We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep In The Real Game Of Power

Beliefs in the manosphere are often termed “red pill,” an analogy to the Matrix, where those who know “truth” are unplugged from the system and can see the world for what it really is, but men who use this analogy did not watch the two Matrix sequels, where we learn that the robots allowed the resistance to operate. The robots had to give humans who couldn’t tolerate the Matrix an outlet that could be controlled and monitored, and when the resistance got too big, they could be easily destroyed in one attack. The reset button would allow the status quo to continue, unimpeded.

The current war between feminists and progressives against the manosphere and those with more conservative beliefs is by design. The manosphere is allowed to broadcast because it shows to the masses that “free speech” or opposing viewpoints is allowed, proving that we all live in a “democratic” society. However, ideas from the manosphere do nothing to legitimately threaten the power elite, those in possession of real power. Besides influencing a tiny minority of men, the manosphere is—as of now—meaningless and ineffective on a societal level.

What Is The Best Way To Control Human Beings?

I’ve spent over two years now in Eastern Europe. I’ve learned about its history, especially since World War 2 when the Russians gobbled up countries by installing their own puppet regimes. They believed in the use of hard control: rigid censorship, political persecution, relentless propaganda, and pervasive spying. It worked for nearly 50 years until unraveling in the 1980’s. Depending on who you read, communism failed due to many reasons such as Ronald Reagan, inefficient economies, or “the people.” The last may not have been the main reason, but it was significant: citizens didn’t believe in the system and protested every way they could, often sacrificing their lives in the process. Communism, it turns out, was a poor method of human control.

How does the American government control its population? The same way it always has: divide and conquer. It pits one group against the other and lets them fight. Native-Americans against whites. Blacks against whites. Red states against blue states. Pro-choice against pro-life. Women against men. Liberals against conservatives. Straight against gay. The fighting is endorsed and encouraged by the power elite because it distracts their unjust or illegal methods of control, that if carefully examined and brought to light, would bring into question their very justification of authority.

I did an interview recently with the Daily Dot. It was a hit piece, as you’d expect from such a liberal publication that endorses feminism, but what interested me was the public reaction—the most talked about portion was my remarks about homosexuals. It led to hundreds of comments on three active Reddit threads. Five years ago, such a response to homosexual critique would not have been nearly as strong. Why does it suddenly seem like everyone cares about the homosexual issue? Why is it on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Because they’ve been programmed to care and talk about it.

It does not matter where you lie on the issue as long as you develop passionate opinions about homosexuals that you share in place of other issues that can threaten the power elite. Every minute you talk about homosexuals or immigrants or blacks or feminism or celebrities is one minute you’re not talking about an idea that reveals criminality of the government. For the issues that don’t threaten those who have power, you will be allowed the ability to speak about them indefinitely without disturbance. In other words, if you have gotten into an argument or debate about homosexual marriage in the past year, you are an obedient sheep that is doing what it is supposed to do. You will keep talking about it because you’ve been fed propaganda to do so, and when you get bored of it, there will be a new “hot button” topic that will keep you busy and emotional.

Do You Have Opinions That Threaten The State?

There is a test to know if you are allowed to share a certain opinion or engage in specific activism:

  • Does it threaten the interests of those who possess the most economic and political power in the United States (i.e. the top 10,000 men)?
  • Does it significantly reduce income of the most powerful corporations in the United States?

If the answer to these questions are “no,” you may proceed. This is why the manosphere is thriving—it doesn’t threaten the power elite. This is why feminists can do whatever they want, because they don’t threaten the elite either. Feminism has actually solidified power of the elite through three mechanisms:

  • They increased the labor supply, decreasing wages (in real terms), which increases profits for corporations
  • They caused women to be dependent on the government instead of men (those who rely on the government are less likely to fight it)
  • They expanded the consumer and tax base (benefiting both corporations and the government)

When a movement is bubbling within society, the power elite discuss in private through one of their groups (Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Paris Club, etc.) if allowing new rights or victories through legislation will reduce their power or income. If it doesn’t, it will be allowed in a way that maximizes citizen distraction. Homosexual marriage, it has been determined, does not threaten the elite, so it will be allowed and the peasants (me and you) can be distracted about it for several years while ignoring the backroom deals which continue to destroy the American middle class.

Did giving blacks civil rights threaten the government? Not at all. The entrenchment of the welfare state and prison system makes blacks easy to control (it also helped that we allowed the CIA to profit off crack use in the inner cities), and not since the days of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers have blacks threatened the state. They are harmless sheep just like white people. Let them have their rap music, sports, and thug culture to keep them busy, and as an extra bonus we’ll divert the energies of intelligent white men into hating blacks instead of using that brain power to find out exactly how they’re being screwed over by the state.

Who Is The State Scared Of?

If the elite are threatened, state power will swiftly destroy the movement. Can you think of two recent cases where state power was threatened?

—Occupy Wall Street. You can argue that they were all dirty hippies, but they were bringing too much attention to the elite’s thievery, disseminating information on how power really worked in this country. They lasted a few months until their movement was thoroughly dismantled, and nothing has come to replace it. In fact, one of the leading organizers has gone on to work for Google, that whether willingly or not, has made it a trivial matter to spy on most Americans.

—Edward Snowden. He may not have committed any crimes, but the full might of the United States government came down on him because he exposed their crimes and the impunity at which they treat the law. He can not sleep well for the rest of his life.

How do you know if your voice is getting too close to threatening those in power? For most people, they will see increased “correspondence” from the IRS, with the intent to impoverish the individual. Otherwise, he will be outright imprisoned for violating an obscure law.

The Second Kind Of Power

The power elite has the backing of the state to silence you. In other words, a policeman with a gun will knock down your door or a government agent will go through your tax returns to discover “mistakes” that will make you destitute. The second base of power is the cultural elite. These are the journalists, professors, bloggers, and non-profit organizations—the useful idiots of the state. Instead of hard power, they use propaganda, lies, distortions, information blackouts, and libelous attacks to shape public opinion in a way to firstly benefit them and their ideology. Their main motivations are to feel powerful and keep their $80,000 a year job instead of admitting to serve the billionaire oligarch behind the curtain. As long as they don’t threaten the power elite, they will be encouraged, and you may see some overlap between the two when the power elite encourage or bribe the cultural elite in crushing their enemies.

If you are attacked by the cultural elite (maybe through manufactured “news” that gets a mob after you for supporting traditional marriage), that does not mean you are threatening the power elite. It simply means you are offering a challenge to the middle class cultural elite who are trying to maintain the status quo so they can go to Starbucks every day and afford the newest iPhone while feeling like they have influence in society. They can’t have their lies and bullshit revealed to a mass audience because if society changes their opinions on what type of information is “correct,” they may be out of a job or not be able to afford the Prius they have their eyes on (in case of a fascist takeover, they would be imprisoned or executed). While their attacks are not as strong as the state’s, it can be significant: their use of labels like racist, homophobe, sexist, and so on have ruined lives of many individuals.

Think of all the outlets that have attacked manosphere sites in the past couple of years: Buzzfeed, Gawker, ABC News, Washington Post, SPLC, Huffington Post. Not a single one threatens state power. Manosphere information is offensive to these outlets because–as of now—it threatens the cultural elite’s integrity and utopian vision of having a degenerate society, but even that may be giving them too much credit. Attacking us simply gives them page views.

This is where we come full circle. Earlier I remarked that a method of government control is divide and conquer. The masses must be distracted from knowing how they’re being screwed by pitting neighbor against neighbor. The most brilliant tool to do this is the internet, an always-on interactive television with Twitter wars and viral articles and funny memes that keep the populace in a permanent state of distraction at every single insignificant issue under the sun that doesn’t even approach the state’s toes.

Sure, some corners of the internet deal in sharp anti-government activism, but they simply can’t compete with the latest Miley Cyrus antics or cute cat picture compilations that are sweeping the internet by storm (thank you Buzzfeed!). Consider that DARPA, a government agency, played a role in inventing the internet, and you can understand how “dangerous” it is to state power. Proof of it’s harmlessness came during the Arab Spring when government efforts to halt protests by cutting off nationwide internet actually sped up their downfall—without internet people had nothing to do except hit the streets. Even the manosphere’s counter-cultural ideas are safe to the power elite. It’s just the occasional feminist journalist or non-profit worker who doesn’t want her job and ideology threatened or her feelings hurt that you’ll see them call me a rapist or “biggest misogynist in the world” in an attempt to prime the masses to instinctively reject the information I present.

Consider that whenever a ROK article goes viral, the power elite smiles. For two days, people can’t think of what’s going on in Congress.

Whenever there is a Twitter battle between conservatives and LGBT activists, the power elite smiles, because people don’t know that a top dog at the SEC now works for a finance company that’s receiving billions in taxpayer money.

Whenever a famous celebrity does something shocking, the power elite smiles, because no one is wondering how a drug got approved that ended up killing more people than it saved.

Whenever a new app like Flappy Birds is wildly successfully in getting people distracted, the power elite smiles, because questions about how the government failed to protect its citizens on 9/11 can be ignored.

The power elite especially smiles whenever someone votes. Understand there is absolutely no way that they’d let smartphone-addicted sheep take away their power. The fact that the elite donates to both parties in legally sanctioned bribery called “campaign contributions” has guaranteed the puppet status of all modern Presidents and irrelevancy of every single election on the Federal level.

Anything you do that doesn’t decrease the elite’s power or income is an approved activity. If your grassroots group is large enough, a corporation will throw you a bone during your change.org boycott against their product so you continue your thoughtless consumer behavior and the top executives can upgrade their yachts come summer time as planned. You may occasionally get heat from the cultural elite because of your opinions, but it’s not impossible to fight their soft power. Yes, I can fight the Huffington Post or Jezebel, but I can not fight the state, and neither can you. If you choose to go that route, and are scratching at their ankles, it will be over for you.

What Threatens State Power?

The greatest threat to state power is nationalism. There is nothing scarier to the state than a large percentage of the population who self-identifies with each other and has similar beliefs they’re willing to die for. Brussels does a good job spreading propaganda that the European Union is a way to prevent another World War, or to “increase European harmony,” but it’s actually an ingenious means for the Western European power elite to maintain control over the East. The Soviet Union was too heavy-handed in its power, but Brussels is brilliant in that it makes countries apply to give up both their economic and cultural sovereignty. The elites of the Eastern European backwaters throw their populace under the bus so they can get loans from their German masters at a slightly discounted rate.

You can actually predict whether a new belief system will be propagated by the cultural elite based on if it threatens the power elite. Does masculinity threaten the power elite? Strong-willed and reliant men have historically been one of the greatest threats to state power, especially if these men are idle without circus distractions. Therefore, masculinity must be written off in the media as a poison or antiquated accident of humanity that has no place in modern society.

Does sex equality threaten the power elite? Homosexuality? Celebrity obsession? Obesity? None of those offer a threat. They enhance state power by distracting the populace.

Does immigration threaten the power elite? Absolutely not. Immigrants are the easiest to control, they reduce nationalism, they put downward pressure on wages, and they offer a great distraction for citizens to whine about what’s happening to “my country.”

Does the 45,000-strong Red Pill subreddit threaten the power elite? No, they’re helping in the divide and conquer strategy by giving the cultural elite a justification for their existence. Their growth is irrefutable evidence of the war against women—let’s start a new #antimisogyny hashtag! Let’s pass more laws against “street harassment!” Even I am a pawn in this game. My image can be shown as proof that men are mean and women need their own safe space during playground recess. If it wasn’t me it’d be the next guy in line. It doesn’t matter who it is, but they need some type of human embodiment to stir emotions in their audience and keep the puppet master hidden, just like how Lindy West is the human embodiment (or more like whale embodiment) of what we find disgraceful and awful with society.

I’m being used just as much as the reporter who writes a hit piece on me is being used, both to entertain and distract the masses so we all ignore what’s going in all these government agencies and the hundreds of decisions they make every day with our money. The manosphere and myself are allowed to proceed because we are playing within rules of the game.

One man nipping on the toes of the power elite is Glen Greenwald. Say what you want about his mostly liberal politics, but his reporting on the criminality of the NSA has frightened the US Government. If you’re wondering how he’s able to do this, it’ll make sense once I tell you he lives in Brazil and hasn’t stepped foot in the States in years. They tried to ignore him but his voice has gotten too loud, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he never returns to America again. Most other reporters who threaten the elite (Matt Taibbi comes to mind) have a voice that is too small for a country of over 300 million people who are hooked to their smartphones and are distracted by Trayvon Martin, gay marriage, Sandra Fluke, and the latest affair a politician is having. The power elite is quite snug in its position because we remain addicted to bullshit that pushes our emotional buttons. It would take a handful of more Edward Snowdens (and Julian Assanges and Glen Greenwalds) combined with a unique black swan event to really threaten them. One Snowden does not make a revolution, and neither does one manosphere.

So Where Does That Leave Us?

Does that mean we shouldn’t expose the damage that feminism and its related ideologies are doing? It depends on the strength of your microscope. On the state level, our attacks do absolutely nothing to cause change, but if you zoom in a little closer, we are having delightful success at revealing cracks in the cultural elite’s facade while helping men on the individual level re-discover their masculinity and achieve personal success. On the other hand, I’m beginning to see how more men are treating the manosphere as an outlet for entertainment and distraction than a means of self-improvement. Men are reading the game posts on Return Of Kings but not commenting or acting on the advice, but if we put up an article bashing ugly haircuts or how gay people are bad for the culture, the response is massive and emotional.

