We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep In The Real Game Of Power

Beliefs in the manosphere are often termed “red pill,” an analogy to the Matrix, where those who know “truth” are unplugged from the system and can see the world for what it really is, but men who use this analogy did not watch the two Matrix sequels, where we learn that the robots allowed the resistance to operate. The robots had to give humans who couldn’t tolerate the Matrix an outlet that could be controlled and monitored, and when the resistance got too big, they could be easily destroyed in one attack. The reset button would allow the status quo to continue, unimpeded.

The current war between feminists and progressives against the manosphere and those with more conservative beliefs is by design. The manosphere is allowed to broadcast because it shows to the masses that “free speech” or opposing viewpoints are allowed, proving that we all live in a “democratic” society. However, ideas from the manosphere do nothing to legitimately threaten the power elite, those in possession of real power. Besides influencing a tiny minority of men, the manosphere is—as of now—meaningless and ineffective on a societal level.

What Is The Best Way To Control Human Beings?

I’ve spent over two years now in Eastern Europe. I’ve learned about its history, especially since World War 2 when the Russians gobbled up countries by installing their own puppet regimes. They believed in the use of hard control: rigid censorship, political persecution, relentless propaganda, and pervasive spying. It worked for nearly 50 years until unraveling in the 1980’s. Depending on who you read, communism failed due to many reasons such as Ronald Reagan, inefficient economies, or “the people.” The last may not have been the main reason, but it was significant: citizens didn’t believe in the system and protested every way they could, often sacrificing their lives in the process. Communism, it turns out, was a poor method of human control.

How does the American government control its population? The same way it always has: divide and conquer. It pits one group against the other and lets them fight. Native-Americans against whites. Blacks against whites. Red states against blue states. Pro-choice against pro-life. Women against men. Liberals against conservatives. Straight against gay. The fighting is endorsed and encouraged by the power elite because it distracts their unjust or illegal methods of control, that if carefully examined and brought to light, would bring into question their very justification of authority.

I did an interview recently with the Daily Dot. It was a hit piece, as you’d expect from such a liberal publication that endorses feminism, but what interested me was the public reaction—the most talked about portion was my remarks about homosexuals. It led to hundreds of comments on three active Reddit threads. Five years ago, such a response to homosexual critique would not have been nearly as strong. Why does it suddenly seem like everyone cares about the homosexual issue? Why is it on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Because they’ve been programmed to care and talk about it.

It does not matter where you lie on the issue as long as you develop passionate opinions about homosexuals that you share in place of other issues that can threaten the power elite. Every minute you talk about homosexuals or immigrants or blacks or feminism or celebrities is one minute you’re not talking about an idea that reveals criminality of the government. For the issues that don’t threaten those who have power, you will be allowed the ability to speak about them indefinitely without disturbance. In other words, if you have gotten into an argument or debate about homosexual marriage in the past year, you are an obedient sheep that is doing what it is supposed to do. You will keep talking about it because you’ve been fed propaganda to do so, and when you get bored of it, there will be a new “hot button” topic that will keep you busy and emotional.

Do You Have Opinions That Threaten The State?

There is a test to know if you are allowed to share a certain opinion or engage in specific activism:

  • Does it threaten the interests of those who possess the most economic and political power in the United States (i.e. the top 10,000 men)?
  • Does it significantly reduce income of the most powerful corporations in the United States?

If the answer to these questions are “no,” you may proceed. This is why the manosphere is thriving—it doesn’t threaten the power elite. This is why feminists can do whatever they want, because they don’t threaten the elite either. Feminism has actually solidified power of the elite through three mechanisms:

  • They increased the labor supply, decreasing wages (in real terms), which increases profits for corporations
  • They caused women to be dependent on the government instead of men (those who rely on the government are less likely to fight it)
  • They expanded the consumer and tax base (benefiting both corporations and the government)

When a movement is bubbling within society, the power elite discuss in private through one of their groups (Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Paris Club, etc.) if allowing new rights or victories through legislation will reduce their power or income. If it doesn’t, it will be allowed in a way that maximizes citizen distraction. Homosexual marriage, it has been determined, does not threaten the elite, so it will be allowed and the peasants (me and you) can be distracted about it for several years while ignoring the backroom deals which continue to destroy the American middle class.

Did giving blacks civil rights threaten the government? Not at all. The entrenchment of the welfare state and prison system makes blacks easy to control (it also helped that we allowed the CIA to profit off crack use in the inner cities), and not since the days of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers have blacks threatened the state. They are harmless sheep just like white people. Let them have their rap music, sports, and thug culture to keep them busy, and as an extra bonus we’ll divert the energies of intelligent white men into hating blacks instead of using that brain power to find out exactly how they’re being screwed over by the state.

Who Is The State Scared Of?

If the elite are threatened, state power will swiftly destroy the movement. Can you think of two recent cases where state power was threatened?

—Occupy Wall Street. You can argue that they were all dirty hippies, but they were bringing too much attention to the elite’s thievery, disseminating information on how power really worked in this country. They lasted a few months until their movement was thoroughly dismantled, and nothing has come to replace it. In fact, one of the leading organizers has gone on to work for Google, that whether willingly or not, has made it a trivial matter to spy on most Americans.

