What Manning Up Really Means

I noticed that you never hear a young girl telling a guy to man up. The demand is always coming from girls over 25, sometimes much older than that. I think I know why this is…

A woman’s desire for men to “man up” is inversely correlated to the number of dating options she has.

The more men she has in the pipeline, the less likely she’ll care if a guy mans up or not. Do you think a hot 21 year old co-ed, who is getting more attention than she can handle, who has guys desperately trying to wife her up, really notices that men in Western society are withdrawing from the marriage game? Things couldn’t be more peachy in her world because of the nonstop attention party she’s enjoying.

But all parties come to an end. The young girl will make the decision to pass on many suitors to perpetually live the Sex and the City lifestyle. When she turns 30 the wrinkles around her eyes are no longer easy to hide with Covergirl, and guys suddenly become more lazy in trying to get her out on a date. They are not contacting her after she puts out like they were before, even though she made them wait three full dates before opening her legs instead of three hours. They’re not so eager to introduce her to friends. The attention she gets on OK Cupid is good for only a temporary confidence boost since 99% of the guys messaging her are lower quality than what she could get in the past. Something is off, but since it definitely isn’t her, since she has done absolutely no wrong in her life and made no poor decisions, what must have happened in the previous six years is that men became boys. There is no other logical explanation.

She has fond memories of being 23 and wanted by every guy without having to do any work on her part. But even though she’s now more cultured, more traveled, more intelligent, more polished, more cuntish (in a way that female authors argue is attractive), none of that is hooking them like they did before. She remains oblivious to the fact that age and beauty matters. She sincerely believes that suddenly men have lost interest in being men. The sad truth is they have simply lost interest in her. She decided not to get on the ship when it was boarding, and now it has sailed away, never to return.

This is what manning up really means: for you to accept that she was a party slut in her early 20s while in her physical prime. Manning up means to forget her past, her mistakes, and the opportunities she passed on. Manning up means to commit to a “strong” woman who has read a lot of books and dined in many restaurants that got positive reviews on Yelp. Manning up means chasing older women who have been pumped and dumped dozens of times. Manning up means decreasing your sexual opportunities by not learning game and not traveling to countries where you can get better women. Manning up means marrying a spinster who has shown no signs she would be a good mother. Manning up means committing the rest of your life to an entitled woman who will let herself go and care only about her career accomplishments, not her appearance, and definitely not your happiness.

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