Washington DC Meetup: April 30, 2014

When I operated DCBachelor.com, approximately 50% of my readers were from the DC area. Now, it’s about 3%. The city is slowly slipping out of the top 10. Here’s the current ranking:

1. New York
2. Toronto
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Sydney
6. Chicago
7. Melbourne
8. Montreal
9. Washington DC
10. San Francisco

Two Australian cities are beating out my birthplace! In spite of that, I have received many emails and comments from guys still stuck in DC, so I figure it’s a good idea to arrange a meetup to exchange war stories and sympathy tears.

When: Wednesday, April 30 from 8-11pm

Where: Location will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook feeds at 5pm EST on the day of the meetup. The neighborhood will be U Street.

Secret Handshake: “Do you know if there’s a pet shop around here?” If the man answers in the affirmative, or doesn’t look at you like you’re into bestiality, he’s one of us.


“Why are you doing this on a weekday? I’d come if it was a weekend.” There were too many people last time. I like being able to have more intimate conversations instead of two-minute superficial chats. By scheduling it on a Wednesday and only giving five days advance notice, I want to limit the size.

“Will this be a sausage fest?” Yes. Come to meet your fellow man, not to get laid. In other words, line up a porn clip for later masturbation before heading out to the meetup.

Picture from the last meetup:


“Can I buy you a drink?” I appreciate the gesture, but please don’t. For such an event I have to maintain my mental faculties at the highest level of sobriety for the philosophical and metaphysical conversations that are likely to take place.

“I’m a non-obese girl, can I come?” Sure, but you must fornicate with at least one male attendee. It is absolutely unacceptable for you to attend if you just want to receive male attention or validation. Unless you are definitely trying to get the pipe that night from the man—or men—you are most attracted to, don’t even bother.

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  • M Hunt

    Very humble and cool of you as an author Roosh.

    Do you have any new books or products in the pipeline?

    Comparison wise for a future
    Romania vs Poland or Ukraine aka how does Romania stack up against other EE women or

    Romanian women vs American women

    Don’t know why intl gamers don’t cover Bulgaria?

  • DJ

    Roosh, it would be amazing to have an event with you and Tom Leykis! I bet it would be tons of fun to host it in San Francisco.

  • Henrik

    You should have a meetup here in Copenhagen some day in the future too and I’ll show you that it’s not such a bad place at all.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    “Do you know where I can buy some parakeet seed around here?”

  • Wald

    When do you leave DC? I won’t be able to attend.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Q: “Don’t know why intl gamers don’t cover Bulgaria?”

    A: We have our Bulge-areas figured out. Needs pussy.

  • Kish

    I’ll be there again. Cant wait!

  • bro

    bro.. why the fuck is it not on the weekend??

  • John M

    Any chance they’ll be a London one?

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    To exclude you impartially as stated, or is that your subversive emotional argument to change the date to your liking? the way chicks try to get what they want? You can run a meetup on the weekend. I love red-pill masculinity.

  • colombianreader

    Roosh post the stats of readers per country (full list) how many readers in latin american countries for instance?

  • splooge

    dam thought vancouver would be up there instead of montreal sydney n malvourne. guess its not as bad as i thought.

  • Throw some D on dat bitch

    Roosh you should do LOs Angeles with McQueen or Mike and Jay from Danger and Play. You gotta hit Manhattan Beach in June-August (its like a brazzers casting call out there) Like the guy above said any City is better with a local guide.

  • Roosh_V

    Yeah my newest book should be ready this summer.

  • bo

    My god Roosh is a fucking pussy. Are you afraid of the Anti-Defamation League? Or is it the SPLC

    The Jewish created and implemented communism; they created political correctness in the 1920’s with the goal of demolishing western society; the germans treated the Jews the same way the americans treated the japanese in WWII (i.e., there were no extermination camps and most jewish detainment deaths were due to allied bombing of supply lines at the end of the war); and at last year’s bilderberg meeting 24/34 of the american reps were ashkenazi jews.

    Anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism.

    Grow some balls and do some research. Everything I’ve stated is a factual matter of record.

  • bo

    Read my post at the top of the page you spineless wimp.

    You have my email should you find the fortitude to respond.

  • bo
  • prepz

    C u there.

    BTW, “is there a pet shop around here?”

  • RobP

    Flying out of town Wed. AM. Damn.
    Have fun!

  • bo d

    pussy or shill, which one is it?

  • bo d

    How’s censorship treating you, bitch?

  • Dirk

    JR Smith reference, nicely done.

  • bo d

    Some people can’t handle the truth. Roosh is one of them.

  • Tom Dane

    Last time I checked it was bad..and I check it daily.

  • Tom Dane

    I think its about time you make a new updated book about gaming in USA. Things have changed, as you yourself have noticed. “Pro Feminist Court Jester with positive submissive vibes game” are now the norm.
    Of course, you would have to go through hell to write it .

  • Noah

    This will be fun!

  • King G00

    Hey, it’s Henrik! Roosh’s Danish roommate!

  • Icefire57

    Fucking love that last one!

  • BakingSodaFTW

    Hey Roosh,

    So I’m thinking about becoming a blogger. I’m wondering if you find it helpful to set a daily word quota for yourself, or do you just make sure to work X hours a day and get as much as your can done? What do you suppose your daily word output is (blog + books and other works)? I work 60 hours a week and my impression is that in order to support oneself as a writer at least 40 hours have to be put in a week. Thoughts? Thanks.

  • BigBoobyLovah
  • fredflintstone

    You should break down the statistics by % and then divide it by the population to give a real representation of which city is the biggest sausage fests. Game websites work best for sausage demographics.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Don’t look unless you want to be sick: “World’s Fattest Woman…” And she is somebody’s mother. Just wow. Explains the three lip piercings on daughter. That taxpayer investment to leave no one behind has a chance at bettering our lives when she is productive or something, I guess a stay-on-home mom.

  • Spades

    Would not be surprised if Toronto reaches first place for having the most single men by 2020.

  • Spades

    Gross. Agreed that the mainstream media is pushing this pro-obese, pro-cougar feminist methodology to the public.

    Sickening that the mainstream media is biased when it comes to the divorce court and feminist justice system.

  • Spades

    Toronto is the worst place for a straight male to thrive. The legal system, norms and values are anti-male.

  • Tom Dane

    Wow even worlds fattest woman can get a boyfriend in Feminazi west. Sick

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSoUFMb53crup02mBVzhtDQ Nguyen Improved

    what’s with the fuckin’ aussies???

  • BigBoobyLovah

    Well, just imagine this: Her BJ skills must be absolutely awesome. Yeah, were talking “off the chain” awesome here. Seriously. This fat bitch could probably suck-start a leaf-blower.

    And don’t ever forget this: There is an inverse relationship between a girls’ attractiveness/fattiness and BJ skill level. Meaning, she may be a 2 or 3 for physical attractiveness, but her BJ skills are probably ranked at 8, 9 or even, I shudder to think, 10.

  • prepz

    Sorry, not going to make it after all.

  • Dadang

    Definitely diligently read, also be a learning for us. whatever it is, there’s nothing wrong if you try a good thing, that could increase knowledge for us
    obat penurun panas anak.

  • GuelphBossman

    When you coming back to Toronto? Oh wait….forget I asked that.

  • Stefon

    Fuck! I wish I knew about this. I would’ve totally been there. I could’ve used this info. There are so many assholes in DC its ridiculous. Keep me apprised of your next visit.