Western Culture Poisons Women

Are you familiar with twin studies that are supposed to determine how much of our personality is influenced by genetics versus the environment? Well I have my own twin study going on in Poland, where I observe girls who have lived in America and Britain with those who have not. The differences are striking. It confirms to me that it’s no accident Western women possess so many horrible qualities.

A few weeks ago I met a tall Polish girl who lived in America for two years. She tried to make fun of me for being alone in the club, when she was in fact alone herself. She smiled while busting my balls, as if she was getting enjoyment out of it. I hadn’t had to come up with insult retorts in quite a while, so it took me time to deploy my counterattacks. They were guided in by GPS satellites, beautifully destroying their target. Her face turned sour and she looked like she was about to cry.

I remember the Lithuanian girl I approached in the grocery store. She lived in Britain for five years. Since this was a day approach, I gave her no cockiness, yet when I asked her to repeat her difficult name a few minutes after she first said it, she said, “Really? You can’t remember my name?” Her attitude was flippant, ready to punish me for trying to build rapport with her.

I remember another Polish girl who lived in Britain for one year. She was the coldest one yet, telling me to “Shut up and listen” while going on about how she’s tired of one-night stands and is finally ready to sucker land a guy for a relationship. She questioned everything I said, had no humor about her, and told me she doesn’t wear heels because “they hurt.” Even though she wanted to continue talking to me, I cut the interaction short.

I’ve interacted with several dozen Eastern European women by now (mostly Polish) and these are the only three times that I was left with a bad taste in my mouth when a cockblock was not involved. While not all my interactions with Polish women result in beautiful lovemaking, it’s very rare that I’m wondering to myself why she had to act in a rude manner when I wasn’t disrespecting her. Therefore it’s easy for me to conclude that Western cultures cause direct negative harm to a woman’s feminine vibe and allure. Here are eight things that happen:

1. She loses the ability to flirt with a man without busting his balls or insulting him.

2. She does everything in her power to withhold interest, even when it’s clear that sex is on the agenda. She takes “play hard to get” to an inhuman extreme.

3. She looks for every opportunity possible to turn a man’s banal utterances into an opportunity to debate him on his beliefs or behavior.

4. She uses conversation as a means to her entertainment, instead of a means to getting to know a man more deeply.

5. She becomes more lazy about her appearance by gaining weight, wearing flats and flip flops instead of heels, and cutting her hair short into strange lesbian stylings.

6. She goes out of her way to brag about her accomplishments as if she was a man while doing her best to ignore your more lofty achievements.

7. She becomes obsessed with her cell phone, playing with it incessantly and using it as a substitute for social interaction. She loses the ability to enjoy the present moment.

8. She becomes a status whore more concerned about your job, who you know, and what you own instead of the experiences you’ve had.

Western culture is a like a disease on the female human. I don’t know the exact epidemiology of infection, or what sorts of experiences cause such devastating damage, but stepping foot inside the borders of America or Britain for more than three months will cause the female victim to become infected with the Western virus. For every year she spends in the West, she must live for ten years in a culture where feminism and unbridled capitalism has not yet corrupted society in order to rid herself of the disease. Unfortunately, by the time all traces of virus are undetectable in her bloodstream, she will be old and craggily, no longer suitable or capable of mating. Western culture essentially renders them sterile.

To give you an idea of how far gone Western women are, I present the following article: My first-date dress works every time. It’s a story about a horse-faced woman who has determined that her success in getting call-backs from men is due to wearing a reasonably attractive dress.

Men respond better to “feminine” clothing items, such as dresses and skirts, than they do to pants, according to professional matchmaker Rachel Greenwald, author of “Have Him at Hello.”

American women are so clueless about how to act like women that they have to re-learn common sense from “professionals” who teach them (for money) that men like skirts more than pants. I’m guessing these experts also moonlight in teaching others that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

The best analogy I can make to this pathetic state of affairs is the human race losing agriculture, the ability to grow their own food. In a panic they collect experts from around the world who slowly figure out that seeds go into the soil, that the soil needs water (not Brawndo), and that the substance growing out of the soil can be harvested as food. Sadly, Western women are rapidly losing the knowledge and ability to be women.

For men there are only two courses of action. The first is to adopt an “ignorance is bliss” attitude where you only date Western women, never realizing that you’re injecting your seed into a diseased body. You can go to sleep thinking you just ate filet mignon when in fact it was ground beef patties treated with ammonia. Close your eyes and pretend.

The second option is to get a taste of feminine women abroad, specifically in South America, Eastern Europe, or Southeast Asia. Your palate will explode with sensations and tastes it has never experienced before, leading you to curse yourself for not sampling it sooner. Yes, you will have a couple years of unhappiness when you’re still stuck with Western women while your Brazilian long-distance girlfriend begs you to return, but you will gradually complete the necessary actions to ensure that you never have to date a contaminated woman again.

I implore you to act on the second option by going straight to the farm for the freshest, tastiest food possible. Otherwise you are stuck with a glorified McDonalds dollar menu, which is exactly what Western women have become: mass-produced dreck that you consume only when you’re drunk and nowhere else is open. You deserve better.

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