Nothing says safe like a viral article that can be understood without much thought while triggering base emotions that ultimately serve as distraction from the real problems caused by those who have power. Therefore if manosphere or neo-traditional ideals become the new status quo, it’s because the power elite determined that it would serve their long-term interests. We wouldn’t be able to declare victory—we simply happened to correctly pick the next cultural movement that would benefit them, just like how the liberals who currently have cultural power happen to be useful to them today. They will one day go out of favor for something different and the cycle will continue. Only a revolution can disturb the power elite (though not always if recent history is a guide), but that’s something that is just not in the cards for America with its distracted sheep shitting all over their wool for half a year after seeing a black man and a Hispanic “white” man get into a fight to the death. The divide and conquer strategy is so entrenched in America that they don’t even care if the man’s race doesn’t quite fit the narrative.

I don’t want to spend my free time doing the bidding of the elite by engaging in another Twitter beef with a tattooed feminist. At the same time I realize that some of that is necessary since it acts as marketing to attract men who share my views, but it’s still a distraction for most guys, a reason for them to feel alive in their otherwise monotonous lives. Fighting the state begins with fighting your own addictive needs for entertainment and emotional validation. Cut off the television and the internet. Avoid propaganda. Read old books. Stop participating in race and homosexual debates. Think for yourself, without Twitter, Facebook, smartphones, or Netflix, and come to realize the important truths of the world through your own observation, meditation, action, and study. Once you’ve helped yourself think clearly and live deliberately, all that’s left is helping one other man do the same.

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  • James Michael

    The only thing to do is to leave the system, as much as you possibly can. Say no to marriage, debt, 9-5 slave work, child support. I think that is why the MGTOW movement is so appealing, a big fuck you to society.

  • Alberio

    Roosh V-
    Have you ran game in Bulgaria? Is it a decent location for women?

  • cartman

    So. RV is a honeypot?


    Couple of things-

    At the end of the day its the Central bankers who run it all. Plenty of alternative media guys online (Jeff Rense- rense.com Texe Marrs powerofprophecy.com Alex Jones Infowars.com Henry Makow.com etc.)

    Fritz Springmeier exposed the who’s who of the power elite in his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” and was falsely imprisoned for doing so.

    All the lawyers and financial professionals read The Economist because its straight from the dragons mouth/ the Rothschild family hint at what conngame they will run relatively soon in the magazine similarly to Council on Foreign Relations monthly periodocals

    A retired intelligence guy told me the only thing the USSA peasants could hope for to change it all was an economic boycott/ sit in where they don show up to work for a few weeks to grind the game to a halt for a while
    To show the upper echelon you need all the little guys to make an economy run.
    The problem is the masses will never do this with Facebook, Twitter wars, NFL obsession, and iPhone/Starbucks culture.

    Others had said a military coup could change the USSA in the alternative media.

    “You are allowed to say you are free just don’t act free in America”- Kenneth W. Royce aka Boston T. Party (one of my favorite authors). I think all the mental
    Masturbation we do pointing out the Bderbergers is a other tool they use is that they make their crap
    So common that everybody just writes about them and points them out in camera like you would if you were a blind sheep the sex
    Life of some Hollywood personality like Bieber or Timberlake. Theses elites know what they’re doing that’s why here family’s have $75 million dlar mansions and most of our families worked for groceries and a golden watch for several generations.

  • AaA

    A little off topic but I want to ask this from the guys.

    What should a man do if he follows one of the Abrahamic religion,but still wants to game ? I mean, he cannot commit fornication as that is huge sin. He can’t swing around and have fun with multiple women,just the like folks who are not restricted due to religion. We all know that finding a virgin wife in North America is almost non-existent. The man also can’t move from this country because of factors which are not in control. So, what holds true for his future ? Is he destined to be alone because he simply can’t find one woman who had respect and saved herself for marriage or any LTR ?

    Can the folks over here guide us.

  • Frank

    I think this is fair to you and the readers here-
    Go ask your Rabbi/Priest/Imam.

    Why “can’t” you move abroad?

    Have you tried?

    Roosh did it and most hereagree that Western women aren’t that good even an acid tripping bunch of Brit hippies in the 60s knew with their song “American Woman”.

    Don’t beat yourself up- continue to learn game and do the approaches. Ask your spiritual leader for spiritual answers.

  • Armchair General

    Elites are federalizing planet, while liberalizing market (liberalization = theft, of both taxpayers money and va general blackmail and extortion), unifying laws to an WB and IMF model, while desexualizing and fragmenting our social lives and micro-cultures.

    Sometimes i think that only cure being a regular sheep is returning to 19. century style thought, education and philosophy, of course, applied to modern context and technological advancement.

    Most people act as if they are about to live another 300 years.

  • jl02

    This critique, which I agree with, has much in common with traditionalist Catholic writers. However, the missing piece is political control via passion. E. Michael Jones – a critic who will hit you straight in the nuts, time and again – wrote a great book about this.


  • Anon

    This morning, I went to read a technology article about Mozilla, which quickly turned to LBGT rights: https://medium.com/p/7645a4bf8a2

    The next article on the list? “How I turned into a femininst”.

    You’re right about how this plays out.

  • turkishcandy

    Absolutely brilliant. So much intellect in one post. I have one thing to add.

    Your audience has gone quiet international in the last years. Naturally, the international readers are less interested in how U.S government, NSA and the elite are grasping power and more interested in all that gay, feminist, obesity and attention-whoring issues that you find trivial, since the entire world is carbon-copying U.S’s culture and their (and mine) primary concern is the world-wide cultural decline that these issues cause. So the reason people engage in these issues more might be more about their priorities and concerns and less about them simply looking to be entertained, emotionally stimulated and distracted.

    In my humble opinion, you are helping the entire world more by bashing and unmasking the liberals, gay activists, feminists, fat accepters etc, because that is what makes the international men swallow the red pill, not realizing how government is scamming you. Every liberal you could publicly defeat would be more beneficial to unplug more men than revealing another government scam/ illegality/ thought control, in my opinion.

  • yohami

    True. And feminism is yet another distraction.

  • The New Century Man

    …GREAT piece of writing.

  • CrabRangoon

    Terrific post. There is so much underlying the vapid culture in America and we gleefully float along, checking Facebook and buying the latest and greatest gadgets to pull us further from reality. The most powerful continue to consolidate their power and we’re getting closer to a 2 tier/class society. You’ll have the super wealthy elite and everyone else being lower middle class/poor. I see it locally in Chicago while apartment hunting. You either have to be making over 100k to afford anything half way decent or fight over the cheap scraps with everyone else making average salaries. And most of the affordable places border on slums-some of these places haven’t been updated in 30+ years even in desirable areas. You see the rise of multiple family members(parents with their adult kids and even grandparents) under the same roof to afford to live in a better neighborhood. But yes let’s focus on how mean fat shaming can be and making sure gays get that marriage tax subsidy.

  • Petey

    The Daily Bell has been all over this the last few years as well. Excellent site with well written insightful arguments and observations. Well worth checking out.

  • Barry W

    Article of the year.,…a wake up call that hits like an electric shock

  • TheGenXFactor

    This piece took guts to write along with immense insight, thank you.

    I would humbly add that The Matrix trilogy theme is that the human outliers also served a purpose to help one control group solve its own problems with another. The power elite is not always monolithic and has factions that compete within it. The communists that you speak of in Eastern Europe were servants of an elite. They were becoming a liability or at least outlived their purpose. Communism faked its own death so that the real power structure could tempt the people with something new such as corruption and strong men and then pseudo free market and then a new power cycle. The greatest conspiracy is that of keeping people busy, and the outliers are kept a special busy known as change disguised as revolution.

    The manosphere is slowly programing young men for their next role whether we intend it or not. The only way to not get caught in it is to be personally aware, a calling only meant for a few.

  • https://twitter.com/QuintusCurtius Quintus Curtius

    Now this is an article. A grand slam.

  • Sam Spade

    best thing I’ve read since Harry Browne.

  • anon

    Okay, here is a comment from the article…

    “Cole Fulwider
    Check his genes to see if he’s worth anything for reproduction. If not, sterilize him.”
    This is truly disturbing. This faggot white night wants to sterilize someone for having viewpoints that are different from his own. Roosh opened up ideas that are counter to feminism and this tool is so threatened by it that he would literally be okay with a barbaric act like that.

  • Elvis

    A bit heavy on the conspiracy theory. Is there a nation where there is NOT disagreement among its people?

  • dirtydan

    Roosh, what an insightful and completely spot on article. I started coming to your site and roissy’s and return of kings as well as /pol/ because I felt that something I was feeling needed expression and I lacked the words to do it myself. Reading your insightful posts helps me articulate and organize my own thoughts as well as be comforted that I am not the only one in the world that is starting to see past the veil. Your article is nothing new in the sense that it is a theme that is gaining traction and that I have heard several times now. I have to say though Roosh, it is not the masses that need to be convinced of the validity of this theory or any other like homosexuality, feminism, global interventionism etc. As you aptly point out, they are sheep and follow where the intellectual elite lead them to pasture. This means that as long as we attack the edifice of the “catherdral” of liberal, globalist and consumerism values, we are working to convince the 3.5% of the population that actually matters, and the proportion of the population that you need to bring about genuine social change. I mean look at how few people participate in the manosphere or flat out reject it in a flamboyant display of white knight faggotry. Put simply its because most people are not ready to wake up! It takes a person that is somehow different, a deviant capable of entertaining subversive thought, to really embrace the values espoused by the redpill, and we will never compromise the majority of the population.

    On a related note, I’m glad you’ve fallen in love with Ukraine, I am from there myself and currently studying in DC.

    If you’re in DC for april 22, come by Georgetown University, I’ve worked very hard to put on an event with a student organization to bring several whistleblowers and journalists like Greenwald, Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Raddack, Daniel Ellsberg and some others to come speak over two days about the NSA and the constant state of surveillance our society has allowed itself to be pulled into over the last decade.

    Maybe we can even get you to speak sometime?

  • D Beguiled

    That was awesome.

    I think it goes even deeper than that. Even people who have devoted their lives to helping those worse off than them have about as much effect as a kitty pic.

    I remember a long time ago listening to an interview with Noam Chomsky where the interviewer asked him why, if the elites were so oppressive, did they let him travel around the world speaking against them. He was quick to say that the reason they allow him a measure of freedom is that no one who listens to him really acts on what he says.

    The interviewer then asked what would happen to him if people did act. This time there was an uncomfortable pause, a nervous laugh, and Chomsky said he would probably end up like Rosa Luxemburg. (The old rifle butt to the head.)

  • pup

    Damn! Amen brother…

  • ActionJackson

    I think da GBFM put it best:

    “becayuse teh federal reserve funded feminisma nd cretaed feminisms to transfer welath from men to the fed, break up teh family, but teh kids in corprate state daycare, and expand teh powers of teh stae into teh home, repalcing teh classical rugged fateh with fiat cash, the fed created the PUA game by changing the game and stakcing it against men lzozlzlzlzllz

    now the fed also supports the PUA game as men wearing furry hats and spenidng tehir days working wmeiangless jobs while buying books on game purporting to help them get tehir cocks wet onece every two years is exactly what the fed wants. they DO NO wan t the men to read mises or hayek or jefferson or the us constitution lzozlzlzlz they want to keep the men in the fiat masters’ cave — the fiat butthex matrix — “gaming” and fighting over the table scraps of all the desoulaed, haggaard, std-ridden, vicious, gold-digging, cold, defeminized, prozac-addled womenz the fiat masters buttthexed and deosuled in college during teh primae nocate ceremeonies, instead of manning up and fighting for their dvine irght to something far greater — an honorable, virtuous wife. lzozllzllzllzozzlzl”

  • TheGenXFactor

    Yes, if you oppress someone, you make him a martyr and highlight his teachings. The communists were too oppressive; our system justs lets people shout into the wind. Ignoring people gives no credibility to their message.

  • Jeff

    I loves this article but id like to know where I can get more information on the goings-on of my government? The major news corporations are so skewed in their reporting I won’t be getting true information. There are corporations like aljazeera that are committed to raw news but what other options do I have to discover the truth?

  • Acehole

    Man, this is a frighteningly accurate discription of how power in the Western World actualy works. Roosh is a brave man for writing this stuff.

  • Acehole

    Leaving the system is not the only way, but for the average guy it probably is the best and most sensible thing to do. Some guys can and will handle the bullshit 9-5 grind, the pointless raising of children in a fucked-up world, etc. Some guys will make that work and claim to be happy doing it. But for the most part, the average guy will just crack up and go nuts trying to pursue the socially prescribed lifestyle.

  • Myles

    I would read your artfe on this whole struggle of the elite central banking crowd vs the common man.

    People need to also remember the social networking media craze and smart phones are subtle tools
    Of indoctrination to make the whole World ready to be micro chilled and ruled from The Hague using only one form of currency. If you don’t accept the chip you will starve. America is a after thought- it’s the trailer park full of radicals- the Rothshilds can’t have that.

  • Eddie Morra

    I guess Charlie Rose is doing his part (for the Bilderberg Group, of which he is a member) on his show. I think Obama is a member too or the Council of Foreign Relations.

  • Tom Dane

    I dont agree with this. Making your own life a hell is not the solution. I would say, mass marriage to foreign women and boycott of Western women is a better solution and more realistic.

