What To Do When You Come Upon A Crossroads

I’ve previously written about what you should do when faced with two decisions that are seemingly equal. While I argued that experiences are in fact equal, the advice only lessens the pressure of deciding, but does not guide you into actually making a choice. Even if two decisions are equal in terms of the long-term benefits and costs, you still need to choose something to proceed with your life.

Almost always, one decision will involve more comfort with less upside in reward while the other involves more hardship with a greater upside in reward. If you never want to go wrong, if you never want to experience deep regret, simply pick the harder option.

With the harder option, you will learn new skills or build stronger character that stays with you long after the decision plays itself out. In other words, the harder options builds lasting strength (at a cost of difficulty or more strenuous work). The comfort option is likely not to build strength and may be dangerous in that it causes you to lose skills or create an aversion within you to hard tasks that are most essential to your self-development. If you ever meet an average man with an average life, rest assured that he picked the easier option every time. If you don’t want to be average, you must not do the same.

This piece of advice ultimately depends on what type of man you want to become. If you want to be bathed in comfort and relaxation with electronic devices, internet, and mind-altering substances, you should not listen to me. But if you want to become an excellent man, the best path is the hard path, because that is how excellent men are made. Comfort should be no more than seasoning in your life.

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