arrogant cunt is right.

    Instead, I held back, humored myself a little, and coldly responded with “How do you know I don’t? Even I can’t be sure.” – which I am absolutely certain sent her hamster spinning at Mach II.

    If it were YOU…. and a girl tries to tell you “you should” , do you annihilate her right then and there? Or just keep it to yourself, internalize it, turn your back and never look at her again.

    In this specific case, my response was perfect at nuking her from 2500 miles away…… but I’m very curious what you would do.

  • Tom

    Or Canadian. Or from the UK or Australia. All strict no-nos good for pump ‘n dumps only. Feminism has permanently polluted them.

  • Tom

    That’s a fucking FACT. I’d say it’s 99%. It would hurt ANY man – not even the most desperate beta – to get in the car and tell her to get out. Just once. And tell her WHY you’re kicking her out.

    Recently I dated a 100% pure Japanese chick who blew my mind when the food came……. and before she took any for herself, she took my plate, unfolded the napkin, lay it across my lap, put some of this and that on the plate, handed it to me , looked me straight in the eye , smiled and said “thank you for dinner” – BEFORE she started took anything for herself. BEFORE she ate. This TINY, EFFORTLESS gesture costs a woman NOTHING, takes practically ZERO effort and will stay in my memory until death, because it made ALL the difference.

    You won’t find a SINGLE Ameriskank , Mapleskank, or UKskank who would have this thought even CROSS HER MIND —– let alone popping the lock on your door to make it easy for you to get into your own car after you let her in first.

    In fact, by the time you get around the car, the westernized, narcissistic modern “female” will have flipped the visor down to gaze at her own reflection and triple checks her lip gloss….. just in time for you to get in , and tell her to GET THE FUCK OUT.

  • Tom

    Less attractive women are not automatically “better” (or smarter) – simply because they are less attractive. Telling a man “go for less attractive women” is pathetic.

  • Tom

    As a man, it is the only way to LIVE.

  • Tom

    No, it’s not “contempt”.. Women come up with ENORMOUSLY long lists of reasons (many totally unjustified) to DUMP / DISQUALIFY and REJECT men. You don’t get to have a problem with men who use a handful of disqualifiers to filter out women who are not worthwhile.

  • Tom

    Fuck off and point that middle finger back at yourself. Women come up with ENORMOUSLY long lists of reasons (many totally unjustified) to DUMP / DISQUALIFY and REJECT men. You don’t get to have a problem with men who use a handful of disqualifiers to filter out women who are not worthwhile.

    Oh I’m sorry,… did I sound “insecure” just now?
    You poor thing. Go fist yourself right to the elbow.

  • ohh God

    ohh God, u r fucked up. So u will fuck again and again, so what? U have no clue what is human love and respect. such a pity for u …

  • Poor Roosh

    You’r probably right, and as a Scandinavian man, that’s great! If Roosh had actual game and not just his made up stuff he would realize how much of an advantage that is. The fact that the girls are independent also means that they will have sex for the fun of it, and not to gain anything. And as a guy who also enjoys having sex for fun it’s win-win. I dont want to have to be a provider, loyal or any of that if I’m in it for the sex, and the girl wont expect it.

    Roosh couldn’t pick up girls here in Denmark because his game is unflexible and he thinks that his idea of the world is the only viable one.

  • Ty

    I’m really stuck on this one door lock “test”. Reason being is that almost all cars now have remotes. But assuming this was 1972 and we were in an older vehicle, if she was really a sweet girl and had not made any offensive act yet I could not hold it against her on the initial date. If we were getting steady then she would likely be bolder and unlock the door. A move like that for a sweet girl can be seen as bold, depending on the shyness or sweet factor.

  • Ty

    No such thing as a “recovering nice girl”. You are either a sweet girl or you are a slut. Saying you are “recovering” and becoming a slut just fits the trend. Don’t forget your antibiotics and smartphone.

  • Ty2

    “The fact that the girls are independent also means that they will have sex for the fun of it, and not to gain anything. ”

    Is this a joke? Seriously. They do indeed wan’t to gain something. Status for starters.