  • TheGenXFactor

    You can further breakdown the idea of a cultural elite. There are many levels of slavery. Yes, the members of the cultural elite may know this at the higher end, but at the lower end the troops do not. This is why the middle class is often part of the cultural elite for a time, mistakenly thinks that they are part of it and gets ejected when they have served their purpose, case-in-point the destruction of their marriage system and male mid-twentieth century success.

    The concept of an administrative elite who are not the real elite and include the cultural elite is hard for people to fathom. There is a defining characteristic between various members and is key to your safety, yes safety. Some members of the administrative elite know very well that they are slaves in some level of the hierarchy and plan accordingly. They are of little threat to you if they know that you will not threaten their existence by your words, actions or desire for advancement. There is a lot of cloak and dagger here, but if you do it right, you can advance and make a nice nest. You have to be discrete and not draw attention to yourself. In other words, your playboy life and philosophy must be private and not openly preached in your own name, not difficult to do. You also cannot get a sudden pang of conscience.

    The very dangerous members are often at the lower levels of the administrative elite, but this is not always the case. The defining characteristic is that they believe in what they are doing and consider it right. They are often sacrificed by public scandal or input a lot of energy to the system.

    The takeaways here are that these can be your teachers, paid professionals that you need, almost anyone above you or around you. They do not have to be part of any conspiracy or have enforced direction. This is where the concept of systematic evil comes into play. The base, carnal nature of people, this is well described in the satanist community, is what drives the decisions of most. This universal tendency causes females to do their thing, men to do theirs, educators to seek their profession as a cushy job and do what is needed to keep it, law enforcement to do the wrong thing to keep their early retirement and keep their pensions, we could go on forever. The real power elite does not have to do much other than slowly remove consequence for these actions from the administrative class by directing certain members of the administrative class to do so. Each new escalation of this creates more wealth and power for them. This is the simple formula. Feed the ego which releases the carnal id by selling it as good and safe. It is not very expensive to do this. The egos of others will take over and do the remainder of the work. The manipulation of the female has been progressing for over one hundred years in this way, men additionally. It is the simple removal of consequence such as social security, city jobs, unions, welfare, for just long enough to get a desired result. Eventually a new consequence will be put in place to start another movement.

    The way to hack The Matrix is not to let the matrix know that you know what the game is. This only begins when you come to terms with your wants and carnal desires and learn to moderate and control them. The system also takes you in like it did to men by creating a situation where a man thought that he could come home to the goodness of a female. By creating what he thought was a safe place, our guard was dropped collectively. Once you look at a female as a carnal being, you can use her as you want. The hard part for men is facing the reality of what this is and what you are going to do with it, her in this example. There becomes no safe place, no safe relationship other than maybe your children, but what do you teach them. The way to avoid despair is to help those who want it to exploit the others. You must feed the system without feeding it yourself and pretend long enough to take what you need and want out of it.

    You cannot unsee something. The horror is not some vast conspiracy outside but what is inside all of us that is used to make this possible.

  • karmageddon

    I used to really look up to Chomsky. But it’s obvious now that people like him are “controlled opposition”.

  • Tom

    Excerpt: Let’s pass more laws against “street harassment!”

    NO NO!!! This same theory is enforced in Toronto, and trust me, even staring at a woman (DON’T EVER EVEN WATCH IF SHE IS UNDER 21 BECAUSE THE MANGINAS WILL ACCUSE YOU OF PEVERT) is harassment.

    A situation occurred where a female in her 20’s pulled the train alarm because a male in his 30s was staring at her ass. Her outfit was a winter jacket it did not reach her yoga pants so her back was showing and it is common.

  • Tom

    I doubt I can survive without a 9-5 slave job in overpriced Toronto, and the city hates innovative businessmen, so I would stick with my servitude for now, save some coin, and then find a female to co-habit in a country which doesn’t have feminist laws.

    Before you quit your job, remember that most of the social workers are feminist females. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

  • Edward

    As a guy in Toronto (live downtown) I don’t find this to be the case. Toronto is a tad overhyped about how bad feminism is here…

    Is that anecdote about the TTC true? Couldn’t find any sources about it online.

  • Murchison

    Awesome Roosh

  • Tom

    Feminism is a distraction, demoralizing and destroying the economy from within. How many males can’t find a job or receive grants to start up a business because a feminist in her 20s could sell her holes to the highest bidder and cry out oppression? Ever wonder why the middle class in Canada and America are shrinking while the rich get richer? And why most government jobs and teaching jobs are represented by feminists?

    This shit is outrageous. I used to believe that with hard work, anyone can get anywhere in Canada and America, but noticing that a feminist with a Bachelors in Women Studies can promote herself up the ladder while a male with a Phd struggles to find employment or lives in fear of job loss is something to ponder.

  • Bosch V

    I’m a silent reader and I usually agree with what you write but I think you are wrong here. Our systems developed over the ages and we sticked to stuff that worked. Democracy doesn’t work and will never work because most people are idiots but what are we suppose to do else? Do you want a guy like Louis XIV back?
    The reality is that the system we are living in is the system we deserve and it will be our dead in the end. If you want to get your mind blown read Freuds Civilization and Its Discontents: https://archive.org/details/CivilizationAndItsDiscontents

  • Deebos

    Truly powerful article, very deep and insightful. The manosphere can be entertaining but truly taking the red pill and living accordingly is harder than merely enjoying the show with occasional weekend forays into red pill and pick up culture running game. How many of us return to work Monday pass HR with its shrill women, perhaps report to a female boss or white knight ladder climber, attend team building exercises, annual picnicks and see fellow male coworkers railroaded out of the company only to be replaced by a know it all recent female college grad. Ohh but lets just play along and hopefullu get that bonus or 2% annual raise. The next generation of red pill life must be truly not being plugged into their system in any meaningful way. (As others already have done)

  • Directm

    Divide and conquer is a old way of thinking. The concept moves around the ideas of thesis and antithesis. This way of thinking produces a limited number of outcomes, usually just one. It’s easy to use this method to frame the discourse and push the participants towards a predetermined outcome.

    We should look at the Chinese way of thinking using the I-Ching. In this method each decision has 64 possible outcomes. But why be limited by 64 choices? In reality, each decision has a infinite amount of outcomes.

    Your ability to function chaotically within a structurally rigid system is based on your creatively and the your ability to see beyond the game of masks.

  • De Oliveira

    Brilliant article – certainly one of Roosh’s best. Reading it put me in mind of both Albert Jay Nock and Leo Strauss – not to mention James Kalb’s The Tyranny of Liberalism. Kalb’s book features this very good paragraph:

    “Every man who starts his own business, every family that adds to its Independence by reducing its expenses, every woman who stays home to run the household and educate her children, every local congregation that takes on more demanding standards of conduct, every independently minded scholar who writes a book, gives a speech, contributes to a little magazine, or sets up a website, establishes a zone of ordered freedom within the anarchic tyranny that is advanced liberalism. Collectively, such people can establish a living alternative to the ways and understandings now dominant. The inhumanity of life within large organizations, and the degradation of journalism, formal education, popular entertainment, and official expert opinion, will make such alternatives increasingly attractive. Eventually we may reach a tipping point, and social life begin to take on a different form.” p.268

  • Super Rich Study

    Should be mandatory reading for every man.

  • Johan Strand

    Fantastic piece. You’ve transcended the intellectual confines of the manosphere.

  • Aurini

    Did you ever expect to hear “Great article, I shared it with my mom”?

    Because this was a great article, I shared it with my mom.

  • Blas de Lezo

    Great article. I have only missed references to libertarians. I see very strong connections between the search of freedom, liberalism and manosphere. The people that really feel the opression of the State and the oligarches.

  • Eblö

    The older you get the better articles you write,nice one Roosh.

  • blake richards

    Good insight! Hopefully everyone who starts reading this won’t stop after 140 characters…

  • Ency-14

    the internet is doing more harm than good and this article are some of the best I have read..reminds me of some of george carlin’s “rants” on these issue…..

    I also realise at some level i am one of those guys who come on this sites and other such sites, get an emotional fix and get back to old habits, most of which (habits) are not productive at all….

    you have some great writing on here Sir

  • moneco

    Roosh, I would like to introduce you- if you are not already aware of- the crypto-anarchist movement. It is a movement based on anarcho-capitalist (market-anarchist/ Libertarian), Austrian Economics, Open-Source technology, and Cryptography. Like the motivation of the manosphere mentioned mentioned above- the point is to empower Man (humanity) from within. Not to fight the state but to ignore it by providing alternative systems to the establishment. Example of this are Decentralized Applications and Protocols such as Bitcoin: http://nakamotoinstitute.org/

  • Zelcorpion

    Good one.

    Nationalism however despite its inherent dangers is no longer a real threat. Most countries can be easily divided even with an inherently similar population not destroyed by rampant immigration.

    I agree with you that the Manosphere has mainly individual successes and helps those men to turn around their lives, IF they are willing to actually act on the knowledge.

    Partly the manosphere is supporting the elite-plans to a Brave-New-World-rampant-fornication-world by more men becoming cads, PUAs or god-forbid basement-dwelling MGTOWs. It has basically succeeded by widening the number of “Naturals”. Positive Alphas who successfully manifest a traditional family will remain the minority. As you stated correctly – most men who come into contact with the manosphere will just bitch about feminism while their lifestyles will remain unchanged.

    On the other hand – who cares if we cannot save the world? We can save ourselves and meet like-minded people and carve a good life out of it as long as it is possible.

  • Evan

    So well articulated… This is great material to share with people who are skeptical about the future and/or suspicious of the government/media etc.
    A real red pill awakening piece you’ve done here Roosh.

  • Zelcorpion

    Liebertarianism = wet dream of Super-Elite, financed and designed by Rockefeller foundation etc. (Albeit I sympathize with many manosphere bloggers who support libertarianism, because an Alpha can usually manage better in a libertarian system. However in the end stage of capitalism there SHALL NOT BE ANY SMALL BUSINESS LEFT. Competition is sin – remember? You simply cannot compete with 250 years of compound interest and fraudulent money creation.) Research Anthony Migchels – financial blogger. Bitcoin is an even greater scam.

    Really threatening topics are interest free money creation via social credit, mutual credit or even debt-free state issuance (Canada 1930s-60s, Woergl 1932 etc.) , interest free credit (i.e. for asset backed debts like mortgages – JAK Bank Sweden exists for decades offering interest free mortgage, why nowhere else?), technology which essentially produces energy practically for nothing (geo-magnetic motors, Nitinol, various TESLA-patents etc.).

    Those topics are true and immediate dangers to the status quo.

  • Francesco

    Great article, beautiful explanation of the modern “Weapons of Mass Distraction”. With some minor changes, the same rules are probably applied to many western countries ( for sure in Italy, the one I can talk of).

  • Ninja man

    “I have not come to fight flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in high and low places” Bob Marley

    Great article Roosh. You are right, more personal action is needed, peaceful, silent and deep reasoning will lead to a healthier life. Many examples of this exist already, some people are more ready for this than others… Only time will amend all things, this I believe is inevitable.

  • 5+ year lurker

    More of this, please.

  • OMYG

    Eye opening piece. As a young guy that actually grew up in this generation of internet and technology I really feel sad seeing all my peers go to shit with all the social media.
    Not only that but simply knowing and having such strong beliefs does leave you in a state of isolation as I have experienced it myself.
    Great post!

  • No name still no game

    Louis XIV=Democratic immunization against centralized power. People who cite terrible leaders always neglect to mention people such as Frederick the Great. We should not take on Democracy as our government because “What else are we supposed to do?” Democracy is degenerate, hedonistic, and power is held by those who influence public opinion, meaning that a Democracy functions best when diluted by lies. I’d rather take my “Chances” with a monarchy or aristocracy that doesn’t need to lie, than take the broken system we have here which specializes in distorting the truth to fit it’s own agenda.

  • ray

    “Men are reading the game posts on Return Of Kings but not commenting or acting on the advice, but if we put up an article bashing ugly haircuts or how gay people are bad for the culture, the response is massive and emotional.”
    Gee. Maybe “men” know something that you don’t know? Could such a thing be possible?!!
    Most men don’t buy into the obsession of the “leaders” of PUA/Game that Game will solve relational problems, return masculinity to men, and accomplish all the other wonders advertised over the past five or six years. Most men don’t “act on” the sage advice of Roosh (as, clearly, they should!) because they recognize that Game isn’t the panacea advertised and sold, but instead the pet project of a few youngsters who set themselves up as Experts and Profiteers, then expect (often older and more experienced men) to “act on their advice.”
    I guess if “men” don’t act on the advice of Roosh and Mystery and Kraser, well, something’s wrong with them, eh? LOL!!
    It’s a thoughful piece overall, as usual. You, young man, however are still very much in the Matrix, tho you imagine otherwise. Cheers.

  • Ali

    This is completely correct, and this more than corroborates some of what you say: http://rt.com/news/snowden-nsa-us-facebook-717/. Govt has a powerful vested interested in steering, manipulating and even creating public discourse.

  • Ali

    Jeff, rt.com is good for an antidote to the west-centric perspective of most MSM. A pro-Russian bias but hey, it only balances out against what your’e used to.

  • Jordan

    Your writing is going to the next level….

  • Toby

    Best piece you have written and i have a first class degree in Political Science from a good university. You should be proud of your work here.

  • Grody

    I gotta say Roosh. Your writing has really improved since you cut out the Twitter nonsense.

