What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

Chasing a girl with a boyfriend used to be such an awesome challenge for me. I loved how I was penetrating something that I should not be able to. I pursued girls who had a boyfriend more than single ones, but I was young and immature then and don’t really do that anymore. I have morals now.

There are girls with boyfriends you should chase, and those that you should not, such as girls who just got engaged or married. I don’t even need to tell you this because chances are she won’t even talk to you. She is still on cloud nine with commitment bliss and wouldn’t consider cheating.

On the flip side are girls who are having trouble with their boyfriends. It’s possible you won’t need a strategy to deal with these girls because you may not even find out about the boyfriend until after you kissed, fingered, or banged her. With them all you need to do is stay aggressive and keep the sexual tension tight. The sex should happen unless something big changes in the relationship.

first-date.jpgThen you have the murky middle, where she is not quite unhappy with the relationship but not happy either. Girls are different so one who is slightly unhappy might not cheat but one who is slightly happy might. How do you know if she is worth pursuing or not? Two key signs:

1. Length of time until the boyfriend drop. The longer amount of time until she mentions the boyfriend the better it is for you. If a girl is in a happy relationship, the boyfriend will be constantly popping in her mind like in a game of Duck Hunt. She will feel guilty talking with a charming, teaseful guy and will have to drop at some point that her boyfriend is an amazing guy who rocks her world. But if takes 15, 30, even 60 minutes for this to come up, consider her breakable. Bonus if she doesn’t tell you at all and you learn through a third party.

2. Her level of engagement. It’s possible she can have a boyfriend but still want to talk to other guys in the bar to keep things “exciting” at home. Maybe she wants to feel alive or still attractive. How can you separate her from a girl who is more open to cheating? The answer is how much she engages you, by doing things like keeping the conversation going, touching you (very very big), and seeking you out after a break in the conversation, either verbally or through eye contact. If you talk to her for ten minutes and she doesn’t even ask you for your name and things feel like a one-sided interview, move on.

If it takes forever for the boyfriend drop to come and she’s still sticking around you, then do what you normally do and at the minimum try for the kiss. Two things happen if you get your face close to her to feel for the kiss: either she turns away at the very last second or she says, “I can’t… I have a boyfriend.” You respond: “Oh that’s fine with me.” AGREE, AGREE, AGREE. Do not allow her to come up with objections in her mind. Then you try again in a few minutes.

Her: “I can’t do anything.” You: “We’re not! I’m just hanging out.” Keep going, keep pushing. If she doesn’t walk away from you and get out of a situation where she might cheat, she wants to cheat. So you’re just doing what she wants you to do… subconsciously anyway.

There’s a myth going around that women are stronger than men, but I think they’re just as weak as us. If she puts herself in a position to break, she will.

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