When Is It Too Late To Learn Game?

I constructed a chart to determine if it’s too late for you to learn game:

A lot of guys in their 30s and 40s missed the game boat during their youth. They grew up in a time when feminism was taking hold but before countermeasures had yet to be developed. Should they just curse their timing and forget about ever becoming good with women or should they pick up a game book and start reading?

The fact that every month of practicing game can yield significant gains tells me that it’s never too late. Even if you’re a 50-year-old guy, there are tons of concepts you can learn in the next year that will help your odds with women.

The process is similar to learning a language after your 20s. I won’t ever become fluent in Polish, but studying one hour a day for a couple months (at the age of 32) allowed me to connect with more Polish people. I could ask for directions, order what I wanted from a restaurant or coffee shop, and have simple chats with women who didn’t speak English. My goal wasn’t complete mastery of the language, but being able to do more than I could before. You should have the same goal with game.

The only thing that older men need to be careful with is which school of game they learn. It wouldn’t make much sense to duplicate Mystery’s club game when their ages make them better suited for hotel lounges, coffee shops, or artistic venues. They must select the game advice that would fit well with the lifestyle of a more mature man. I predict in the next few years you’ll see more books dedicated to serving this age group.

Game is just an assembly of tools to increase your value to women. While it does give you specific lines and techniques, it also teaches you to be the best man you can be by hitting the gym, becoming well read, gaining interesting experiences through travel or hobbies, and having great answers to typical questions that women ask. I don’t know of a single man who wouldn’t be helped by that.

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