  • Dr. Bernays

    Anyone ever wonder if some of the masks in pua community are multi millionaire marketers who pose as one of the brahs- hey brah I’m just like you but I’ve got a camera on YouTube and I lay 2 girls/month but sell products claiming you can bang models if you listen to me regardless of looks age income. It helps that I have made millions “helping” so many.

  • Johnny

    Interesting article. Thought-provoking. You make it sound as if the elites (10,000 most powerful people) are fully aware of and intend to “divide and conquer.” I think you’re giving them too much credit. Do these elites work together to develop and steer state policy? Probably. To what extent is anyone’s guess. People at the top are going to be very self-serving, so I don’t see why they would collaborate with other competitors unless it directly benefits them in some way. The media has to keep ratings up. Beyond that, it really is hard to prove that they are operating under some dark and sinister mandate. How do you keep a lid on hundreds of thousands of independent journalists, bloggers, media consultants, professors, experts, etc.? Certainly political correctness is a powerful force, and although people with money certainly have a hand in influencing what is considered P.C., the general population is undoubtedly far more influential…

  • USSA Today

    I would hope the World is too
    smart than to follow the USAs gruesome ways.

  • Kenneth with the White Nose

    The absolute truth. 100%. FT1X

  • Awesome Possum


    I’ve read about 80% of your articles (still working on some of the archived DC Bachelor posts) and I can say with certainty that this is one of your best posts yet. Easily one of the top 5. Thanks for your insights and views—-you’re helping men on a “microscopic” level, as you said, whether or not it’s hurting the state.

    One question, however–in writing a post that reveals the states ruse, aren’t you painting a target on your back? I’ve always wondered about myself—I mean, even though my activities are by no means suspicious, compared to the average American, I’m a freedom fighter (in terms of my web activity). Do you worry at all that you’ll be targeted by the state for your views against it?

  • Goyim

    Wake up Roosh Greenwald is a homosexual YKW who is fully on board with the NWO and in the back pockets of the power elite. If the YKWs were truly threatened by Greenwald’s NSA leaks theres no way they would allow him to slowly leak all of their illegal spying activity. He would end up like Michael Hastings. Look into his background and you will find he has connections to the YKW controlled NY Times, LA Times, and Salon.com and frequently speaks at the Ivies that the YKWs use to train their political elites. Greenwald’s job in the NWO is to pose as a “journalist” to reveal the method to the sheeple so that they know they are being surveilled. A YKW like Greenwald being concerned with the privacy worries of the gentile sheep is truly laughable.

  • ‘Realilty’ Doug

    Excellent and appropos post. Didn’t know you had it in you, Roosh. My only question is: why now? You did not come to this perspective in the past week; it’s too involved.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I have some disagreements with the post too, but consider the fact that you can debate the nuances with Roosh. I don’t see perspect in the ballpark on how it really is too often in people. It’s a positive when you can argue details rather than frame, which is why arguing with weaponized useful idiots is a waste of time except for calculated marketing. Somewhere in Greene’s 48 Laws maybe, it says win by action not arguing. Arguing to resolve anything is for civilized men cooperating in good faith. Needless, to say, I’ve learned to either do want I want openly or to get what I can covertly, depending on how I read a socio-political situation.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    I think it’s fewer and very, very intentional. The Israelis have a central bank like everybody else, yet the Jewish bible codifies the practice of debt slavery. Every rank-and-file Jew in Israel should realize they are slave to fiat money just like anywhere else. The borrower is slave to the lender, and fiat money usage is borrowing. They think they are ‘chosen’, but not compared to the elite pencil necks.

  • J Dilla

    Bar none your best piece Roosh.

    This needs to be stickied at the top of your site.

  • atyomommahouse
  • VV

    I think that ultimately a resurgence of white nationalism will bring down “the system.” For all those who say that liberalism is simply a tool in the hands of the elite, I think that there are many many people, White and non-White, who honestly believe in it. Right now the best thing from the mostly White elite’s perspective would be to preserve it’s own power(and out of the hands of the truly socialist), keep taxes low, and avoid antagonizing the mostly White upper class out of whom a truly threatening White nationalist movement could evolve. But the liberals, the true believers, will force them to do these things anyway. There are too many of them, and they have the support of the coming non-White majority for votes. The economy will be wrecked with stupid socialist policies and the white upper middle class will see a whole lot more affirmative action, their neighborhoods will be forcefully integrated, their wages will be cut and their taxes will be raised. Now forced to confront reality on a personal level, I don’t believe it will be very hard for them to identify when their country started to degrade. White nationalism will start to gain support among the newly disaffected people, who no longer have to worry about hurting their careers with un-PC speech, who will no longer be able to look down on White nationalists as a bunch of losers.(Because now they are losers too) The “Western” ways of control will no longer work, the old Soviet methods will be brought back. EU-style “hate speech” law will be passed and white nationalism will be illegal. This is the time that armed resistance will start. It will look rather pathetic at first, like Northern Ireland, but it will get more violent as time goes on, looking more and more like Israel and Palestine. Under the pressure of violence, few White “true believers” left(as they see personally what their policies lead to, or, alternatively, have no children or non-White children), and little technological advancements to grow the economy, the government will eventually collapse, either because the remaining White elite led a coup, or through a triumph of the White nationalist resistance. This will not happen for quite a while, I would put the beginning of the armed resistance movement at 2055, the collapse of the government at 2090.

    Europe and Israel are more of wild cards, both places have nationalist movements that could put a stop to the degeneration of those societies. But they could also collapse. East Asia will become the economic center of the world.

  • VV

    Feminism’s main purpose, from the elite’s point of view, seems to be to increase the labor supply through having women work, decrease the birthrate among White people, and give upper middle class White women something an “oppressed” identity to identify with.(In this world “oppressed” is code word for “good” in the eyes of the cultural elite)

  • VV

    Libertarianism is just another way for the elite to exploit the working class. Sure some of the elite would suffer in it, those dependent on government handouts would, but even more would benefit from the “right” to claim control over resources over which there is a limited supply and extract rent from it. Controllers of resources > workers, every time.

    Problem with bitcoin is that the government could easily ban it. They would do that way before they would inflate the dollar into oblivion. Same problem with the Tor Browser and cryptography software.

  • Adrian

    A great read! IMO only an armed revolution where the Elite are killed or forced to retreat can bring any real change to government system. (Our independence for example)

  • VV

    Chomsky says politically incorrect things about our current power structure, but he remains wedded to the old hippie notion that if only we could get rid of some certain BAD PEOPLE then we would all live in peace and prosperity.

  • Lee Minho

    Hey everyone here, many of you seem to know or have been in Eastern Europe, so do you know how exactly big is the Korean Hallyu wave there, at first I read the Hallyu was quite powerful there, but I did have doubts , and then I see how in the Trending topics of Twitter Russia, Korean music like Super Junior, SHINee or Exo are in top! I though at first that maybe Asian Siberians made it at the top, and then I did remember clearly that Buddhists or Asians are minority in Russia, plus those same Korean music were also trending in twitter Poland! the Hallyu is bigger in the East of Europe than the West of it

  • csmass

    I have been saying this for a while Roosh. Feminism is nothing more than a means to control men. If only people knew what was really going on at the top, they’d make a stand. Far too many people in the West believe everyone is good on the inside and refuse to believe there is true evil out there. Tisk, tisk. This is exactly how dictatorships and genocides start.

    We need masculinity if we want mankind to survive. Now more than ever, we need strong-willed men that resist the state and question authority. The one thing we have for us at the moment is MGTOW and TRP. If women and the state refuse to fix marriage and gender relations, it will allow for us men to ignore the bread and circuses and focus on self-development and more men will become aware of what is really going on. Of course, some men will stay inside playing video games and become useless sacks of flesh, but I believe many will not.

  • csmass

    Wow.. you guys don’t get it do you? No offense to anyone, but you all blither on about women and marriage. I find it quite pathetic. You are the epitome of what Roosh is talking about in this article. All you want is women and sex, and you will kick and scream to defend your man-hood against my accusations, but please spare me the irony.

    You do not need women or the state. You need brothers, and brotherhood. Society needs Fraternal organizations to bring back a strong and proper sense of masculinity, not foreign brides and poony. Stop buying into the media’s idea that you need sex and a wife or some sort.

  • csmass

    Wow.. you guys don’t get it do you? No offense to anyone, but you all blither on about women and marriage. I find it quite pathetic. You are the epitome of what Roosh is talking about in this article. All you want is women and sex, and you will kick and scream to defend your man-hood against my accusations, but please spare me the irony.

    You do not need women or the state. You need brothers, and brotherhood. Society needs Fraternal organizations to bring back a strong and proper sense of masculinity, not foreign brides and poony. Stop buying into the media’s idea that you need sex and a wife or some sort.

  • Mark Zolo

    Well thought out, insightful, and good points. That must have taken you ages to write.

  • Tiger Jockey

    I’m not against the idea of having elites, but I am against shitty elites. What we have are elites who either do not care about the people, or think of them as helpless children that need more welfare money, which only leads to dependence, decay, and stagnation. We need an elite who’s values are more than money and power, who wish for a thriving industrious society of vibrant and virile individuals who only need the elite for a safe space to operate. An elite that holds real Values, not petty humanist morality or the neo-marxist drivel that passes for the Left these days. Instead, we have a weak elite, who’s only concerns are their own material needs and petty social causes that only denigrate the people it seeks to help.

  • csmass

    We all are Possum. If you have ever mentioned disliking the state and wanting to change it in some form or another, you are put into a database and monitored based on how often you talk this way and what actions you take daily.

  • shmoe

    Now this is some interesting writing. The manosphere needs more of this.

  • Daniel Pedersen

    But how does these people get to become elite?

  • Cedric

    I get the whole intellectual empowerment, awareness, comradeship we share here in the “red pill” (beginning to hate the cheap over use of the term-true red pill would take the power back not write till they drop) zone, dropping out of a rigged game (seems the Illuminati bankers are the ultimate pimps gaming the rest of the World), etc. but other than mutual intellectual affirmation-how does any of this change in the end game?
    WIll we become more free mutually affirming each other and sharing links- you and Roosh are very smart guys and that would lead me to believe your’e an expat as well because America is on the way down. THe smart people see this-you know the red necks who grunt when they speak think they can stay here and shoot it out but, between the bioweapons, bombs, shit tons of ruthless stone cold killer mercs, theyr’e delusional and watched too much “Mon-dee Night Raw” and “Stee-van See-gahl” (how they annuciate it) growing up.

  • fopdespotic

    Blaming jews or blacks and having conspiracies about Jewish control of the media and society is an extension of Nietzche’s ethics of the slave and traditional Christianity, except you are replacing the antichrist and/or devil with the race that is subject to your ire. You are a slave who is waging a war on an imagined enemy that is a useful prop for your real enemies, the real people who have power over your life. The elite of society is made up of many races, and all of them only care about what they can wring out of you. The second you stop being useful to them, or even worse, actively working against them, your life is forfeit.

  • ceics

    Exquisite piece of writing.

  • John

    Great article!

  • Troy Francis

    ‘Beliefs in the manosphere are often termed “red pill,” an analogy to the Matrix, where those who know “truth” are unplugged from the system and can see the world for what it really is, but men who use this analogy did not watch the two Matrix sequels, where we learn that the robots allowed the resistance to operate.’

    This is the point of the Emmanuel Goldstein character in Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Jake

    HI Roosh, good post, check out Adam Curtis’ documentaries, the century of the self and the trap. It will give you a fresh outlook as to why no one can change the system. Cheers!

  • Jews

    Remember, those who control you are the ones you are not allowed to criticize. A german author EXPOSED the holocaust as a massive hoax in his book Did Six Million Really Die? and the German govt arrested him and put him in jail for 8 years. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS just for exposing one of the biggest lies in history.

    Funny how you are allowed to criticize gays, women, feminists, etc, but if you say one word against jews, you are demonized and ostracized forever.

  • Woken Up

    I will read this article once every single day. Nothing else you have ever written has come even close to this

  • Kirk Scudamore

    real democratic change…bankers jailed, political stooges ousted…it can be done.

    it may not happen overnight. it may not be tidy. but it can happen…and it need not be bloody. they did it in Iceland. we can do it here.


  • Jones

    O’Brien held up the fingers of his left hand, with the thumb concealed.

    ‘There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?’


    And he did see them, for a fleeting instant, before the scenery of his mind changed. He saw five fingers, and there was no deformity. Then everything was normal again, and the old fear, the hatred, and the bewilderment came crowding back again. But there had been a moment — he did not know how long, thirty seconds, perhaps — of luminous certainty, when each new suggestion of O’Brien’s had filled up a patch of emptiness and become absolute truth, and when two and two could have been three as easily as five, if that were what was needed. It had faded but before O’Brien had dropped his hand; but though he could not recapture it, he could remember it, as one remembers a vivid experience at some period of one’s life when one was in effect a different person.

    ‘You see now,’ said O’Brien, ‘that it is at any rate possible.’

  • TheGenXFactor

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is to offer good men good jobs.
    Just saw this on HenryMakow.com and it seemed so appropriate for your article.

  • Jones

    “Think for yourself … and come to realize the important truths of the world through your own observation, meditation, action, and study. Once you’ve helped yourself think clearly and live deliberately, all that’s left is helping one other man do the same.”

    José Ortega y Gasset’s “The Revolt of the Masses”, although it was published nearly eighty-five years ago in Spanish, still describes the situation with the “mass man” that Roosh has echoed in this piece.