    I have seen this argument before and I really don’t understand it. Because girls are “independent” does not mean that they are going to have fun sex with the average guy. If anything, the trend is in the opposite direction, which usually occurs when an individual becomes spoiled with an over inflated sense of themselves. When you have orbiters trying to get that “fun sex” constantly from even 4’s an 5’s cows, what happens to the milk?

    It gets spoiled.

  • Li Chéri

    The “Japanese chick” example makes me wonder why you cream your undies by someone who acts like she is your mother and you are 5 years old..?
    About the car door unlocking, what kind of car do you guys drive? Modern cars have central locking or are unlocked by remote, therefore it is likely she doesn’t even realize that your door is still locked. And I don’t get the whole “open the door for females”-crap, we can open it ourselves, no way am I gonna wait for anyone to open doors for me. I do however always make sure to hold up the door to the people behind me when entering into/exiting buildings etc, but that is just common curtesy and not the same thing.

  • Li Chéri

    “Women”? I have never made any such list, neither has any of the girls I know. Being a douchey resentful contemptuous asshole is the only thing that’ll disqualify men. Stop generalizing.
    And two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Li Chéri

    You’re either desperate for attention and validation, or you have a penis.

  • Li Chéri

    “Whatever happened to humility in people?”
    There, corrected it for you.

  • Guest

    I was thinking this was just some sort of sick joke, but digging deeper into your shithole of a blog I believe you actually mean what you write. Your views upon women are disgusting and disturbing. If you ever end up with someone, may he/she treat you like the lump of meat that you are.

  • blinky

    A short while ago I fell for a bitch from poland. If I only had listenend to my belly about those warning signs. Phoneaddict. Not offering things to me, not pulling the car button and on and on… And what for, even her skills in bed were totally selfcentered…

  • stiffkittenbabelfish

    I see. So the real reason he’s angry at all women is that he can’t please one in bed! This dude must get blown out so many times. No wonder he developed a “sour grapes” outlook. Either that or he’s about 12. Does his mum know he’s on the computer?

  • Bella Batali

    question, do you do all these things as well? if your going to take a call or shoot a text do you exuse yourself? do you ask before offering advice? im not opposed to these things as long as they go both ways


    You’re such a stupid douche. Why don’t you lick Roosh’s asshole some more, loser? “Roosh, aren’t I cool, I had a cool comeback to a girl and I used your language! Won’t you answer me, Roosh? I’m cool like you are, Roosh.” Jeez, pathetic loser. Good thing for your ex that she’s happily married and escaped from a life of misery with your pathetic ass.

  • CB

    If I’m on the right side of the sidewalk, then yeah, you should step aside so that you’re on your right side of the side walk. Common courtesy.

    I highly doubt you’re the alpha you seem to think you are if you’ve resorted to this kind of petty game, lol.

  • CB

    Women can’t focus as well despite distractions? Well, that certainly flies in the face of the whole “Men don’t multitask as well as women” idea, doesn’t it? And, for the record, both your statement and the aforementioned are about as equally unsubstantiated.

  • CB

    In my female experience, I know about as many men who whine about their problems as women. It is unattractive.

  • CB

    And, for the record, I’m talking about conventionally successful men too.

  • CB

    Are you an unhappy person?

  • CB

    You sound whiny.

    Beta bitch.


    This is typical of a late teens early twenties mind set Ive been there but I grew up and GREW A PAIR AS YOUN PUT IT! This is bad advice to anyone who reads this bullshit. If a girl asks you to hold out a few so she can cum also FUCK man i want my WOMAN TO CUM AND CUM HARD DUDE wake up.

  • Guest!

    I’m sorry we cunts can find love in better people than him. Don’t need assholes…Byebye! 😀

  • Guest

    Seriously. What an asshole this probably ugly writer is.

  • mike

    HE DID”NT 20 min. later, He said soon as she got off.

  • MIKE


  • mike

    sure I hate Americas like I hate bjews arabs Iranians any camel jockeies europians some they all suck right, no they either have bad hiegene, it’s not that, every 21 days there crazy, for a week , now shower them with gifts, I think it’s cheaper to get a HOOKER, than have a girlfriend,

  • thepinch

    <—–Slut. Major league; first round pick. I'd rather be a dominatrix than an imbecile.

  • thepinch

    Oh Cheri, Ma Chere – take a pill!