—Edward Snowden. He may not have committed any crimes, but the full might of the United States government came down on him because he exposed their crimes and the impunity at which they treat the law. He can not sleep well for the rest of his life.

How do you know if your voice is getting too close to threatening those in power? For most people, they will see increased “correspondence” from the IRS, with the intent to impoverish the individual. Otherwise, he will be outright imprisoned for violating an obscure law.

The Second Kind Of Power

The power elite has the backing of the state to silence you. In other words, a policeman with a gun will knock down your door or a government agent will go through your tax returns to discover “mistakes” that will make you destitute. The second base of power is the cultural elite. These are the journalists, professors, bloggers, and non-profit organizations—the useful idiots of the state. Instead of hard power, they use propaganda, lies, distortions, information blackouts, and libelous attacks to shape public opinion in a way to firstly benefit them and their ideology. Their main motivations are to feel powerful and keep their $80,000 a year job instead of admitting to serve the billionaire oligarch behind the curtain. As long as they don’t threaten the power elite, they will be encouraged, and you may see some overlap between the two when the power elite encourage or bribe the cultural elite in crushing their enemies.

If you are attacked by the cultural elite (maybe through manufactured “news” that gets a mob after you for supporting traditional marriage), that does not mean you are threatening the power elite. It simply means you are offering a challenge to the middle class cultural elite who are trying to maintain the status quo so they can go to Starbucks every day and afford the newest iPhone while feeling like they have influence in society. They can’t have their lies and bullshit revealed to a mass audience because if society changes their opinions on what type of information is “correct,” they may be out of a job or not be able to afford the Prius they have their eyes on (in case of a fascist takeover, they would be imprisoned or executed). While their attacks are not as strong as the state’s, it can be significant: their use of labels like racist, homophobe, sexist, and so on have ruined lives of many individuals.

Think of all the outlets that have attacked manosphere sites in the past couple of years: Buzzfeed, Gawker, ABC News, Washington Post, SPLC, Huffington Post. Not a single one threatens state power. Manosphere information is offensive to these outlets because–as of now—it threatens the cultural elite’s integrity and utopian vision of having a degenerate society, but even that may be giving them too much credit. Attacking us simply gives them page views.

This is where we come full circle. Earlier I remarked that a method of government control is divide and conquer. The masses must be distracted from knowing how they’re being screwed by pitting neighbor against neighbor. The most brilliant tool to do this is the internet, an always-on interactive television with Twitter wars and viral articles and funny memes that keep the populace in a permanent state of distraction with every single insignificant issue under the sun that doesn’t even approach the state’s toes.

Sure, some corners of the internet deal in sharp anti-government activism, but they simply can’t compete with the latest Miley Cyrus antics or cute cat picture compilations that are sweeping the internet by storm (thank you Buzzfeed!). Consider that DARPA, a government agency, played a role in inventing the internet, and you can understand how “dangerous” it is to state power. Proof of it’s harmlessness came during the Arab Spring when government efforts to halt protests by cutting off nationwide internet actually sped up their downfall—without internet people had nothing to do except hit the streets. Even the manosphere’s counter-cultural ideas are safe to the power elite. It’s just the occasional feminist journalist or non-profit worker who doesn’t want her job and ideology threatened or her feelings hurt that you’ll see them call me a rapist or “biggest misogynist in the world” in an attempt to prime the masses to instinctively reject the information I present.

Consider that whenever a ROK article goes viral, the power elite smiles. For two days, people can’t think of what’s going on in Congress.

Whenever there is a Twitter battle between conservatives and LGBT activists, the power elite smiles, because people don’t know that a top dog at the SEC now works for a finance company that’s receiving billions in taxpayer money.

Whenever a famous celebrity does something shocking, the power elite smiles, because no one is wondering how a drug got approved that ended up killing more people than it saved.

Whenever a new app like Flappy Birds is wildly successfully in getting people distracted, the power elite smiles, because questions about how the government failed to protect its citizens on 9/11 can be ignored.

The power elite especially smiles whenever someone votes. Understand there is absolutely no way that they’d let smartphone-addicted sheep take away their power. The fact that the elite donates to both parties in legally sanctioned bribery called “campaign contributions” has guaranteed the puppet status of all modern Presidents and irrelevancy of every single election on the Federal level.

Anything you do that doesn’t decrease the elite’s power or income is an approved activity. If your grassroots group is large enough, a corporation will throw you a bone during your change.org boycott against their product so you continue your thoughtless consumer behavior and the top executives can upgrade their yachts come summer time as planned. You may occasionally get heat from the cultural elite because of your opinions, but it’s not impossible to fight their soft power. Yes, I can fight the Huffington Post or Jezebel, but I can not fight the state, and neither can you. If you choose to go that route, and are scratching at their ankles, it will be over for you.

What Threatens State Power?