    The “Ortega thesis” will undoubtedly be recognisable to Roosh, given his long-term indentured servitude within the scientific-technologic complex.

    As for apprehending more fundamental truths, the possibility is there, but as with Ortega’s philosophy, it stands not as an N-valued choice (of what pill to consume, red or blue, or even purple, for instance), but instead as an invitation.

    Lately there have been several of these pieces — another may be found on the amerika.org blog, for instance.

    I would prefer less of a cri de coeur and more of an acceptance of the invitation that is being offered.

    The Frankfurt School offers its “Great Refusal” by way of Herbert Marcuse. Something else is being offered here, a “Great Invitation”, where you may join the glass bead game that is already in progress …

    Your invitation awaits.

    The game is already afoot.

  • datanon

    Bravo, csmass.

  • bob

    Game has always been about displaying an attitude of power, from the very beginning. This article is simply the next step in the manosphere’s existence: adulthood.

  • SF

    Roosh, this is a major tour de force epic post! Folks like Alex Jones of Infowars are a threat to the elite.

  • Romeoisreal

    Read “Our enemy the state” by Albert J nock

  • Freddie

    Excellent article, very insightful and inspiring. Very good conclusion. After swallowing the red pill a while back, i find myself increasingly seeking self improvement in all aspects of my life. I went back to the gym, my time spent watching tv is almost down to zero, and if i watch it, it will be something on history or a documentary of sorts. I practise guitar, listen to music, and Ive taken up reading classic litterature and just recently started to explore buddhism. Whenever I will do something that i feel is not actually enriching or stimulating my brain and self improvement (sit coms, social medias, pointless political issues as mentioned by yourself) Ive noticed i tend to pinch my arm.

  • TheOverwatch

    I’ve said it before on other posts, so I guess I’ll say it again. Before that though, let me say that this was a really good piece of writing and one that I thought about for a little bit. I am interested in topics like this.

    Based on what I have been reading regarding the petroleum extraction industry, I’m convinced that this flawed western industrial model of civilization is coming to an end, and soon. We have maybe 20 years, maybe, until the economic system completely unravels due to high oil prices. You are already seeing destabilization all over Europe as they battle with high oil prices leading to high unemployment.

    History is cyclical. America within a few decades will become something close to a totalitarian state, with a small group of super rich, and a vast majority of people living in squalor. It can’t be anything else, as we suck up all the resources of the planet. Enjoy this ride as long as you can, because the end is on the horizon.

  • Marlon G.

    Hey Roosh: you are not anymore the Godfather of the Manosphere, you are transforming onto the Oracle.

  • Mingus

    More of that jack donovan bullshit.

    You know he’s a homo who wants to fuck straight guys, right? The whole brotherhood thing surrounds him with straight dudes. Maybe thats your thing though.

  • Marlon G.

    why don’t you try Cow town AKA Calgary?

  • johnbender

    Great article, informative and all round riveting. I’m from Ireland but I can relate to the consumer culture that has been exported from the States, the whole smartphone and social media distraction stuff and the like is deeply embedded here. I feel a deep disconnection to the culture around me but I have been seduced like many others, I give tacit approval to what’s going on. But articles like those and those on ROK get me thinking about alternatives, which is a start.

  • theakinet

    “How does the American government control its population? The same way it always has: divide and conquer. It pits one group against the other and lets them fight…Stop participating in race and homosexual debates.”


  • theakinet

    This post is some The Last Psychiatrist level real talk. I’m standing and applauding right now.

  • jbird669

    Even if you don’t do that, you’re still put into a database and monitored. Might as well say what you want.

  • Giovonny


    The greatest Roosh post of all time???!!!

    The most powerful Roosh post of all time???

    The most real Roosh post of all time???

    Respect for telling it like it is.

  • Jason

    Good Roosh. This is the intellectual contemplation that can truly loosen the bonds that the state and the elite have had on us for years. For me, it’s a challenging road to take. Disengaging from all of the disinformation, the drama, and the entertainment. Even I at some point have succumbed to information overload, which has lead to a shorter attention span and more impatience.

    Everything you’ve said I’ve realized for some time, especially reading various different books on social psychology and the expectations that society places on you before you even truly know what IS right and wrong.

    I appreciate the work that you’ve done. Articles like this renews my hope out there that people really can see the marionette strings that the high ups have all over the world.

    Thanks again. I look forward to more reads like this.

  • Romeoisreal

    “The century of the self” by Adam Curtis really relevant tv documentary


  • Dr. Freud

    Unlikely. The smart money are “hamster whisperers.”

    Hey girl, buy this latte.
    Hey girl, buy this electonic bauble.
    Hey girl, buy this detergent.

  • Bob

    That is a lot of conspiracy theories in one go

  • anon1

    I was going to find a very lengthy and eloquent way to agree with you, but i’ll cut to the chase, this is an excellent deconstruction of the real lay of the power political landscape.

    What saddens me is that few are going to think deeply enough to actually apply some of what’s written here.

    like some sort of corollary of cassandra, we’re basically doomed to know the future, know whats wrong and yet still have things happen the way they happen.

    the kind of nationalism roosh was talking about that would shake and upend the corridors of power simply only exists in one demographic today: zealots.

    And you can’t control zealots.

  • Jason

    Or, maybe they aren’t Bob.

  • fizziks

    So your position is that Jews are so powerful that if you say one word against Jews you are demonized and ostracized forever. Yet you are doing much more than – you are posting blatant neo-Nazi propaganda. If your theory about tremendous Jewish power is correct, how are you still alive?

  • http://thecaptainpower.blogspot.com/ thecaptainpower

    The manosphere needs to get organized: create voting blocks and also start raising money. Only way for it to become important….

  • Clark Kent

    This is my first post in the manosphere. I’ve been a “bitter mysoginist” for about a year now… I started reading this manosphere material after a horrible experience in my last relationship (dated for 5 years). We worked together throughout undergraduate and got into the same Masters program in the same field (Brain Research). She ended up cheating on me with my closest co-worker friend at the time who was working on his phd (beta male of the year btw with a miserable whale wife… but I suppose the hypergamy of a “higher ranking” male did the trick)… I pieced together the situation and got them to confess. I was already humiliated and heartbroken but to make matters worse she told people in the department (professors included) that I was an abusive boyfriend… Which is fucking rediculous… I could go on and on about all the things I did for us, how much I cared for her…

    Anyways she trashed my reputation and I’ve been the black sheep ever since… I ended up telling myself fuck it, I’m not letting these backstabbers change my trajectory and I pulled through it and continued with the program. I even attended a year long class with her and just sat at the front of the class and ignored her.

    Eventually what happened is the guy’s wife forced him to drop out kuz she was uncomfortable with him seeing my ex. My ex ended up trying to come back to me telling me how sorry she was and I just kept to myself. I almost listened to her apology until a friend of mine overheard her telling friends of ours that she was afraid of me… she was playing the victim for other people but trying to win back what I had to offer… forced me to be done with her in mind (if she handled things differently maybe I would have been understanding… but she totally fucked me over). I’m almost finished this program now and I’m ready to move on with my life.

    That experience is what brought me to websites like this… and it meant everything to me that other people shared that they could relate to this experience.. I feel empathy for all the righteous guys and gals who have been screwed in this bullshit society’s paradigm… I feel bad for everyone…. I used to have feminist attitudes but what I experienced changed me… everyone assumed that I was a fucking abusive monster… people at work stopped talking to me and I had to suck it up even though I wanted to fucking kill myself for a good while… no one asked me if I was alright except the older post-doc dude in my lab. Meanwhile she was showered with attention from every angle… she even got to take the summer off. I thought I was going insane… But now I realize that this is just how this society works. And it wont be long until a noticeable number of men quit. The ones that aren’t “red pill” are gonna just give up… it wont be a conscious political move.
    Anyhow… reading this article made me want to comment more than any other article I’ve read around here. And for anyone who actually read my rant up there… thank you just for reading it… It means a lot to know that I’m not the only one looking around asking themselves what is going on??? I don’t agree with everything in the manosphere but this article really puts some things into a larger perspective… I agree that our consumer behaviour is just keeping us stupid and isolated. And I’ve been guilty of coming to the manosphere when I’m frustrated rather than going out and challenging the world. What she did hurt me deeply… but it also hurt that my friend of 2 years betrayed me…. I get the impression that a lot of people out there are confused and miserable… and I think Roosh might be right… that the elite are at least partially implementing and taking advantage of this dissatisfaction. They’re feeding us addictive garbage and keeping us isolated from each other. Giving us unrealistic ideas of the world… The system doesn’t care about us as individuals. Just like how every time I jerk off I kill millions of little sperm cells and feel great about it… But collectively we’re running off a cliff… We might seem crazy for running in the other direction right now… But eventually others will follow after they’ve watched their comrades seize in terror or still others fall off into futility.

    PS I agree with Captain Power below /

  • AFemaleCat

    Another great article (but you already know that :) )

    I was thinking that Eich being removed was actually because of Mozilla’s customizable security settings. Maybe he wasn’t playing ball with giving away all of our information?

    I remember when I first detoxed a few years back I commented constantly…but now I comment occasionally on your blog and iSteve.

    The only time I use the rush of emotion generated by these debates is to get myself to work out harder in the gym.

    Thanks Roosh!

  • awakened

    This is the best work about “red pill” I have ever read. The game is totally rigged. We are all slaves to the elites/nwo/etc. I’m afraid all we can do for the moment is to withdraw OUR consent that allows us to be so easily controlled. Internet, smart/cell phones, banking, consumer credit etc etc. these are all things we CHOOSE but are used against us as means to control our behavior.

    The most effective thing is to approach this on a generational timeline. Father many sons and raise them the right way. This is a LOT to ask of a man in this anti-male society. Raise them the right way from the start. Raise them to be proud to be men. Consider searching out a third world woman and breeding with her. She will be a better mother and better wife and she will be used to large families.

    I truly believe the reason EVERYTHING in western society is anti-family is because the elites have “war gamed” the whole thing and they know the strong healthy family is the black hooded executioner to the ruling elites plan to keep society dumb, weak, and dependent.

    It took the ruling elites (NWO, the .000000001%, etc etc) 150 yrs to bring american culture to its knees. We will not get it back overnight. We need to learn from the enemies success and make 200 year battle plans.

  • thedude3737

    By quite a large margin, the best piece you’ve ever written.

  • Joe

    Man I’ve read tons of pua- I just seem to like Roosh because he’s blunt, direct, gritty, intelligent, and funny. He’s a little weird but its cool because its creative. Julien from RSD is the man too- I like the European style be and Roosh have. After you’ve been in the McWalmart trailer park of America you can really appreciate Euro style, and isn’t it cool how some parts of Europe retain their spine, culture, and women- kudos to you Rusland! I hope Putin bitch slaps anyone who impedes on his freedom- damn AIPAC Anglosphere central banker cons.

  • Romeoisreal

    Clark, thanks for sharing that. Know that you won that particular battle – well done brother.

  • Romeoisreal

    I agree awakened but your plans for healthy, well adjusted can be scuppered once they hit the teenage years -they stop listening to the parents and are almost exclusively influenced by the peer group (other Brats). Add smart phones & social media into the mix and it’s little wonder so many are on anti-depressants (esp women).
    People are being trained to be loyal only to themselves. I foresee Western families “going Galt” and building enclaves of traditional values abroad in places like central/south America having being disgusted with the break down of their home countries society values into Welfarism, Feminism violence abuse lack of discipline/moral code etc etc

  • Phantom

    Speechless. One of the best, most thought provoking things I ever read.

  • Ivan_K

    It’s a misconception that the establishment is threatened by Occupy Wall Street, and it’s another misconception that it’s threatened by Edward Snowden. On most other points we’re in a strong agreement.

    OWS was far from threatening because it failed to produce demands, failed to challenge the real sources of power – armament, media, & money, and it was about hipsters doing hip things, alienated from any base. It was so lame that even its symbol of a clenched fist was a lame version of the symbols of the manufactured color revolutions in Eastern Europe and Egypt.

    The Edward Snowden case is mired in inconsistencies. For those who wonder what they might be, here are a few starting points: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/is-edward-snowden-lying/

    I completely agree with your conclusion.

  • taflust

    Mad respect for staying the course. Not many would have been able to pull it off

  • Motionless

    This is your best article yet. You’re on to something, Roosh.

    “All that’s left is helping one other man do the same.”


  • gps

    Divide & conquer – bingo! This country is in a downward spiral, but there has been an awakening ever since Ron Paul ran for President. Because of him, a few congressman and senators have risen to protect our liberties (Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash). Not enough, but these four will inspire more than the RP (the greatest defender of liberty in my time). And so on…. People getting involved/winning in local elections is a great way to start taking over. Easier said than done, because who wants to give up their comfy job, for a low paying, unstable, gov gig? Not me, it’s too much sacrifice…which is the real challenge.

  • http://gigsmarter.wordpress.com/ GigSmarter

    This is the best article I have read online in a long time. Super insightful. But you’re forgetting one important facet of Divide and Conquer – and that’s part 2: Unite and Govern. These distractions have the US ripping at the seams, but could lead to the possibility of turning the tide in the future.

  • gps

    For those of you with no hope……let this encourage you.