  • eastwestbrainer

    I “drive” a motorcycle.

  • eastwestbrainer

    so you have sex… in order to give women orgasms?

    you’re gonna get replaced by a Rabbit dildo, you moron

  • eastwestbrainer

    this blog gets me laid every hour on the hour

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  • nhg
  • Frank S.

    When you find out that the last guy she was married to ended up in Jail and deported back to South America , for next to nothing …you Run and Run Fast !

  • http://www.LimitlessMindset.com/ Jonathan Roseland

    I’m a big fan of #4

  • Andru

    Guys like you are the reason feminists exist. You are misogynist. I thought misogyny was a myth, but reading this opened my mind. I’m a (gay) guy and this is crap. The only points I agree with are number 1 and 4. And I agree with them regardless of the gender of the person, those are things that no one should do.

  • Cassie

    I so pity any woman who has the misfortune of being around you. You’ve basically admitted that you’re arrogant, selfish, and you suck in bed. What woman would want to subject herself to that???

  • splooge

    well then he wouldnt get laid now would he?

  • Anon

    LOL what do you expect if you look for them at bars and parties?

  • Rohit

    how can v find a girl is Virgin or Not?

  • kakasia

    so why the fuck are you here?

  • kakasia

    fucking lair

  • kakasia


  • fleegal

    “What ever happened to humility in people”… there, corrected it for you.

  • Jacob Heckman

    That’s why i have a very specific policy… I never pay for the grand total on at least the first 3-4 dates. I insist we each pay our own separate balances!

    That way i am able to eliminate women looking for a freebie and women who are not that serious, and if they try to refuse i simply place my portion on the table and walk away!

    Maybe a bit harsh but it does clear away the freeloaders, any man who pays on the first date is potentially looking at disaster… and an empty checkbook! Especially if you have 4-5 dates a month, not saying i do but there are guys that can accomplish that.

    Again to certain women this may make me sound cheap but in all actuality it makes me smart!

  • Matt

    You sound like a total pig who has a massive ego and not worth being with. Complaining about selfish women when in 90% of this post you sound selfish yourself. How would you know i she doesn’t have more experience than you? How would you know that she doesn’t know more than you?
    #5 and 6 are the dumbest things I have ever read. You say women shouldn’t keep you from busting a nut too soon because if gives you “minor groin pain” BUT she deffinitely should let you keep going when it hurts HER. Just by reading that I can tell you suck in bed. After a girl “busts her nut” (you sound gross btw) she SHOULD be wetter than ever. The fact that she’s drying up so soon after probably means she faked it to get you off of her.
    You sound selfish, arrogant and just not good with women at all… You shouldn’t be with a selfish woman that treats you like trash and value you but you have it all wrong. Get some more life experience and write a new list. Or not.

  • Tony Trucano

    She has kids with multiple men. She had a kid who she had no clue whose dad it was.

  • Alexi Frest

    Precious men have already too much money, influence in the world, and have VERY little to offer. If you do not count insults, rape, and hindrance, you could say *nothing*.

  • Alexi Frest

    She is better off out with your kind! Probably you are garbage in bed or you are a trash person in general and there is not much about you to be thankful for?! Your kind want a slave and not a girlfriend. I seriously do not understand women who have the patience for men.

  • Alexi Frest

    Dude, you should go to Afghanistan. OR join IS. That is the place where you can treat women the way your kind wants to.

  • Alexi Frest

    Sure as hell you have no other way to get noticed than getting physically aggressive. I assume you have no reason to be proud of your manners and brains.

  • Alexi Frest

    Why am I not surprised that for *you*, it is the only way to live.

  • Alexi Frest

    Hi slave. You are creepy. And you deserve to use lubes if you do not have the common sense to speak up your mouth. Should also learn biology. Male orgasm comes naturally, it is the woman whose orgasm takes time and care.

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  • Goodluck Findingme

    Sounds like parts of the us. Wow who knew

  • Lithiumflower

    On number 6., I do hope your not pumping your ladies so hard it is painful for them, it isn’t very nice. Especially if they’re actually nice to you.

    I see it ties in with number 5.; Women… do this? That is just… insulting. I’m sorry. I don’t blame you for wanting nothing to do with them.

