Washington DC Meetup: April 30, 2014

When I operated DCBachelor.com, approximately 50% of my readers were from the DC area. Now, it’s about 3%. The city is slowly slipping out of the top 10. Here’s the current ranking:

1. New York
2. Toronto
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Sydney
6. Chicago
7. Melbourne
8. Montreal
9. Washington DC
10. San Francisco

Two Australian cities are beating out my birthplace! In spite of that, I have received many emails and comments from guys still stuck in DC, so I figure it’s a good idea to arrange a meetup to exchange war stories and sympathy tears.

When: Wednesday, April 30 from 8-11pm

Where: Location will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook feeds at 5pm EST on the day of the meetup. The neighborhood will be U Street.

Secret Handshake: “Do you know if there’s a pet shop around here?” If the man answers in the affirmative, or doesn’t look at you like you’re into bestiality, he’s one of us.


“Why are you doing this on a weekday? I’d come if it was a weekend.” There were too many people last time. I like being able to have more intimate conversations instead of two-minute superficial chats. By scheduling it on a Wednesday and only giving five days advance notice, I want to limit the size.

“Will this be a sausage fest?” Yes. Come to meet your fellow man, not to get laid. In other words, line up a porn clip for later masturbation before heading out to the meetup.

Picture from the last meetup:


“Can I buy you a drink?” I appreciate the gesture, but please don’t. For such an event I have to maintain my mental faculties at the highest level of sobriety for the philosophical and metaphysical conversations that are likely to take place.

“I’m a non-obese girl, can I come?” Sure, but you must fornicate with at least one male attendee. It is absolutely unacceptable for you to attend if you just want to receive male attention or validation. Unless you are definitely trying to get the pipe that night from the man—or men—you are most attracted to, don’t even bother.

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