  • Blaximus

    Roosh, I take my hat off to you. This is great, thoughtful writing. It appears that you have been really, really thinking and expanding your mind and field of vision. things become very clear at certain points, don’t they?
    I would ask that readers avoid the temptation to comment here right away, and re-read this article over and over again. Roosh is sharing something deep here and it can help you greatly if you would read with understanding.
    Good job. Great job.
    Thank you sir.

  • drkennethnoisewater

    Damn fine article, though the MGTOWiest yet.

  • karolis

    A banner day for Roosh. Extremely perceptive. Excellent.

  • bradyo2

    What an article. Just goes to show how frighteningly accurate the “Red Pill” analogy is.

  • Blaximus

    If you really, really THINK about it…. don’t be so caught up in the familiar, the ” only thing I’ve ever known ” aspect of your life. There’s no ” conspiracy ” in anything Roosh wrote about. He is THINKING and sharing what is actually as plain as the nose on your face.
    Swallowing The Red Pill can take many different forms my friend. There is more than just one avenue of Blue Pill thought in the world.

  • weambulance

    Man, those Jews sure are crafty. Not only did they secure top secret maps of all the really big, isolated bakeries in Germany, Austria, and Poland to label “Concentration Camps” but they tattooed serial numbers on thousands of willing participants to become “survivors”! Families broke up willingly, never to see each other again, solely so stories like “my parents were gassed and cremated by the Nazis” could be told by “orphans”. Then they convinced tens of thousands of allied soldiers to go along with it too, probably with some of that Jew gold, or maybe they just threatened to foreclose on the GIs’ houses, because that’s how Jews roll. Fuck me, no wonder they run the world.

    I’m still a little confused about all the pictures with skeletal men standing around in rags and blankets, though. Extras from the local anorexia clinic, perhaps. I’m just not crafty enough, because I’m not a Joo!

    Or, maybe, the assclown author you’re talking about was jailed because the German government recognizes that ignoring the atrocities of the past, or denouncing them as untrue, is incredibly dangerous and could lead to their repetition. I don’t believe in government censorship, but if a descendent of holocaust victims pushed the author in front of a train and I was on his jury, I’d recommend quite a light sentence. Time served and community service at his nearest concentration camp museum sounds about right.

  • A Nony Mouse

    Indeed. I call him Chumsky.

    And as much as I love Roosh’s latest article, he has mentioned several notables who are also Controlled Opposition:


    I don’t want to make this thread about 911 Truth because as Roosh so eloquently and correctly points out – that would be nipping at the heels of the elite. But that entire line of inquiry is the KEY to the elite matrix and the one area they can NEVER allow to be fully explored in the mainstream. It would bring down the whole house of cards.

    And all of the above mentioned names, including Chumsky, have gone out of their way to ridicule, trivialize and diminish 911 Truth. In addition, EVERYTHING that those names have “leaked” were either ALREADY known in the activist community or had been published in the foreign press. And the rest of the “leaks” actually work in FAVOR of US & EU foreign policy objectives. Those facts alone demonstrates that these guys are all deep cover, cointelpro-style operatives. The elite always control both sides of any debate, shining their spotlight on their chosen RIGHT and LEFT luminaries. For more just read anything by Webster Tarpley or Michel Chossudovsky.

    Okay, I went off topic a bit. But I had to mention that stuff.

    Getting back on topic, I feel Roosh is right on. As long as the manosphere stays clear of certain topics (like the one I just mentioned!) we CAN make a dent in the cultural fabric and at least bring sanity and justice back into the lives of men.

    For more sensitive topics like 911 Truth (or whatever your particular poison) there are other sites and movements for that.

  • Manny

    This is the best thing you have written. I was waiting for your complete enlightenment of this facade. You expressed your awareness one hundred per cent and I feel you took a leap of faith with it. This encapsulates everything rather than being concerned with relationships, banging, feminism, style etc.

  • ace
  • Worst argument ever

    1. Yes concentrated camps existed, yes hundreds of thousands were detained.

    2. They tattooed them so they knew who they were if they tried to escape.

    3. Anecdotal. World War 2 produced lots of orphans. The children, if they were separated, would have no idea how their parents died.

    4. Allied soldiers never saw gassings. They saw bodies from disease and starvation, as well as many people of people on the verge of death from starvation. That’s what happens when you destroy a nations logistics networks and farms with an extensive bombing campaign, people don’t get to eat.

    5. Once again, no one is denying that concentration camps were a happy place to live.

    What’s in dispute is the number killed and how they were killed. Ultimately this changes very little, but some of the described killing methods are so absolutely absurd it makes no sense to me how anyone can believe them. For example, the killing process at Auschwitz:


  • SpectrumWalker

    Damnit men! We must strike where it hurts. We must attack the Federal Reserve. Excuse me, peacefully of course..harumph. Fiat currency is the main reason why the State has become what it has become. In order to instill discipline in government, we must constrain their spending power. To do this we have to return to a gold and silver backed currency. Gold is freedom. Fiat paper funny money debt laden currency is slavery. Central banking leads to government debt, which causes inflation, which destroys the economy, which impoverishes the people, which provides an excuse for increasing government power which in the end leads only to totalitarianism. This is the head of the dragon we must slay if we want our country back and a return to patriarchy. Learn about the evils or central banking, learn economics, and spread the word. Fight on, men!

  • Coldwarvet

    This is the single best thing I’ve read anywhere on the ‘net in the last month! Well done!

  • Andrei H

    “The elites of the Eastern European backwaters throw their populace under
    the bus so they can get loans from their German masters at a slightly
    discounted rate.” As a Romanian, I think you’re completely off about this.

    Eastern Europeans are hugely in favor of the European Union, while our elites are trying to move away from them. The reason is that the EU is far less tolerant of their overt corruption. Also, joining the EU brought us a lot of investment money, along with free movement of labor (which benefited the poor&middle class a lot more than the rich).

  • Du-te dracului

    Free movement of labor = Romania’s greatest export articles towards the EU are extremely unskilled laborers, welfare leeches, thieves and gypsies.

    So seen, of course the EU has “benefited the poor&middle class”.

  • Anonymous
  • Captain Gh

    This article is the equivalent to the rap song “Hit em up”!! It’s simply raw and real!! The truth is so visible to many, yet so few see it!!

  • Tim

    Roosh, a great article,

    If you can fit it into your schedule, it would be worth watching some of Walter Veiths Total Onslaught DVDs on the history of secret societies/freemasonry and which group of people actually established them and consequently still controls them.

  • Justin

    And this knowledge has helped you personally, how exactly?

  • justin

    no they’re not that’s why his youtube account can grow and grow and doesn’t get deleted like more outspoken people’s do.

    sure he sprinkles in some interesting information, but the ratio on interesting useful information is 5/95.

    the rest is scaremongering, black propaganda, and useless emotional rants. he is a disinfo agent and he is paid by the elite to keep the conspiracy people under control and chasing ghosts like “the illuminati/nwo”, a word which doesn’t mean anything. and it doesn’t put anyone’s face/name out there on the chopping block.

    he makes people feel hopeless. he is for lazy people who can’t research for themselves.

    he is just like going to a classroom and being pumped full of the teachers own personal bias. it’s a shame that so many people use him as their only news outlet, and still consider themselves “awake”.

  • heryp_derp

    It’s the internet, try to be outspoken in real life and see if there aren’t immediate consequences.

  • weakness

    “Fresh outlook on why no one can change the system”
    Haha that’s bloody hilarious. Seems like it utterly brainwashed you, pitiful that it had this outcome for you. It’s pretty weak to think like that. Of course we can change the system… That last remake “Cheers” also got me chuckling as you try to add some cheeriness to your pathetic and defeated paragraph. You truly are an idiot.

  • enemy_of_juden

    Seems like you are a Jewish internet defence force (a real thing) poster or something. Why did you even bring up the Jews? Did the original article mention it? No it didn’t. I’ll take it as a Freudian slip and I’ll let this post concrete my outlook that Jews are the real masters of control. They seem to do quite well in their dominating Media outlets, fact, dominating Hollywood, fact, dominating Banking, fact… etc, etc.

    Also to keep this post relevant to the article. Just try to badmouth the Jews and their control pyramid. Even bring to light facts about their involvement with child prostitution, opening the gates of immigration, 9/11 (Lucky Larry Silverstein), promoting homosexuality, promoting feminism, child sex slavery, drug dealing, political corruption and you’ll be labelled a racist anti-Semitic Nazi that wants to kill 6 trillion of god’s chosen people.

    You’ll lose your job, you’ll be slandered in media, you’ll probably go to jail for hate speech. These are actions from the elite, by the elite, to protect the elite. So… It’s kind of clever how you tried to use this article to associate “blaming the Jews”, as if there aren’t boatloads of facts pinning them to the problems they’re blamed for. As being as similar to debating with a feminist on Twitter.

  • Stephanie Shepard

    What I think threatens the State Power is the actual money supply. The elite are only elite through their greed. It is obvious they care about money, and the control of money, more than anything. They control the people with money. I had dug around a few government websites looking into our money supply. During the Civil War Lincoln issued the greenback currency. It was printed without a central bank and without issuing the notes through debt. After Lincoln’s death the American Bankers Association intentionally contracted the money supply by destroying Greenbacks.

    In 1866, there were 1.8 million greenbacks in circulation, or $50.46 per capita.
    In 1886, there were only 400 million greenbacks in circulation, or $6.67 per capita.

    84% decrease of the money supply in 20 years.

    In the 2009 meeting in Davos it was reported that the world’s money supply was reduced 40% in 5 business quarters.

    Currently in 2014, there is only 1.22 trillion dollars in printed currency. Our population is estimated at roughly 320 million. That would be about $4 dollars per American citizen in printed U.S. Dollars.

    If you look on any U.S. currency in your pocket (except for the new $100 bills) you will not find any 1-20 currencies past the year 2009 printed.

  • Dystopia Max

    Where’s the linky love for Mencius Moldbug in this article? He was going on about and identifying the power elite long before you done “discovered” the sheeple, and with far more style, too!

    Guess the guvment just divided you from him a little too well, now you’re too damn cowed to link to him. Rereading his older posts is twelve times better for understanding power relations in this country than going for the easy THEY LIVE lines.

  • Justin

    Stop fucking whining you little prick.

  • Andrei H

    You’re forgetting or intentionally ignoring all the doctors and engineers who emigrate looking for a decent life. The EU has also benefited those people. If the EU is so bad, why do they go there? Also, I don’t see how “benefiting the poor&middle class” is a bad thing.

  • BigBoobyLovah

    Learn the truth about economics:


  • Stephanie Shepard

    This is truth about economics. During the American Revolution the Founding Fathers printed their own money. It was independent from a Central Bank and issued without debt. They printed the Colonial Script (AKA A Continental). This issuing of money without debt spurred the British Government into action. The British engaged in economic warfare against the colonies by printing their own Colonial Scripts to cause hyperinflation in the colonies.

    “In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called the Colonial Script…We control it purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay no one” -Benjamin Franklin

    What increased tension between the colonies and crown was in 1764 the Parliment issued the Currency Act, colonist would have to pay their taxes in gold or silver coin.

    “The colonist would gladly have bourne the little tax on tea and other matters, had it not been that England took away from the Colonies [their] money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.” -Benjamin Franklin

  • name the Jew

    getting closer roosh, but still missing it- the state is not the power, the elite owns the state, obama and congress are puppets of the elite. and those clowns you mention who threaten the state like taibbi or greenwald, c’mon, wake up–no one even cares about loss of privacy or wall street crimes, and even it was exposed on purpose, snowden is their man, he was tasked with “exposing” the NSA, more drama fro the masses to yap about.

    the elite are jews, and it matters not what state apparatus is in “power” the jew elite hide behind the scene pulling the strings.

    blacks, immigrants, feminism, divorce., are all symptoms….JEW IS THE DISEASE!!!!

  • name the Jew

    yeah asswipe how do you explain all those jew survivors of the holyhoax? i guess the germans are too stupid to know how to murder effectively. germar rudolf was thrown in jail too, just because his science says that zyklon -b residue was not present on the walls of the so called gas chambers (soviets built them after the war)
    all those skeletons were white germans and east euros mostly. the jews were either evacuated before the war, or safely housed and protected in concentration camps…or served in the nazi military machine…field marshals generals, and ofcourse most of the top nazi leadership was jewish including the Jew hitler.

  • name the Jew

    is the jew/zionist agenda being forwarded or not???? YES!!! – so fuck off with your rationalizations.

  • name the Jew

    yes truly laughable–fucking obvious jew greenwald is on the wrong side.
    roosh got a lot to learn

  • name the Jew

    you sound like a useful idiot bitch

  • justin

    i’m sure he knows but he’s not going to threaten his cash cow website and good name (muh shekels) over it.

    even though it’s kind of his responsibility to name some names when he makes a post like this. which naturally gets his viewers riled up yet he leaves no evidence of who to pit our anger against.

    but the message is still good in the end i think. because it’s getting people disconnected from the electric jew, or atleast telling them that they should be. it’s ultimately their own responsibility from there, about how deep they want to go into the truth about our masters.

    he’s not offering all the answers here, and he doesn’t need to. he’s giving a spoonful of medicine. and it’s better than none.

  • controlled opposition

    Absolutely brilliant article. I know cultural marxism is anathema, but some points were made that are not dissimilar to Adorno. http://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/adorno/1944/culture-industry.htm

  • fopdespotic

    “Why did you even bring up the Jews? Did the original article mention it? No it didn’t.”