  • Yung Solomon

    If she says no tell her to fuck off

    what the hell does one keep women for?
    (barring real freinds+family)

    we are all animals

    and animals to fuck

  • Guest

    You must have had a very icy relationship with your mother.

    You also forgot to add “she hates kids.” You wouldn’t believe how many women hate babies.

  • Guest

    So it’s okay for a man to be selfish (points 1, 5, and 6), but when women do it, you suddenly get whiny and go I’m-not-playing-anymore mode? You really think you’re some strong “alpha male” if you allow women to make you upset so easily?

  • greyghost1

    Yeah that’s right. There is plenty of dick just not that dick with standards. Get out and get you some empowerment.

  • Patrick Bateman

    This is Gold standard Roosh.

    Just say No.

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  • James Edwards

    …I married a woman that only had sex once before I met her (…counting me- 2 sex partners by age 30). This should of been a huge ‘red flag’…huge as in what what was I thinking?!!! Huge life altering mistake. Marry a 27 yo virgin? Hell…I wouldn’t even take her out for lunch!!

  • fuckyou

    You guys are so pathetic. Are you 14? You must be. You hate women because they won’t bend over backwards and worship your nut? We hate you because men are more often abusive, more likely to rape and you’re not stereotyped as disgusting for no reason. You take advantage of insecure women, your entire lives revolve around your penis and it’s REPULSIVE. This is why we hate you and it’s completely warranted. I know real men exist, I’m not that stupid that I think every thing with a dick MUST be a repulsive man child but I have too much experience with the latter to not be jaded.

  • fuckyou

    *former I mean

  • George

    HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s brilliant!

  • George

    I agree with you. Most women know how to give a good blowjob or they at least try to anyways. You have to communicate with them. Not fucking hard. Only hard for beta bitches.

  • Karma

    Roosh – albeit, you do offer some insight into the “pickup/dating game” here as I skim through your posts (why? disgusted amusement). But, man, how basic – you & the whole premise of this. Such a tool of this day and age. Your ability for said “insight” seems to fall short of self-reflection, in an actually meaningful way, besides how to get your dick wet. All I can say is if by some inexplicable and cruel chance, you happened on crossing paths with my sister, and proceeded to treat her in such a way as you preach, you would be in for very, very sad – perhaps, life altering – ordeal.

  • Anthony Alpha

    Nobody cares.

  • CarmenLWilliams

    Some New Features with rooshv….. Go To Next Page

  • FrancesKCrump

    Yes Offer Of The Day by rooshv < Start Work Online

  • Meredith Anderson

    I am trying to figure out what you have that any girl would want.

  • kons123

    greatest movie of all time, too bad the main actor got locked up for many years!

  • female2good4u

    This article makes me wish I was a lesbian. I’m sure the pig that wrote this, and everyone that agrees with him is single and lonely. No self respecting woman would put up with a man that wants to keep having sex when it’s hurting her. And a woman is selfish for not letting him finish? But he’s not selfish for caring more about his dick then her being in pain? If she is drying up maybe you should be a man and lick her instead of being an inconsiderate ass. Or there is such a thing called lube.

  • Adrocked

    Amen to jerking off being better than Scandinavian “women”. Talk about overrated.

  • doramin

    I checked out Roosh’s romantic favorites. Passion Pit and Vanessa de Mata show promise but I draw the line at Weeknd. They sound good but I will NOT put up with “bitches, ho’s and niggaz” lyrics. I don’t feel the need to act the “wigger” in my music selection.

  • http://thecitybachelor.com/ The City Bachelor

    The door test! I watched this movie in high school and gave my high school GF the door test. She failed. She also cheated on me a few months later.

  • Cobra

    #6 is the dumbest most hypocritical piece of bullshit I have ever heard. You have been talking about how if you don’t get your nut and youre left with “slight groin pain” then why the hell would you want to cause pain to your partner! That shit is painful and can cause pain for more than a few hours even a few days. And im sure you can’t get a women to orgasm every time, nor does it seem like you care if she does, then don’t expect her to care so much about yours! Instead fucking communicate and ask for her to finish you off in some way. Communicate tell her what you like so that she knows how to get you off! No one is a mind reader!