The greatest threat to state power is nationalism. There is nothing scarier to the state than a large percentage of the population who self-identifies with each other and has similar beliefs they’re willing to die for. Brussels does a good job spreading propaganda that the European Union is a way to prevent another World War, or to “increase European harmony,” but it’s actually an ingenious means for the Western European power elite to maintain control over the East. The Soviet Union was too heavy-handed in its power, but Brussels is brilliant in that it makes countries apply to give up both their economic and cultural sovereignty. The elites of the Eastern European backwaters throw their populace under the bus so they can get loans from their German masters at a slightly discounted rate.

You can actually predict whether a new belief system will be propagated by the cultural elite based on if it threatens the power elite. Does masculinity threaten the power elite? Strong-willed and reliant men have historically been one of the greatest threats to state power, especially if these men are idle without circus distractions. Therefore, masculinity must be written off in the media as a poison or antiquated accident of humanity that has no place in modern society.

Does sex equality threaten the power elite? Homosexuality? Celebrity obsession? Obesity? None of those offer a threat. They enhance state power by distracting the populace.

Does immigration threaten the power elite? Absolutely not. Immigrants are the easiest to control, they reduce nationalism, they put downward pressure on wages, and they offer a great distraction for citizens to whine about what’s happening to “my country.”

Does the 45,000-strong Red Pill subreddit threaten the power elite? No, they’re helping in the divide and conquer strategy by giving the cultural elite a justification for their existence. Their growth is irrefutable evidence of the war against women—let’s start a new #antimisogyny hashtag! Let’s pass more laws against “street harassment!” Even I am a pawn in this game. My image can be shown as proof that men are mean and women need their own safe space during playground recess. If it wasn’t me it’d be the next guy in line. It doesn’t matter who it is, but they need some type of human embodiment to stir emotions in their audience and keep the puppet master hidden, just like how Lindy West is the human embodiment (or more like whale embodiment) of what we find disgraceful and awful with society.

I’m being used just as much as the reporter who writes a hit piece on me is being used, both to entertain and distract the masses so we all ignore what’s going in all these government agencies and the hundreds of decisions they make every day with our money. The manosphere and myself are allowed to proceed because we are playing within rules of the game.

One man nipping on the toes of the power elite is Glen Greenwald. Say what you want about his mostly liberal politics, but his reporting on the criminality of the NSA has frightened the US Government. If you’re wondering how he’s able to do this, it’ll make sense once I tell you he lives in Brazil and hasn’t stepped foot in the States in years. They tried to ignore him but his voice has gotten too loud, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he never returns to America again. Most other reporters who threaten the elite (Matt Taibbi comes to mind) have a voice that is too small for a country of over 300 million people who are hooked to their smartphones and are distracted by Trayvon Martin, gay marriage, Sandra Fluke, and the latest affair a politician is having. The power elite is quite snug in its position because we remain addicted to bullshit that pushes our emotional buttons. It would take a handful of more Edward Snowdens (and Julian Assanges and Glen Greenwalds) combined with a unique black swan event to really threaten them. One Snowden does not make a revolution, and neither does one manosphere.

So Where Does That Leave Us?

Does that mean we shouldn’t expose the damage that feminism and its related ideologies are doing? It depends on the strength of your microscope. On the state level, our attacks do absolutely nothing to cause change, but if you zoom in a little closer, we are having delightful success at revealing cracks in the cultural elite’s facade while helping men on the individual level re-discover their masculinity and achieve personal success. On the other hand, I’m beginning to see how more men are treating the manosphere as an outlet for entertainment and distraction than a means of self-improvement. Men are reading the game posts on Return Of Kings but not commenting or acting on the advice, but if we put up an article bashing ugly haircuts or how gay people are bad for the culture, the response is massive and emotional.

Nothing says safe like a viral article that can be understood without much thought while triggering base emotions that ultimately serve as distraction from the real problems caused by those who have power. Therefore if manosphere or neo-traditional ideals become the new status quo, it’s because the power elite determined that it would serve their long-term interests. We wouldn’t be able to declare victory—we simply happened to correctly pick the next cultural movement that would benefit them, just like how the liberals who currently have cultural power happen to be useful to them today. They will one day go out of favor for something different and the cycle will continue. Only a revolution can disturb the power elite (though not always if recent history is a guide), but that’s something that is just not in the cards for America with its distracted sheep shitting all over their wool for half a year after seeing a black man and a Hispanic “white” man get into a fight to the death. The divide and conquer strategy is so entrenched in America that they don’t even care if the man’s race doesn’t quite fit the narrative.

I don’t want to spend my free time doing the bidding of the elite by engaging in another Twitter beef with a tattooed feminist. At the same time I realize that some of that is necessary since it acts as marketing to attract men who share my views, but it’s still a distraction for most guys, a reason for them to feel alive in their otherwise monotonous lives. Fighting the state begins with fighting your own addictive needs for entertainment and emotional validation. Cut off the television and the internet. Avoid propaganda. Read old books. Stop participating in race and homosexual debates. Think for yourself, without Twitter, Facebook, smartphones, or Netflix, and come to realize the important truths of the world through your own observation, meditation, action, and study. Once you’ve helped yourself think clearly and live deliberately, all that’s left is helping one other man do the same.

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