    I was specifically referencing this post: http://www.returnofkings.com/32804/why-the-manosphere-doesnt-need-anti-semitism

    The manosphere is beset by a plague of storm front shills like yourself and it’s pretty unfortunate.

    “I’ll take it as a Freudian slip and I’ll let this post concrete my outlook that Jews are the real masters of control.”
    What a delusional and paranoid outlook. I don’t know what he’s talking about, so he MUST BE OUT TO GET ME
    How does it feel knowing that the main supporters of your worldview are the smelly homeless people that yell at you on the street? I think I’ve heard a few of them actually spewing a couple of the lines that you’ve written here.

  • fizziks

    So they can fake 6 million deaths but they can’t look up your IP?

  • Mouli Cohen

    As usual, the fanboys came
    out in full force to agree with this article without looking at the core
    claims of the article. Let’s look at a few of Roosh’s claims here: 1.
    “Fighting the state begins with fighting your own addictive needs for
    entertainment and emotional validation. Cut off the television and the
    internet. Avoid propaganda.” – This is a very weak explanation for how
    to begin the fight against the state. Zerohedge is a very popular site
    that effectively fights against the state, and there’s no reason people
    shouldn’t start there. Should they cut off the internet entirely? No.
    Why would someone believe in such a random and dogmatic idea?

    2. “One man nipping on the toes of the power elite is Glen Greenwald.
    Edward Snowden as well.” – As other commenters have already refuted this
    claim, there’s no reason for me to address it. I would simply add that
    it’s a completely fallacious claim to suggest that Greenwald is scaring
    people because of his writings. People said the same thing about War
    Inc. In actuality, both this war documentary and Glen Greenwald are
    simply guys who engage in lots of logical fallacies, most commonly gross
    hasty generalizations and massive straw men arguments. A good example
    is Sam Harris’s debates with Glen Greenwald, where Greenwald was clearly
    owned in every area and outed as a low IQ propagandist who hasn’t done
    good research or used good logic on any of his important claims. So much
    for your claims about being anti-propaganda Roosh.

    3. “Whenever a new app like Flappy Birds is wildly successfully in
    getting people distracted, the power elite smiles, because questions
    about how the government failed to protect its citizens on 9/11 can be
    ignored.” – This is a complete non-sequitur. Firstly, you seem to
    believe that writing about banksters, fraud and outing government agents
    makes the elites very angry and sets off their alarms. You don’t know
    that or have any evidence of that. That’s exactly what zerohedge does
    every day and it’s quite popular. Also Roosh starts with a modest
    question, that all inside job enthusiasts start with. “Why didn’t the US
    protect its people on 9/11?” which seems to rely on the assumption that
    every national tragedy could be fully prevented. Add on top of that the
    fact that Roosh’s line of questioning (based on 1,000 out of 1,000
    posts I’ve seen) eventually leads to him claiming that the Twin Towers
    were brought down by a controlled demolition despite him having zero
    evidence of that, it seems that Roosh should follow his own advice, take
    off his tinfoil hat, and stop believing empty propaganda. Talk about
    pathetic blue pill nonsense. Get that 9/11 Truther swill outta here.

    4. “This is why the manosphere is thriving—it doesn’t threaten the power
    elite. This is why feminists can do whatever they want, because they
    don’t threaten the elite either.” – The claim that something can only
    thrive if it doesn’t threaten the power elite is a very weak and
    unsupportable one. Feminists have a following. People who criticize the
    government have a following. If you’re not physically breaking the law
    or live abroad, there are almost zero cases where the US government will
    shut you down. List your sources and your examples if you care to
    dispute it.

    This whole discussion Roosh brings up here is a complete red herring and
    totally misses the point. There was no discussion at all of QE/TARP/0%
    interest rates or the housing market collapse. These things are all
    logically connected, and it’s sad that none of Roosh’s minions
    questioned any of the outlandish and weakly-supported claims in the

  • Toads

    So why not work to become one of the power elite? One of the top 10,000 men? It may not be that hard, as there are 10,000 men there, and the turnover is probably 5%/year so 500 new men join this group each year.

  • controlled opposition

    I felt Barry Eisler addressed the issue well in his newest novel, when one of the characters was discussing various false flag attacks, and then said that even though 9/11 wasn’t, the way it was exploited, it might as well have been. Even if you are not a truther, it is hard to deny how expertly the situation was exploited, and that is itself an issue.

  • Tommy Hass

    Brilliant article, more or less.

    I’m not sure I agree with all of it. First of all, debating race isn’t anywhere near frivolous. The demographics of a country are part of it’s destiny. Saying that mexican immigration must be halted or that blacks lower IQ and higher propensity towards violence need to be taken into account, is an absolute necessity.

    Furthermore, I’m not sure if the cultural elites are so much removed from the “real” elite. I’m not sure if they are mere useful idiots.

    You are 100% right about nationalism being a huge threat towards the elite. (i.e. Jews) Traditional families, traditional sex relations, a lack of white guilt, would make the elite feel much less comfortable.

  • Glengarry

    From the Dot article:

    “… Daily Mail (“dangerously and absurdly trivialising”), Huffington Post (“the dark underbelly of the internet, full of venom and vitriol”), and Jezebel (“inarticulate, delusional garbage”).”

    Too apt not to get repeated. Actually, I kind of enjoy the Daily Mail, but even so.

  • K

    No one listens to the damned.

  • Spike Morden

    The “burning issue” trap is like a magician who flourishes something in one hand while the other hand is doing the real task. How long is it now, that the media has been chasing that missing plane around with constant updates? Makes me wonder what’s in the other hand.

  • ImNotGayBut$20is$20

    so nationalism is the biggest threat to the powerful elite, yet you condemn forming a nationalist society by saying issues like rampant immigration and feminism should just be ignored? the powerful elite are indeed screwing us over, but well never be able to unite and fight back if we dont focus on and tackle issues such as unchecked immigration and the break up of the family unit, because it is issues like these that stops us from forming a powerful nationalist society that can potentially topple the elite. you cant have nationalism when your city if flooded by foreigners who refuse to assimilate to society, or when boys are raised by single mothers and shamed for having a penis. if we are to tackle the powerful elite, we need to tackle these issues first and not brush them aside as unimportant- because they most certainly are and they are affecting millions in this country on a daily basis. we cannot move forward otherwise.

  • YourEnslavement
  • moridin

    Roosh, you know that if nationalism was a true force in the world you wouldn’t exist, right? You’re the descendant of a Persian immigrant in the US. Whatever controls the world is also responsible for you being an American citizen.

  • Hammerstrike

    Mass-marriage to more gold diggers? Import even more immigrants, is that heaven to you?

  • Hammerstrike

    That is your best shot? Pathetic!

  • Tom Dane

    As long as the immigrants are beautiful women I have no objections.
    I dont see a problem replacing angry, whorish, feminists golddiggers with nice, feminine golddiggers.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    The truth is right in front of everyone, but the species is blind. I’ve heard it said that love blinds? If that is true, then making someone love you = hate.

    …a country of over 300 million people who are hooked to their smartphones and are distracted by Trayvon Martin, gay marriage, Sandra Fluke, and the latest affair a politician is having. The power elite is quite snug in its position because we remain addicted to bullshit that pushes our emotional buttons.

    Wherever does one acquire these self-defeating sentiments? We were not born with them, Natural Selection wouldn’t select disposable humans for their superiority. We have been rootkitted with emotional malware. Only one person had root access to our minds, the console operator.

    The endpoints can now be accessed remotely by a systems admin, if they know what sentimental buttons to press. Who would Know Best?

  • Hammerstrike

    J: Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city.
    C: They won’t work… for a FREAK!
    J: [pulls out a knife] Freak? Why don’t we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches, hmm? And then we’ll see just how loyal a hungry dog REALLY is!

    If they aren´t fleeing Murika once they know the deal, that should tell you enough about them.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    The traditional family unit is the rock on which the sovereign plantation-state is built.

    Why would humans fear Humanity? Are you afraid of competition?

    …when boys are raised by single mothers and shamed for having a penis.

    So you’re not a complete retard, merely horribly confused and blind to the reality you imagine doesn’t affect you. Do you know how many girls are mutilated by their mothers? 100%. 140 million victims of Female Genital Mutilation, ~4 billion victims of Female Emotional Mutilation. Shame mutilates the mind, but where it merely shakes the self-esteem of boys, it utterly annihilates the Self of girls. They have to live their entire lives behind a mask, for crying out loud. That’s serious emotional mutilation.

    The problem isn’t single mothers, the problem is that infantile and objectified Toddlers are not mammalian, motherly, humane or even women. They’re infants, dependent and needy. Why? Marriage is why. Beta men willing to do what no sane man has ever done are why. You are the problem. Presenting yourself as a slave worth fighting to control, women don’t compete. They take out their competition. Girls are mutilated to purge them from competing for the attentions of stupid bitches like you, who mustn’t be distracted from fulfilling your obligations and duties (to whores).

    Objectified women use shame as a weapon for love and hate. Needing love from their sons, they shame them until they feel worthless. Unable to love themselves, they love their abusers. Needing their daughters, they shame them until they’re worthless. They don’t really give a fuck what happens to them after, as long as they remain “good girls” (defined by Whore society as “women who stay away from men”).

    The problem is dependent women (reduced by their mother’s abuse, incapable of taking care of themselves). They need and need is evil, by definition. Humans are supposed to take care of themselves. If you cannot, you will need slaves. Husbands. Sons.

    The need to bind a human to your side (by definition, against their will or there would be no need for ties that bind) “until death do us part” is psychotic, screaming insanity. The neediest (and dumbest) women in the world need marriage. How retarded would you have to be to exclude all men who refuse to be your slave for life? Women who need marriage reserve themselves for the chaff. Understandably, they place a great deal of pressure on the harvesters to deliver chaff, as wheat refuses to be enslaved.

    Your mother complied but whether you are wheat or chaff is entirely up to you. If you’re willing to marry, you are chaff. Marriage is the most insane construct imaginable. A contract of obligation to provide perpetual care and support to a deceit-obsessed, face-painted infant who isn’t willing to perpetually deserve that support? Fool, you are chaff and if you marry, you are a john. A wife is just a whore with an exclusive clientele.

    Married whores have always feared the sons of single mothers because, until the welfare state was established to support single whores, a single mother was never a whore. They were women who didn’t need to bind men to their side in wedlock. Married whores were so terrified of the sons born to women who didn’t need to reduce men to chaff, newborn babies were declared illegitimate (in the eyes of whore law). But that wasn’t enough. They needed stigma to destroy the potential wheat (sons born to women who didn’t value chaff). They became stigmatised as Bastards. Married whores and their chaff called innocent babies Whoresons. Only mothers can stigmatise. Only a whore ‘mother’ needs stigma, lies, shame, violence to reduce their sons to chaff.

    If your mother reversed values like these, then you know she was a whore. Whether you remain whores’ chaff is entirely your prerogative.

    “God is good.” “Lies are nice.” “Truth is rude.” “Deceit is diplomatic.” “Women hate sex.” “Respect authority.” “Biology is shameful.” “Selfish is bad.” “Be self-less.” “Give to receive.” “Do unto others.” “Forgive the malicious.” “Be merciful.” “Offence is valid.” “Judge not.” “Tolerate the intolerable.” “Suffer in silence.” “Loyalty is rewarded.” “Turn the other cheek.” “Keep the faith.” “No greater love.” “War is peace.” “Freedom is slavery.” “Weakness is strength.” “Now prove yourself.” “Make me proud.” “Suffer to please.”“Respect your elders.”
    “Be a good BOY.”

    “Show your valour.”

    “Fight with bravery.”

    “Hide your fear.”

    “Deny your pain.”

    “Die like a MAN.”

    “Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice.”

    Chaff really appreciate whores’ words. They mean a lot.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    Stefan speaks a lot of truth but he’s married so he’s a little confused about the nature of slavery. This is a great video, but slaves are born into slavery. Massa has to incentivise plantation whores to breed his slaves. In truth, it’s the victims who are to blame. They can free themselves but they choose to remain enslaved.

    Good BOYS know Right from Wrong. Authority is Right. Failing to conform is Wrong.

  • http://religionconfidencetrick.blogspot.com/ jonny

    The greatest threat to state power is nationalism. There is nothing scarier to the state than a large percentage of the population who self-identifies with each other and has similar beliefs they’re willing to die for.

    This is a brilliant article but the above appears to be a contradiction.

    Why would a bunch of people willing to die for their beliefs be a threat to the State? Nationalism = the sovereign nation-state’s power.

    “Nationalism is militant hatred. It is not love of our countrymen: that which denotes good citizenship…should go by the name of patriotism. Nationalism is passionate xenophobia. It is fanatical, as all forms of idol-worship are bound to be. And fanaticism—l’infame denounced by Voltaire—obliterates or reverses the distinction between good and evil. Patriotism, the desire to work for the common weal, can be, must be, reasonable: “My country, may she be right!” Nationalism spurns reason: “Right or wrong, my country.”
    -Albert L. Guerard

    Humans must not fear Humanity. They must fear only fear and realise that their enemies will always be those who make them afraid.

    The State is a protection racket. Nationalism is treason. Nationalists are traitors to Humanity.

  • Tom Dane

    Im from Denmark a country riddled with problems caused by immigrants. But those immigrants are middle eastern MEN..they keep their women to themselves and you better stay away from them or you might get killed.
    That skew the female/male ratio quite bit for us Danes.
    There would be no problems if all those immigrants where Asian women. None at all. Only one who would be bitching would be the Danish women.

  • Hammerstrike

    Given how mooslimas often looks like, the option wouldn´t be that much higher if they wheren´t kept hidden.

    In any case, the dynamics of money-making changes with immigration to a heavily feminized country.
    When coming to a heavily feminized society, the foreign gold digger´s self-interest becomes the same as the local one.

  • Tom Dane

    Perhaps, but a higher percentage of women means more choice to us and less to them.

  • Hammerstrike

    John Doe: Wanting people to listen, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you’ll notice you’ve got their strict attention.

    In time, they will listen to the damned, oh yes!

  • Hammerstrike

    Dear Roosh, your article is not as much different at all from a leftist one.

    Nein, the system is not playing divide and conquer, unlike you, the system is clearly picking sides. By alienating one side, the system is binding the other side to it, it isn´t actual loyalty but still better than nothing at all.
    Make POWs kill each other before joining one´s armies, far fewer will defect back to their previous side, get it?

    They side with females against males.
    They side with freaks against heterosexuals.
    They side with non-Whites against Whites.

    They are not the elite, they are scum and parasites, they may be somewhat smart but still looters who needs the producers.
    Oh and no, it is not the State or even those evil Corporations. The banks Controls the state, the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE cartel of banks.

  • Hammerstrike

    Elites, really? Haha! The “elite” of the manipulative scum and parasites are still manipulative scum and parasites. They are James Taggart and Lillian Rearden, not John Galt or Adolf Hitler.

    You know why Ayn Rand was able to nail it so well?

  • Hammerstrike

    Very much false.

  • Hammerstrike

    Which shows without a doubt that feminism is far more than a mere distraction, it is a major feature.
    The system is not pitting women against men, it have clearly picked one side against the other, the one that is the easiest to control vs the one that is hardest to control.

    By thoroughly alienating one side, the system is binding the other side to it.

    Say you are a general for example and you want former enemy POWs fighting on the side of your army.
    If you have them kill other POWs before that. chances are that if they volunteer, they do not intend to just defect back to the enemy because they know they will be punished as traitors.
    Your own soldiers will be less willing to desert too if they believe they will be mercilessely killed if captured.

  • Hammerstrike

    No, feminist women do not believe in working, only in salaries. They would have not much chances getting employed without Affirmative Action, their importance is that they are dependent on beta pussies and Affirmative Action for their careers.

  • Hammerstrike

    Quick correction, they are not the elite, they are savvy parasites but still parasites.

  • Hammerstrike

    They don´t deserve to be called elites.

  • PeeWee

    Nothing threatens the power elite except their other powerful peers.
    Nothing threatens state power except other more powerful states , or a lack of self-interested individuals trained , willing and sanctioned to commit violence for money and prestige.

  • Rei

    Spend your time and energy on yourself. Either on making yourself happy in the moment, or improving yourself so that you’ll be happier in the future.

  • Alan

    Roosh, this is your tour de force. Utterly true, it underpins everything (though I think that Snowden and Assange are actually deep undercover cleverly-placed cointelpro set-ups, but never mind). Everywhere one looks there is delusion, disinformation, degradation and desolation. When all is said and done, what is there left to do but maintain our personal integrity, speak truth to whoever will listen (comparatively few) and become recluses à la Thoreau? It is plain that this debacle of a civilisation is heading towards a series of cataclysms which will enable life on earth to start again in some kind of renewed sense. All I can say is “Bring it on!”

  • Robo

    Refer to sewing as something feminine, feminist women yell “SEXIST!” Order a Long Island Iced Tea, feminist women yells, “THAT’S A GIRLY DRINK!”

  • Tony

    Great, honest article. The American system has many layers of control and distraction, making it difficult to change, or bring a true threat to the elite criminals who control the sheeple. In the end, our purpose is to make a handful of people very rich and powerful. By the time this is realized (if at all) you’re waist-high in debt (“education”, mortgage, auto) and you’re stuck. And big brother smiles :)

  • We Are The 101%

    OccuPOOP Wall Street?!? Snowden?!?!!!!??? Naive Leftist puppets.
    TRY THE TEA PARTY, chump.

    Your handmaidens of the State (OccuSnowden) have not been anything more than a *shiny penny* distraction. At least Snowden revealed some significant information about NSA…otherwise, both have had NO IMPACT on America in comparison to Tea Party members working in each state around the country.

    YOU WANT TO SEE (State) FEAR?!?

  • InfoShinobi

    You’re saying what I’m thinking. And I have to agree that on an individual level, the manosphere is doing good work. I think the key here is for red-pill men to have face-to-face conversations with other men they associate with.

    On another note (I’ve said this before but I don’t know how you feel about it), have you given serious consideration to being a guest on the Alex Jones Show? You mentioned the Trilateral Commission, so you’re familiar with the deeper levels of political intrigue. Alex is highly sympathetic to the idea that men are under cultural attack at the hands of ‘elites’. You’d end up spreading your message to a minimum of 2 million others who are primed for the info. I’d suggest taking a stab at it.

  • invisiblehand85

    One of your best posts ever

  • invisiblehand85


  • Psychonaut

    Hey, this is very good. It is all true.

    May Life bless you with descendants as numerous as the lies of the elites.

  • Jennings

    I agree with many of the things here, but really – describing the internet as a government tool to suppress the people??? – it’s too much.

  • Der Mac

    Awesome article.

  • Youonlyliveonce

    I would really like to see a return of kings or roosh article on “preppers”. This was a good article by the way.

  • Mino

    Great Article! You now need to wake the great majority of Americans from their slumber

  • ND52

    If the answer to these questions are “no,” you may proceed. This is why the manosphere is thriving—it doesn’t threaten the power elite. This is why feminists can do whatever they want, because they don’t threaten the elite either. Feminism has actually solidified power of the elite through three mechanisms:

    They increased the labor supply, decreasing wages (in real terms), which increases profits for corporations

    They caused women to be dependent on the government instead of men (those who rely on the government are less likely to fight it)

    They expanded the consumer and tax base (benefiting both corporations and the government)

    Also, removing the mother from the home opens up the children to social programming and indoctrination via the MSM and early child education programs like head start.

  • Geyr7

    Some parts of Europe retain their spine? Which parts? France, UK and the Netherlands are slaves to political correctness and cultural (any but their own) fairness. Also, Putin’s annexing Crimea is not a good example of ‘freedom’ in my estimation.

  • Geyr7

    Geert Wilders…just thought of an example of European spine.

  • SeuthestheThird

    Cut off the television and the internet. Avoid propaganda. Read old books. Stop participating in race and homosexual debates. Think for yourself, without Twitter, Facebook, smartphones, or Netflix, and come to realize the important truths of the world through your own observation, meditation, action, and study. Once you’ve helped yourself think clearly and live deliberately, all that’s left is helping one other man do the same.


    I must admit that’s quite a powerful article. Respect!

    The only point is failed to mention is the existence of the Anti-Defamation League.

  • SeuthestheThird
  • Lithiumflower

    I’m sure you remember then the United States government passing a law approving that genetically modified animals did not have the be labeled as any different when sold to consumers. Of course, this law was passed for these genetically modified super salmon that grow at an accelerated pace. In the near future, the consumer market may also see a form of genetically modified pork passed as natural. They passed this law on Christmas eve… no one seemed to care.

  • Anti_Femastasis

    >watch the two Matrix sequels

    Shame the drone, blame the drone, control the drones.


  • SlickyBoy

    Roosh, you lost me in one area – OWS. The state is decidedly NOT afraid of OWS. They’re nothing more than good little socialists masquerading as anarchists (or at least they were, before the movement fizzled out in about a week). They’re a paper tiger that has far more in common with Lenin than Ludd. Every last one of them pretended to “damn the man” while it was cool, and yet turned right around and voted for whichever politician promised them the most freebies from big government.

    It’s no surprise that master manipulator George Soros was directly funding their short lived idiocy through his Open Society program – he knows a good distraction when he sees one.

  • Tim

    You have hit the nail on the head

  • Papa Chango

    Amen brother

  • http://www.singledudetravel.com/ Manuel

    I agree with almost everything in here without reservation except fro two things:

    1) I think nationalism also has it’s dangers, doesn’t it? Aren’t “nationalists” how we get Hitlers and WWIIs?

    I am for my right to freely associate and form teams, companies, tribes, societies, towns – whatever you want to call it… But I also am for non-Aggression, you protect yourself and yours but you don’t go out on conquests.

    2) I think a strong argument can be that Snowden was either working for the elites or they just allowed him to make his leaks. I think overall Snowden’s leaks benefit the status quo. What good is a mass surveillance apparatus if nobody knows to be terrified of it and to self-censor? It reads like classic textbook 1984 to me and if they really have the mass spying apparatus in place then it is good that the average idiot on the street is well aware of it’s existence.

    What do you say?

    You’ve certainly come a long way from writing about how to get laid in South America. This is some heavy shit. In your opinion, do you think there is any hope? If so what is it? Maybe I am just naive but I still feel like the ability to instaneously openly share information for a cost nearing zero is the best shot humanity ever had at liberty and freedom…

  • http://www.marshallaw.com Marshallaw

    1) Hitler and WWII? Very simplistic diagnosis. Also “don’t go out on conquests”? Ok stay indoors, pull down the blinds, lock the doors and wrap yourself in a sleeping bag. Every day you go out and want to achieve something you are going on a conquest. If you don’t you are wasting your finite time on this earth.
    2) Snowden just another distraction. Huge banks of servers and hard drives run by the US gov recording EVERY phone call, web search, post, email and every time you take a piss and wipe your arse? I would find that more worrying if I didn’t give a shit about western culture.
    All civilisations run down and decay. Just make sure you are enjoying the decline….(cudos to Captain Capitalism)

  • http://www.singledudetravel.com/ Manuel

    1) I guess I phrased it wrong. What i mean is military adventurism. War in Iraq for example. This has just been a squandering of western resources.

    2) Agreed but what kind of distraction I’m not yet sure.

    Love Captain Capitalism too.

  • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

    The game goes even beyond Aliens…We are in the territory of Artificial Intelligence ruling humanity for millions of years

  • http://www.singledudetravel.com/ Manuel

    Agree but that doesn’t mean you have to reject women and getting laid. Don’t through the baby out with the bathwater!

  • http://www.marshallaw.com Marshallaw

    Agreed and Ireland has just voted to allow homosexual “marriage” which will be protected under the constitution. Mothers and fathers are now superfluous in Ireland from this day….. enjoy the decline…..

  • http://Www.smilebywebshotssucks.com/ wtf

    The only chains holding most of us to the ‘system’ are mental. I pay my taxes because I don’t want to go to jail. Other than that, the ‘system’ does not exist. I don’t watch the ‘news’, I don’t look to others for ideas or opinions. I pay for shelter, food and health insurance. I have an internet connection, hot and cold running water, heat and air conditioning. What more could I ask for?

    If you think of our current situation as ‘a corrupt world under the control of a few corrupt individuals’, that’s the world you will experience. If you can allow the possibility there is more to the world than just that narrow definition, you may find there is really nothing preventing you from being exactly who you want to be, living life exactly as you choose.

  • Potionguy

    What exactly is masculinity and personal succes, i rather would put my energy in overall wellbeing and a pleasant proximity. alot of what i read on this page hits a nerve with me i could nod with, but to put so called personal succes as our goal is incredibly primal and immature. Evolution = innovation, please be more intelligent than that and help our collective journey’s quality.

  • Potionguy

    Most people have other peoples expectation as the blueprint for their life, that is what every individual has to battle and evolve out of, you do not need a wife child and dog to lead a worhtwhile life, you do not need material wealth or wants to lead a worthwhile life, you definately do not need an image or ego to lead a worthwhile life. All you need is to take in everything and learn to comprehend things as they truly are, no longer naming then, labeling them. And think before you act, think and analyse exactly what things mean to you, and why they make you feel the way you do, and if that is what you want to be if it is relevant to the good of the future.

  • Tara

    You seem like a really bright and reasonable person, so it is strange to me that you do not realize that feminism has been successful because many women PREFER feminism to patriarchy. Contrary to the fantasies that women actually enjoy self sacrificing for their ” husbands and children”, the reality is that many women are selfish and damn proud of it (although sadly we are still too repressed to openly admit it in all circumstances). Like you men, we want to travel, we want to explore hobbies, we want to read, we want to enrich our minds… We do not want to sit around with babies spitting up on us and smelling shitty diapers all day… Sure, job can (and often do) suck for everyone, but if a woman stays single and childless and gets a good high paying job like a nurse or even a decent midgrade paying job like a teacher, she puts in her 40 hours or less a week and then she’s done. Hell, she might even have a nice long summer vacation. Sorry, but this is much better and easier than being a mom/housewife/slave 24/7.

    Also many women who were dumb enough to have kids PREFER to rely on the government rather than a husband (and surprise, some women make decent money and don’t need to rely on anyone save themselves anyway). You see, although it could change (and may change when/if a full blown police state is instituted), the government and employer currently are better bets for women than deadbeat dads who refuse to help out with childcare or support. The government doesn’t require you to do its laundry, it does not cheat on you and give you an STDs, and it does not beat you (except maybe if you are arrested but this will likely because you actually committed a crime rather than because you are a woman who had the audacity to be ‘mouthy’ or have a strong opinion). Many employer will help with childcare (free or discount) while a lady is on the clock… It’s pretty much a no brainer…